29 June, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 28th,

I saw an Asian woman at the mass but she did not take the communion. Also, there was a man in Ninja Turtles green T-shirt sat behind of me but did not take the communion neither. 2 beggars near the church.

Later, there were 2 Japanese women walking around.

I saw a Tunesian man at a cafe when I was checking the map and Trip Adviser online. Last night, I found my HDMI cable for my Sony HX-50 missing. I found an extra USB cable which has been gone missing for a long time and that one is for my 500GB extl. HDD. Someone seemed to change my HDMI cable and the old USB cable. I think this happened at the Altira gym as I bring my HP bag everywhere and I keep it locked when I live it somewhere at the beaches. Even at the gym, I kept it locked. Well, nothing else is stolen so far. My Rolex is safe - just not functioning and cannot find a safe place to fix it. If I try to fix it in Croatia, Korean Army might show up and mess around in the mechanism and claim it theirs. I'm just finishing my stuffs for book writing now. Too many adding information. Later, I need to add some pics for the book. It goes well but the process is slow.

Oh, I have to check Interex store near Mega supermarket for HDMI cable. The V2K perps told me that the clerk would say that I should go to Italy to buy one.