24 March, 2013

International Police Association

I got some perp information and some problem with my clothes, say tampering while I was away. I got one US perp car license and a German one today. I'll share them as the collection. And what is going on with the International Police Association here? The V2K perps were saying that the 4000 guests invitation for free at Medjugorje was something similar event for the world police. I wonder if they were right and China actually paid for them and the whole event. I don't know about this one, but we know even the US uses the Chinese methods for their civil control and anti-terrorism issues. There are some Indian tourist groups today, so they might be engaged in the community policing paid by the rich people.

Here is the pic of the damage. Check out how the strings got loose. It seems some parts are cut and took out to make the clothes separated.