23 March, 2013

A police officer talked to me at Sinj

I went to Sinj and joined the prayer group at the hill. At my arrival at the bus station, there was a reinforcement car parked in the spot and the police officer communicated with me in Croatian. He asked me my nationality and the purpose of my visit. I wonder it's normal to get such attention visiting there.

My guess is that I got RFID tag that showing as something related with Islam on the radar for the police and the security. That's what the V2K perps said before. I guess, that is why the Muslims showing up in the churches and messing around there. Well, if I visit the church there, they might get some visitors with the head coverings. Now we need to call some men with HR musk for taking them out ... isn't it? I need to spend some time making the Muslim perp collection for the anti-Terrorism purpose.

I never had chance of getting asked anything from the police officer except at the customs.

Oh, don't forget U-17. Croatia is quite strong enough. The youth team can beat Spain easily.

And if you want to buy the sleek meme T-shirts, I know where they sell them for 10€ each. They also have the famous pirate stripe Dalmatian character T-s as well ;-)