18 April, 2013

The eye patch guy at the St. Agnes church in Rome and so on.

I'm heading back to Switzerland tomorrow, I mean in less than 12 hours. I visited the Papal Audience today at Vatican and had a very busy day. I happened to see another "NYPD" T-shirt of a Romanian man who was asking to sign the petition for the anti-drug thing in the community at another church in Republic plaza. He seemed to be a perp because of what he wears. It's really funny to see tattooed rough guys are working to get the petitions for anti-drug. Well, I know a Romanian man working at Lufthanza consuming the canabis at 4U Hostel in Munich and was talking about his canabis smoking in Dresden which I recorded for the illegal activity watch... I wonder why the perps who seemed to be suspicious are actually trying to look good - well that would be the reality of the New Phoenix Program that the bad guys helping the cops would be respected while the innocents are taken away by them as a scapegoat.

When I visited St. Agnes church in Rome, I saw an eye-patched guy walking out from the church. The church was closed. Later, he was talking with another guy. I filmed both and saw him walking in front of me. He met a business man on the way and he chatted with the man and asked some money. I wonder why he asked money but filmed the entire conversation, so you can check it out in my video. I got some more perps around the church. I have seen people with eye problem frequently, so I guess these mafia-like perps might want to do my eyes for their revenge. Now, tell me who is the victim here. The V2K perps are threatening me of taking eyes to make me blind or to kill me. If something happens to me, you can assume who are responsible.

I don't have time to share all the information in an OSAM video now. I gotta sleep a bit. Well, here is the pics of those people. I got one day for the video making tomorrow night. Hopefully, I can do some more later. I got 2 days free and one week of living in the countryside to stay away from perps and mafia people.

The V2K perps were talking about to bring a Japanese to the kitchen to cook something. I wonder if that is related for the chemical contamination of the food or something. Well, I don't know how far perps can do, but I share everything for my safety.