17 March, 2013

The Japanese perps and the local men started talking to me

When I was walking on the street, I saw three Asian women walking. I heard them talking and one of them said "偽者じゃないの?(Isn't it fake?)" in Japanese. I took the picture, and they seemed very much like perps - not so many Japanese walking and there is nothing on that side of the city attractive for the tourists. I filmed them and tried to make the video blog. Then the men walking behind of these girls started communicating with me asking if I help police. So, I told them I'm helping FBI for exposing the local extremists. David Lawson writes in his Cause Stalking that the gang stalkers (cause stalkers) are the local extremists and are often anti-governmental. In that sense, I'm helping to get some perps on the Internet for the prevention of the insider job.

Here is the Japanese perps.

The V2K perps are talking about "sexual misconduct" but I am not sure how they wanna use it for what they want to claim against me. I film anyone who speak to me in a strange occasion.

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