28 April, 2013

Today's mass at St. Joseph church

I saw many Chinese today in a strange areas. There would be more people from different country but it was the day with Chinese speakers. Well, 1/5 of the world population is Chinese, so it would be possible to be like that. Besides I saw many Chinese and a sticker about children love communism around. I can share that pics on my next video. It's already after 1am and need to finish posting quickly.

So, I went to the mass today at St. Joseph church. There was a German car parked in front and it left when I arrived to the area. Right after I entered the church, an Asian woman with a headcover came in. She headed to the side, so I filmed her head covering for the possible skit. She took it off during the mass though. There was a man who sat near me and that guy was the only one who did not take the communion. He left as soon as the mass finished and I filmed him for the evidence purpose. The people at the church did not really sing the songs nor respond loudly. Maybe, it's a cultural difference in the area. When I went out, there was an Asian man taking the picture of the church. Later, I saw another German car just passing by near the church. Enough German joke? I got another funny one about Germans today, but I don't have time to pack it in a video now.