29 June, 2015

The pattern of psychological harassment on Japanese people by its inforamts

The V2K perps told me that they were complaining how they do it in Japan and the Croatian language is so simple to understand it much better in the type of persuasion techniques.

To make someone gets depressed is to speak about the issue that the person is weak to reply.
1. Childless adult
Ask the target if he or she has a child, then start talking about their theory. This theory is always the same and causes the psychological damage on the individual. Even the person is not really aware of the childbearing, it makes the one to think about it or feel nervous from the extra opinion.

2. Use the technology to mention the things all the time
There is this thought induction program by the gang stalkers doing the Electronic Harassment. They can use the certain terms to be remembered all day long so the target will remember it for doing or thinking. For the good grade students, they could think of reading textbooks very often and that will make them to study more from their own will. On the other hand, the same technology can remind playing or watching movies and make the unwelcome students slacking around. If the above target mentioned about having children may get the thought of childbearing, it can cause the one to feel more nervous. The thought induction process may include the simple image of opening a textbook or a short sentence.

3. Soka Gakkai type strange thought induction.
For the V2K, there is this strange thought induction happens. "Ah--- Soka ikouka-" (ah, go to Soka) or "Ah- Soka --" something like Soka with two meanings - one for Soka Gakkai and another is ah-yes type saying. They just add something like this for the Japanese TIs and make them to feel sick about Soka Gakkai. I don't need a Japanese cult information form somewhere when I live in Europe.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 28th,

I saw an Asian woman at the mass but she did not take the communion. Also, there was a man in Ninja Turtles green T-shirt sat behind of me but did not take the communion neither. 2 beggars near the church.

Later, there were 2 Japanese women walking around.

I saw a Tunesian man at a cafe when I was checking the map and Trip Adviser online. Last night, I found my HDMI cable for my Sony HX-50 missing. I found an extra USB cable which has been gone missing for a long time and that one is for my 500GB extl. HDD. Someone seemed to change my HDMI cable and the old USB cable. I think this happened at the Altira gym as I bring my HP bag everywhere and I keep it locked when I live it somewhere at the beaches. Even at the gym, I kept it locked. Well, nothing else is stolen so far. My Rolex is safe - just not functioning and cannot find a safe place to fix it. If I try to fix it in Croatia, Korean Army might show up and mess around in the mechanism and claim it theirs. I'm just finishing my stuffs for book writing now. Too many adding information. Later, I need to add some pics for the book. It goes well but the process is slow.

Oh, I have to check Interex store near Mega supermarket for HDMI cable. The V2K perps told me that the clerk would say that I should go to Italy to buy one.

28 June, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 27th, 2015

My life is quite stable and got more reading time at the beach till late as I won't go to the gym anymore. I made the 40€ monthly membership back donation campaign online with the video about Altira gym. So, that one should be paid back to me in a long run. And my problem will be solved. I shall just do the stretching and jumping rope alone sometimes. I've heard the jumping rope is the easiest and most affordable for anyone to start losing weight quickly. 15 minutes of jumping is enough for 100kcal losing and such.

Here is the video from today. I saw Hotel Alexandra had the ad with a bear costume suddenly showed up by a boat near the shore. Some Germans also in the video. And a man with Chinese character logo clothes.

26 June, 2015

Herceg Novi trip later

I found a place in Herceg Novi later but it seems the spot might have the problem with the bathroom window. The V2K perps told me that they had the builder to made the window near the ceiling to be open easily and someone can enter the room for hanging me.

It's few weeks later to visit that spot for me. But I just make a notice here so that people remember what happened there. They would make cracks on the glass or the frames to make the entry into the rooms. Is it normal for the invading people's rooms like this way in the modern society? Or is it just the communist backed up people who think they can steal things to make people go home or become homeless around?

Well, I'm fine. But this is something really fishy going on just like the time when I was waiting in front of the presidency building in Sarajevo about the pope to show up. Some pickpocketting happened. My credit card was stolen in St. Pietro Hotel in Paris and many other occasions my stuffs went missing. I'm tired of being targeted by the gang stalkers harassing me all the time.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 25th, 2015

Here is the video from June 25th. When I was at Altiragym late night, I saw the clerk wearing the Osaka logo clothes with a sun with rays spread like the popular Japanese Navy flag and it got a tiger in front of it as if pointing the Chinese. Tiger is used as the military code for Chinese mafia. I could add the military code of the gangs from the country and animal names.

