03 March, 2013

Someone cut the new sole I bought at the pharmacy in Medjugorje

I woke up this morning and found the new sole I bought in the beginning this week or the end of the last week at the pharmacy near St. James church in Medjugorje got a part cut off. I put it in about 4 days ago and it was new at that time and wore the shoes everyday even heading to the Cross Mountain and the Apparition Hill. If someone cut the part off, it must be done during the night. I don't know if anyone could enter my room there or past few days. As far as I know, I put a chair and some stuffs in front of the entrance door, and they were there when I woke up. Someone might use the window, so I might put something inside the window to make the are not safe for entering if the perps have a technology to open the window with a handle inside. They could use a strong magnet to open the safety lock.

Here is the picture of the sole. You can see the cut very clear. For the TIs, nowhere is safe and the churches are filled with the people who are not willing to take communion and even some people wearing hijabs and they go with the Muslim perps hand in hand.

My camera which I was a part chipped off on the day of TestDAF on Nov 14th last year got that chipped part again damaged.I kept the camera in my backpack with a padlock at ASL during the exam. Later I found the chipped part in my jacket where I kept the camera inside of the backpack and glued it for fixing. I don't know how the small part glued with a super glue again came out like that way. But those are the damages I found today. I might share more perps information in order to be safe and tell others who are potentially dangerous for other TIs.No pain, no gain. More loss, more shares. That's my philosophy.

I'm in a different city now. I saw a strange Asian who is doing some cheep magic on the street. I studied a bit of juggling from the teacher at SAL in SJSU and later I practiced a bit of it with diabolo, the devil's stick, whip and such. Well, the Asian guy was doing some tricks with a bandana and only using his hands without any hat or sticks. He seems to be riding a bike, so I assume he would be rather a resident or a backpacker with a bike. Here is something I saw and filmed. Just mention he is wearing a T-shirt with a Japanese name on it.