19 April, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 17th, 2013

Ok, here is the video from April 17th, 2013. I was so tired yesterday night, and I could not create video. I hope I got some time tonight to update some stuffs. I will be off from the Internet for a week from tomorrow. So, there would be  no update for awhile. If something happens to me or someone started to speak Korean or Chinese and claim to be me, that would be identity theft. Just to notice as I got enough death threat and such. Well, the V2K perps yesterday night saying that the taking eyes is from the Book of Thor. I don't know anything much about the book, so I have no idea if that is true. It could be just the manipulation as my case got more perps with Muslim identities like wearing hijab and such as well as the local thugs.