30 July, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 29th, 2015

I visited Kotor and Perast yesterday. I visited Our Lady of the Rock last year and wanted to see it again this year. You know, it's good to see a nice painting of the Virgin Mary in the area even it's in Orthodox Church in an island. Miki travel has the boat from Kotor at 12.00 and 14.00 every day to Perast to Our Lady of the Rock. I missed it as I arrived around 2pm to Kotor. So, I took a bus back to Perast and found a boat from Herceg Novi heading to the island. I asked the crew and they offered me 7€ ride to the island and to Kombor area. I was lucky to save money somehow and was able to get to the island and go back directly without taking another bus. Miki Travel would cost 15€ for the boat trip around, so it was actually a good day for me visiting the island to the Perast Catholic church. Catholic church sells the souvenir with the picture, so it's just the local issue, I guess.

I saw a German and a US boats around when my Boka boat left the island. I could add the pictures, but I have some reading to be done at the beach before the sunset. I finished V2K volume 10 and some more of the V2K voice recordings for sale. Also, one of my book would be done in few days. It's around 30,000 words one and could be around 2€ for sale. Just watch the video for what's going on these days around me.

29 July, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 28th, 2015

I haven't write blog entries these days. I was busy on my mp3 audio books about V2K in Japanese and English. I finished typing my 10th volume of Japanese V2K book tonight. I will add the extra part and publish it by tomorrow. Also, I must add the books on this pages for ads. I have been making a website for book sell on WIX. I might introduce the site if I finish working with it.

Yesterday, I went to RODA supermarket near my apartment. I saw two clerks eating the snacks from shelves and drinking juices and working in the aisles. I thought it was gang stalking skits. I saw very few selections of vegetables available. No garlic on the shelf and I couldn't make the pasta right - no bacon but salami, no garlic, and no tomatoes. I made some pasta at night with vegeta, salami, frozen chopped vegetables. It tastes better with garlic and bacon. I'm carrying around the left over chili and olive oil bins. So, no one can touch them.

Well, today, I saw many German, Swiss and other cars on the street while I was waiting the bus. Nothing happened at Igalo. On my way home, I saw a strange family waving hands and taking photo from the top of the apartment across the bus stop. There was a small boy sat to my left with a drink. He left later.

In the bus, two boys sat in front of me from Zelenica area took a photo and sent it to people. I filmed them as it seemed they took the photo behind of them.

Here is the video.

23 July, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 22nd, 2015

Today is my birthday and I visited Kotor like last year. I visited the chapel of Our Lady of Health once again. Well, people might visit to Our Lady of the Rock today. They have the special ceremony on July 22nd, every year. I didn't know about it last year and saw the information at the cafe later. But I visited Perast on another day later. This year, I arrived to Kotor in afternoon and it was a bit late when I came down. So, no time for visiting Perast by the boat trip. It's just like last time. But it was hard for me to go up the hill because of the artificial heavy breathing and sudden gas problem in my stomach as if for the electronic harassment to prevent someone to have easy climbing. Well, the bus to Herceg Novi stops by at Perast though. Here is the information on the menu of a cafe in Kotor.

I saw some Japanese when I was in the chapel on the hill. I don't really see any Asians around at that time. Only few visitors like an Asian and a white couple.

And here is the photographer showed up in the chapel right after the Japanese family.

And tons of Turkish type Muslims at the old town I saw today.

And many suspicious top-to-toe covered Asians speaking Chinese and Vietnamese.
Also, Germans were at the hill and even in the bus to Herceg Novi. Their bus seats got a table for some unknown reason in the bus.

Here is the funny long video.

17 July, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 16th, 2015

I had a strange incident today. When I put a poster of German car pic sale in front of a supermarket, I saw a Munich car arrived. Also, there is a Frankfurt car next to the supermarket.
2 Polish cars nearby.

Here is the video.

16 July, 2015

Eastern Lightning and other Chinese Christian cults and their connection with Chinese Catholics

When I was checking the cult and kidnapping, I found this article.

It says that there is a Chinese Christian cult in New York that started kidnapping people to believe in their religion. Since the gang stalkers are more like cults and stalking for their enemy expelling from the area, the same Chinese may be in few religions if they are working as undercover for their own group. I don't know why Chinese suddenly show up at the churches just like Koreans do. So, I just gather the photos of Chinese gang stalkers who just show up for the harassment in the church. In this way, we can see the origin of these Chinese to know where they belongs and probably the past harassment records from what they did in the group.

Normally, there shouldn't be harassment at the churches if the church accept human rights and religious rights as long as the person is not denying or complains about the church doctrine.

