31 October, 2007

Protesting against violation of Human Rights by AAA members goes to Human Rights organization.

Yes, this is an irony that the information about the people studying human being will be sent to the Human Right Watch and other NGOs that supposed to help the people being oppressed. I included the files up to the current incidents. From the whole coincident, everything can explain each other well using the explanation of COINTERPRO strategies such as Brighting, Gaslighting, Noise Campaign, etc.

As I wanted to make everything clear due to erase the risks of the stalkers claiming me sending illegal stuffs to foreign NGOs. I will add everything on the web, so anyone can check out what kind of visual and audio evidences I have sent to these NGOs.

Personally, I liked this project. By submitting the information to the UN rapporteur, I feel like I really became an agent of that institution. Yeah, that is what I wrote down to some people when they tried to recruit me to work for the US. I know what the United Nations must respect – PDD-25. However, doing something to the people really oppressed feel good. At least, the evidences of their illegal activities are spread to everywhere. I must thank that some of the mails can go by 'Domestic' so I can save the cost even adding insurance to them. Maybe I should check how many and what types of NGO has headquarters in this country. I live a bit far from the headquarter of the United Nations. But, next time I have to visit someone, I know which city to go. First time was to the Governor of California, then the second time was to Bundeskantzerarin Merkel in Berlin. Things seems getting bigger..

If I am not the one being the subject of political deduction, someone can shoot a film abut my experience. It would be very exciting to see how I put on München Byern muffler on my neck and visited Berlin on the day that Byern had a game in that city. Or how I avoided the assassination at my apartment and drove to the Capital after I called a professor that I would visit Napa for few days to take out the stress from the hospital experience. This is a real story. Americans are claiming activists as terrorists. Jack Bauer would fight against the people who can be a threat to the authoritarian government, but me given the codename Jane Bauer, would stand for the people who are the victim of discrimination going on by the government to make up the threat for civil control. Real freedom fighters are not respected these days, yet we do the best to fight against the violation of humanity.

30 October, 2007

"Verstehen Sie Nicht."

That's what organized stalkers tell the TI, when the TI explain something to the stalker. What the stalkers are doing is only to drive the information and communication favorable to their strategies.

The film below is what happend before I connect the Internet to type this up in Starbucks. Yesterday, I posted the funny incidents with Polizei at where I live.
Today, they are near the Starbucks when I visit the coffee shop for this.

You can think them as coincidences, but too many coincidences would be too redicurous. We call it an "outliner" in Statistics.

29 October, 2007

Gang Stalking at Bahnhof.

I think this shows the good example of how perps try to communicate with TI in "one-way communication" and "love bombing." Since they are able to speak Engish to communicate with me, I think they are fed by the opponet groups that could cause danger.

Everything is on their strategy.
First they tried to claim me as a pedophilia:

Then, they found out that I hate kids and did not look at them at all. So, they brought mobs to disturb my research on Internet.

Later, I talked with the mobs to explain what they are doing as "love bombing" while they say "I love you" in English. I'm thinking to use these films to explain their strategies in future.


Polizeisten und ich.

This morning, two people came and picked up the blankets for 'chemical wash.' Then about an hour later, four to five police men came from the local police department. They asked the me to move take out the stuffs from my pocket and leave the room. When I mentioned about my wallet containing more than 500 Francs, I went back to the room and explained that I would like to keep my wallet. Then, the police officers made photo copies of my credit cards and bank cards at the manager's office. The manager said that it was 'police control.' Then, I was asked to stay in the strage room next to the manager's office in front of the entrance. I remembered that I left my wallet as they asked me to take out stuffs from my pockets. It was about 10:25am (my watch showed it was 11:25am, as for the summer time gap?), then one officer stayed at the door of the strage room. He asked other residents to stay in their rooms. I was wearing T-Shirt and was cold. I asked the officer at the door if I can get my jacket from my room, and he pretended not understanding English. Then he brought a chair and told me to sit down. Then the manager was talking about me having laptop and food thing. (yeah, I have a Geiger Counter, and I was checking my food before I cook them. ) Then, the police officers were checking my room while other residents were free to go to restroom and use the kitchen. I asked the police officer if I can go to bathroom, he continued to say, 'sit down. ' The manager said that “you must accept what the police officer say.” I asked the officer at the door barricading the storage room “why only me..” thing. By the way, the one of the police officer was chewing gum, which is often used as 'anchoring' technique of organized stalkers. Then I was asked to go back to the hall way and the one officer from my room asked to open the locked suitcase. I did so and they found some foods there with my Geiger Counter. I showed him the device and explained what it is for. During this, the police officer watching me at the door to the strage room was eating candy, which is another 'anchoring' technique that my organized stalkers often use for gaslighting.

It was about 11:55am that the police officers allowed me to go back to my room. Then I saw the police officers leaving the heim. If you checked my films, you can see that they left the place right after they searched my room, which is on the back of the ground floor. They did not try to check the people in the first floor. I don't know this is a normal situation for an asylum seeker. I am a targeted individual and my status is a refugee in a foreign country. I am hoping that collecting much evidence would show how we are unequally treated from the society. What I do is share the evidences and the explanation of the facts. It is all up to you to decide if you think I am a target of gaslighting and people trying to encourage other to do the discrimination.
By the way, the managers and others were talking about it would be either 'positive' or 'negative.' I have enough money to travel to the United Nations Office in this country. Also, I can travel to the city that contains tons of embassies and consulate generals including the one to contact with Cuba. If they want to make the decision to be 'negative' using the whole society, what I can do is look for another place to ask political asylum. I learned that collecting data is good for my situation as I have been encountered, DOD, CIA, BundesWehr, Gendamarie, and so on. The United States wanted to kill my career and tried to kill me several times. What I am doing is to survive in the situation using my knowledge and wisdom. Democracy is no longer in the Western society because of COINTERPRO to reinforce people into the slavery once again. I would like to claim the basic human rights before the governments agreed to change its definitions to their favorable way. Here is an activist to hire to claim the democracy in our society.

Film 1:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP8QO7S63oM
(I have it but hold it for on purpose. The people collecting blankets from the rooms.)

Film 2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7QiD8gfaO0
(Police officers came to my room and asked to put off stuffs in my pocket. Then they asked me to leave the room.)
Film 3:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukIFf6ktCm4
(Police officers leaving the hall way. Right after they searched my room. They did not check other rooms.)
Film 4:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUoG5H8lOUw
(Police officers leaving the place. This was about 5 minutes or so after they walked out from the hall way and made small conversation at the manager's office. The manger and the residents often mention 'polizei.' They have been working for gaslighting. I am an asylum seeker and a victim of organized stalking.)

28 October, 2007

ANFB oder BND?

I guess what I learned was that ANFB people live with diplomats just like FBI stay in the US embassy. A big “Oooops!” thing to me. Now wonder when I tried to contact BND to submit the discrimination about German spy conspiracy, I have seen Bundeswehr cars in Munich. I hope they did not put rosaries hanged on their rear view mirrors for hinting. Otherwise, I did not recognize what their names meant and what the organization is. Well, it was ANFB people then. Until last winter, I heard that Germans did not have a complete surveillance list for national level but the informations were gathered separately in each region.

Here is the files from Japanese Self Defence Force Counter-Intelligence.

If anyone works for any intelligence, you might already have these documents in your agency. They are part of the copy from the works of Japanese Self Defence Force Counter-Intelligence team. The military has been expanding their skill and workers. Anyone interested to warn Japanese military expansion in East Asia again, check out the information in the files.
They are the partial documents from Tohoku region counter-intelligence works. Sorry, everything is in Japanese. However, you can learn how they are actually handling the information and how organizing the data. If you know someone in the military, you can slip the information using this format. They probably cannot figure out the fake file with the real one, due to the infamous “sectionalism.” I am free to hire. Ich bin arbeitlos. I live with organized stalkers, though. What I can do is R&D, a typical ex-social science related person can do.

From blow, you can download real but expired Self Defence Force Documents.


According to some articles, there are about 14000 people working for the counter-intelligence as a foot solder in Japan. I don't know if they want to go somewhere for invasion in future.

26 October, 2007

AAA meeting coming for this year.

I wonder how Dr. Roberto Gonzalez is involved in the presentation. What I know is that he let his students including the leader of his club discriminate a foreign student in his classroom. Fortunately, I have some records with me. I haven't done anything with Anth 187 and Anth 153 evidences yet. I was too busy working for much public project like about organized stalking problem. Dr. Meniketti at SJSU was talking about the study of engineering of free thoughts or something. In his class, he talked about how anthropologists are interested to check how human thought works by writing freely about a specific topic. Dr. Meniketti held it as a small quiz style. It happened when anthropology students were watching what I was doing through fiber scoop camera set from the ceiling. It was like a white wire stacked out from the ceiling that pannels were taken away. They put same thing camera in Ms. Judith Rosenberg's class. What happened was that I saw an anthroplogist expert in Chinese culture in El Camino Hospital. Also, I heard that how they made agreement on me to be an insider after I visited the Capital. About Dr. Gonzalez, what I know is what is going on in that particular place in Mexico. Did someone marry with Latino guy for the advantage of the US interest? Dr. Gonzalez might have did so with patriotic feeling to hide someone's past mistake.

