19 June, 2015

I'm in Budva now. Tons of German cars around

My stay at Podgorica was ok. I wanted to talk to the anti-human trafficking house there but I could not find it. I could offer a volunteer time sometimes but that was just an option for the summer. I just need to spend finishing my V2K book which is already done and just need the editing and cover to be added. Also, some more Spanish and Croatian learning to look sophisticated.

I arrived to Budva without trouble. Only 6€ extra for the bus. But I had problem finding my guesthouse. The taxi offered me 5€ to get to 700m away place from the bus station. I walked to the nearby hospital and asked the driver for the ride. After the negotiation, it was 2.30€, so I took it. But I could not find the building and walked a bit. Then I saw another taxi there and that driver kindly checked the guest house through the phone calls. We ended up in the bus station again and later Hotel Oliva, which is the English name for the guest house, Maslina. The bold man helped me to use the WIFI there and I ordered a small beer. At that time, I was able to check the map and got the phone number also. It was so strange why I missed the building even with the map I drew so accurate. It could be easy to get the phone number written down and I could be at the spot by the first taxi ride. Then I took another taxi and was 3€ to the right spot. Anyway, that's what happened today. It's already 2am and must sleep now.
The guest house owner somehow withdrew 130€ - 30% cancellation fee for a month stay from my credit card today. I don't use my credit card so often because of the phishing and all the potential problems. Somehow Turkish people are in the same building as guests.

Well, I can add some photos tomorrow from the chain gang observation. I just got warned from the V2K people as they might steal my blogger account using the Chinese informant living in Kotor area with the police team from Soka Gakkai members in Kotor. I won't stay near Kotor this year so I should be safe though.