31 March, 2013

The role of the church under the NWO

The V2K perps told me that the Croatian churches are for gathering people not for praying for God. Well, they also said that the church is for the kids. That is why they prefer the prayers of the kids and to help the kids there. The V2K perps explain things much like of the military styles and the church's job is to keep the kids there.

I don't know how that argument work for explaining everything. As far as I have learned, the church with conservative thoughts accept the only regular members instead of the visitors and guests. Meanwhile, there are people hanging around in the church near the Targeted Individual who is unwelcome in the area because the police hate him. These people won't take communion during the mass and bring kids to harass the Targeted Individual.

The image of the church for these perpetrators is the place to keep kids. Those people are more likely to be involved with those child sex issues which is very normal in the certain upper class population. These kids who are from the rich parents are welcomed in the society as they are most likely to be exploited by other rich famous people. I'm not talking about Croatian here, but the cases in South America.

Well, there should be some possibility for the church to let the people who are under threats stay safe. But these days, the perpetrators show up in th church for the harassment. No more sanctuary and this is the reality.