I know an anthropologist who was an expert in Afghanistan culture and brought a native man back to Silicon Valley to let him have education in a local college. Since that guy did not have the official birthday, the anthropologist suggested him to make the day they visited to the college to be his birthday. Also, the intellectual estimated his age and helped to fill out the application form. This is something anthropologists have been doing. Why do I know such information? Because, I simply interested to know what anthropologists really do and how they are involved with CIA. Protesting against AAA would be nice issue since they wanted to hide the SJSU scandal last year. It seems the association agreed to hide some professors' past by agreeable making up for some information. What I was secretly doing was an ethnography of anthropologists who stink. Now it became my privilege. If they really want to stop militarization on anthropology, they should think about recruiting the local people and get education in the US. This is what the US agency have been doing since Margaret Meed recruited some Samoans. What is behind of the association might be simply CIA propagandanists who is either on the Democrats or the Republicans. Disinformation and moving issues to focus on less important issues to avoid disturbing the national interest. I know who is on the side of the Democrats and the Republicans at SJSU. It seems they really restore the reputations of some professors to protect the US agency. From my perspective, training future diplomats are much big issues for militarization as many students are from pro-army background. I have seen students taking Linguistics and anthropology classes with military funded education system. The anthropologists should stop sending anti-war and wanna-be-neutral students jails and mental institutions. They cannot touch this issue as it is too sensitive for the social science field after 911. Did anyone shoot films while they are in San Jose last year? FBI did so in my apartment in San Jose.

Ad Litem Per Alia Porci.

Ich bin in die Stadt zeit Mai und sprecht andere Leute von die Übertragung. Ich weiß nicht wann muss ich einiges Hause umziehen mich. Das Internet kostet sehr teure weil habt das Plan mit mehr flexibilisiert. In der Bahnhof, kann ich mein PC mit das Internet trennen. Ich denke muss ich mehr Information zu das International Criminal Court senden. Ich habe Informationen von das Department of Defense (ein Teil von die amerikanische Armee) und der Bundes-Wehr gesendet. Wenn die japanische Self Defense Force wirkt in Verbrechende des stolzierig Bande.
Japanisch Self Defence Force seid eine Problem für Intellektuellen und Politikern gegen militärische Expansion danach 911.

Ich habe ein Plan und ein Traum, dass muss ich gute Aktionen machen.

I don't know people shouting outside saying "Respect our allies" but I know what is wrong and was criticized in the past. I have received some letters and a packet from amerikan poli. sci. organization. I lived in the place officially and am resistred legally to live in this country, yet it would be temporal. Funny thing is that whatever they target me for whatever they think suspicious. The picture is an example from the night that I posted my open letters to some foreign government in this blog. We have freedom of what we believe and write a letter to any government. They want to criticize and oppress such activities. It is a type of oppressing our Human Rights using COINTERPRO technique developed by the US.

For Chinese government, I am neutral. I did my own way of protesting after they had big world wide Anti-Japanese protesting and broke into Japanese restaurants in Shanghai. I quited purchasing Chinese products and eat Chinese food for awhile. Also, I wrote to some Japanese forums to explain the problem of cultural conflicts between Japan and China as I have learned about Chinese culture from Dr. English-Lueck, one of the Chinese expert anthropologist. (I learned what was her role in Tienannmen as I had to get more information for CIA operation to protect my future. She stayed near the 'ground zero' with other American intellectuals.) I am neutral to other governments I wrote that open letter. Since I am not working for a specific government, I wrote as open letters that can be visible for anyone in any country.

25 October, 2007

I received a letter from International Criminal Court this morning.

I got a packet from the Poli Sci association which I am a member also. It's nice to read academic journals in English on my hand again. There was a complimentary book in it, so I can occupy myself for understanding terrorism for awhile. I could get papers on-line but that is a bit tiresome and hard to make marks. Paper products are better for note taking.

About the letter from the International Criminal Court, it seems a positive response. My case is filed and the evidences about SJSU (as well as other information about the army's involvement) are in the hand of the prosecutors. It must be interesting to get the result how they interpret the university police officers claiming me as 'suicidal' and 'dangerous' while I complained about my homework and worried about missing the class that I supposed to attend at that night. Also, I would like to know how the prosecutors will think about how the school psychiatrist making threatening words to me to stop bringing it to the court. This time, it is “The International Criminal Court,” and it is quite hard for Americans to put it under control.

By the way, did someone changed her Curriculum Vitae? I know someone studied in Cabrillo College before as I know much from my own experience. Someone added Spanish to her capable language I guess. It's funny that students did not claim me of capable of knowing that language. I studied Spanish a bit from my friend when I taught her Japanese while she was taking a course at Foothill College. Missiones de California is one of the book I brought from the US to this country. Too bad, I am better in Latin than Spanish nor French... I guess I should write about this issue with some evidences. I know the AAA and AAPA want to hide something and if they checked what kinds of evidences I had and was able to submit to California mayor, they know what I am talking about. They might wish me to be dead as soon as possible to cover everything up. At least, I try to look for a help as what they are doing is against their work ethics.

FBI would got funner information from Japanese gang stalkers I guess. When I went home in Japan, I was checking websites in Latin, German, Turkish, Hebrew, and so on. When FBI (organized stalkers/covert officers) checked out my room in San Jose, they must found tons of dictionaries including Coptics, ancient Egyptians, Portuguese, etc. It is nice that they made a conspiracy on me as German spy instead of something else. Did anyone check me as a spy of the United Nations? That sounds better for me. Now everyone is on the same boat. I wanted to become an agent of Jesus Christ to spread the Gospels - just like St. Frances and other saints were in the past. The government agencies that oppress religious rights must be dammed by our Lord.

Japanese Self Defense Force has intention for expansion and civilian control. I have gotten some information about their COINTERPRO operation against people who the army thought as enemies. Isn't that terrible that Japan would make another infamous military expansion in near future? I am working on some researches about that. I have limited time to study German or organized stalking now. Too many things to do, but that is a good sign in my life. For a workaholic, I love to be occupied for knowledge.

Poetry of the Day

Things changes but the core matters won't.
When you look for the alternatives in your future,
You feel as if you can get what you want.
Reality is – what you already got has the best virtue.

Thus I believe in my faith that does not change its shape.
Fallen are the ones who have seen illusions in their eyes.
They try to spend time for improvement to across the gap,
Yet they remain where they are as they were filled with lies.

23 October, 2007

Project SHINE Field Note - explanation.

The posting below is what I wrote down for my field note for Dr. English-Lueck's Anth 142 class. At the second site, I received an award and I was the only one to receive such extra stuff in her class. However, becasue of the problem I had with the first site, Dr. English-Lueck, Sarah Lynn (a.k.a. Sarah Spears at that time) and some stuffs at John XXIII asked me to have a meeting for that problem. It was basically the hard time to get along with the Chinese elderly who I supposed to teach preparation for Citizenship program. The place already had enthic issue among Chinese and Vietnamese because of Vietnam War. For my case, it was about WWII. I refused to visit the meeting as I thought they already knew what caused the problem.

In next semester, Sarah Lynn started spreading rumors about me in Dr. Roberto Gonzalez's classroom and let other students to join her harssment against me. Later they moved into my apartment and contituned the discrimination.

I would like to share the filed notes as I received A in that class.

I do not understand being forced to transport to mental hospital from the school is something that should not happen as a reward for my effort working for Project SHINE. Discriminating a student who recevied award while the coordinator thanked other students and held a celebration in MLK library? That did not make sense but happend in Spring 2006.

We did not have "Informed Concent" for the field work we have done for that class. So, I would like to excercise my freedom of speach to share what I got as my evidence.

SJSU violates the consitution and rights the government supposed to have. Why should I care about exercising my action as the lawers cannot support me but just encouranging me to find another one in the yellow page?

