31 March, 2013

FBI cap guy and the cleaning man at the bus station in Split

Usually, the perpetrators communicate with the Targeted Individual for the harassment, sensitization, information collecting. Here is what happened today.

I wanted to go to Sinj in morning for the morning mass but there was a bus ticket to there at 9am available. I thought there would be a bus around 8am or 8.32, which was listed at the bus station in Sinj. There were 2 Korean women and a man waiting at the bench near gate 3. I filmed them, but the man took the bus to Dubrovnik while these 2 Koreans just stayed there and later took a bus to Zagreb. I saw 3 women where I was bought tickets to Dubrovnik, and there were more people going to Dubrovnik. I assume they are also the perpetrators as there were many Asians around and heading to Dubrovnik today.

Well, I went back to the bus station to wait inside. A man sweeping the floor showed up from the entrance and asked me money. I told him I used to be refugee and an asylum seeker who is not that rich nor have a good job. Indeed, he has a job sweeping the floor while I'm on exile moving country to country. He then asked me my name and such. He asked my nationality and he said if I'm Japanese. He kept talking to me, so I filmed him. He mentioned about "one eye" thing which is often used in the Japanese V2K perps for the threatening. The V2K perps were saying that they want to take my eye. They said that the retarded people in the Japanese prisons got only one eye due to the mobbing there and they love doing that for fun. Another matter would be the "Illuminati" conspiracy. He also mentioned something like water pipe or cannabis by gesture.  Check it up in my video. I assume he is one of the guy responsible for the damage in my room which I rented for my own.

And here is the FBI cap logo guy who just showed up after the conversation with the cleaning guy above and mentioned to contact police or FBI. Well, he supposed be also responsible for the property damage in my belongings such as my VAIO and underwears.

I'm moving to another location tomorrow, but the V2K perps are saying that the perps on my way would steal my belongings with threats or claiming them to be theirs. Well, I will try to film them if that happens, but that is most likely to happen...