05 March, 2013

How to have a hatred against something or somebody?

It's strange that I don't really have the feeling or emotion of hatred. Someone might damaged my new soles (two of them) and my VAIO is no longer starting. I can find a computer store to check if that is a problem of the battery or something they can do to fix it.

Did the local police taught how to shut off an electric device when it was attached to the power plug? According to the "Earth First!" bombing incident, the activists found the bomb exploded in the car while the same mechanism of the bomb was taught for the local FBI and the police a week ago. If it's in Germany, the TIs might get their electronic devices got damages around the battery.

When someone is a bully, the victim would hate the one. I hate to hear Japanese voices as all I got from the V2K is usually in Japanese and they are insulting me. And the perps who are in a group doing the skits, I should hate them. Somehow, I don't have the feeling of hating. I don't know why, but this part is not functioning. Is this what the perps did through possibly by the secret brain surgery? Or is it because of being a victim of the organized hate crime for a long time?

I love staying away from others because I don't get any more trouble if I'm alone. Also, when I get really pissed off from perps's damages, I just spend time working on exposure and analysis. But I don't have an option in me to keep remembering the certain perp for the hatred or complaining. Perhaps, TIs might get the mind control to forget about the incident. I hard the V2K perps saying something like German perps want to forget about what they have done, so I should be RIPed. I don't know what they made, but I got more sever gang stalking since I was in Germany to now. They said the German police were excited of my background - Arabic knowledge, away from Japan for several years, and so on.

If someone is a long time victim of mobbing, how the one would look like? Will he possibly become a suicidal terrorist? I think that is the stereotype of what the society thinks. Teachers and students will bully someone in the school and when the victim gets mad, they will call a police for the possible school massacre maker. The right option is the truth sharing and telling who are the bullies causing such mental instability.

Some church workers are also working for the gang stalking. In such case, I have no problem sharing such bullies. Yes, there would be a social hierarchy in the church with the bullies who are able to use the church laws to do the witch hunting. But what is the problem showing who are the bad shepherds hitting a sheep which is bullied in the group? Let the society decide if the victim is bullied and even harassed in the church is right or not.