Project SHINE Field Note - Nov 30 2005

Anth 142
Field Notes @ Villa de Guardalupe
30 November 2005
I entered parked my car on the street near the apartment gate, and I walked to the gate and found the gate was locked. I wondered around and figured out the fence behind the large tree next to the gate was easy to climb over. Since there was nobody around, I thought it would be an alternative choice to get in, if nobody walked by in few minutes. I waited there about 10 minutes and saw an elderly woman with plastic bags in her both hand walking eastbound on the street. Looking at her shopping bags, I thought she must be a resident or a someone related to the apartment, and waited her open the gate. When she reached the gate, I asked her, “Could you open the gate? It’s locked.” Then, she examined the knob and said that was weird because they usually open the gate until ten. She searched her key in her purse and opened the gate. At that point, I explained her that I was there for school project. Actually, she seemed not care about why I was there, it seemed the residents were not aware of visitors.
I then entered the building about 3:28pm, and I saw Mike at the computer lab. All the computers were occupied this time; Mike sat at #1, an elderly woman sat on #2 was checking Yahoo! Mail, the Asian woman sat on #3 was playing Spider Solitaire again, the woman who tried Hawaiian music before sat on #4 and playing game, and Matt sat on #5 and reading some articles on the web. I noticed the all women in this room had a gold ring in their left third finger. When I entered the room, Mike was helping the #2 woman how to attach pictures to Yahoo Mail. Then 3:29pm, figured out in Hotmail and checked hers, and said there should be a way to attach pictures with Yahoo Mail. At 3:39pm, I heard some one saying “Pan, pan, pan” from the hallway. Then I saw an elderly woman pushing a cart with breads on it walked by and talked with other residents about “Pan.” MTM: she must speak Spanish, Pan in Spanish means bread. The woman at #4 started playing Spider Solitaire, and Matt was checking news. Mike at #1 was checking Google pictures. At 3:43pm, I saw that bandana man walked by, and he moved the TV set into the room. He said hello to Mike. Mike moved to a chair and reading magazine (computer related) at 3:48pm. The people at #3 and #4 were still playing Spider Solitaire. At 3:58pm, the Asian woman left after she won the game. MTM: it seems playing that game has ritualistic meaning to her, since I saw her come in and play the same game and leave the room after she won couple of times in my sessions. I saw the man sat at #5 was browsing Dating website. MTM: using computer became a tool for social relationships. Mike was still reading the magazine. In computer lab, everyone was focused on their own screen and people rarely look at others. MTM: Separation from the social relationship in the residents, yet some sharing the time in the sense. Just like people in the library, they share the time and space yet they do not communicate each other. It is a sense of belongings. At 4:04pm, I was almost falling asleep, and I was not sure but Matt might saw me sleeping in the chair. At 4:07pm, the woman sat at #4 left. Then Sandra came and said that there was a presentation and moved the TV set away. The presentation was about recycling and someone came from Green Valley (?). Before she left, she apologized about the yesterday and told me there would be ESL class on next week and it would be the last day, so I could feel free to come in and participate in the event. I thanked her and I told her to visit the class next week. MTM: this will be an extra thing I am going to do, but I guess it was polite to visit the event rather than denying it because of my schedule. Mike said he wanted to get some tea and opened the cabinet, so I signed in the SHINE holder when he opened the cabinet. It was blocked by the TV set before. Mike said he had intermediate math exam today, and he thought he might get C. I told him “I could understand he feels after the math exam,” and told him that I was computer engineering major and changed my major to anthropology because of I had hard time to pass calculus. He said he is taking class at Foothill College and majoring in Enterprise Network. MTM: he is taking class for AA degree. He told me that he was taking a programming class, so I asked him, “Java?” He said it was “Visual Basic Net.” From my experience in Visual Basic, that was the easiest programming tool for Windows OS, and I guessed Visual Basic Net would be the better tool to learn programming related with network. At 4:30pm, two people came in and said they were SJSU student and one of them said his name as Tony. From their conversation with Mike, I learned that Mike is working here from last May. At 5:30pm, the man with cane come in and sat at #5. Patt, the woman in wheel chair, came in and start playing computer game at #1. From their conversation, I learned that the woman who played Hawaiian music is Patt’s mother. And the man at #5 is Patt’s husband. The students came from SJSU were making conversations. At 5:36pm, I started to talk with the young woman while Tony started to talk with Mike. During the conversation, I figured out she is one of my classmate at Anth 142 class. We talked about the class and our major. The woman at #4 and #1 were playing the same game in their PCs. At 6:05pm, Toni and the man with the cane talked about game pad and X-box. MTM: Ludic model of playing computer games. At 6:40pm, I left the site.

Project SHINE Field Note - Nov 29 2005

Anth 142
Field Notes @ Villa de Guadalupe
29 November 2005
I entered the site at 1:41pm and found that the director wasn’t there. When I called 000 to call the receptionist’s desk, a woman answered, so I told her I was there for ESL tutoring. When I entered the site, I found an elderly woman at the couch on open room called me to sign my name to the form on the counter. I signed in. The manager’s office was locked and nobody was at the counter. I walked down to the multipurpose room. The room was empty and the rights were off, so I went back to the entrance and found Andy walking to the counter from the computer lab. When he saw me, he said “hi,” so I replied him with saying “hi.” Then I asked him if he knew there was a tutoring today from 2 o’clock. He said that he knew they have ESL tutoring but he was not sure when and what day they have. I pointed the ad on the wall next to the bathroom, and he gave a glance and said that it should be open at two, and asked me to feel free waiting in either computer lab or at the living, which is room A. I sat on the couch faced to the counter because it was the place I could check both entrance and the multipurpose room door. It was about 2:00pm, I found a middle aged Caucasian woman walking out from the lab and went into the multipurpose room. I followed her and I asked her if she teach ESL class there. She was the teacher, and said it was quite strange because the students usually showed up around 1:30pm. She said that they might not show up today but on Thursday, because she might told them that the next class would be on December 1st. And she was afraid that they might show up on Thursday when there would be no teacher in the room. As we waited the students in the room, I asked her about the ESL class. She told me that the class was semester system and today was the last day, so the students would get certificate for participating the class if they showed up. There were 8 students attending the ESL class. The topics of the classes are broad; weather, food, color, etc. They also spent time for the citizenship exam. MTM: that sounds similar to JohnXXIII, because they also have two types of classes at the same place. About 2:30pm, she left the room to use computer lab. She asked me if I wanted to come to the lab or I could wait in the room to see if any students showed up. I told her to wait in the room for a while. Since it was the first time in this room, I made the observation of the room. There is a kitchen located on the SW corner of the room and the door to the kitchen was locked. On the SE corner, there was an old organ next to the pile of chairs. I saw couple of people passed by from the window, but no body came in to the room. An Asian woman came in and left at 3:10pm. At 3:16pm, she came back with another elderly Asian man and walked out. About 3:32pm, I heard some Chinese conversation from the living room area. About 3:38pm, someone entered the room from the door on the north side, and left from the east side door. MTM: Some people walked in from the outside garden and used the door to the hallway as their route. I left the room about 3:45pm.

Project SHINE Field Note - Nov 22 2005

Anth 142
Field Notes @ Villa de Guadalupe
1:00pm – 3:00pm
22 November 2005
I entered the apartment at 1:00pm. There was a mid-aged man who walked to the entrance door at the same time I approached to the entrance. He asked me, “Did you come for the computer lab?” So, I replied, “Yes.” He opened the door for me, and I signed in at the counter. When I entered the computer lab, I met Andy, an Asian man in his 30s. On the whiteboard, there was one sentence written in large characters: “Google Search” and the second line “Try the language tools.” I sat at #2, this time, there was two males, at 4th and 5th sheets. I think I saw the man sat on #5 before. After my arrival, he worked away from the lab for a while and when he came back, he smiled at me, so I smiled back. At 1:10pm when I walked in to the lab, Andy sat at #1, and playing Spyder Soliter, the game comes with Windows. The TV was on in the Room #A. Since the TV was faced to the computer lab, I could watch what kind of program was on. I think it was set to Channel 2, Fox. A woman sat on the couch seemed watching the program with someone else, because I could hear she was talking with someone.
At 1:15, the man sat on #4 started conversation with the man on #5. From what I heard from them, they were talking about something “50 bucks..” “60 bucks..” At last, the man sat on #5 said, he lost some money. MTM: Are they gambling? At 1:30pm, a woman came in and put her tote bag on #4 seat, and she left the room. Some people passed by the hallway, one of them was a Asian man with a red baseball hat. I saw a dog with some people walked around the room #A. At 2:05pm, the man at #5 walked out. People in the living were talking. Everyone seemed talking in English. While other people in the lab was working silently, I figured out that there were bunch of consumer games were installed in the #2 PC (see Fig. 1). Some of them are GTA series, and racing games such as Nascar Raching and Tonka Monster Trucks, and some table games like Pop Cap games. The trend of the games are: action games, sports, and table. MTM: Who installed those games and what they are for? MTM: Who owns the master CDs for GTA and other consumer games? Without CD, they might not work alone. At 2:27pm, two women walked by and waved to the women at #4. They asked her “How are you?” and she said “Good.” Then they walked away. At 2:30pm, a man with a red bandana came in and took the red vacuum from the room. MTM: I saw him at the first day. At 2:38pm, the woman at #4, behind me, complained that she could not hear music from the speaker. She was trying to listen to a Hawaiian music and Andy helped her. He worked with her computer and could not fix it. So, I tried to see what was going on and checked the speaker connection – the code and the power switch. It seemed fine. Then Andy said that they might not working properly and moved back to his chair at #1. I was curious what was the problem and tried to check the Windows Media Player. It was set to the smaller version with the fancy skin, so I tried to set it to the original size and clicked the play button. Somehow, it worked and the woman and the man at #5 was excited about it. The woman asked me what I did, so I showed her the steps I took and told her I was not sure why it worked since I had no clue why it did not work in customized mode. It was simply beyond of my knowledge. They really thanked me about my help, so I told them I was glad that I could do some help since it was what I was there for. Andy seemed not happy about it, so I stressed that I had no clue why I could fix the problem. Andy was playing Solitre again. When I looked around the room, I found the coffee was ready in the coffee maker. The date on the whiteboard was “11-19-05,” and it seemed no body changed it from that day. At 3:01pm, I finished my observation.

