30 June, 2010

Truth of Gaza: undercover officers were saved while the non-informant activists killed

I cannot say how I found this out, but the ones survived from the Israeli raid on the aid ship were the informants. So, the Israeli had the "hit list" to make sure the non-informants to be assaulted. It's like how the non-informants are targeted for the arrest and torture in any form of peaceful activism. I might tell it about it later to backup this information.

The news says two men put a cop car on fire and the police started acting violent on the demonstrators while these two escaped the place peacefully.

Following the SPP protests in Canada three years ago, Quebec provincial authorities were forced to admit that three rock-wielding black mask-wearing “anarchists” were in fact police infiltrators used to gather information on protesters.

Video shows two of the provocateurs pick up rocks and try to incite violence before they are outed as cops by legitimate demonstrators. The two thugs then tried to slip behind police lines before their fellow officers were forced to stage their arrest. Again, the fact that they were cops in disguise was later admitted by authorities. Interestingly as it applies to the Toronto “anarchists,” one of the primary reasons the men initially aroused suspicion was the fact that they were wearing the same distinctive boots as the uniformed riot police.

(from above news source)

Maybe it's time to watch out for the undercover officers and foreign informants who are working to start violence and making false witness on innocent citizens to aid the police actions. These problematic informants should be taken out first from the demonstration to avoid the violence. The activists can beat the informants up before they set fire on the cars or start throwing rocks. In such case, at least the names of the informants can be known to the cops if the cops start to break the fight between them and the protesters.

26 June, 2010

Germany should use Mark as the alternative currency

EURO has been a strong currency since its birth about a decade ago. It helped the EU countries to keep the smooth payment over the trade within them. But, the currency is still young. Spain and Greece economic crisis threaten the well-being of the currency in other countries. It could be just one temporary crisis and it may not happen again in EU countries.

However, we don't know what will happen in next 10 years. What happens if Greece or other country cannot find a economic recovery? Helping the county will hurt other economy within EU.
EU seemed to a success comparing with EC, which was a failure in the past. We must learn from the history, and the EU countries must develop a safe guard for keeping the economy in both macroscopic and microscopic levels.

I would suggest the EU countries to set up their 'regional currency' to be used within the country for the local merchandises. And for the country-to-country level trades, people can use EURO. The travelers should be able to exchange EURO in relatively easy setting like 1:1.5 or something. If the country is not doing well in exports nor imports, the country may not create too many EURO. This system will help the weak country to get sometime to heal its own economic instability.

If you want to know about my suggestion, please study the economy of Bosnia y Herzegovina. They use Mark as the country's currency, yet most people use EURO as an alternative currency, and the exchange ratio is about 100:50.

21 June, 2010

California becoming like a Third World country

California’s fiscal hole is now so large that the state would have to liberate 168,000 prison inmates and permanently shutter 240 university and community college campuses to balance its budget in the fiscal year that begins July 1.
(California on 'verge of system failure', McKenna, B., June 20, 2010).

It sounds like the place is not for better education for children but the heaven for criminals. I think they could do a lot better than just releasing the criminals from prisons. At least, they should give a travel ticket to another state, so they would not commit crime in California and keep their criminal activities because of the budget problem for the police officers. Also, I wonder what happens to the students who suppose to be attending those 240 universities and colleges after July 1.

This planned limitation of higher education surely increase the gap between the rich and the poor.

16 June, 2010


I found a blog entry talking about the institution that checks what the Japanese citizens eat, what kind of books and magazines they read, and what they wear every day. It sounds much like the job of gang stalkers. If you are interested to know, try to check out the below blog.


どの ような雑誌新聞を読んでいるかチェックし、

私生活の情報を収集し、監視し ている組織が日本には存在している。



Possibily the most effective way to high-jack an airplane.

I read about this article, New concerns arise over body scanners, and I agree to the comment by the former airport security. The new naked scanners may not help improving the security at the airports. It would help the employees to engage in watching legal pornography while they are on the job. They could just focus on observing the area that is not relate much with the explosives.

Think about the terrorists who would explode an airplane with oneself. They could go through the surgery to implant some explosives in their body to ride the airplane. It can be silicon breast plants to the casting of a broken bone. In such case, the airport employees cannot do any further searches before the airplane departure. Will they hire a doctor to be at the airport to examine the strange implants of the passengers?

