10 April, 2013

Some Koreans at the train station in Assisi and in Roma

Well, I got some Koreans showing up in the train station in Assisi and they were on the line for purchasing the train ticket. However, they did not show up to the platform after that. So, it seems they just came to buy a ticket in advance or some other reason. I waited for 1 hour, so if they have a train before that period, they should be seen at the platforms.

When I went to the hotel in the dorm room as I mentioned in my FB post and such, there was a family - a mother and 2 boys? from South Korea. They had their own room and there were 2 women speaking Italian at the reception. I arrived around 3pm, so it was not a problem for me to check in around that time but the room was still not done. The Korean woman introduced me herself and we chatted a bit. Well, the Korean guys she was with had a typical perp-look. It's something I often see among the Japanese speaking perps. If you check my Japanese perp pictures from the hostel in Istanbul, you can find the similar hair-style. One long hair guy with his hair tied on top near his forehead as if an old Chinese military painting or something. I don't know how to explain, but their belongings are also a bit brand-less... you know people love Nike, Adidas and so on. I have no idea why they were still in the hotel while they could just go out to sightseeing or something. They stay for 3 days, so they could spend time more than checking their FB page or something. I glanced their big notebook shared by the guys as the screen was facing to me. It was as if of the typical gang stalkers trying to wait for the victim to come and persuade the one to join them or something. Also, it was a bit strange as they were the only the ones staying there. There was no belongings in the female dorm room and it seemed the room was empty. The possibility is that these Korean people might be doing some intelligence works - I can tell how many Koreans showed up around and now I got some English speaking people in the room next to mine in another hotel. How many Korean family travels around the world with a mother and sons? And staying a cheap place these days? What happened to their father? My guess is that these boys are there for the "prostitution claim" or "the theft claim" for the gang stalking strategies.

Well, the V2K perps are saying that all the TIs would be "gone" by the next year as the surveillance is hurting their budget. I got threat like to make me blind, or to be entangled to look suicide and such. It would be better to share what happened and how they look a bit suspicious and the military-related by sharing my videos. As far as I can tell, the perps seemed to be tired of checking me.