Here is the video. I'm still at the cafe.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 24th, 2015

I have some WIFI problem since yesterday. The router location moved and it got normal bar on the WIFI indicator but it does not give me the WIFI connection. So, I'm using it at the cafe in the old town today. No swimming time nor reading time but finding a WIFI spot cheap enough and easy to stay longer.

I'm attending gym every night for 40€ per a month. It was fine till June 24th, when a tall skinny woman got something called 'Jikatabi' shoe that is often wore by the Japanese carpenters and SDF people in the building sites. I filmed it as if they are doing the skit. Nothing damaged or stolen from my locker. Just the gaslighting going  on at Altira fitness & dance club.
here is the video from the day before yesterday.

23 June, 2015

I'm finishing my Gang Stalking in Churches book

I have been working on the gang stalking book about the churches and Christianity since 2012 when I was still in Germany. I haven't have chance to finish it and I had some problem. I don't know why I just had to stop writing about it. Well, one occasion, the file was crashed and I only had the old file with me in a html file as an additional format copy. Well, it's around 50 pages long and over 20,000 words. It looks over 75% done. I just need to add some parts and edit other areas by rereading it. Hopefully, I can make it on the shelf for sale by this weekend.

I have weak WIFI and today I found it still working. Well, I hope I can type it write later.

My life in Budva? I type in moring and go to the beach in afternoon for swimming and reading the ebooks and studying Croatian from the textbook. Then I go to a gym nearby at night. I'm eating more fruits and cheap fastfoods with salad and all the vegies. Not bad to be in the area with touristic attraction.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 22nd, 2015

I have weak WIFI and cannot add postings everyday. Only one bar on the WIFI indigator.

A German car on sale near my guest house.

A US car driving near my guest house.
A beggar at the restaurant.

The video. So far, only the damage happened was my suitcase wheel. I saw two women with long sleeve and long skirt yesterday. One of them had the white hair wrapping like a Muslim. The video has their information.

20 June, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 19th, 2015

I wanted to see the statue near the Jaz Beach and I headed there yesterday. The photos are sold on coinaphoto.com and some other areas later.

I saw a man with an Asian logo bag at the beach area.

I saw an Asian couple just walking around at Jaz beach. I was just along with Russians. No one stripped off swimming unlike yesterday.

An OSAKA logo man in front of the church.

Some more Asians.

Swiss cars here and there with same CH sticker on the spot.

German cars are quite many but I didn't take photos so much.

I wanted to add the links on all the photos but my WIFI is so slow.

19 June, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 18th, 2015

The video from yesterday. My ticket had the top part missing. I think it was taken by the driver when he helped me to put my luggage on the back of the bus. I bought it about 10 minutes before the departure time, so I have the complete alibi. The V2K perps told me that that ticket would be used by the perps to claim me to be dropped by at the mosque thing - if there is any on the way from Podgorica to Budva. I don't know if there is any. The V2K perps say that there is the air base near Kotor to the south or north and Soka Gakkai policing people and 15 years old type Chinese informants are working together at Kotor area. The V2K perps say that these SDF people only think about taking the pants off from their enemy as their love and others are so pissed off of such sociopathetic feeling of love about their ideology.

Well, it's Friday and I hope no Muslims will show up or I will over react from the Islamphobia. I don't wanna see a Muslim as they are all evil from gang stalking network. Muslims would just enter someone's room and steal things as they call it the tax for them. The women would be filmed or raped by the hidden camera or the Muslim security officers secretly entering the room for the tax. I could just add these issues on my book. Say, I must finish typing books by today. I will do so later. Nothing much fun when the perps around. I had problem to get my Tumblr page open, so I don't add the photos links here but you can see them there.

Chinese tattoo and Japanese logo people. One Afghanistan T-shirt man. Did I found a Taliban informant in Budva?

