30 July, 2012

The new book or my study?

I've been traveling around sometimes, and I think it's almost the time to go back to Switzerland. I know some Swiss and those who are working as the police informants for CONTELPRO do have surveillance on me there. But it's much peaceful in the countryside as I'm not really a type to mess around with people as long as they don't do the mobbing.

I got some more information on the local perps here and I'm amused how to share them with the local TIs. My information comes with films, pics and actual incident information. I wonder how much would be enough to share some people are under the surveillance from others who are often hanging around in the area or doing strange things for the PSYOP.

When I bought iPad, I thought it would help me with my productivity. It wasn't. Then I found the insight about how iPad is actually reducing the productivity of the people if they have a netbook instead. I don't have a constant Wifi, so that is the problem I might have problem to make my iPad useful tool. I just use it only for mp3 player and some e-book reader. It's so annoying that I cannot sync my docs with iTunes. If I can sync what's inside more easily, then it might be even to the USB sticks for the netbook for the sync with my primary laptop. You know what it means. Evernote would be a choice if I get Wifi. Anyway, I learned my motivation better when I found how far I can be not-productive without a computer. Well, a netbook is useful with 1kg weight for walking around. But I need a spot to type it. Then time management became more important issue for the productivity. Well, a good planning and short term goals made me more focused on what I need to do.

So far, I will work hard with simple 'ora et labora' motto for awhile. I'm probably able to share my poetry book by next week. I don't think I have enough time this weekend as I might make a trip back. Say, the feeling of going back to home country is really great. Heimweh? I do such feeling when I think about Switzerland. It's pretty sad that I cannot make a trip on August 1st for the celebration. But, well, I need time for work.

27 July, 2012

The New World Order - what it is about and how it effects citizens' life?

After 911, citizens around the world is under the total surveillance for the anti-terrorism propaganda. How many people want to commit a terrorism after 911? And what's for? That part is not even considered by the social scientists. Meanwhile, the Military Industrial Complex is getting more funding and profits from inventing new technologies for the surveillance and tortures such as acoustic and electromagnetic weapons.

If COINTELPRO is to drop certain people from their social status, that would be what happening in the USA and causing so many homeless. When you are a Targeted Individual, you might find having problem at your job as the people working for the intelligence and the local police can report your boss for the layoff. Enron had many foreign intelligence and the CIA workers were well paid till the bankruptcy. Now you know who showed up to your workplace and do the mobbing for the gang stalking. It is the same in schools and the neighborhoods. If the police says no, you cannot do that. That is what it is. Unfortunately, the anti-terrorism propaganda is misused just like the famous speech by George W. Bush Sr. (ex-CIA employee, you know) and mentioning of the new world order.

For the anti-terrorism propaganda, foreign intelligence is united to fight against the unwelcome citizens around the world. That is why the target of COINTELPRO won't find anywhere safe. The information is circulated around and the local police is asked to help taking out the person from the area. They would use the local informants and the extremists for the harassment. Also, they would use the social pressure for nullifying the person. It happens everywhere in the world as the elite cops are trained by the FBI and the CIA, so they know the American style of the harassment. These days, the Chinese style is also applied for the surveillance to make it worse, as their communist style is more effective on the civilian control.

Social status is the key of stability of the citizens. Due to the security clearance and background history of the person is more important for the social status these days, the people who have problem in the security issue would be easily picked for the surveillance and eventually ended up in the bottom of the social rudder. In other words, the lower class employees might have better social recognition in the area while they help the police. On the other hands, the people with free mind to question such totalitarian society or helping the real oppressed might get the label as mentally ill or criminal. If you believe 911 was an insider job, American psychologists might claim you as mentally ill. It's very popular knowledge and some news articles show which psychologists are engaged on that black psychology.

