31 March, 2013

The role of the church under the NWO

The V2K perps told me that the Croatian churches are for gathering people not for praying for God. Well, they also said that the church is for the kids. That is why they prefer the prayers of the kids and to help the kids there. The V2K perps explain things much like of the military styles and the church's job is to keep the kids there.

I don't know how that argument work for explaining everything. As far as I have learned, the church with conservative thoughts accept the only regular members instead of the visitors and guests. Meanwhile, there are people hanging around in the church near the Targeted Individual who is unwelcome in the area because the police hate him. These people won't take communion during the mass and bring kids to harass the Targeted Individual.

The image of the church for these perpetrators is the place to keep kids. Those people are more likely to be involved with those child sex issues which is very normal in the certain upper class population. These kids who are from the rich parents are welcomed in the society as they are most likely to be exploited by other rich famous people. I'm not talking about Croatian here, but the cases in South America.

Well, there should be some possibility for the church to let the people who are under threats stay safe. But these days, the perpetrators show up in th church for the harassment. No more sanctuary and this is the reality.

German perp car list

Here are some of the license numbers of the German perps around me these days. I got one US diplomat car around the spot where the Germans often parked their cars. It was funny as they stopped to park there after I filmed and added them on my OSAM videos. Well, there is someone laughed at the end.. hmmm? I hope the owner is not working for the CIA..
It's really sick that I got some underwear tampered in a strange way and my VAIO not starting. It seems my damage is bad like in München, so I guess I have freedom and rights to share some of the suspicious people around for my safety and the prevention of further damages from their COINTELPRO activities.

D: KA 4004
D: HH JT(J?) 4477
D: EN CI 402
D: MTK DM 969

I will add some more for the reminder here.

FBI cap guy and the cleaning man at the bus station in Split

Usually, the perpetrators communicate with the Targeted Individual for the harassment, sensitization, information collecting. Here is what happened today.

I wanted to go to Sinj in morning for the morning mass but there was a bus ticket to there at 9am available. I thought there would be a bus around 8am or 8.32, which was listed at the bus station in Sinj. There were 2 Korean women and a man waiting at the bench near gate 3. I filmed them, but the man took the bus to Dubrovnik while these 2 Koreans just stayed there and later took a bus to Zagreb. I saw 3 women where I was bought tickets to Dubrovnik, and there were more people going to Dubrovnik. I assume they are also the perpetrators as there were many Asians around and heading to Dubrovnik today.

Well, I went back to the bus station to wait inside. A man sweeping the floor showed up from the entrance and asked me money. I told him I used to be refugee and an asylum seeker who is not that rich nor have a good job. Indeed, he has a job sweeping the floor while I'm on exile moving country to country. He then asked me my name and such. He asked my nationality and he said if I'm Japanese. He kept talking to me, so I filmed him. He mentioned about "one eye" thing which is often used in the Japanese V2K perps for the threatening. The V2K perps were saying that they want to take my eye. They said that the retarded people in the Japanese prisons got only one eye due to the mobbing there and they love doing that for fun. Another matter would be the "Illuminati" conspiracy. He also mentioned something like water pipe or cannabis by gesture.  Check it up in my video. I assume he is one of the guy responsible for the damage in my room which I rented for my own.

And here is the FBI cap logo guy who just showed up after the conversation with the cleaning guy above and mentioned to contact police or FBI. Well, he supposed be also responsible for the property damage in my belongings such as my VAIO and underwears.

I'm moving to another location tomorrow, but the V2K perps are saying that the perps on my way would steal my belongings with threats or claiming them to be theirs. Well, I will try to film them if that happens, but that is most likely to happen...

30 March, 2013

German cars around me

I encounter more German cars and they are parked on the same spot as others with different license plates and shape. I don't know how bunch of Germans just show up near me. It would be Italians instead as it's closer to Croatia than Germany.

Also, I saw 2 Japanese tourists on the street and another group of Asians with a tourist. Not much to say, but it's just rare to have German tourists traveling with their own cars, you know. It's not summer yet and what bring them to Split???

28 March, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 26th, 2013

It took me some time for creating the video as it was a bit huge and my netbook required making short movies first to combine it to one file for the CPU power and the memory issues. The information on the video is listed on my post about that day, so I omit to share it here.