I'm in Budva now. Tons of German cars around

My stay at Podgorica was ok. I wanted to talk to the anti-human trafficking house there but I could not find it. I could offer a volunteer time sometimes but that was just an option for the summer. I just need to spend finishing my V2K book which is already done and just need the editing and cover to be added. Also, some more Spanish and Croatian learning to look sophisticated.

I arrived to Budva without trouble. Only 6€ extra for the bus. But I had problem finding my guesthouse. The taxi offered me 5€ to get to 700m away place from the bus station. I walked to the nearby hospital and asked the driver for the ride. After the negotiation, it was 2.30€, so I took it. But I could not find the building and walked a bit. Then I saw another taxi there and that driver kindly checked the guest house through the phone calls. We ended up in the bus station again and later Hotel Oliva, which is the English name for the guest house, Maslina. The bold man helped me to use the WIFI there and I ordered a small beer. At that time, I was able to check the map and got the phone number also. It was so strange why I missed the building even with the map I drew so accurate. It could be easy to get the phone number written down and I could be at the spot by the first taxi ride. Then I took another taxi and was 3€ to the right spot. Anyway, that's what happened today. It's already 2am and must sleep now.
The guest house owner somehow withdrew 130€ - 30% cancellation fee for a month stay from my credit card today. I don't use my credit card so often because of the phishing and all the potential problems. Somehow Turkish people are in the same building as guests.

Well, I can add some photos tomorrow from the chain gang observation. I just got warned from the V2K people as they might steal my blogger account using the Chinese informant living in Kotor area with the police team from Soka Gakkai members in Kotor. I won't stay near Kotor this year so I should be safe though. 

18 June, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 16-17, 2015

I was totally sick yesterday. I felt dizzy and got sweated all day long. I threw up yellow liquid from the stomach all the time even I had nothing I ate from the morning. When I drunk the bottled water, I felt throwing up. It was just water. Then it continued yesterday night in the bus but I was not that sick like at my room. Today was the same and I still had the problem with the stomach. My stomach was sensitive drinking cold water and pizza slice. A pizza and an apple was enough for today's meal.

I saw a New York car with expired registration parked outside of my hotel in Podgorica.

Some German cars around in the city today. I put some German car photo sale posters today.

I'm heading to Budva tomorrow. Nice place to stay but I must work hard. Now I can work as ESL tutor, so it should add some extra income for my life.

15 June, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 15th, 2015

I saw Netherlands car twice - one at the bus stop and another at the place near I dropped out from the bus. It's far away from Netherlands and why they are driving here?

A woman in a group took a picture of the backwall pictuer in Vero Center. The woman had another person in the group with the Chinese tattoo. What does it mean?

An Asian man shortly came and took the picture of the downstair shopping center. He just left then.

Two men with 00 logo clothes.

I found my Sarajevo Mir Vama badge missing from my belonging. I bought it for 1€ as the souvenir and was in my shopping bag for quite a long time. I think it should be in the suitcase if it was still in the bag till I came back to my room on last Thursday. I bought few wappens with 2 Mir Vama for souvenirs as well as UNHCR cap 5€ for that one.  I forgot to lock my suitcase today. I suddenly remembered about the badge when I was at the bus stop waiting the bus to get to the bus station. I was tired at when I came back to Skopje but I just kept everything packed in two bags and my poach. The badge was in the shopping bag. I put it on the bottom with other things like soaps. It could be with the soaps but it wasn't. Then I might check the wappens. I put them together so they supposed to be around together as souvenir. Ah, I've got extra bosnian mark wappen the one with the Bosnian country and a sword on it with some letters on the bottom. I don't know what it is for but the one the clerk accidentally added to my purchase together. I thought of giving it away at Hostel ZemZem as I don't really need the Bosnian wappen. Then it went missing. I guess that one might be also found somewhere.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 7th, 2015

The last Sunday in Sarajevo. I saw some German cars. When I was walking near the mosques in the old town, I saw many Asians around. I just filmed for the evidence. Why so many Asians in the town like this way? I haven't seen any in the shopping center and other areas. Maybe at the Srebrenica exhibition when I went in and just the bus in the way back from Tunnel of Hope area. The Asians took the bus from the grave area instead of near the Tunnel.