Student informants have power to put the target under surveillance in the mob. They might tailgate your car from the school garage to your home. They can just work with your neighbors who are the perpetrators to gather more information about you. They can show up anywhere for the harassments with their security-related advantage. In my case, I got so many experiences of such things in my life. For example, the Japanese Psychology major female student who I talked at SJSU was working at Santos, the supermarket near my apartment on N.7th St. in San Jose, CA. I met her when I wanted to talk with Dr. Sivertsen for what is going on at school like mobbing and gang stalking phenomenons. She told me that "do you know what you have done?" and I had no idea if that was my whistlebrowing about Sarah Lynn, she know has a different family name as she changed her family name for few times for her intelligence job. Sarah is the coordinator of Project SHINE, the volunteer system originated in Temple University, and she was engaged in the mobbing against me in Dr. Gonzales' class. That was my first memory of the mobbing/gang stalking by the students. In another occasion in different school, I saw a Korean student showed up to the immigration office when I wanted to ask something there. She and I were in the same class, and she was on the waiting line about 10 people before me, and later she communicated with me. Another day I went to there, and this time I saw Japanese students in the hallway. How many students can show up in an immigration office like this? The Japanese students have been showing up in a strange place sometimes. Maybe if the police checks their communication on their mobile phones, we might know how they showed up there for their surveillance jobs. Police often hires students for the surveillance, so if they are actually working for the police, then I win for exposing their COINTELPRO work. If they don't work for the police or the police won't admit their relationship with it, I win as I can prove their gang stalking activity as mafia work. I have been studying quite other things these days, but I think it's time for going back to my work on the social study. I can share quite famous schools on the list for the examples. For my study, I got quite a reliable information from my filming of these student foot solders on the go. So, I can prove their gang stalking activities and how they can manipulate the religion for the harassment as well. Who wants to have a Swiss bible in another country for anchoring? I got information like this for the strange incidents happening to me. It's easy to say the DOD hired civilians after 911 for the surveillance, then what is going on about the people they are tracking down. Also, the foreign embassies have been recruiting the citizens working/studying abroad for the surveillance based on anti-terrorism. We got bunch of intelligence workers cooperating around the world. This is what the new world order is based on, to pick who is OK to stay in the social status and who is not.

25 July, 2012

The mechanism of certain students to have lower grades in the class

Here is my new study on the COINELPRO in the school. This seemed to be happening around the world for taking out Targeted Individuals from the school. I wonder how far bad in the US since 911 for the Muslim students who are not working for the intelligence that is allowed to stay. I met an Iraqi guy who were asylum seeker from Iraq while I was attending at SJSU, and he seemed to be one of the gang stalker there in Rosenberg's English class. There would be more Muslims working for the gang stalking as well as the US military/security officers who want to get some class units. And such choice of unpreferable students might be based on the list made by the country of origin. Who is useful for the US? Who is not useful for their own country? The people abroad are monitored by the foreign embassy offices and the Ministry of Interior would be taking care of them when they are in their country. I could make some videos from my real experiences. That would be much fun than what you can see in Wikileaks as I got some super interesting names on them.

The mechanism of certain students to have lower grades in the class

Crucial Points:
  • Class time is used to waste time without teaching new materials.
  • Less vocabulary, grammar, formula explanation. This helps to prevent the building of the fundamental level course material.
  • Psychological operation in the class, so that the student should not be comfortable in the classroom. This part can be taking care of the police informants and COINTELPRO participants.
  • Less practice materials for the repetition of the class material.
  • Insufficient explanation of the course material in the class and minimum reviewing material.
  • Do not use the textbook, or inadequate textbook choice.
  • The informants are taking the class with better level of course understanding, so they are capable of doing their surveillance work instead of being the students just like the targeted student.
  • The teacher is also work for the harassment, so the student won't have neutral person in the class.
  • The class plan is not organized, so the certain part would be hard to understand and sudden quiz for not covered materials in the class.
  • The DOD and the military officials can use Voice to Skull microwave hearing for sending messages to interrupt the students' thought process and concentration in the class.

Minimum teaching technique:
  • Audio based teaching with no whiteboard or less handouts. It helps the students to have less materials for review of the class.
  • Extra information explanation. It helps to waste time and the students will learn unnecessary things for the exams.
  • Less homework. This gives even more less opportunities for reviewing the class.
  • The student would be asked to answer for the question that the one is not certain. This is possible by the surveillance camera in the classroom or the teacher walking around to check the exercise the students are doing. It helps to reduce the motivation of studying for the student.
  • Talking about daily life and other things for gossiping rather than focus on the course material.
  • Visual presentation and exercises come with not necessary information.