By the way, the V2K perps were saying that the Japanese cops use the confession agent to make their suspect to give the confession. They explained that the agent gives the complete memory loss and that makes the suspect not sure what he has done or able to explain one's alibi anymore. I wonder if that is always used with the help of psychiatrists in Japan when the suspect is asked to have some mental examination. Do you know how successful Japanese cops get the crimes solved for each case? It is over 99%. German got similar practice, they say. If 100 people say the same thing, it would become the truth. So, if 100 perpetrators speak the same thing repeatedly and pretending to be eyewitnesses by coincidence, their statement would become the majority to solve the crime even though they are a gang of 100 people targeting 1 victim. I heard the perps seem to be doing something to limit my passport to travel around if these V2K perps saying is right.

27 March, 2013

Trogr and the German and Asian perps

I visited Trogr today. I was checking the old churches in the area. I found a church located to the north of the city, but when I went there, it was just a residential area. However, the spot there supposed to be a church got so many people working or walking on the street. You know, how many neighbors in the residential area are outside just hanging around or doing something in their gardens at the same time? I think that tells the strangeness of the gang stalking.

Also, I saw many German cars even in such a rural area north of Trogr. I saw two German cars, and one I took picture and is available in the film below. Another one I missed but was a white sedan with a German license number with MK 257. I collected quite a lot of German perp car license numbers today.

When I went to the bathroom in a restaurant and went out, there was an Asian woman stood for waiting her turn. There are not so many Asians in Dalmatia and I only saw one Asian person today in Trogr and it was her!!! How this happens?? Moreover, she was inside for awhile when I sat at the outside table waiting my cappuccino. She seemed to be alone and just left the restaurant and did not sit down inside or something. Perhaps, that is how we can tell who is definitely a perpetrator. Here is her picture for asking further information. Who is this strange woman? A Japanese? A Korean??

 When I went back to Split, there are some Asians on the street. I saw two small groups but not so many Asians like a large tourist group.

26 March, 2013

Asian performer at the city in Split

Yesterday afternoon, I encountered the Asian guy doing the magic on the street. This time, I filmed his performance. It seems he speaks Japanese and not knowing Croatian. It was a bit suspicious to find someone like that. Does he have a VISA for doing the street performance? I often see beggars and street musicians and so on when a Targeted Individual is in the area. Well, it looked like he seems to be owning a bike and commuting for doing the magic on the street solo. Well, there are some musicians sometimes around the city for small money. I'm sure that is not enough for supporting one's life.


24 March, 2013

International Police Association

I got some perp information and some problem with my clothes, say tampering while I was away. I got one US perp car license and a German one today. I'll share them as the collection. And what is going on with the International Police Association here? The V2K perps were saying that the 4000 guests invitation for free at Medjugorje was something similar event for the world police. I wonder if they were right and China actually paid for them and the whole event. I don't know about this one, but we know even the US uses the Chinese methods for their civil control and anti-terrorism issues. There are some Indian tourist groups today, so they might be engaged in the community policing paid by the rich people.

Here is the pic of the damage. Check out how the strings got loose. It seems some parts are cut and took out to make the clothes separated.

23 March, 2013

How to let the animal care people to join the gang stalking team

Yesterday night, the V2K Japanese perps were talking that they made the animal care group member to join their gang stalking team. They said the veterans helped the new-comer to learn the animals are merely for the food. The V2K perps said that the veterans helped the new person to eat the meat after the autopsy. Well, I have read articles about the lack of the concept of domestic pets in some cultures such as China. They have the concept of animal use as for the tool and foods. If an animal doctor crosses the line, the one might be able to do any operation on any animals without feeling. But that sounded as if the doctor would be able to kill the animal on purpose for one's profit. There is no ethical limit on what the gang stalkers do. The doctors might be asked to help killing the Targeted Individual's pets. It is common that the animals cared by the TIs often got short life expectancy and often they are weak.

The V2K perps were also saying that the Korean group went to Sinj and asked others to say the girl who came yesterday was Korean. I don't know what's going on, but the V2K perps say that Korean perps are eager to spread the rumor of me non-Catholic. Well, they can use anti-Japanese propaganda for their motivation, but not helping the weak and powerless makes them a group of the political interest rather than of the religious interest.