14 June, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 8th, 2015

The day I visited Srebrenica exhibition near the church and the Tunnel of Hope. I saw some German cars around and got one Swiss car near the Latin bridge. I lost my map when I was eating at the restaurant in Illiza area. I saw many Asians took the bus from the end of the bus station that is on the route to Tunnel.

To get to Tunnel in Sarajevo, take the tram 3 from behind of the Sacred Heart of Jesus church and drop off at the end, Illiza. Then wait for the bus 32 and get the ride. Just tell the driver to drop you at Tunnel area. And the driver will kindly pick you up at anywhere on the same road to get back. I missed my 15€ tour guide and I took the trip alone. 1.60KM for each tram ride and also the bus ride. So, it was 3.20€ for the transportation and the entrance fee was 5€. Good value for visiting alone, huh? I will add the tourism info on Trip Adviser as well. That was the only tourism I did after Jewish tour. I lived in Sarajevo for 6 month or so before, but I haven't done this yet. Strangely I saved money that time.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 12th, 2015

Another video from recent time. Ah, I finished V2K Japanese version already. I just need to add the links and the covers. I will finish it before heading to Montenegro for a small vacation as well as to finish the studies. I might be in Latin American at the end of this year. Just to find a way out at my age and trying to find a new way of surviving more than just doing a writer job. Also, I found some new insights about what could go better in my situation. It was people skill to get around with others and to have less problems with others. I just do not have that kind of thing before.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 13th, 2015

The video from yesterday. I have some problem getting the photos. First, my camera is in the bag and too late to bring it out and take a photo. Second case is about the location of the German car. The car travel across the street got more cars on the multiple lanes, so I cannot take the good photo like that way. But I see some German cars around.

12 June, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 9th and 10th, 2015

My trip from Sarajevo to Skopje. Just got one German car showing up at the rest spot after the Macedonian boarder.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 11th, 2015

Nothing much I did today. My TESOL certificate came by mail. So, I can work as ESL tutor from now on. What a surprise. I became a teacher. Well, I hope I can find a better job and place to live with it. I hope I can find a place safe to stay without any harassment on me.

Oh, here is the video. A Wien car and Netherlands car. Some guys sat next to me at Surf 'n' Fries but not ordering anything. Strange, huh?

11 June, 2015

My SD card white filler missing at Hostel ZemZem

Well, I went back to Skopje safe this morning. I was so tired and slept whole day. Got V2K people making me to shout things later. It was some kind of English officer saying for the insult on others who should not attend the Christian meetings as that was all controlled by the US military.

Well, I think my SD card white filler for my Asus Eee PC went missing. I might forget on my bed on Monday when I was in Hostel ZemZem. I don't know why something small and similar to the size of ID photos went missing like this way. It should be on the bed when I took this picture.

I saw some Egyptians in Sarajevo. I don't know why so many were around.

Patterns of mind control

The perps may have the patterns of how others will accept their demands through the cultural persuasion techniques. For example, Bosnians would be easily going with the people crying and claiming to ask help from the better social status. The V2K perps told me that they had a man from Okinawa but living in Germany headed to Bosnia for the surveillance. He had no money and must finish his job done in order to get the return ticket back to Japan. The penny-less civilian police teams would be easily helped. The police may ask the local citizens for help. And they might be able to invade the rooms and make porno videos in Medugorje or wherever. They could make the videos for adding suspicion on the target.

If it is in Romania, the gangs would be angry and complaining a lot to others. Also, they could just use the martial arts training session to break bones to be disfigured and claim others as useless. This works better against emotion driven people.

But if the same people go to Serbia and do the same style of being angry and claiming for the investigation, it ends up just making the situation in conflict among them.

The V2K perps say that they made 80,000 porno from the Sarajevo women. They have it for the security reasons in case of war. They targeted poriests who are fat and illegally sharing the "earth fire" for the people. Well, I don't know what they did, but that was responsible by the Turkish Embassy people as that was the chief for the stationed officer in the local Fusion center in Sarajevo. The Fusion Center got people working together from different countries.