Uncommon classroom events:
  • Ratio of the students is something artificial. For example, there would be students from certain countries which have something to do with the targeted student's background such as security check interest. For example, if the student speaks Arabic, there would be students from Arabic speaking countries. If the student is the interest of US national security, then there would be students from the USA and they might be interested in the jobs like security or army. Russians, Italians, Mexicans, Swiss, Saudi Arabians, and some other country visitors are often participated in such surveillance.
  • There would be sudden visitor from certain countries or other reason.
  • Some students might be easily drop the class or suddenly attend the class for a short period of time.
  • There would be a veteran, or a security job worker, or an administrative justice, or a psychology major, or a law major students in the class.
  • These students might ask certain things to the targeted student for the information gathering. The questions would be what the one wants to do in future, where the one came from, etc.
  • These students know each other very quickly and when they form a group, it often has a tendency to oppose the targeted student vs. groups.
  • These students would be engaged in the conversation related with something to do with the action or plan of the targeted student.
  • They might use the T-shirt logos and other materials for the gaslighting in the classroom.
  • The teacher might be engaged in the harassment with other students. That makes the targeted student to be aware of the distance between others in the classroom for the hidden discrimination.
  • Other students might leave everything include their wallets in the classroom, as they know there is a surveillance camera set in the room.

The characteristic of the teacher:
  • The teacher would be friendly, but the one might be too professional in different fields than the teaching of the material. For example, he might be capable of speaking several languages, but he might not know what is the best method for covering the course material.
  • The teacher might be only suggesting the materials that is related for the information gathering from the targeted student.
  • The grading and exam checking might be extremely strict against the targeted student.
  • The teacher might not make the eye-contact with the targeted student.
  • The teacher might be only checking on the targeted student during the exam for cheating.
  • The teacher would teach materials not in the order, so that the students in the class cannot learn appropriately without self study for understanding the materials to connect the information by one's own.

Certain comments in the classroom:
  • Church workers are working with kids. They don't mention other works like in the garden and other things. In this way, the image of the Catholics are connected with the child molesting and child abuse.
  • Wealthy Middle Easterners might be able to buy old properties like the cloister or abbey. This might be related with the pressure on the local churches.

Basic countermeasure:
  • 'Perps in school' list for the COINTELPRO/security based harassment. Blowing a whistle when the student informant is walking is practiced at UCB during 60s.
  • E-Books/leaflets about the COINTELPRO participating schools.
  • “Socialist/communist type school system survival guide” for how to be safe in such environment.
  • Explain the mechanism of how to wast students' time w/o proper learning for the open protesting.
  • Concentration on getting used to the exams and motivation training to keep up in the course material even under the harassment.
  • Keep no worrying for extra electronic harassment such as V2K telling the victim to make the one nervous in the class or at the exam. The artificial mood change can be done by the acoustic weapon.
  • Homeland Security, university police, security personals, teachers getting paid by the school, veterans, students from military/intelligence background, police informants are part of such gang stalking (COINTELPRO) team.

23 July, 2012

Ode to Maria Magdalena

Yesterday was my birthday, and I wrote some poetries.
How can I avoid committing the small sins,
while I surjoun in this world full of atheists?
How long can I stay away from commiting the mortal sins,
when I am surrounded with the people who know nothing about Christ?
Through my memories and experiences, I've learned the real Christian persecution.
My lady gave me a perfect refuge, as I believed in her and the way to the crucifixion.

My motto for this year is like this.
Change for the future.
What I was two years ago?
Who I was last year?
And how I want to be in this year?
Ever-changing self - no matter when or where to stay.

21 July, 2012

What to do with Muslims?

So far, I encountered so many Muslims and luckily the Ramadon seemed to be started and they seemed to be obeying the fasting. I succeeded to stay away from them by showing how I drink water and eat crunchy foods while they are around. They seemed to be offended and stayed away from me. Now what should I do?

I don't wanna accidentally get to know those FBI backed up Muslim informants who are making up false witness of Al Quaeda or claiming their target as Muslim by only considering the knowledge of Arabic language. I got some Americans and some others around also for adding more suspicious element.

The Chinese perps might claim that these unfriendliness against Muslim is not ideal for Christians. Well, as far as I know, these Chinese or Korean perps are quite good manipulating religious actions and police supervising political matters into religious beliefs in the area. I don't really see what is wrong if I just passively attend the church event and the mass while I got some suspicious non-communion takers sitting around and I must be careful of these perps who are often engaged in property thefts. In my case, I got some Muslims showed up right after I tell others that I speak Arabic as I lived in the Islamic country for one year and know MSA and the colloquial spoken one. It's different that I know the language but have no interest in Islam, which I consider dangerous and sexist. If I was a man, I might be interested in the part that I can get few wifes and more wealth from having sick wifes and the wifes with dangerous jobs with adding some high take health insurances for making some fortune. I don't talk with Muslims because they can make a false witness against me, a TI. The Muslim perps are the worst as they might be easy to make up a suspicion together like how Timothy McVeigh was with a suspicious middle eastern man for renting the truck and such. I don't wanna be the criminal of what they set up, you know. It's not a discrimination against them from the hatred but my wise evacuation strategy from the hazardous and potentially dangerous people.