Project SHINE Field Note - Nov 18 2005

Anth 142
Field Notes @ Villa de Gurdalupe
3:00pm – 8:00pm
18 November 2005
ESL/Citizenship materials: N/A
Teaching method: N/A
I visited the site at 1:22pm after my class finish and stayed in library to check e-mail to see any other information from Sarah. It was a little hard to find the apartment since it locates back of the main street and there were road works going on at the Alum Rock Ave. The gate was unlocked and I saw some elderly people went in through the gate next to the large one for cars. I used that gate and found the entrance door locked. Then I saw the security lock with a speaker on the right to the door, and there is a sign, push three zeros to contact with the manager’s office. So, I pushed the phone and looking into the people at the entrance. When they saw me, one of them, an elderly male, opened the door. I thanked and asked him where I could find the manager. Then a mid-aged stout Latina(?) Woman greeted me at the counter and asked me to sign in on the paper on the counter. There is a section to fill out for the purpose of visit, and some other visitors filled out their families or friend’s name, so I asked the woman about it and she said I could fill out with “common.” Then I explained I was there for SHINE project, and she told me to meet Sandra, who has the office on the back of the hallway. When I entered the office, she was typing something on the computer, but once she saw me, she stood up and greeted me and asked if I was there for SHINE. She then gave me a short tour of the site, from the entrance door to the computer lab. On the entrance, she said that the pass cord for that day was #8991, and told me to use the code when I went back in afternoon. If I came back on next day, she told me to use 000, then she asked me to try the pass cord. Then I left the site, and told her to come back at 3:00pm. MTM: security matters.
It was 15 minutes before three, I came back to the site and found the sidewalks were almost full of cars, and I found a space on the corner and parked my car. The garage inside of the apartment lot had a sign “Tenant Parking Only” and the gate was locked. MTM: Does elderly people own cars? How do they manage their mobility with or without cars? I saw an elderly couple with a dog on leash walking to the entrance door, so I followed them. I opened the door with the pass code and filled out the sign up sheet on the counter. I saw a young woman (teenager?) sat on the couch in the open-room right side of the counter. I walked in to the space since the computer lab door was locked. There were three small (1m height) bookshelves with old English paperbacks. The one next to the door to the computer lab held the series of the Readers Digest Books. Two plants were on the small table with tabs, “In the memory of xxxx (someone’s name),” so they might be donated from the family of diseased. There was a TV on the East side of the wall and it was set to channel 2, Fox television. At three o’clock, a tall Caucasian male in 30s came and open the door to the lab. As I noticed, the girl entered the computer lab. I followed her, and there the Caucasian man greeted me and asked me if I was there for school. I said yes and told him that I was from SJSU. Then he gave me a brief introduction of the lab, which was one year old and the computers and materials was founded by the NNC, the neighborhood network communication or something like that. He also told me that there was an ESL program taught at the apartment. As there were no elderly people in the lab, I asked him to talk to Sandra about the ESL program and walked to her office. When I visited her office, there was a Hispanic woman sat in the chair in front of Sandra’s desk. When Sandra saw me, she paused the conversation with the woman and asked me if I needed a help. I told her about the ESL program Mike told me and told her that I saw the ad on the hallway telling there is one ESL class going on Tuesday afternoon. She asked me to follow her to the hallway and told me if I have time to come on Tuesday. I said that I have class until noon, so I could be there on next Tuesday. However, she said that there would be no class next Tuesday since the holiday week. Instead, she asked me to come the week after next week and told me that there was only one teacher teaching the ESL class, so it would be nice to have another person participate in that position. MTM: there is only one teacher teaching ESL and it seems lots of students come for the computer lab. Why there is no one to help ESL instead of computer lab? Then I came back to the lab and found the teenager sat on #3 and checking e-mail. Mike, the supervisor, was at #1, and told me feel free to use any computer. So, I sat at #5 and checked the computer settings. I found both C and E drives had 20GB hard drives each and it had D drives with CD-RW. It seems the computer had the Internet Explorer as the default internet search program and the default home page was set to MSN.com, which is the default setting of the IE. The links in the “favorite” folder had links to newspapers (Chinese and Spanish), Foothill College, and other major search engines like Google and Yahoo! At 3:25pm, an elderly Asian woman came in and sat #4 and started to play Spider Solitaire At 3:44pm, the Asian woman was still playing the game, and a elderly man gray T-shirts came and sat next to me (#6). Nobody talked in the room and the clicking sounds continued. The man next to me was checking Yahoo! Mail. Around 3:51pm, the man left. At 3:55pm, Mike walked around and looked the folder in the closet, and he drunk water. There was a water cooler in the room with seven extra bottles on the floor (four of them were empty). Next to the closet, there was a small shelf that contains a toaster, a coffee maker, microwave, and other kitchen needs. Left side of the door, there is a small sink and kitchen section. MTM: water bottles and other kitchen stuffs seems the room serves other need for the people. At 4:00pm, some people on the hallway talked about the story of man who was sent to hospital yesterday. They said he lives in the 3rd floor, but no body know who it was. MTM: the community must be quite huge, since people don’t know everyone. A Hispanic woman in yellow jacket came in and talked to Mike about that story. At 4:50pm, the woman at #4 poured water from the water cooler to her plastic bottle, and she left. On the monitor at #4, I saw the sign “You Won!.” At 4:01pm, Mike left the room. At 4:10pm, couple of people passed by. At 4:19pm, the man sat next to me came back and sat #2. At 4:20pm, I heard some people talking in the hallway and a man brought a TV set on a cart to the lab and chatted with Mike, then he left. At 4:30pm, Sandra with an elderly woman came and Sandra pour the water to a cup and they left. At 4:47pm, a guy with a hat and white T-shirts came in and asked the man at #2 to have dinner. He said that there were foods at the multipurpose room and pointed out the outside of the window. The man at #2 said he was not in a mood. The other man with a cane said there were clams, ribs, and said it was seven o’clock. Then they left the room. The man with a cane came back and talked with the man at #2. From their conversation, I figured out the man at #2 is Matt. Matt was playing chess on his computer. At 5:36pm, they left. About 5:20pm, there were Asian woman and an elderly Asian man came to the room A (living room), and looked around. I saw them from the opened door. When a woman (Sandra?) asked them how they like the place, the woman replied, “very nice,” and the elderly man agreed. MTM: a typical Asian American conversation: younger person has dominance in the conversation. The woman praised the cleanness and decoration. The woman (Sandra?) said “they are really old.” Then they moved to the left from the hallway. Mike was reading his Network-related book at the desk. At 5:58pm, the man with cane came in and asked Mike, who sat at #1, to have some food, then they left. From their conversation, I learned that it was someone’s birthday and foods were for his birthday party. Shortly after that, he came back and said “Wow, there is bunch of food there.” I replied, “yearh?” Then he said “I shall go back to get some,” and he left. It was 6:05pm. At 6:10pm, when I look back the window, I saw the multipurpose room with some people, and they held plate and a cup in their hands. It seems the food was distributed at that place. I saw Mike and the man in cane there. At 6:17pm, Matt came back and when I looked at him, he said “hi” and I replied him “hi.” Then he sat #2. There was a security camera on the SE corner ceiling in the computer room. I saw one in the entrance, above the counter, and the one above the door to the multipurpose room when I first came in. It seems security is important issue in the building. MTM: security cameras everywhere. Maybe they are to monitoring elderly people for safety purpose. At 6:25pm, people walk by and looked inside of the lab. Then a man came in without cane and sat at #6, which is next to my sheet. He held a plate full of foods; grilled chicken, tortilla, egg rolls, and so on. He said it was a party for someone and complained that the food was so tough to eat for him. And he started to ranch Google Earth program. Then he told me that he have been to Latin American countries and asked me couple of questions like where are you from. We started the conversation and told him that I am from the sister city of San Jose in Japan, and explained that there was a small replica of the Japanese garden in the Kelly Park, which locates the south of San Jose downtown. He did not know the park, so I showed him my city using the Google Earth, and showed him how to check the information. Some information icons on the map had the links to the pictures, so I used them to explain about the Japanese garden. While talking with him, I taught him how to use mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out the map. He seemed excited about the function. At 8:00pm, I left the site.

Project SHINE Field Note - Oct 21 2005

Anth 142
Field Notes @ John XXIII
9:00am – 11:00am
21 October 2005
ESL/Citizenship materials:
SHINE packet
Oxford Pocket English Dictionary
The information I wrote down from the citizenship preparation books
Citizenship materials printed out from the internet
Word by Word English Picture Dictionary
Teaching method:
I brought both ESL and citizenship preparation materials, and I would decide what to do in the session, since I was not sure which material they needed.
I was nervous going to the site. When I parked my car in the garage, I really thought to skip attending it. I just thought skipping one time and let Sarah know I am really not interested teaching anything to Chinese elderly people. I felt it would be nice to study in the library in front of the garage instead talking to Chinese people. Somehow, I decided to attend, and went to the building. It was about 9:10am when I arrived at the second floor. When I was signing my name on the SHINE sheet, Mr. Liu came and said hello. I was not sure why he came, so I said hello and made a little apologize of being late, then I continued to finish the SHINE binder stuff. Then the tall Chinese elderly man from previous session came and greeted. He said he was ready, and asked me to join him in the next room. So, I followed him and found two other people, Asian man and woman in probably 50s or 60s, sat in the same sheet. This time I knew everyone was focused on citizenship, so I tried to start the session as soon as possible. There were two more sessions were going on in the room. One was the White male who always came on Fridays and I have seen him quite awhile when I was doing my session. Hearing his teaching, I thought he was there to teach citizenship preparation only. And I noticed he had a handy (1mX1.5m size?) American flag with his belongings. It seemed he is doing a routine work – he has own 2hour session curriculum to teach. MTM: he seemed a regular volunteer teaching the same material and have a same teaching method for his teaching. This time, I brought my own material, one paper with US government information that I copied the information from the citizenship preparation book in the library on Thursday night. It was a hard day since I was in the library till 11:45pm for studying. So, we started the session with my material. We covered how congress works and some basic understandings about president, vice president, civil war, and white house. There were three people, so I asked one question to each person, and explained about that. About 11:30pm, the Chinese tall guy from the previous class said that he needed to go to see his doctor and he left. So, three of us continued to finish another 30 minutes. About noon, I was not sure what time it was since the clock on the wall was showing 4:30, I remembered to get a survey and asked the man. They asked me about the survey, and I explained them that it is for my school project and to improve the service in future. First he hesitated, but later he agreed to finish as the woman encouraged him to participate it. Then the man who asked me to check out the dictionary came to the table, I explained him that it was out of print and I could not find it anywhere in south Bay bookstore. It was true that when I looked for it on Borders Bookstore website, it said the book is out of print and I could not find one in store inventory around Silicon Valley. Instead, I showed him my “Word by Word” dictionary which is Japanese version and told him that he could find this type of dictionary easier as I knew it is a popular dictionary and easy to find in any bookstores. Then he said “Japanese, huh?” and thanked me for looking for it and left.

