13 March, 2013

The V2K perps threaten me that I won't be alive next year

The new dialect speaking V2K Japanese perps are really nasty and they threaten me any means. They say I won't be alive next year. They mentioned the radioactive consume helped by the Japanese perps around. I saw Japanese in the hostel in Zagreb and even at Medjugorje there was a group of Japanese visitors. I don't know if they are related with that slow kill, then they should be responsible for what they are doing. The V2K perps say that the church workers love thinking about letting the unwelcome one go to grave as soon as possible. They say that is the traditional church intelligence does for the people they don't like. Also, the V2K perps say they asked people who I know at the churches to say they don't know me. I guess that is the easiest way to make those perps working with the Muslim perps to gain the rewards and profits. Isn't it a honey comb for the FBI informants to find someone who fit the suspicion like possible Muslim with Arabic knowledge and unemployment with long history of traveling like a backpacker for getting promotion??? Yeah, yeah, we just have some more people to be sacrificed for the bad guys like Nazis in the past to gain their own wealth and fame. It's fine to be harassed even in the church while I go to church and stay away from trouble. When perps showed up and do damages to my properties and other harassments, I post them and share them. It's just a shame for the people working for something ethically wrong - well that might be a church tradition to take out certain individual like the fate of what happened to the Knights Templar - a certain defamation to take out all the wealth and lives, right? That was how the church and people survived and committed. This time, we just have Muslims engaged eagerly to harass the victim. Isn't this a real micro version of terrorism by the Muslims?? We all know why Muslims are on the throne in the US after 911. Sounds similar to what happened after the WWII - Jews got their own country and power. What made Germans mad before their invasion to neighbors?

The V2K perps also mention about the Chinese millionaires who are helping the funding on the security. They say that the securities and police needs money and they got funds from the millionaires for the anti-terrorism and know they are working to protect these wealthy people. Oakland police once gave a notice that they don't have enough funding for the certain emergency calls up to robberies. We seem to have private militia guarding our streets these days.

For the "just in case" senario, the V2K perps says they have the policy to exterminate certain individuals. It could be only for the Japanese TIs who might be a threat for "the time of war" yet the V2K perps are working with Korean and Chinese perps/mafias. Well, if I am alive next year, I am grateful. I would pray rosary at the time of my death if that really happens to me. The perps want me to suffer, but there is nothing much for me to lose. Everything would be taken, right? I don't have Robin or Mooky, the African Grey parrots I lives with when I was in San Jose - one died and another I gave it for adoption for its safety purpose while I was stalked by the people driving cars with DOD stickers and non-California state licenses. They already killed baby pigeons I tried to help them. My mentality is not on the same level as those Japanese or Chinese perps who are only thinking about revenge or wanting others to suffer. They won't go to heaven for their sins anyway. For the Muslim perps, I think they can meet Mohamed in the bottom of the hell as Dante mentioned.