I think the most effective way of high-jacking an airplane is to bring on more terrorists onto the same air plane. If they are skilled in hand-to-hand combats and enough group to overcome the population in the airplane, then they do not need anything for high-jacking one. Then, we know about the most popular organized crime group engages in the human tracking around the world; gang stalkers. They have the network in everywhere, and they are the group of people who are randomly selected from every social status and ethnic groups. If their boss decides to mob an airplane for fun, they can take the airplane down without problem. I don't understand why no one really care about the possibility of own covert operation team used for the terrorism. It have been done in the history for claiming their enemy for the damage and terrorism.

Congratuation for Switzerland

I was expecting the game would be draw as 0-0 as the best possibility for the optimistic and reasonable outcome for Switzerland. Now they can say that they have the real possibility of becoming the winner in this World Cup. They said it during the Euro Cup last time before the matches start, but this time seems much real.

15 June, 2010

The life of Owellian society

Targeted Individuals would have the feeling of living in the Owellian society. The perps often spread rumors about the TI to the people close to him or her. The ones often contacting the TI is usually the perps and their friends with a particular mission. These people use manipulation techniques to ignore the TI's opinion nor engage in gaslighting to conclude the communication to be the benefit of themselves. If they find the communication is not going on the way they planed, they keep persuading the TI to agree.

Before the gang stalking, I had much free feeling to communicate with anyone, or at least I had less awareness of what I say in a single conversation to be used for the profiling of me by someone and the use of the information by many others to know about me in a negative way. These perps seem to keep record of the TI and turn all the communication to make the wicked profiling of the TI.

Currently, the perps' aim would be to claim me on "infidelity." I think that is typical for the perps to be engage in the destruction of religious faith of their victim. They could spread rumors about me as engage in the things that are thought as sins. I really cannot say how much sins I commit from the way I live, but I believe none is serious enough. I live away from my family, but I know my parents went through the brainwashing while they were missing 3 days in California. They sometimes talked with me in a way someone else's accent is spoken from their voice. I figured out that is the control of vocal code for the subject to speak up something as if the mouth became a speaker. I learned how to prevent this vocal code speaker; if the subject closes one's mouth tight and stick the tongue as much as possible to the plate and keep less space between the oral cavity or other part of the mouth, the subject's mouse does not be used as a speaker. It seems, the body part manipulation might just mimic the way how the subject's mouth and vocal cord is used in the speech. Such activity can be simulated from the calculation of biofeedback from the brain related with the vocalization process. However, the subject does not often speak up from the stance that one's mouth is tightly shut, so the method of sticking one's tongue to the palate works. I would explain more about such body movement manipulation and prevention after I update my website.

Other claims about me by the perps would be sexual issues as that must be a key for them to turn around the statement I have been making. If perps can prove me as sexually active, then they would save the faces of El Camino Hospital psychiatrists who are only there for the human experiments and for the immoral works to help SJSU anthropologists and the professors who have been having sexual relationships at SJSU.

The use of children might be another possibility. I know that happened in Switzerland, and the kids showing up to me made the perfect speech about something and left. If the speech is not trained by an adult or the use of covert devices, that won't happen in a natural situation. I have nothing to do with kids, and the kids does not have to show up to me and ask a certain thing for sensitization or planned false claim by the perps after the certain communication is made between the kids and the TI.

Confiscation of the crucial gang stalking evidences like the one's happened in Switzerland is another possibility. If they take the crucial evidences from me like the time some items were stolen after I came back from El Camino Hospital after everyone believed Dr. English-Lueck and other SJSU faculties claiming me suicidal and forced transportation to a hospital, they can again claim me mentally ill. It is like a bunch of gang rob someone and claim the one as a mentally ill or homeless without any property from the beginning. If there is no evidence, no one can support the victim.

Do you like to live in a Owellian society? I have an idea. We can say "NO!" to the totalitarian supporters who do not treat people equally and give human rights. Store merchants with awareness on terrorism might be able to monitor and report suspicious customers and harass them to stay away from a possible trouble. On the other hand, the customers have their rights to express customers opinion to share their feeling about the store. We do not live in a society with segregation laws. If someone treat others because the one is suspicious and does not give equal treatment in shops or restaurants or institutions, the victim can share their experience freely to be aware of hidden discrimination. As for TIs, we know we are discriminated in the society from the perps. Telling others who are "rats" can help others to stay away from becoming another victim.

13 June, 2010

Germany 4-0 Australia

I have an opportunity to watch the World Cup matches everyday. This probably reduce my probability till the second week of next month. It is funny that there is always an interesting match at least once a day. I don't understand about the result of France vs. Uruguay though. France is always doing much better in the World Cup. It could be just like today's result of Germany.