Project SHINE Field Note - Oct 14 2005

Anth 142
Field Notes @ John XXIII
9:00am – 11:00am
14 October 2005
ESL/Citizenship material:
Oxford Pictorial Dictionary,
Someone to Someone, by Javan
SHINE packet
San Jose Mercury Newspaper (Oct 13th 2005)
Some information I wrote down from a Citizenship preparation books
Teaching Method:
Still I was not sure the needs of my learners, so I brought the materials for both ESL and citizenship preparation.
I entered the site 8:55am and signed up at the second floor. I saw Mr. Liu and other people working on the counter. I moved to the large room, and waited there for few minutes. A mid-aged Chinese man came and sat next to my left. As we greeted each other, he said that his English is not good. I said “Don’t worry,” and told him that everyone had to go through the process of learning in order to improve their skills. I explained that even the British, who speak English in their country, have to learn American English when they come to the US. While I was encouraging Mr. Yip, two other elderly Chinese men joined us. Their names are Wu LongRua and Zhang HanZhang. Wu sat the seat right side of my chair, and Zhang sat in front of me. I’m kind of tired of telling my name to Chinese people. Mr. Wu is a tall elderly Chinese man who used to be an engineer. While I was listening to Mr. Wu, Mr.Zhang kept staring at me since I introduced myself. MTM: Ok, he does not like me. I tried to ignore the menace from the opposite side of the table and concentrated on talking to Mr. Wu. When I asked three of them what they wanted to do, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Wu said they wanted to study for the citizenship. And Mr.Yip said he needed someone to translate an official letter for him. I was thinking how to manage the situation, Mr. Yip eventually left to find someone else. MTM: I’m not sure why Mr. Liu brought people who has different purpose to me. They should organize the students by their needs. I asked Mr. Wu what kind of text he use for study, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Wu had the same textbook, so I asked him to borrow one and did the question-answer style practices in turn. During the question “Will you fight for the United States, in case of war?” I noticed they were talking to each other in Chinese and “liben” thing. Actually, I put the books that might be useful for English studies on the desk and Mr. Zhang took a look at my Oxford Pictorial Dictionary, and asked me to borrow it. I was not sure it was a good idea to do so, so I asked him if you have a particular topic or page that he would like to have, I told him that I could make enlarged copy of the pages for him. Then he asked me if I could help him to find the same book. I bought it almost three or four years ago and I was not sure where I could find one. So, I wrote down the book information to him and said I would check online stores so if I found a bookstore near or in San Jose, I would let him know next week.

Project SHINE Field Note - Oct 06 2005

Anth 142
Field Notes @ John XXIII
1:00pm– 3:00pm
6 October 2005
ESL/Citizenship materials:
BardTalk Magazine
Oxford Pocket English Dictionary
SHNIE packet
Something to Someone, by Javan.
Strunk and White Elements of Style
Teaching Method:
In the first day, I figured out my learner wanted to learn about English, so I brought a magazine and poetry book for teaching aid as well as other books for English grammar and spelling. However, my learners wanted to study for the Citizenship, and I had lent one of their text and went though the questions.
I entered the site about 1:10pm, since the problem finding the parking after getting my lunch at home. When I entered the room on the 2nd floor, I found Mr. Liu working with others on the corner table next to the door. I signed up to the SHINE work sheet, while doing so, Mr. Lie came and greeted me. Then he introduced me a Chinese couple sat on the table next to the window on south side. Their name was Sun, Kenlai and Zhou, Aiying. MTM: how come they have different names? Even though they are married? There was a Black mid-age woman sat next table with a young Black man. They were the only non-Asians in the room. When I introduced myself to Mr. Sun and Mrs. Zhou, the Black man came and asked me if his mother could join our group. I looked around for Mr. Liu or other volunteers, but none were there, so I welcomed her to our group. From our conversation, I figured out that her English skill was little less fluent from the couple. She told me her name (I had no chance to write it down), and she said she came from Samaria. MTM: she is the first woman I saw from Samaria. How did she know about the John XXIII? But after introducing ourselves, a young Asian teenager came, and talked with her son, then her son talked to her, and she returned to the same table where she was and the teen age girl joined her. Then I asked the couple to sign up for the SHINE sheet, and I asked them what they like to do. This time I brought a magazine, Bird Talk, a poetry book (about traveling and meeting with new people) written by Javan, and the SHINE project ESL/Citizenship handouts. They said that they would like to do the Citizenship preparation, and Mrs. Zhou showed me her textbook with Chinese translation on them. Since they were really comfortable using them, I borrowed one from Mrs. Zhou and started giving question to each of them in order. In some questions, I found they use some controversial words, such as “race,” I told them alternative words just in case the officer at the examination use different words than their text book. While we were working with their textbook, Mr. Liu came and sat next to me and joined us. It was about 2:00pm, the table got too much sunshine, Mr. Liu suggested us to move to different table. MTM: how come they prefer to move, instead of staying under the sunshine? So we tried to move to the one close to the center of the room, but Mr. Liu suggested to use the one in the another room. The table was the one that I saw him using when I entered the room. Somehow, Mr. Liu joined our group, and we discussed about the idioms and grammar. When I told them the difference in Mrs. and Ms., Mr. Liu asked me about Miss. I was not sure the exact differences, but from common sense I told him that people use Miss. to a woman who is under age. I also explained that checking a woman’s left hand for wedding band would be an indicator to know when to use Mrs. They liked the idea and Mrs. Zhou showed me her left hand and told me that she did not have any. So, I told him that is a type of Western tradition and young people and non-Westerners may not share that image. Then, I explained them the difference of “go back” and “come back” when they described “going back to Shanghai” in the answer for a question. Mr. Liu left about 2:30pm since he needed to take a bus. After 3:00pm, I finished the session and walked down to the 1st floor. This time I tried to use the back door on the Westside of the building to exit, and I found the room on the back had some ping-pong tables and some Chinese elderly were playing.

Project SHINE Field Note - Sep. 30 2005

Anth 142
Field Notes @ John XXIII
9:00am – 11:00am
30 September 2005
ESL/Citizenship materials:
California (a secondary school textbook I found in the library)
A US Citizenship Preparation text (found in the library)
One set of bilingual (English/Spanish) picture cards
Oxford Pocket English Dictionary
Word by Word English Picture Dictionary (English/Japanese version)
SHINE packet
Teaching Method:
Since it was my first day, I was not sure what my learners need would be, so I brought couple of books to prepare for a bit of everything. Figuring out the English level and the need of the learner was today’s main point.
Field Description:
It was 8:48am when I entered the John XXIII building. I parked my car on the 4th Street Parking, which is next to it, and when I tried to walk along with San Fernando St. to the east, there was construction going on the corner of the San Fernando and 5th St including the north side sidewalk. According to the e-mail from Sarah, she said that there would be an orientation with the directors including her and asked me to come 15 minutes earlier. There is a reception desk on the left from the entrance. I saw a middle age Asian woman there and I told her that I was there for Shine project. She told me to go up stair, so I went up the stairs, which locates in front of the reception desk. Then I saw a room with counter south of the hallway, and I went in and talked with an elderly man with glasses. When I glanced over inside of the room, he seemed to be in charge there because he was standing in front of the counter and talking to two elderly Asian men and an elderly Asian woman and his attitude was like explaining something to them in Mandarin. There were some people in the large room next to where I was and I saw some people, mostly elderly Asian people sat and talking in the another room. MTM: It looks like there is no one to in charge but the elderly Chinese man at the front desk. I looked around the room and moved to the hall way. I was not sure where to find the people in charge there, and I went down stair to ask the receptionist where I could find either Leanne, or Libby. It was 8:50am. The middle-aged Asian woman told me to wait for someone at the upstairs. MTM: According to the mail from Sarah, they would have a site tour, and I was totally confused in the situation. It seemed there was no tutoring but seems people gathered in the room. So, I returned to the room with the front desk. This time, I went in to the large room and found the man who seemed to be in charge near the S.W corner table talking to the Asian elders sat on the table. I interrupted their conversation with “Excuse me,” and told him I came to the site for tutoring. He had strong accent in English and I had a hard time to understand his talking. Somewhat we made sense in the conversation as both of us took sometime to understand each other. Then he told me to sit down at any table to wait for someone, and added “You work with Vietnamese.” MTM: I was not sure what he meant by that, but I was sure it would be easier to make conversation with elderly Vietnamese people from my personal experience rather than Chinese. At 8:58am, more people came in to the room, and they were all Asian elders. MTM: they are all Chinese, from what I hear their accent. I sat down on the table at N.W. corner and started jotting down my notes. It was about nine, a middle-age (Caucasian?) woman came by and told me “Leanne and Libby were not here” as well as Sarah when I mentioned their name. Then she asked, “Will you teach Chinese seniors?” I was not sure how to respond the question, so I hesitated to answer right away. It was 9:05am, I decided to walk to the entrance to ask about the SHINE binder. When I walked back to the room with front desk, I found the “guy” talking to another elderly Chinese male. Then I found the “guy” asked me to teach the man next to him. I was not sure why he changed his mind, yet I needed to have a student to fulfill my requirement there, I agreed to do so. MTM: I was not sure if they saw my hesitation to help Chinese when the woman asked. Then the “guy” leaded us to the table close to the next room. And we sat down. As I needed to have his signature in my SHINE sheet, I asked him to write down his name on the paper as well as to my note. His name is Lexin Tu. When I saw his writing, I praised him for his good writing. He thanked me and was looked proudly and said he used to be a professor in China. He told me that he was from Shanghai and taught math and physics. And he told me that his daughter lives in Minnesota and married to a professor of University of Minnesota. He said he visited them in 1994, and he came back to Shanghai, then move to CA. He got his citizenship in last January. His son studied software engineer in Germany. MTM: why Germany? Why not the US?? As we introduced each other, he seemed a little surprised about me. I was not sure how to change the topic, so I should him what I have gotten from the library for tutoring. Since he passed the citizenship test, I removed the citizenship textbook from my invention. When I asked him what he would like to do, he said that he wanted to improve the pronunciation. Since I had no idea how I can correct his pronunciation, I led him explain the things on the picture cards, which I rented from the library in case the student could not understand any English. While he was telling me about the pictures, I tried to correct his grammatical errors, such as singular and plural, and verb tense in his speech. When we were during the session, the “guy” walked by, and told Mr. Tu, “Good teacher ma?” Then they had short conversation and the “guy” left to another Chinese group. At 10:10am, we had a 10 min break. I remained in the sheet since there is nowhere to go. Mr. Tu went off to bathroom and came back within 5 minutes. I was not sure what to do, so I was checking another material for next 50 minutes. While I was doing that, Mr. Tu said he wanted to talk to me. I was not sure what to talk, so I told him a general idea of why I am living in San Jose and doing the service learning. He asked me about my family if they were in Japan. So far, I went through these questions, and he said, “young people can change minds quickly, but we can’t.” I was not sure how to respond him, so I tried to make a conversation something related with intercultural understanding between Japanese and Chinese. I remembered the story what happened on the day my friend was going back to Taiwan, so I told him about the story. It was on the day we had the farewell party for my Taiwanese friend, and I learned Mandarin from her, so I wanted to write down something in Mandarin as a good-bye letter. I wrote down “please write me a letter when you go back to Taipei.” When my friend read it, she was confused and told me what it mean “letter” in Chinese character. She explained to me that it means “toilet paper” in Chinese. When I explained Mr. Tu the differences of the meanings of the same Chinese character, he laughed himself breathless. At 10:30am, we started the another session till 11:00am. I had brought a book called California, for secondary school children, from the library. And I let him read some short stories, such as “the Origin of California Flag” and “the Origin of the name, California.” As the book had large printed letters, I think Mr. Tu didn’t had hard time to read through. When he had problem understanding some words, I explained the words to help his reading. MTM: he didn’t know these facts even though he lived in CA quite long and passed the citizenship test. He was interested in the fact that the name California was Hispanic origin. After 11 o’clock, the “guy” came in and asked me to change the schedule for next week. Since I do not have class on Thursday afternoon, I agreed to come back on 1:00-3:00pm on Oct 6th. He said that it is only one-time change. He did not explain if there is no class on next Friday nor it was reason for fulfill the needs on non-Friday visiting ESL students. MTM: I’m not sure why I had to change the schedule, but at least I have something to do to fulfill my time. Then, I asked him to write down his name. He told me that he is “Title V” and he showed me a mail he held in his hand. MTM: what is Title V? I wrote down his name and I explained him that I was writing down his name so I could remember, since it seemed important to make a rapport with him to get to know about this site if he was in charge of Chinese people in the second floor.

