09 June, 2015

A day for the short trip with less money

I had a chance of getting a guide for the moderate price, but I couldn't see her today and I had to make a decision of heading to the self tour. There were some options I could do. I could just head to some areas to buy some books and read them during my trip back. Then I thought of saving money. I don't really need that much decision making. I spent quite much for the trip to Germany few years ago and that was a bit hurting in a long run. I should have cut unnecessary costs.

But I should have check the areas which are on the top lists on Trip Advisers. So, I visited Srebrenica Exhibition which seemed to be at the Jewish Film Festival movie and even near Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam had one when I was around there. Well, it was not that sorry feeling. I'm alone and getting harassed all the time. These refugees in Srebrenica to Potocal got killed in the area near the enemy border. If they thought they were safe together, they should be safer than my situation. I don't get any help but sometimes the normal attitude without harassment. Nowhere is safe for the TIs. No one can be trustworthy from the beginning for the TIs. And I have experience of Muslim gang stalkers harassed me and even damaged my belongings. I'd rather felt better for the people who burnt a Croat flag during the war. People hated each other in the war. So, people died together in a group. Who cares if a person died alone? That's war that solders kill people and more killing is counted for the promotion and rewards. Why people care about the mass graves? If anyone has a complaints about my opinions, please try to help the TIs and stop the gang stalking.

Ah, here are some German cars.

One more F starting one I saw. I can show more funny perping on my OSAM tomorrow after I go back to Skopje. Hope nothing is stolen from my room there.

Asian couple near the mosque behind Hotel Europe.

The woman who was at the Srebrenica Exhibition. She was alone watching the video there. She is wearing the long sleeve and a scarf around her neck. Is she a Muslim? I bet her ass would be checked.

 I share more when I go back to Skopje the day after tomorrow. I will be in the bus at night. I have to take a good sleep.