A police officer talked to me at Sinj

I went to Sinj and joined the prayer group at the hill. At my arrival at the bus station, there was a reinforcement car parked in the spot and the police officer communicated with me in Croatian. He asked me my nationality and the purpose of my visit. I wonder it's normal to get such attention visiting there.

My guess is that I got RFID tag that showing as something related with Islam on the radar for the police and the security. That's what the V2K perps said before. I guess, that is why the Muslims showing up in the churches and messing around there. Well, if I visit the church there, they might get some visitors with the head coverings. Now we need to call some men with HR musk for taking them out ... isn't it? I need to spend some time making the Muslim perp collection for the anti-Terrorism purpose.

I never had chance of getting asked anything from the police officer except at the customs.

Oh, don't forget U-17. Croatia is quite strong enough. The youth team can beat Spain easily.

And if you want to buy the sleek meme T-shirts, I know where they sell them for 10€ each. They also have the famous pirate stripe Dalmatian character T-s as well ;-)

22 March, 2013

Kellog Cornflake poisoning..?

I was sick for lat 2 days. I don't know if that was done by the food poisoning or the electronic harassment. 2 days ago, I ate cornflake for the easy quick supper. I know people eat it in morning rather at night. Um, that was just available in my kitchen and did not spend effort on cooking.

After eating it, I suddenly felt sleepy. I thought I might be tired and that was why I was sleepy, but I did not care. I woke up in the early morning and felt the need to throw up. I threw up quite much and then slept. My head was dizzy. It could be the cornflake, but I heard the electronic noise on my left ear when I pulled it to make the ear drum tight. It was a if something inside of my ear can make such noise like of the wiring near the speaker cause the hauling noise. Also, I could hear the high pitched tone but more like vibrating from 5cm above my right ear lobe. There was dull pain to my occipital robe. I had V2K as well insulting me while I was weak and so sick in my bed.

What makes food poisoning to happen? Will it make the person sleepy and later to vomit?

Ah, I attended the mass at Franciscan church 2 days ago. Nothing happened. No strange announcement.

19 March, 2013

Today's mass at a Franciscan church

I visited the Franciscan church this afternoon. During the time of the communion, there was an announcement through a speaker saying "Nikad ne ... (never do...)." It happened when the woman in front of me was taking the communion, and I was focus on my turn to move up. But that was only the announcement during the time. Usually, there might be the singing or just the silence, so I noticed it.

Here is the video I took right after the mass. I might check if they do the announcment before my turn tomorrow.

18 March, 2013


You crazy. You never went to mosque again. (あなたは狂っている。あなたはモスクにもう一度行かなかった。)」
I believe in Jesus. (私はイエスを信じている。)」

Goto Miyokoとの、会話を禁止する。」
This is your life, and here is our life. (これがあなたの生活で、ここが私たちの生活)」
Goto Miyokoさんを、破門にします。」
「彼女が、回教徒なら、私たちの教会に来ないだろう。この間から、日本人が現れていると言うけど、Japanese Embasy ににらまれたら、アウトなの。覚悟してね。」
I love youって、アラビア語で言って、捕まえてもらったら?」
Sorry, you no more.」中華系の訛りの女性の英語。

Joined the way of the cross prayer in the ruins in Salona

I went to Solin and spent some time in the nearby historical site late afternoon. I heard a prayer group praying near by, and I ended up participating the way of the cross in the ruin in Salona. I just felt like how St. Francis looked like - jumping in to a boat and heading to meet the sultan and such. He was free for everything as he had nothing and was the lowest as the church member. Church does not care about the baptized beggar to draft around the world. Only the people who are cared are the ones with lots of friends and with the great social back ground.

