08 March, 2013

Bought a new camera for 2.669HRK.

I went to City Center One and tried to find the replacement of my Sony TX-20 camera. The electronic store had TX-7, an old model for something 2.220HRK. I saw TX-20 at Media Mart few days ago for 2.669HRK, so I did not buy that one and went back to the Media Mart to buy the one I saw. The black model on the show case was the only one, so I bought a blue one. It's another loss for me as the new sole I bought in Medjugorje.

I took the picture of the damaged sole. You can see that the damage is clearly done by someone. There would be no other way to explain such damage. The perps would damage the shoe as well and in such case, they would shave off the outer sides of the heel area and the inner side just below the toes. It can make the shoes unbalanced. One occasion, I found my CAT boots got the right heel shaved when I was living at Thoas Schöllhammer's family in München. The day before and the day of my checking out, the zipper part of my leather bag and suitcase damaged, so I guess the perps might be trained to do the same damage everywhere around the world. So, I'll act and write like a social outcast from now on. What's wrong to write a book or post information like a victim of Neo-Nazi or the local extremists/mafias? At least, German government allows people to share Stasi list. In that context, I can share the names and damages happened at where or possibly by who. If you think I'm a mental disease, please tell me how the damages like this happening in the real world while the person with mental problem will only believe in the imaginable damages. My VAIO is not working and my black Sony TX-20 got fixed part chipped again. It was probably on March 2nd when this sole damage happened. I got some problem of security here and I am willing to share who are the perpetrators in my life in the past till presence for my own security.
Yesterday night, I saw a short Asian guy with a bold white man with eye glasses hanging around near my place. I filmed them, but there is not so many Asians around where I'm staying now.