I am just curious how Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and UK does in the World Cup. Spain might be as strong as in the last Euro Cup. That's we will see on next Wednesday. I hope Swiss does not end up in a shameful result.

African green monkey blamed of the original source of AIDS, but they are benefitial fighting against Swine Flu

Long time ago, there were rumor about the HIV virus was originated from African green monkey. For example, this is the question asked by a parent.

I desperately need help. My son's health teacher told the kids in class yesterday that scientists believe that HIV/AIDS was caused by 2 possible scenarios: by people in Africa eating or having sex with green monkeys or by "scientists" who created the virus in a laboratory to kill homosexuals. The scientists didn't realize that it might also infect "straight" people as well. I need to get a reliable answer to what I am 99% certain are lies, so I can set my son straight.
(Peiperl, L., Did the Green Monkey Start AIDS?)
Like Peiperl's answer on the web page, some say that connection of monkey frequently used on researches and suggesting the possibility of the rumor came from such monkey researches in the laboratories.
It was virtually impossible for any molecular biologist researching AIDS in the early 1980's to have been unaware of the debate about the risks of molecular biology and the subsequent legislation regulating their activities. Even before the AIDS epidemic, retroviruses were the subject of intense research activity because of their ability to turn RNA into DNA, and their possible role in causing cancer. Hundreds of thousands of African green monkeys and other species have been exported from Africa to research laboratories in Europe and America, where they have been subjected to experimental infections and their tissues used in cell culture. If HIV is a mutant monkey virus, it is surely more probable that it came from a laboratory than from monkey with naturally mutated virus biting man somewhere in "darkest Africa." That the latter hypothesis and not the former has been pursued suggests that factors other than science have been guiding the activities of AIDS researchers.
Harrison-Chirimuuta, R., Is AIDS African?, 1997)
However, the monkeys, especially African green monkey, have been the subject of vaccine production resources. Swine Flu vaccine is not the only one using African green monkey cells.
Each of the early polio vaccines were derived from the poliovirus grown in monkeys and monkey kidney cells, unfortunately, additional monkey viruses were also harvested. In the Salk vaccine the progress of inactivation of the polio virus by formaldehyde fixation generally inactivated many contaminating viruses. However, one contaminant virus that was not inactivated was the retrovirus simian virus 40 (SV40; named because it was the fortieth simian virus found contaminating the early polio vaccine). In the Sabin and Kaprowaki vaccines, the polio virus was not inactivated and even more live contaminating viruses were harvested along with the polio virus. Koprowski's vaccine was developed in minced rhesus macaque monkey kidneys to weaken the virus. Later, the rhesus macaque monkey was shown to be the natural host for SV40. Koprowski then switched to the African green monkey to grow the vaccine. Although the African green monkey was free of SV 40, it may have been the source of an even more serious contaminating virus, SIV or another precursor to HIV.
(Cross, M., Where AIDS Came from).
Currently, the African green monkey is used for creating Swine Flu vaccines. It is funny that these vaccine creating companies are supporting the war in Afganistan and getting fundings for their products. Now wonder the rumors like the virus originated from the monkeys which are actually used for creating vaccines are widely spread. But I think the monkey business seems to be stable even in economic crisis.

11 June, 2010

Justice for All CItizens: June 2010 as the electromagnetic assault reporting month.




I learned about a Japanese EH victim contacting Ms. Connie Marshall and her effort of supporting the EH victims. If you are interested about Ms. Marshall's project, please check her site to learn about the activity for this month.

09 June, 2010

Martview - free software to read free magazines and books

I learned about Martview from one of the ads and I found it fantastic. For the computer users without using a mouse may not find it difficult to operate, but for the people with a pretty comfortable mouse, the software gives the natural feeling of reading a book.

I don't know if the magazines and books posted on the official website are free for what reason, but I think the environment is a good place for the users who want to access to foreign magazines for their language study and refreshing one's own language while the one is abroad. Since CNET praise the software so high, I think it is safe for any users for using the software and the available magazines and books on the official site. If I accidentally download and read something that is not free for personal use, that blame should be done on the someone who uploaded the file.

I personally found it useful as it comes with free academic magazines like Scientists, Commentary, National Geographic available for reading off-line. I know some writers give away their PDF copies and sell the hardcover books. Maybe these magazines are the part of such trade for advertisement. Who knows how that happened? Perhaps I need to share my own work there next time I write something to upload at Memoware.com.