Learning about Swiss Politics from last Sunday's election.

As people imagined, the SVP won this time. I don't know how physics related high-tech coding system worked for analyzing the result. But the result shows what people expected as in the media.

From the perspective of a refugee, I think it sounds good to consider deportation of immigrants who committed crimes. In Japan, we have similar issue also. Some foreigners stay in the country after they came and look for jobs, and eventually they are caught up in criminal ring. If 70% of prison occupation in Switzerland is immigrants, it is something people should think about. The country supposed be safe as it is one of the safest country in the world. However, I doubt that sending entire family out is something that people should reconsider. If a kid commits a crime, it would cause the family for deportation. This tactics can be used by the organized stalking groups.

So far, what I have seen is people talking about “Polizei” around me. When I visited a clothe store and tried some trousers in the testing room, I found a price tag left on the floor as if some one stole a clothe. In the US, I heard that some shopkeepers harass Blacks by letting the security guard walk around with the Black customer. I am not sure about in Europe. Beeping of the alarms when I touch and put the Digital Camera back on the shelf at Inter Discount would be a good example. Or White kids bullying against me in McDonald's would be another example. At least, I can say that I have been surrounded by kids when I stay in restaurant or coffee shop. Kids are noisy and I hate them running around me. If pedophilia conspiracy is something parents with kids are making up in their community, it would be another issue for the people who thought as criminals.

SVP provides shelters for homeless. According to some article, the people with Swiss ID would never become homeless because of the social aid. Basically, the homeless shelter is for the immigrants who could not support themselves in this country. SPS thinks educating them would make them to support themselves. That's something familiar to me; the Republicans and the Democrats in the US.

I am glad that I receive free German lessons for the refugees. I pay my rent, insurance, and my foods. So far, I believe education works for some degree, especially it helps me to get to know about the local culture and language used in where I live. I don't know some stalkers said that I am living in one of these shelters for homeless. Well, that is something I do not know and it is something that I have to think about in future. From my perspective, everything comes in order; less restriction in my life, cooking my meals rather than rations provided by the government, receiving language lesson to adjust for the country, permission to work, and so on.
Personally, I hope Switzerland does not move out from EU until another country join the union. Guess what? Europe is the home land for Virgin Mary. 12 Stars are the symbol of Virgin Mary, and now there are 13 stars for the EU flag. I hope it does not symbolize Judah for the unity by one country leaving the union. It would be a good joke at Kneipe, though. Moreover, if a country moved out from EU, it would be hard to rejoin in future when that action hits the country's economy hard.

My perspective about the immigrants problem is that they could be used as human resources capable of handling multi languages and cultures. That is something that can be useful for the NGOs. For some intelligence operations, students and immigrants in Europe became a vehicle for the foreign-government-operated-movements. CIA is very good about that as well as others. Switzerland does not have natural resources but it has been filled with human resources in their history. I think that is something that they should think about. Studying about how immigrants end up in prisons would be good for helping this country I guess. As you can see, I am not hired by the government. I am just thinking about the future of the country where I live now and the surrounding nations.

22 October, 2007

An Open Letter to Iranian and Russian government.

I would like to share some sensitive information about the US. Have you mentioned that the American intellectuals are under control of the government? I was studying anthropology and what I learned was that American Anthropologists Association is now controlled by the government. FBI used COINTERPRO to almost all possible organizations in the US, and the academia was taken by CIA agents who has jobs abroad sometimes. It seems cultural anthropologists were main target of CIA recruiting in the past, but it seems the agency have more intention on hiring archaeologists and linguists these days.

Do you know what is really going on in Silicon Valley? George W. Bush visited United Defense in San Jose, CA, to make a speech in 2004. Then last year, 2006, American Anthropologists Association held their annual meeting. If you have seen my postings about SJSU anthropology department and linguistics one, you probably know who are working for the intelligence. CIA is recruiting students from these majors as well as computer related ones.

So far, AAA's 2005 meeting was problematic as they had problem that the hotel they reserved for the meeting in San Fransisco had sabotage by the hotel workers' protesting. Please check out the connection with FBI informant in the workers. They had to move the meeting to Atlanta instead for that year. It seems liberal anthropologists are monitored and are encouraged to find jobs at small scale colleges. By now, most anthropologists must agree to help the US government's interest for national security and to protect their national interests in foreign countries. By checking who was moved to rural colleges, you can easily spot the CIA agents among anthropologists and linguists. Also, they have jobs abroad and recruit local people for potential agents as recruitment is a requirement for the promotion in the agency.

My purpose of sharing this information is to keep the freedom of speech in Internet and to protest against the control over academia by the US government. For some degree, I would like to agree your country's view about the US dictatorship in the world. The US may use propaganda to claim your country as a threat for their allies. However, we need to mention the US government's activities would become a threat for their allies in a long run.

P.S. As I noticed some activities going on in the Consulate General of Russia at SF, I think Russians are cooperative for the COINTERPRO by FBI. It was a nice experiment for my study of organized stalking in the foreign embassies in the US. German consulate general had different strategy as BND is cooperative with CIA.

An Open Letter to Chinese and Korean Government officials.

Hello. I would like to inform the on-going expansion of Japanese Self Defense Force. It seems Japanese government is working on the modern version of 731 Unit experiment against own citizens. Have you heard about organized stalking in Japan? In Japanese, the crime is often called “Shu-dan stalking.” Probably, your intelligence agency knows the circumstance behind of the incidents. However, Japanese government added extra slots for Self Defense officers since 2002. If the naming of the Defense ministry is something that your government cares about, why do not care about their recruiting from citizens? It would cause potential high tension in East Asian countries in future. Reserved Self Defense officers would live among citizens yet they would work for the army when they are called for their secondary job for the government. Also, nominees for the reserved position is increasing as they are recruited from common folks. Moreover, the nominees do not have to join the Self Defense force but they can receive the profit after finishing the training.

My position is neutral and I am proud to be anti-war. I understand that your conflict with the US government about Japan. However, I believe that the violation of human rights in Japan is something that I would like to stop as to be a civil right activist. For more information about reserved self defense force, please check out “Yobi Jieitai(予備自衛隊)” and “Yobi Jieitai ho(予備自衛隊補)” in Japanese. If own army is against our citizens, I do not think the army is doing their job to protect own country and its people. Please use this information for your anti-Japanese propaganda or whatever you like.