09 June, 2015

A day for the short trip with less money

I had a chance of getting a guide for the moderate price, but I couldn't see her today and I had to make a decision of heading to the self tour. There were some options I could do. I could just head to some areas to buy some books and read them during my trip back. Then I thought of saving money. I don't really need that much decision making. I spent quite much for the trip to Germany few years ago and that was a bit hurting in a long run. I should have cut unnecessary costs.

But I should have check the areas which are on the top lists on Trip Advisers. So, I visited Srebrenica Exhibition which seemed to be at the Jewish Film Festival movie and even near Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam had one when I was around there. Well, it was not that sorry feeling. I'm alone and getting harassed all the time. These refugees in Srebrenica to Potocal got killed in the area near the enemy border. If they thought they were safe together, they should be safer than my situation. I don't get any help but sometimes the normal attitude without harassment. Nowhere is safe for the TIs. No one can be trustworthy from the beginning for the TIs. And I have experience of Muslim gang stalkers harassed me and even damaged my belongings. I'd rather felt better for the people who burnt a Croat flag during the war. People hated each other in the war. So, people died together in a group. Who cares if a person died alone? That's war that solders kill people and more killing is counted for the promotion and rewards. Why people care about the mass graves? If anyone has a complaints about my opinions, please try to help the TIs and stop the gang stalking.

Ah, here are some German cars.

One more F starting one I saw. I can show more funny perping on my OSAM tomorrow after I go back to Skopje. Hope nothing is stolen from my room there.

Asian couple near the mosque behind Hotel Europe.

The woman who was at the Srebrenica Exhibition. She was alone watching the video there. She is wearing the long sleeve and a scarf around her neck. Is she a Muslim? I bet her ass would be checked.

 I share more when I go back to Skopje the day after tomorrow. I will be in the bus at night. I have to take a good sleep. 

07 June, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 5th, 2015

Here is the video from June 5th. One blind person. Few German cars - one driving in front of my hostel. Mt. Fuji man at the information center and later walked to the mosque to the west. I visited the Jewish Museum and such with a tour guide. But one synagogue was closed and a Munich car was parked outside. Any false crime tipping by the Germans? I just add all the German cars as my German car list. Everyday German cars for 2.5 years now.

Yesterday was Mt. Fuji and today was Sapporo and one more woman for pickpocketing in front of the Pope

When I was waiting the Pope to show up in front of the Presidency building in Sarajevo, this man suddenly came and stood behind of me. Sapporo logo. No way of seeing someone with such a unique T-shirt like yesterday.

I moved to another place as I thought he could be a pickpocket like Germans tried during June 2013. My wallet was stolen around that time. And still some Germans were stalking me from the behind.

I moved to another spot and there were some more people came near me. It was in front of the entrance and was the best spot for waiting the Pope for taking pictures. Indeed, there are many people waiting there as well. After I took the picture, there was a couple behind of me complaining about the woman who stood next to me stealing something from my Samsonite poach. Say, this is not the normal situation for the people to steal something. There are many video cameras and camera crews behind of the line waiting to take the photos of the Pope. And why someone wants to take the risk of being caught by someone else during the time to take photos of the Pope? Well, it's possible that everyone is watching the Pope and won't be checking their own or others bags. But the woman next to me stole my ID photos in a small plastic bag. Later, a man gave me the packet back. It was in my prayer bag in the Samsonite poach. It sounded like how my L.L. Bean leather bag was stolen at the counter of Brussels Nord metro ticket seller.

Here is the video about the incident. I don't think something else was stolen. There could be 50KM bank note in the prayer book as well.

Oh, I have another occasion waiting the Pope car to pass the street. There was an old man stood near the Croat group. A German photographer came and then few more tried to occupy the spot and the old man left there. Germans stood nearby. Nothing seemed to be stolen this time though. How come Germans came and tried to be near me? There were over 65000 people visited for the stadium mass and around in Sarajevo today.

And an Asian man near me. He had some Arabic looking tattoos in his arm.

05 June, 2015

Mt. Fuji human trafficker at the information center in Sarajevo

I went to the tourist information center in Stari Grad this morning. When I was asking about Jewish Tour, there was this Mt. Fuji T-shirt man stood behind of me. These two men asked about how to get to Moster. Asking the way to Moster is always the sensitization by the perps around.