Now what should I do? Should I bring around a good lunch with good smell to make the room smell of the good food? Or shall I bring around a quite expensive water and show it off?

I don't wanna be with Muslims since I got so much damages from Muslims like what happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I'm already a victim of Muslim extremists, and why should I be friendly to Muslims? You know how this logic works, right? Thus, I enjoy the Ramadan time with showing off foods and drinks to Muslims to take care my PTSD from the past Muslim extremists' over 640€ damages.

18 July, 2012

Muslims participating the fake Muslim extremist making up

I think I got information of how the police informants and the foreign intelligence are working together for making up the fake Muslim extremists. I got some Muslims around these days. I don't talk with them, but it seems these set up for making me to be surrounded by many Muslims are quite purposefully made. Otherwise, I won't get an ex-journalist who can speak Arabic around them as well. Also, some people got typical gaslighting items. I saw these logo Ts and bags owned by other perps, but I saw some in a pack of group with such yesterday. How often such thing happens? I think they borrowed these items from their pooled wealth. And it would cover the Catholic persecution in the area, which is much fun to share as it shows how cruel these gang stalkers are.

What we need to know is how they can get such items so easily and how to engage in the surveillance.

By the end of this month, I think I have enough time to write my experiences from two institutions in the area. Hopefully, that would come with some popular names and some interesting people in the status. Enough gang stalking? That is backed up by the local police officers for COINTELPRO. I wonder if that is legal in this country or not. Thanks to Hervetia, I can share it with real names from Switzerland for the freedom of press totally guarantied and I am a victim of the organized crime even in there and in other countries. Happy Independence Day on August 1st!

10 July, 2012

3 Weeks before the fest.

EU got so much trouble with many debuts. Switzerland got hyper inflation in the big cities. How will everything will go in next few years? I wonder only the rich will just remain in the tax heaven and see their business goes down in the neighboring countries. Perhaps, it's a time to put the investment in Brazil, India, Dubai, etc.


01 July, 2012

München and my experience on the Christian persecution (more than 1000 CHF damage this time)

The Christians in the early era in the history got so much persecutions. Since I am an organized COINTELPRO victim (Targeted Individual), I went through so much property damages and harassments. Sometimes, I get harassments on my Christian religious items when I often encounter Muslims or non-Christian people targeting me for their local unofficial patrolling.

I stayed few months in München and lived in a rented room in the city center. The host family was nice, but sometimes I found they are gaslighting on me. Also, I got some strange experiences like every time I did the laundry and found some underwear are taken out from the meshed laundry bag which I put small items like socks and underwear together. It is as if someone opened it and checked inside. It's not like one sock was washed with other clothes but few more items are left like that. It was as if someone tried to check the contents.

First of all, when I was there, the sheets got some holes with a specific shape - like an round hole with triangle one-side strings taken. It often happened to my clothes before, so you can see similar damage on my photos on previous postings. Was it for some specimen taken for the analysis? It happened in many countries.

Another occasion was like I got V2K Japanese people speaking about if I can drink pees. And next day, I found out there was something stinky in my water bottle. I often used the syrup with water, but when I tried to drink it and found it too terrible for the strange taste and threw it up. I have no idea what happened to my bottle, but I kept my water bottle in my room and then in my bag, so there was no occasion that someone else could put anything in the bottle if it was not done at home.

The few days of moving from that apartment on Blutenstrasse 2 was quite terrible. The day before my leaving, I found my L.L. Beans leather bag damaged, so that I cannot use the zipper to close it. When I stayed in 4 U Hostel, my suitcase was damaged, so it seems these secret police like activities often do the damage on the luggages to make it unlockable, so that they can check the contents anytime they want for the surveillance purpose. I was in the München for studying about the Pope and the Churches there. But these gang stalkers often do something like this damage for making up the TIs as if criminals who need to be watched and their properties must be checked by others while they ignore their criminal activities like the property damages.

The day of the move out was much terrible. I had no problem with my suitcase in morning and I was able to pack it. When I moved to another place shortly and unpacked everything to keep there, I found the zipper broken and it made it unable to close this time. I think that happened while I was going to the bathroom as I left my suitcase on the hallway. It's just typical for the gang stalkers to do more damages at the time of the TI leaving the area. In Sarajevo, it was the damage on my fountain pen and my newly bought backpack. When I was there, there was a German staying at Hostel Tito 46, so it might be related with German perps. Or at Srca Sarajevo, I got a Japanese perp from Germany. In Sarajevo, there were often the perps from Germany like the imigrants working there and visiting Sarajevo to find a job or from Brazil. München has many Brazilian and other perps from South America. I think that is part of the trend here.

