04 April, 2013

April 2nd - the arrival to Assisi

I took a ship from Split to Ancora. At Ancora, I found a monument of St. Francis who visited Ancora. I took a picture in front of it. Well, the ship got chapel inside and there was an Italian group praying rosary at 9pm right after I entered there. They seemed to be the tourist going home from Medjugorje.

I took train to Folgno and there were 2 large Asian groups and some couples with kids. I don't know why there are so many Asian waiting the train there. In the ship, there are many Filipino workers working in the decks and at the restaurants. I'm not sure if these people are just there for that day or the regular workers. I filmed these Asians as I assumed they might be traveling together. But all Asians took the next train together and left.

When I arrived at Assisi, there was another Asian woman who needed to take the bus. I filmed her as it was highly likely a perpetrator. She got flight tag with "AMS" on it, so she might be traveled from Amsterdam. Her hotel seems to be different. Thank goodness. There are 2 Argentinian men staying where I am now. Well, they might be related to the new pope. Who want to travel from Argentina to Assisi these days? They don't do anything or skit at all. At least, I got my room and it's quite safe now. No more tampering so far...