29 June, 2015

The pattern of psychological harassment on Japanese people by its inforamts

The V2K perps told me that they were complaining how they do it in Japan and the Croatian language is so simple to understand it much better in the type of persuasion techniques.

To make someone gets depressed is to speak about the issue that the person is weak to reply.
1. Childless adult
Ask the target if he or she has a child, then start talking about their theory. This theory is always the same and causes the psychological damage on the individual. Even the person is not really aware of the childbearing, it makes the one to think about it or feel nervous from the extra opinion.

2. Use the technology to mention the things all the time
There is this thought induction program by the gang stalkers doing the Electronic Harassment. They can use the certain terms to be remembered all day long so the target will remember it for doing or thinking. For the good grade students, they could think of reading textbooks very often and that will make them to study more from their own will. On the other hand, the same technology can remind playing or watching movies and make the unwelcome students slacking around. If the above target mentioned about having children may get the thought of childbearing, it can cause the one to feel more nervous. The thought induction process may include the simple image of opening a textbook or a short sentence.

3. Soka Gakkai type strange thought induction.
For the V2K, there is this strange thought induction happens. "Ah--- Soka ikouka-" (ah, go to Soka) or "Ah- Soka --" something like Soka with two meanings - one for Soka Gakkai and another is ah-yes type saying. They just add something like this for the Japanese TIs and make them to feel sick about Soka Gakkai. I don't need a Japanese cult information form somewhere when I live in Europe.