Also, I lost my rosary case. I know I had it in my luggage and it was somehow gone. It contained the Cross which a Priest gave me before my baptism, a black rosary I bought in Vatican and it comes with the engraving of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, a Titanium ring I made the special order to a Canadian maker while I was in California and it had the Latin proverb inside and was worth 200$, and a 1000CHF paper note. It was the worst damage ever happened in my life from the gang stalkers. The last worst was the baby pigeon killing skits and 640€ damages in Sarajevo. The case was the one I bought at the gift shop in the Pope's Birth place in Marktl. If you don't know what kind of rosary I had, probably the people participating in the rosary prayer at Frauenkirche saw it. I often visited there for the rosary praying at 5pm. I was there often for the Vesper at 4.30pm. Without gang stalking, I would be more happy to learn about Christianity in the city where the Pope worked. There are many non-Christians in the area and these gang stalkers often make up stories for their benefit like "let's pretend..." for the false witness program. I wonder why my rosary and other belonging was stolen. Was it for the money inside or just to harass me as a Catholic? So far, Schöllhammer family did not have a specific respect on the religion, so I don't really know what was the reason of such damages. As far as I know is that they often talked about the relationship with Israel and its politics. Also their relative, Nicolas, somehow had some gaslighting on me. One occasion, he talked about a story of a woman in mid-30s and she has no boy friend but she wears a ring on her right ring finger. He asked me why she does so. It was the time I wore my old Titanium ring, the one I described in the theft above, on my right ring finger to the DID, where I studied German and got entire class with gang stalkers. I would explain the gang stalking experience like the black jacket and blue jeans wearing Michael Fellner  who often talked about the corrupted police later with more details. There was a 19-years old Swiss girl, Jennifer Vannay from Lousane and she was engaged in the flirting in the class. It was very funny as she suddenly got jealous when I started talking with other female classmate in the class and others in the room knew something happening between us. Well, I wanted to learn about the flirtation strategies by the perps, so I tried to use the opportunity to learn how far it could go out of the common sense. Well, that part of study is more written in my Twitter at that period. Anyway, because I got flirted very extremely in the classroom so I had the ring on my right finger to make it look not like the class time for some love drama. Well, it was much like a drama in the entire period of about a month and that part would be shared for fun with my analysis. Go back to Nicolas, the German middle age man who worked in India. So, he asked me why she has the ring and he commented that she must be crazy for doing that without a boy friend. I answered him that some people might just have a ring on ring finger for no reason or some religious people have it to keep away from flirtation. And another occasion was like the time when we were drinking together and he commented that often the dark beer is alcohol free.

They sometimes had parties at weekend and often some items in the kitchen were broken. For instance, wine glass was often broken and sometimes chairs. The day before my check out, they had one white chair broken. If they are working for the false witness program for the gang stalkers and needed some items to be broken for the violence claim, it would be it. The first few weeks in the house, Daniel, the 19-year old boy who lived in the room across from mine, often screamed at night in the kitchen or outside. I don't really know why he was doing that, but that part seemed to be something related with the gang stalking. He only did it few times in the first few weeks and it was not his normal behavior.

Now I learned better about why Jesus said don't bring so many stuffs with the apostles. Because if they go around near the sinners, they would steal it or damage it from the envy. The envy is often the motivation for the claim and the theft by the perps. But it's nice to share such information as I'm the victim of so many damages happened in the same style for many places. The München police said that they won't take care such organized crimes if the victim cannot speak perfect German. I got some people who pretend not understand my German, so I think I'm free to express them in English. If the police sees my damages and complaints, I hope they should file the case for me. This is the second time my suitcase got damaged. So far, München was the worst place to get gang stalking as they damage luggages often and love to steal religious Christian items. The V2K perps said that my bank money is stolen when I was living with Schöllhammer family, but so far I know is about strange 1 week vacation the parents made few weeks before my check out, and the 19-years boy and I were the one in their flat. The boy brought his friends for the part in his room almost everyday, so I don't think that was a problem to prove we had anything wrong for the false claims.

This post needs a bit more pictures for the evidences, but due to some problem with the Internet connection here, I cannot do it right now. I got more than 30min for the slow Internet working and so much weight on my computer. And I cannot move around the picture as well now.