03 June, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 2nd, 2015

From yesterday, I noticed some problem pushing 2 button on my netbook. I don't know why it got such swanky issue on only one button. I use 2 button for typing 20-- and such but I don't think I over used it.

Well, I saw a Turkish car outside of my hostel today.

And a German D sticker car driving next to my bus.

A German car at the parking lot of Vero Center. There was a security guard next to the car and the guard asked me not to take the photo and demanded me to delete it. Well, I don't see a guard outside in that area for long time. I don't know why there was a man just hanging around like that for awhile. I just share the car pic here. Who is this strange guard and what is the matter of this German car? I can share it to the local Jewish organizations why there is a guard hanging around. Will he the one damaging cars around and asking for more security funding on outside parking? I'm just a paparazzi taking a photo of the suspicious activities of the community watch causing harassment on the innocent individuals. Ah, there was a yellow label German car passed by while I was waiting a bus.

There was an Asian woman in red was at Vero Center. The gang stalkers might be recognizing that woman to be me and making the reports. So, I included the information of that woman. There are not so many Asians in Skopje.