05 June, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 4th, 2015

German car from today at the bus station.

One eye patched kids at the table behind of me. I saw one eye patched person at Vero Center food court yesterday, too. These kids testify the child molesting and such for their child actor jobs, right? Check what these family eye witnessed against others in Sarajevo. The gang stalkers have the tons of eye witnessing and police tipping records.

Inside of the bus from Skopje, there were 2 women behind of me talking Danke and such in German sometimes for the sensitization. I put the German car photo sales on the streets tomorrow for the public awareness of human trafficking by the German groups.

Netherlands car and few a German car near my hostel.

Hungarian car just like at the gym in Skopje showing up. Not many Hungarians should be around by their cars in Sarajevo.

There were Asians waiting outside of my hostel, Hostel ZemZem. I saw them just hanging around there in a group and later another group with Japanese carp flag showed up. Are they the gang stalkers visiting mosques and claiming to be me or doing the false witnesses? I've never visited a mosque in my life. Mosques are the places where terrorists build and explode bombs and keep Christians as hostages or raping or even hiding dead bodies. I don't go there to be only exploited for others' benefits.