The new pope named himself after St. Francis. Maybe, I need to see him in Vatican. I'm sure no one will give away the papal mass ticket behind me again. But everyone can see him on Wednesday and Sunday from far away.  That's worth a visit to Roma. Because of what I learned from the perps around, I think I learned the relationship of Vatican and the ex-Nazis people who are part of the main intelligence people controlling the world from behind. The ex-CIA agent Gunter was also a Catholic and took the Nazi gold from Philippine. Maybe, I should not learn or reveal about such issues here. Well, Hitler died in Argentina and that story is confirmed by the Portuguese spy working for Japan who wrote a book as he traveled to South America in U-Boot around the time of the end of the war. The role of Croatians? Ustasa is popular and some people says about the role of Franciscans here also. I don't know. That is not my concern nor interest. I think the LMU has a good study center for the history of the Eastern Europe.



Everybody listen to this. (皆さん聞きなさい。)」




Why? Are we going to help her or what?(なぜ?私たちは彼女を助けるつもりなのか?)」
Oh, no, it's Jane.... We need to talk later... Why is she writing this up?(あー、ジェーンだ。私たちは後で話し合わないと。なぜ彼女が書き出してるのか?)」

17 March, 2013

The Japanese perps and the local men started talking to me

When I was walking on the street, I saw three Asian women walking. I heard them talking and one of them said "偽者じゃないの?(Isn't it fake?)" in Japanese. I took the picture, and they seemed very much like perps - not so many Japanese walking and there is nothing on that side of the city attractive for the tourists. I filmed them and tried to make the video blog. Then the men walking behind of these girls started communicating with me asking if I help police. So, I told them I'm helping FBI for exposing the local extremists. David Lawson writes in his Cause Stalking that the gang stalkers (cause stalkers) are the local extremists and are often anti-governmental. In that sense, I'm helping to get some perps on the Internet for the prevention of the insider job.

Here is the Japanese perps.

The V2K perps are talking about "sexual misconduct" but I am not sure how they wanna use it for what they want to claim against me. I film anyone who speak to me in a strange occasion.

Hey, wanna see something cool and religious? Check out the holy body of Don Bosco!

15 March, 2013

A stranger asked me where I came from

I have been asked twice my origin today - by a stranger near the harbor and by the bus driver. Around noon, I was eating my bread for the lunch at the bench facing the sea, an elderly man suddenly tried to communicate me and asked me where I came from. First he asked me if I came from Taiwan. I don't know why Taiwan, though. I did not answer, and he asked me if I came from Tokyo. He was talking in English, so I assume he was expecting me to speak English. I did not want to communicate with him just giving the information he wants. I said that I came from Switzerland instead, just as usual. I answered his question in German instead. Well, he does not understand me saying Switzerland or Schweiz anyway.

Here is the video of him. Well, the V2K perps were saying that they need the evidence of me hanging around with someone for "dating" or at least for the claim of prostitution or something. I film people if they communicate with me in a strange manner like suddenly disturbing the time when I'm eating my bread alone at the seaside. The V2K perps says that they need a film of someone going with me to my place or at least to the building where I'm staying. I usually try to check the path around the entrance and enter, so it is a bit hard for them for sure.

I don't know what happened, but the movie does not come with the sound. I filmed it with my new camera and had no problem. Ah, I tried to upload it and found the file is in MTS format. I need to convert it to small volume as it got about 181MB. I'll add it here after the evening mass.

Gang Stalkers Photo Gallary

Here are some images of the perpetrators in my case. I just made those list and the Korean groups as I encountered so many Koreans when the gang stalking activities get wild. I don't know about the Korean priests if they are related with the gang stalking. They just happened to be with the group with Koreans who came just before a Japanese group which is really rare to find in Medjugorje even in summer time.

I will add some later and I make Muslim list for the next one as Muslims showing up so often in my case and I am assuming they might be related with those "insider job" cases for their snitch jacket. If gang stalking is a new phoneix program, then the TIs are used as the target of whatever the cops/government/extremists' claiming. Enough Muslims around? I post them for suspicion. I wanna live without potentially dangerous "falth witness" making groups. Just leave me alone.

14 March, 2013

音声送信の加害者の発言集 updated





Oh, it's a rotten apple pie. And it's still a rotten apple pie!」-軍隊の声色で英語で男性が喋った。








































音声送信ラジオトークは、こんな感じです。Seth Materialみたいに、毎日30分とか書き出して本にしてみようかな。勝手に話してるから、私にとってはタイプするだけだし。