I waited outside and saw them heading to the mosque nearby. I filmed all the way to there. So, they might be Muslims. What the Muslim gang stalkers doing against me? Do I need a yellow badge? Well, I have one always but I don't really use it unless any suspicion to be a Muslim or totally surrounded by Muslims... I will share the complete vids about them later in OSAM.

Ah, I will visit the Jewish Tour this afternoon as a private tour for 15€. I ate burek with potatoes for few marks. So, it should pay out with the tour price. I don't do anything after this tour and the Pope visit participation tomorrow.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 4th, 2015

German car from today at the bus station.

One eye patched kids at the table behind of me. I saw one eye patched person at Vero Center food court yesterday, too. These kids testify the child molesting and such for their child actor jobs, right? Check what these family eye witnessed against others in Sarajevo. The gang stalkers have the tons of eye witnessing and police tipping records.

Inside of the bus from Skopje, there were 2 women behind of me talking Danke and such in German sometimes for the sensitization. I put the German car photo sales on the streets tomorrow for the public awareness of human trafficking by the German groups.

Netherlands car and few a German car near my hostel.

Hungarian car just like at the gym in Skopje showing up. Not many Hungarians should be around by their cars in Sarajevo.

There were Asians waiting outside of my hostel, Hostel ZemZem. I saw them just hanging around there in a group and later another group with Japanese carp flag showed up. Are they the gang stalkers visiting mosques and claiming to be me or doing the false witnesses? I've never visited a mosque in my life. Mosques are the places where terrorists build and explode bombs and keep Christians as hostages or raping or even hiding dead bodies. I don't go there to be only exploited for others' benefits.

03 June, 2015

A German woman next to me in the bus today

There was this German woman working for volunteering in Skopje talked with me in the bus. I'm kinda busy today. I went to the gym and heading to Sarajevo in 2 hours. from now. I'm still at my place typing this. I will leave here with just few things with me - left everything in my room for safety.

Here is the video.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 2nd, 2015

From yesterday, I noticed some problem pushing 2 button on my netbook. I don't know why it got such swanky issue on only one button. I use 2 button for typing 20-- and such but I don't think I over used it.

Well, I saw a Turkish car outside of my hostel today.

And a German D sticker car driving next to my bus.

A German car at the parking lot of Vero Center. There was a security guard next to the car and the guard asked me not to take the photo and demanded me to delete it. Well, I don't see a guard outside in that area for long time. I don't know why there was a man just hanging around like that for awhile. I just share the car pic here. Who is this strange guard and what is the matter of this German car? I can share it to the local Jewish organizations why there is a guard hanging around. Will he the one damaging cars around and asking for more security funding on outside parking? I'm just a paparazzi taking a photo of the suspicious activities of the community watch causing harassment on the innocent individuals. Ah, there was a yellow label German car passed by while I was waiting a bus.

There was an Asian woman in red was at Vero Center. The gang stalkers might be recognizing that woman to be me and making the reports. So, I included the information of that woman. There are not so many Asians in Skopje.

01 June, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 31st, 2015

I saw a German car and Netherlands car today. The same guy who was wearing the same Alarm clock image T-shirt from last Sunday sat next to me at the church. The people around me at the back of the bench rows didn't take communion. Well, I thought they are the perps. I saw a beggar family at the church door today.

I saw some Asian women near the Orthodox church. Later at Velo Center, I saw more Asians around. A couple behind of me at the cooked food counter were talking in English. They may be from the US.
The V2K perps told me that they might take my passport at Macedonian boarder on next Wednesday, so I will have problem not to be able to get to Sarajevo. Well, the perps said that they gonna bring a Chinese woman in the bus to make me talk to her. I guess, I will film all the suspicious activities for the trip. I will share the information from that trip. It sounds safer to me to share where I would be and such, you know. I don't go out with Muslims. So, if Muslims bothering me, I share their information. Someone killed baby pigeons in Sarajevo in 2011 or something. So, I stay away from any freaks in the area.

Ok, here is the video from today.