23 March, 2013

How to let the animal care people to join the gang stalking team

Yesterday night, the V2K Japanese perps were talking that they made the animal care group member to join their gang stalking team. They said the veterans helped the new-comer to learn the animals are merely for the food. The V2K perps said that the veterans helped the new person to eat the meat after the autopsy. Well, I have read articles about the lack of the concept of domestic pets in some cultures such as China. They have the concept of animal use as for the tool and foods. If an animal doctor crosses the line, the one might be able to do any operation on any animals without feeling. But that sounded as if the doctor would be able to kill the animal on purpose for one's profit. There is no ethical limit on what the gang stalkers do. The doctors might be asked to help killing the Targeted Individual's pets. It is common that the animals cared by the TIs often got short life expectancy and often they are weak.

The V2K perps were also saying that the Korean group went to Sinj and asked others to say the girl who came yesterday was Korean. I don't know what's going on, but the V2K perps say that Korean perps are eager to spread the rumor of me non-Catholic. Well, they can use anti-Japanese propaganda for their motivation, but not helping the weak and powerless makes them a group of the political interest rather than of the religious interest.