18 March, 2013

Joined the way of the cross prayer in the ruins in Salona

I went to Solin and spent some time in the nearby historical site late afternoon. I heard a prayer group praying near by, and I ended up participating the way of the cross in the ruin in Salona. I just felt like how St. Francis looked like - jumping in to a boat and heading to meet the sultan and such. He was free for everything as he had nothing and was the lowest as the church member. Church does not care about the baptized beggar to draft around the world. Only the people who are cared are the ones with lots of friends and with the great social back ground.

The new pope named himself after St. Francis. Maybe, I need to see him in Vatican. I'm sure no one will give away the papal mass ticket behind me again. But everyone can see him on Wednesday and Sunday from far away.  That's worth a visit to Roma. Because of what I learned from the perps around, I think I learned the relationship of Vatican and the ex-Nazis people who are part of the main intelligence people controlling the world from behind. The ex-CIA agent Gunter was also a Catholic and took the Nazi gold from Philippine. Maybe, I should not learn or reveal about such issues here. Well, Hitler died in Argentina and that story is confirmed by the Portuguese spy working for Japan who wrote a book as he traveled to South America in U-Boot around the time of the end of the war. The role of Croatians? Ustasa is popular and some people says about the role of Franciscans here also. I don't know. That is not my concern nor interest. I think the LMU has a good study center for the history of the Eastern Europe.