15 April, 2013

Pope visiting San Paolo church at the evening mass

Today is Sunday, and I attended the mass in St. Peter's Basilica. It was fine and no perp's harassment at all. The Italian speaking couple sat next to me asked me where I came from and if I speak Italian or not. Then the guy sat on the other side, to the right, asked me if I speak Spanish. Well, that was all about it there.

After the mass, I heard the Pope's speech from the window. These part were fine. I saw a group of Germans from Dortmund singing and dancing after the speech. Then I saw a woman got corrupt in front of me and an ambulance came. It was funny as there was another group of Germans a head of the unconscious woman and they got some flags there. What a funny situation, you know.

I visited St. Cecilia church but was closed as I was there before 16.30pm, and decided to visit St. Paul's Basilica for the mass - this would be the last one to finish attending all 7 churches for the mass. Yesterday was at St. Sebastian, the exception one. On the way to the basilica, I saw a car hit the car in front and the second car's bumper came off. I took the film at both corrupted woman and this car accident. Then I headed to the basilica, but was closed and I saw the Swiss Guard at the gates. I just joined the people outside and saw the Pope walking inside hallway from far away.

Then I visited the 5D movie or something and that was fun. I saw a paper in the show case with Roman antique saying that Obama visited it and was thankful for the entertainment. Here is the photo of his fan letter. I recommend visitors to Roma to watch it on the first day as the combo menu for several movies gives free Roma booklet which is quite useful with the transportation info and famous spots which are not all listed on the free map. The movie about Roma is also fun as it explains about the brief history of Rome and what Italians are proud of. It just miss the football part and pasta thing, though.

I got stuffs to do, so I cannot make the entire movie.

Here is the movie about what I saw at the church. When I watched the movie, it was already 7.30 and I didi not expect to get the evening mass. But I walked down Via Colso and visited the church famous of free cup of water. They miraculously had a mass at 8pm, so I attended there. When I received the communion and went back to my seat, there was a man, a woman and a small kid sat on the bench. As I left my red Sigg bottle, I knew the woman sat on the wrong seat. So, I filmed her for the conspiracy on doing something to my water bottle. The perpetrators often do something like this for the perception problem on the victim. The victim might think they got problem going back to one's seat due to the problem finding where he was. In my case, I left something and I was worried about the prank done on my water bottle like spitting or something. At least, it was not stolen. That was a good part. That is why I cannot leave anything at the bench as the perps usually do not move from the bench and they often damage my belongings or steal them. There was no mass after that one. Why these people sat down at the bench where people were still participating the mass?