Who is Debra Griffith at SJSU?

While I was organizing my emails, I found out Dr. English-Lueck's email with CC to her on November 1st 2006. I wonder who she is and how she was involved in the forced transportation to mental hospitals. Here is the copy of the email.

Date: Wednesday, 1. November 2006 00:18
To: jenglish@email.sjsu.edu <jenglish@email.sjsu.edu>;
Title: RE: Please stop sending emails to Dr. Weiss
All I wanted to do is clear out that "mental hospital" record. I have been handcuffed without any reason in the anthropology department after I followed you to the office for small talk.I was on the way to the class and it all happend suddon, and then I was diagnosed as "gravely disabled" at the hospital.Someone made "rumor" of me as a German spy, and I became the target of "Patriot Act," right?Since the fear of that illegal arresting, I can not go to school.It was only one more semester to get a degree if there was nothnig happened in this semester.I paid over $5000 for tuition, and now I can not get the education that should value that much.I understand school realy want to expel me because I stand up for telling truth - the discriminations and "power harassment." I just wanted to finish my education, and realized that SJSU is not the best place as I learned about its background from someone.P.S. it would be nice if I can transfer to SFSU, which is more liberal as someone told me.If it was not for my security, I would not write e-mails to Dr. Weiss. I'm packing my stuffs since I attended my class last time in 12th, so I should have 60 days to pack everything up. I am just doing my best in the situation.

From: Jan English Lueck <jenglish@email.sjsu.edu>>To: XXXXXXXXXXXX>CC: Debra.Griffith@sjsu.edu>Subject: Please stop sending emails to Dr. Weiss>Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 11:29:11 -0800>>Dear Ms. XXXX,>>

I would like to formally request that you do not send any more >emails or other forms of communication to Dr. Elizabeth Weiss. If >you persist in sending more emails, a formal complaint will be filed >with the University and there could be consequences regarding your >status as a student.>>Dr. Jan English-Lueck, Chair>Department of Anthropology>San Jose State University>San Jose CA 95192-0113>(408) 924-5347>>>_________________________________________________________________au版メッセンジャーEZアプリ新登場!いますぐ無料ダウンロード! http://promotion.live.jp/messenger/mobile.htm

Things going on in my heim.

My plastic box for medicals and cosmetics had crack on the cover. I found this out one night. And there was no piece of the crack in my room. Isn't that strange as I am only person living in the room. The box was under my bed.

Two days ago, I had to purchase a new lock for my carrying case. I slept till noon and that day I found out the key was missing from my wallet I kept in my trouser pocket.
I write down this as a type of my experience.

The film is someone who came as a friend of the residents. Last time, I have seen bunch of teenagers. I knew them as perps following me. I saw this Mahican guy yesterday on the street behind of the place I live. When I walk down to a nearby supermarket, he walked the path approaching me. A typical perp with body decoration. Many perps I have seen here are Mahicans, body piercers, dyed hairs, etc. He is definitely not like a refugee as you can see. About this guy, he cooked something like mashed potato and asked me if he could use the salt on the table. I told him 'I don't know' as the salt was not mine. Then he used it and left the room. Later, I saw him walking around in front of the restroom. It happened when I felt stomachache and had a need to go to bathroom.

I hope sharing this would make the people in my building to claim charging my PC's battery for Internet use outside. Other residents let their guests to cook in the kitchen while the chef complains about conserving energy. I do use my Palm for writing my stuffs for saving energy. It is just like other refugees using their cell phones almost every hour to contact with someone.
If someone check out their relationships, it would be easy to figure out how they are connected. Perps have strange connections and they cannot prove how they know each other.
Gaslighting? If I shoot more films, it is easy to get more evidences. What I know is that they are aware of the psychological impact of what they are doing. Otherwise they do not have to work on hinting with certain things or people.

I don't know why but I felt pain from my right below first molar few days ago. It must be something to do with new e-harassment. When I traveled to Germany from the US, the skin of the lingual area of the teeth got a bump. It was like that until I was in the refugee center at Chiasso. Then I moved to this kanton, the bump was gone. If body implanting is not the issue for e-harassment like other TIs say, then it would be by electromagnetic weapons or something equivalent.

More they do, more will I expose the incidents. As my evidence will prove that they are the ones committing petite crimes.

Nominees for the Reserved Self Defense Armies.

It sounds like the out-of-prefecture cars driven by the stalkers are related with nominees of Reserved Self Defense Armies. They have been recruited from the various jobs including dentists and system administrators. They have to take certain days of training annually but because of their status as reserve officers for the Japanese 'army,' their cover jobs are secured by the law. In other words, they have less worry to get hired when they claim their performance in their jobs have effect from their secondary jobs for the Self Defense Force.
The difference between Reserved Self Defense Armies and nominees for it is that nominees have less time for training and 'anyone who never worked for Self Defense Force' can become a nominee. I don't know why China and Korea do not claim this Japan's military expansion among citizens.

The nominee system is relatively new as it was established in Heisei 14th (probably less than a decade ago). The nominees' status is part-time special government officers. Moreover, the nominees have chance to become the reserved self defense officers. It seems reserved self defense officers have quite better wage than the nominees. Reserved officers will receive 4000 yen monthly, and 8100 yen for a daily work. Nominee officers receive 7900 yen for a daily work. 200 yen plus 4000 yen for the official reserved officers' advantages. This information is from Wikipedia, http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E4%BA%88%E5%82%99%E8%87%AA%E8%A1%9B%E5%AE%98#.E4.BA.88.E5.82.99.E8.87.AA.E8.A1.9B.E5.AE.98.E3.81.A8.E3.81.AF

It makes sense to me if Dr. Weiss was planning me to receive training in Arkansas to work for the Self Defense Force. First, I was wondering if that was recruitment for a spy in the Japanese military, but now I got what was going on. According to The Art of War, Sun Tzu writes that it is better to make the enemy's army under control than fight with them to make a loss in both sides.

Yeah, I think I am thankful for Dr. Weiss giving such an offer as I learned more about what is going on in the US. I hope American students do not put so much criticism on he as I rejected the offer and ran away to Europe with some American sensitive information. As far as Europe is the land for my lady, I just try to stick to the Euro Vision. Europe has own NSA but the reality is that some of them might be trained in the US, or by UK. Let's see what kind of data I am getting from the perps around me.

What if I received the training from Dr. Weiss? This question is always in my mind. Because I rejected receiving it from her, she cried again and said that “Dr. Gonzalez is better!” at my apartment. I knew she once decided to marry me in Canada. Well, all of my intention was to study what I want to gain knowledge in the field. I have done a bit of comp. engineering, sociology, psychology, poli sci, anthropology, and so on. Some people interested in the status in certain field, but what if I receive education in intelligence agency or in military? How will my knowledge and skills be effected from such learning? (Lesbian relationship would be another issue that I can learn about; I took a class alternative for the section in woman's study but I have not done anything for that field. I am not really into such study in first hand since that is against what is written in the Bible.)

What if Japanese government recruited me for the Self Defense Force? Probably, I would speak out that I am anti-war and anti-military expansion. If they forced me to work for the military, I would rather expose their sensitive information to the world and use it for my protesting. Guess what? I think the result was the same. Now I have to work on the strategy how to gather a list of these reserve officers. It would help the Japanese victims to figure out the illegal surveillance going on my the Japanese government! If Chinese are really anti-Japanese army, they should help this movement. I am sure they cannot do anything, as it is their plan to keep the 'imaginably danger' in East Asia to increase the need for military in Japan. If Japan has own official military, the US would take some solders from Okinawa to exploit them in the Middle East.

19 October, 2007

Updated Version of October 16th 2006 Incident.

I finished the transcription of the October 16th incident. It have been a year since I was almost killed in El Camino Hospital by CIA agents. Yeah, that was a miracle I was saved till this day. In the hospital, I had the pendant of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I don't know if Santa Clara Valley Medical Center think a rosary dangerous item or not. Anyway, they took my rosary at the administration. I wish I can sue them for violating the religious rights as well as illegal kidnapping from the San Jose State University by the university police officers!

Moreover, I hope the people claiming Holy War to another country and discriminating Christian student in their own nation go to hell for punishment. The Bible says the person committing a sin against God will suffer than committing a crime by violating the Ten Commandments.
Here is the nearly complete version of the transcription. For the anniversary celebration, I sent it to Iranian government and other places that would stop the Oil-gathering War. Also, I send it to Canadian forums to share MKSEARCH is still working with CIA agents who lived in Canada. I think they should be aware of CIA influence in their country. RCMP would be infiltrated by the foreign agency.