By the way, I think someone should upload the literature from Gutenberg to there to increase the people interested in the classical books. In such case, the website needs to add Literature category for the bookworms.

For the TIs who are reading my blog for some help in their life, here are two free books from Martview helpful for gang stalking problem. The program gives some points to unlock "mature" section if I include the links through my program, but I am not interested reading that section so these links are just the raw links from the website.

encyclopedia of Privacy - 2007


04 June, 2010

A new TI social network

These days, social network is quite popular for the groups with same interest. There are some victim networks already. I know some in mixi.jp and others like Monika's. I don't know how many TIs out there communicating the grassroots level groups.

I created my own this time. It is not my intention to make my network popular among TIs rather I thought it would help TIs to have a backup of what they share in other networks and their blogs. Afeter Fedame.org went off, members were no longer able to access to the past posts. I thought that was not convenient for me as well as some others who made the links to the post there. Sometimes, TI's blogs and website might be down for some unknown reason like the provider not helping them. My network is for helping others to keep the duplication of their postings and have a place for communication. If members are interested, they can have a live chat using the chat box in the main page. Also, I created the forum that is similar to what Fedame.org had. So, the members can use it for posting news related with the specific subject and talk about the local issues. Once Fedame.org is ready, then the materials in the forum can move to there.

And here is my network.

03 June, 2010

Gaza issue and the gang satlkers

It seems the perps do not like Gaza helping activists while they support Code Pink and certain activists interested in Gaza problem.

Some countries support Gaza Palestinians while pro-Israel countries like the US may not aid them. I guess this politics helps to clear out which side the gang stalkers are.

Not all activists interested in Gaza because they have other interests as the primary concern.
In my case, I don't care about Gaza. I have no friend in Gaza Strip nor in Israel. It's the matter of UN's responsibility. If Israel does not attack where I live, then I don't care. If it does, then I would flee from here.

About MediaFire.com account

I have been using the account since last year. The last time I used was in April to share the pictures at a ceremony in the local Catholic church to 2 people attending the church. That was the first time I shared something from that account. The account was to store my personal files for personal use only.

Because of the strange activity captured in the video in the previous post, I think the deletion of the files from my MediaFire account would not related with the lack of downloading activities nor the log on accesses. It's nice to see the cyber unit at MediaFire trying to trick me to give the wrong file link.. probably for making up a story of me sharing someone's copy right material to others. Otherwise, it does not make sense why the download link changed to the file from another site.

I don't know if someone at the church helped the perps some information about which file storage I was using. It is sad that I cannot really trust anyone at the church or anywhere in the world. And I don't like making doubt on someone at church, so I just let this judgment to Jesus himself as it is written in the Bible. If someone wanted worship money over him or from one's wicked thought, the God is responsible for the revenge or whatever. The deletion of the church ceremony pictures for personal use wouldn't be something that Christians should encouraged to do, isn't it? And I don't know who they shared the link at all.

By the way, after I uploaded the evidence video to this blog and YouTube, the strange activity at MediaFire seemed to stop.
Here is the raw video about that MediaFire.com giving me wrong file download link and deleting all files from the folder. I think it's better to use the website for sharing something as the website is encouraging people to share files even they would be automatically and secretly deleted by the company.

I just found someone downloaded files from the folder. I do not know who downloaded 3 files, the video of funny MediaFire activity, the PDF file that I downloaded from a mind control related website, and one of my original file. You know what? I did not share the PDF file nor the Excel file to anyone after uploading them... The file I shared in the previous post is from my Ning blog post... If MediaFire wants to claim me sharing personal files to others, first the company should investigate on this suspicious person who downloaded my files (except the video that I shared the link, though it is unlikely the receiver downloaded it already when the video is available on the Web without download).

02 June, 2010

Video showing MediaFire trying to give wrong link for download and deleting all files from the folder

I changed the title because of what happened at the MediaFire.com links. It was originally about TIs

Anyone wondered why TIs do not have a proper connection list ready for themselves while some of us gathered information for group e-mail protesting?

Here is a new group activism suggestion. We combine all the TI information into one "Whitepage" to help each other. It helps TIs to find the victims in their town or country. Otherwise, a TI has to spend lots of time for looking for someone near them. The TIs might know famous veteran TIs like the one who are active in Fedame or other TI forums.

The TI Yellowpage is to help the TIs to know where to find what kind of information and who they can contact. This must be quite useful for new victims because they might not know who to communicate to get right help.

