26 June, 2015

Herceg Novi trip later

I found a place in Herceg Novi later but it seems the spot might have the problem with the bathroom window. The V2K perps told me that they had the builder to made the window near the ceiling to be open easily and someone can enter the room for hanging me.

It's few weeks later to visit that spot for me. But I just make a notice here so that people remember what happened there. They would make cracks on the glass or the frames to make the entry into the rooms. Is it normal for the invading people's rooms like this way in the modern society? Or is it just the communist backed up people who think they can steal things to make people go home or become homeless around?

Well, I'm fine. But this is something really fishy going on just like the time when I was waiting in front of the presidency building in Sarajevo about the pope to show up. Some pickpocketting happened. My credit card was stolen in St. Pietro Hotel in Paris and many other occasions my stuffs went missing. I'm tired of being targeted by the gang stalkers harassing me all the time.