28 March, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 26th, 2013

It took me some time for creating the video as it was a bit huge and my netbook required making short movies first to combine it to one file for the CPU power and the memory issues. The information on the video is listed on my post about that day, so I omit to share it here.

By the way, the V2K perps were saying that the Japanese cops use the confession agent to make their suspect to give the confession. They explained that the agent gives the complete memory loss and that makes the suspect not sure what he has done or able to explain one's alibi anymore. I wonder if that is always used with the help of psychiatrists in Japan when the suspect is asked to have some mental examination. Do you know how successful Japanese cops get the crimes solved for each case? It is over 99%. German got similar practice, they say. If 100 people say the same thing, it would become the truth. So, if 100 perpetrators speak the same thing repeatedly and pretending to be eyewitnesses by coincidence, their statement would become the majority to solve the crime even though they are a gang of 100 people targeting 1 victim. I heard the perps seem to be doing something to limit my passport to travel around if these V2K perps saying is right.


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