The below is the prototype of information gathering sheet. If you are a TI and wants to make your own personal list for your help, please use them. Also, these Whitepage and Yellowpage projects are planned to be developed in Monika's Ning network. Fedame seems to take more time for recovery - Monika said she paid for the site, but she cannot recover it. Knowing where to communicate is important for TIs. I thought I could make the TI ring for sharing activity updates, but it could go the same way Fedame went; once it shuts down for whatever reason, no one can get access to the information. So, I thought Whitebook and Yellowpage shared by the TIs would be a better idea.

After combined the lists gathered from the networks, then it will be published in PDF format with the publication date. The publication date is the key that shows the latest version. Also, the database would be posted for the gathering process at Ning group.

It will take few weeks for me to spend time for that. But I hope the contact lists will be useful for the TIs. If you check the columns, you can see that it can check the person's activity. The "missing" check mark will tell who has been missing and who is doing fine. So, the list can help TIs to know well-beings of others as well.

TI Whitepage form

TI Yellowpage form

Well, when I was trying to copy the download links from Mediafire.com, the files in the folder suddenly disappeared. The above TI Whitepage form link is just I copied... I don't even clicked the delete button at all. It just happened when I clicked the tag for Mediafire page to check the link for another file, then the page just returned to the view of the folder and all 3 files I just uploaded has gone. How this happen? This is the second time something strange happened with this Mediafire account. There is no way deleting all files in the folder accidentally and that makes it much impossible with the check boxes for deleting. By the way, next time I uploaded the same files, I saw "calculating" notice for awhile between the uploading. You can see the files are not big to take even a minute for uploading. Is Mediafire.com getting not reliable as it used to be? I already experienced all files gone from this account, so I am not expecting the safety. I wonder who is working there - any NSA connection with Mediafire like what happened with AT&T in San Francisco?

Ok, here is the actual files. You can try the above one, but I don't know what happened to the file. The files were there when I copied the above link.

Well, this time I clicked the TI Whitebook.xls but no matter I clicked that one, MindWars-romemo-book.pdf showed up to the screen. That's a free book downloaded from one of the Mind Control related site, and I uploaded it to my storage for my own use. It seems the cyber terrorist group behind this attack seems to be working with Mediafire to make me claim sharing copyright violated materials... That's something favorite tactics for FBI, isn't it? Taking stuffs for "investigation" and never return. Then I tried to bring my digital camera, and I found 3 files gone, again. Seriously, Mediafire is unreliable at all.

TI Whitepage

TI Yellowpage

Ok, then I got the video showing how all Mediafire stuff was real!!! You must see it in your own eyes! This is what we call cyber terrorism isn't it? I don't understand why Mediafire still believed as award winning file storage at all. Be aware of your file disappering from your MediaFire storage... TIs cannot even get equal opportunity for using a file sharing site on the Web... And these perps claiming what happens to TIs as delusion by closing their own eyes and their own crimes.

Oh, I forgot about the uploading the files. Here is the links from my Ning network.

TI Whitepage

TI Yellowpage

01 June, 2010

I cleaned up some tags from the posting.

I finally cleaned the duplicated tags like Multi Stalker from the blog posting. I moved some to similar but more popular meaning tag. For instance, the posting with "Life" tag now are tagged as "Diary."

I did not delete any documents from this change.

Mediafire folders and files deleted!!!

I logged on to my Mediafire account to store some files and found out all the folders are gone...
I did not received any warning from Mediafire nor I deleted files in the past. Everything is lost...

Here is the screen chapter of what I saw when I logged in. It looks as if the account has been just opened. Actually, I have been using the account since last year and storing unnecessary files. It was my alternative storage of another one to store duplicated data for storage.

And here is the screen capture showing nothing in my account. All gone.

Because of this trouble, I need some time for reconstructing what I stored there. Thank God nothing much was so important except the backups of downloaded files like from Fedame.org that are no longer accessible.

Mediafire says the purpose is to share videos and pictures with others. I guess I might use the storage for sharing some stuffs and others for safekeeping files that might be handy some day.

I never thought Mediafire delete anything from a user's storage without giving any warning. Isn't it a bit extreme deleting all the files??? Does anyone know what circumstance Mediafire reset the user's account? I had nothing illegal in my storage but downloaded html files, study materials from my school, and my personal pictures in compressed file format.

And please download things I share if I post the link here, so I can keep my Mediafire account alive. Of cause, what I share does not have any illegal information.