04 March, 2013

My old VAIO does not start up

If you watch my video, especially OSAM series in YouTube, you might see my VAIO when I was using it outside at the WIFI spots. Yesterday, I forgot to lock my backpack and left the VAIO and other stuffs inside in y room which got a lock. I travel with three computers, the old VAIO, big screen but more powerful HP, and a netbook. I use the netbook often as I can carry it anywhere without worrying the 1 to 2 hours battery limit.

I went to the evening mass at night and grabbed some fast food on the way back. Before going to the bed, I noticed that I left the bag open while I was away. I tried to plug the AC cord first and saw the battery charging light blinking. But it was only a few seconds and the blinking disappeared. I replugged the cord and checked the connection, but nothing seems to be wrong except it does not turn it on.

Now, I'm motivated more of sharing the past perp information. I heard the V2K people are working with the Self Defense Force and wanting me to be dead if they can confirm me as "non religious" - they wanted to make up the suspicion on me to be "Muslim" for the better rewards. The military working for the anti-terrorism seems to have two options for the religious view of the target; either not religious or Muslim. The Islamic perps would say kill the target if he is not religious. We don't have a choice of the freedom of religion. The perps might have the Catholics who studied the Church Law especially to expel or to suspend the target from the church. And the V2K perps would say Japanese should be Buddhists and going to the Shinto Shrine sometimes, so they can motivate the Korean and Chinese perps to increase the harassment against me with their hatred from the past war issue. Also, the perps include Muslims and they love harassing non-Muslim who are hating Muslims.

I need to check if other things like the external HDD is not damaged. Well, I guess I should start selling the perp address and pics like how "Who is Rats" website doing. It's like a tourist guide book, with the dangerous people or the organization listed with the proper example from my own experience.