02 April, 2013

I was almost kicked from a wicked drunk woman with a handy radio on her hand

On April 1st, I was waiting a ship to Italy. At that time there was a woman walking with an old radio on her hand and was talking with men walking around. She sat down with one guy and talked with him for awhile. Then another guy came and she talked with him and so on. I filmed her as her actions seemed like skits going on by the perps. Later, she dropped a coin and it was left on the pavement, so I filmed it. Eventurally a group came and a woman took it and walked away. Then she dropped another coin again. This time, the guy sat next to her picked it up. Then she started asking him to give her some money. I was reading a book at that time and was observing what they were doing. The woman disappered for awhile after showting "Alan" or something and walking the street going back and forth. Then she put her bags next to me and started talking to me saying "no cinema." So, I sayed I was just reading an ebook at the bench while she and others were acting wierd. The woman drunk the beer that the guy brought. She kept bagging me and I yerled her to leave me alone. Then she tried to kick me, so I shouted to call police or security. Later, a security man came from the sea port, and we just explained what happened.

Well, here is the video of the suspicious activities of the local gangs. Do they have criminal records or involved in the local mobbing against Serbians and Bosnians?? I think it's quite common for the Croats to do that. Well, the local perps in Split work with the Muslim perps, so it might not go with their philosophy. Anyway, why there are such drunk wierdos at the sea port? I bet these people who seemed to be Catholic by born might be claiming the drunk woman supposed to be me for the wrong person to be eye-wittnessed instead of their friend doing something wicked. As long as I get a better Internet connection, I will share "COINTELPRO in Croatia plus Medjugorje" for the safety of the TIs and the non-insiders.