10/16/06 about 6pm as I was on my way to Dr. Meniketti's class. My recording starts from the 2nd floor of the Clark Building and ends on the anthropology department on the 4th floor.
/* Elizabeth is the assistant professor who IS NOT involved with project SHINE. She liked me in a way she wanted to treat me as her “lover.” Also, the anthropology major students were working on “evaluation” on me and wanted to expel me from school. They were moving into my apartment and I filed the case to the university police officer, Flits von der Hoeck, and the case number is 060802058xxx. It was in the middle or late September of 2006. And he was on vacation during October 13th to 24th that year. By the way, one of the police officer's name is Mr. Laws and the other one who brought me to the Valley Medical Center practiced Judo at Tokai University in Japan. For my “real safety”, I cannot go back to my own country. I don't know what kind of friends these police officers have in Japan. By the way, the student, Sara Lynn, the coordinator of the project SHINE at SJSU started harassment on me since March of last year. That is the case I filed to the university police. She is involved in multistalking and she followed my car several times from the garage near the campus. */
(I turned on my voice recorder when I saw Dr. English-Lueck standing outside of my night class. She seemed nervous and wore very plain clothes (Sweat shirt and a dark pants.) The first one minute is the time I approached her from a distance.
* This is version 2.05b, I added the real names on the updated part. I submitted the copy in some forums in the Internet and they came with the real names. So, I decided to let they have the real names. If you search it on the web, my posting comes pretty above in the result. I hope revealing the names would not harm the informants as they are criminals and what I am doing is to share the truth of how students are disappearing from the university.*
0:00 (I turned on my voice recorder when I saw Dr. English-Lueck standing outside of my class. I walked toward her on the hallway.)
0:41 Dr. English-Lueck “I wanna talk about some of the things.”
0:45 Dr. English-Lueck “I know the class will start in a minute.”
0:46 Me “Yeah.”
0:47 Dr. English-Lueck “Just, just, by five minutes.”
0:48 Me “But I care (about the class).”
0:50 Dr. English-Lueck “Just, ah.. in my office.”
0:51 Me “Why?”
0:51 Dr. English-Lueck “Ah, (heard to listen because of the noise, but she mentioned the name Christian here.)”
1:02 Dr. English-Lueck “You know that, they are communicating with Dr. Weiss, and she does showed me some of the emails with me.”
1:09 Me “Yes.”
1:10 Dr. English-Lueck “So, I wanted to talk about something. And State's hallway is not the best place to talk about.”
1:15 Dr. English-Lueck “So, just stop by.”
1:17 Me “Ok.”
(1:18 We walked toward the elevator on the hallway.)
1:25 Me “Ah, does Dr. Meniketti knows..?”
1:28 Dr. English-Lueck “Yeah. He knows, so it's ok. Hopefully.”
1:29 Me “Because I don't know if he knows the meeting.”
1:30 Dr. English-Lueck “Yeah. “
1:32 (Sound of the elevator.)
1:38 Dr. English-Lueck “He comes in the (cannot hear). One of the best things.”
1:39 (We walked out from the elevator on the 4th floor.)
1:40 Me “Ah, I was just trying to (cannot hear).”
1:44 Me “I think they get so serious, so..”
1:46 Dr. English-Lueck “Uh-huh.”
1:48 Me “I had no idea, but I have no choice..”
1:49 Dr. English-Lueck “Yeah.”
1:50 Me “.. to protect myself.”
1:51 Dr. English-Lueck “Yeah.”
1:52 Me “I hope you don't mind I brought it to the Homeland Security.” (laughter)
1:55 Dr. English-Lueck “Yeah. It's ok.”
1:59 Me “Actually, I (cannot hear).”
2:12 (I mentions “Vice President of the US”).
3:06 Me “(cannot hear) He don't know like.. like.. I never (cannot hear) Christine or.. (cannot hear).”
3:12 Dr. English Lueck “ (hard to hear but she mentions the name, John Laws.)”
3:12 Police Officer B “Hi.”
3:12 Sgt. John Laws “How are you?”
3:13 Me “What is going on?”
3:14 Dr. English-Lueck: “These are the police officers from the campus..”
Me “Ok..”
3:20 Sgt. John Laws: “Give me a favor.. turn around for me?”
Police Officer B: “We need to take you to a hospital”
Me: “Why?”
3:26 Police Officer B: “Ok? We concerned about your safety.”
Me: “Why?”
Police Officer B: “We were told that you might been making comments about hurting
Me: “No!”
3:33 Police Officer B: “No?”
Me: “No.”
3:35 Dr. English-Lueck: “Well, that's how we interpreted. Elizabeth and I and several others read your emails.”
3:38 Metalic Noise (Police officer handcuffing me.)
3:44 Dr. English-Lueck: “ ...we are concerned and especially talked about the (cannot hear). That's, that's a something very much concerned.”
3:50 Dr. English-Lueck: “We care only about your safety, you know. I wanna make sure your
condition will be well.”
3:54 Dr. English-Lueck: “...and I know this is very much like disturbing but
3:59 Dr. English-Lueck: “I'm sorry but it points out in this way. But I want you to get some help.”
4:04 Police Officer B: “What'll gonna happen is we're going to take you to a hospital.”
Me: “Which hospital?”
4:06 Police Officer B: “We gonna take you to the Valley Medical Center Emergency Psychietric Services.”
Me: “Uh-huh..”
4:13 Police Officer B: “We gonna give them the copy of your insurance.”
Me: “Ok.”
4:20 Police Officer B: “... Then Doctor will probably take you to El Camino Hospital.”
Me: “Ok..then what's gonna happen next?”
4:24 Police Officer B: “..ah.. then the doctor will re-evaluate you. If then he think you are danger to yourself..”
Me: “No, I'm not.”
4:29 Police Officer B: “Ok..”
4:32 I mentioned about my home work. (someone dangerous to oneself is talking about her
home work in the state of being handcuffed!!!)
4:38 Police Officer B: “ah..I... I prologize you. um.. we will someone said we will have to take you to..”
4:47 Me: “Who is... but .. why? What's the reason I have to do..?”
4:52 Police Officer B: “Because.. because Laws says that we believe you are danger to yourself.”
Me: “No.”
Police Officer B: “Then.. ah.. we have to take.. I understand that you don't believe that.”
4:58 Me: “Ok.”
Police Officer B: “But we think that there is a possibility we don't want you hurting yourself..”
Police Officer B: “Then.. I would feel..”
(The voice recorder was turned off by the another police officer.)
It sounds like sharing information about foreign professor's abuse to Homeland Security will make things worse for someone thinking about own security living in the US. What a country it has become after 911... If I could figure out the foreign professor was working for the US intelligence, I would chose to do some other ways before sharing information to the US government. Good thing was I learned they work for CIA and FBI!!! What I honestly do not understand was why Dr. Roberto Gonzalez wanted to marry someone with so much scandal and try to let other students to harass me to get away from her.. And letting her to cause exposure of agents names in the Anthro. Department? I must appreciate their treatments (including Dr. Gonzalez raping me in El Camino Hospital) as I got enough information on which anthro. students have been hired by CIA. FBI and CIA are the real criminals. About their views of CIA, I must agree with Iranians from my first hand experience.

Thai Curry

These are the pictures of my meals these days. I have been eating Thai curry as it's pretty easy and tasty for cooking with two pans. I cannot cook many Thai dishes like I lived in Silicon Valley. We have just fundamental sources and stuffs in the grocery store. But, they are the similar bland that I have seen in Ranch 99 and other Asian grocery stores in CA. So far, I can enjoy the Asian taste again in my life.

18 October, 2007

American Style Random Enemy Generator

After the WWII, the Americans have been looking for the evildoers to defeat in the world. John Stockwell's In Search of Enemies explains the CIA operation in Angola. William Blum's Killing Hope tells the operation up to early 90s. Expansion of their military to the world was one of the outcome from the everlasting war against countries with different political interests.

Saddam Hussein and other political readers in the countries in sensitive area like South America have been trained by the special institution in the United States. Osama was not trained like them as he joined CIA. They closed the institution several years ago. Probably the institution's role was done as the US took most countries on the Earth for their allies. Once Soviet was scared as a threat for Americans during the Cold War. The effort of CIA's operation and bribing tons of US dollars into the nation, Russians have been negotiating the Capitalists in the West. Yeah, this caused some instability among KGB members, but for the politics, they are working for neutral to the pressure.

For the American's 'potential conquerable enemy country list,' they have some more to go; Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Lebanon, and so on. The war will cost a lot and now the government need to borrow one trillion dollar? for each year to operate the country. This is the cost Americans have to pay in order to keep the strong army and feed the politicians. (Doesn't it sound familiar to the end of Roman Empire? Americans have passed Rubicon by now.)
However, they are short in troops. When I was studying at DeAnza College, I received a phone call from US Army recruiter. The female clerk asked me if I am short in cash for going to college and told me the benefit of military fund for education. I was anti-war and I told the clerk that I believe I am not on the side to support army. Moreover, I told her that I am an international student. Then, she asked me if I have the green card, and I said no. She said that I could contact their local recruit office after I got the green card. A typical one-way in telecommunication advertisement. I have seen many military officers on campus after 911, but it sounds like the Army cannot get human resource without giving away some extra advantages. This part would be balanced out as some of them will be dead before receiving benefits though.

To keep national security alert active without FBI plotting bombs to scare Americans, they hire local citizen watch groups for personal patrolling. What they have done so far is create a list of 'potential terrorist in the local area.' By wiretapping the residents legally, the government officers can make up the list for the people who seemed useless in the nation. Some racists would pick African Americans and other minorities for the target just like they have done to the members of Black Panther in last century. Activists and journalists are another target. What the US government does is make up either criminal record or mental health records and let them looks suspicious for the local citizens. Then, the local law enforcement officers will handle the case with gathering the residents' cooperation.

Doesn't it sound familiar to the operation the US Army done in Vietnam? They made a random list of potential terrorist from the names they corrected from Vietnamese?
Citizen Watch groups do not understand why the their target's name is on the government's black list. I was a potential activist and was hated by the gaslighter, Sarah Linn. Everything was easy to go as American students showed their patriotism on discriminating a foreign student. I hope anthropologists will correct their mistakes in future. American students are no longer thinking about individual rights and human rights. They joined the government to work on creating and conquering personal enemies.

Hatred won't save the world, but love does. Because God is love.