Well, the church can decide who to be worthy to be worshipers such as taking out all the Niggers to be a clean church from the old timer's philosophy. But that must be related with the community and its philosophy. No Jewish Catholic during the Nazi time, you know. The similar thing has been going on and some other cults may be claiming non-believers as Muslims. Think about the mad Arabs adding all the women as Muslims so they can invade their rooms when they have the search assistant blackbag job letter from the FBI or the local police. 

Two Turkish towel and clothes at Budva beach few days ago

2 Türkie logo towel and clothes. Right after I saw that brown Turkey logo towel, I had the thought of my mobile has stolen. I checked my bag and could not find it. I went home after pissing so much from the possible theft. It was the last day at Budva beach for me. I found the mobile somewhat on the bottom of my bag and could not see it or touch it when I was looking for it at the beach.

An Asian woman walking alone that day.

German car with Cedevita Japanese logo

I saw a Japanese logo towel on my way back from the beach area. No Asians around and only Serbian speaking people. Maybe some Russians but not really around. Only Serbians. It's comfortable speaking "Molim vas" instead of "Molim" only like in Macedonia. Just slight difference but that's more likely ok for me with UNHCR cap. At least, I look like someone with multiple foreign languages and that made me look quite a professional.

15 July, 2015

I'm in Denovici now.

So far, nothing really happend like the V2K perps said. No Muslims - just a German car parked around the corner.

Mostly Serbian and Montenegli speakers at the beaches and stores. Few Austrian cars. I saw one Russian but that was how they are.

When I was reading with Kobo, I saw a man and a boy put a spider man bath towel next to me. Why spider man? People at Hemingway cafe in Budva were talking about Spider Man so often. I witnessed few tables talking about it and now a bath towel next to me. A good example of sensitization.

I'm safe. Just staying in the residential area. The V2K perps told me that they would bring censroship on me by Japanese people. The V2K perps said that they gonna bring some Japanese from Croatia for the harassment. These Japanese would say they can do the praying at the church or mosque better and trying to take out who they don't like. They just have the proud on how to compete against others. Well, I don't care what they bring but it's rare to see Japanese in Herceg Novi area. The flat owner is nice and they helped me quite good. Nothing really fishy happened. Just the owener's wife asked me which airport I would take like Narita and such. They took my passport for the registration purpose but will be returned by tomorrow.

Also, the V2K perps told me that the warrantless search in my room was done by the Japanese teacher in Split school. I don't know what happened but my shoe sole I bought at Medugorje was damaged. It was in March few years back then. Also, a Japanese exchange student at DID in Munich caused the confirmation of me to be a Muslim - because I spoke in Arabic with others there. Say, was it a problem speaking Arabic from 1 year stay in Egypt and knew some Egyptian diplomats in Sarajevo while I was with some others from different embassies such as Swiss?? Everything corrupted because of stupid Muslim claim. Let Copts take the charge of Egypt and keep a better border toward Israel. 

13 July, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 12th, 2015

Here is the video from yesterday. Some perps at the beach with Arabic tattoo and Chinese character tattoos. At the church, a German speaking couple sat behind of me. The 2 boys an women next to me did not take communion. Are they there to make the boys to claim me touching them or something? I will share their info as they could be claiming it to many people for their job in the Catholic churches.

A Japan flag man at Hemingway cafe. I used the bathroom and ordered a macciato. The Jap flag man was there at the entrance. So, I didn't drink the cafe as it could contain urine or something dangerous.

Here is the video.

10 July, 2015

How Japanese police conqured Croatia

The V2K people told me some interesting things in Japanese. They sometimes talk about the new technological findings and archaeological findings as well as what the perps experienced locally or as a result of what I said.

For instance, they talk about the points how much they can earn by taking me into jail. It's 30 points. I guess the perps have the game system for making their harassment to be fun without moral problem. Any damage on their enemy could make them feel winning feeling. A point system can make them keep doing - like Tom Powers' old theory.

Well, they talked about how the Soka Gakkai infiltrated in Croatia. They say that they brought some Japanese groups for the matching pair making and the surveillance system. These Soka Gakkai people using the mind monitoring and asking friends advises for the succeeding their plans. For example, they said they made 2 Japanese-Croats pairs during that matching meeting by the perp groups. Two Croat women were raped. They were set up by the military and the Japanese diplomat. First, they provided the happy feeling by getting together for partying and chatting. Croats love sharing their family information and that is the high ratio of getting women to be friends together. Then the young men knew from others by asking other Croats coworkers about how to get married with a Croat woman. The coworkers told them, the Croat women would get married more likely by getting her baby. Also, the man should wearing rich and stylish. Also, no gamble maker. The man must be very young and the woman must be young also. It was like they were in the same house together and the Japanese man contacted on the phone to use the peeing weapon (Shikkin weapon) which is some kind of watery liquid to give the peeing feeling locked from the bathroom bowl. So, next time the person have the bladder full, the urine leaks. It was used on the Croat woman's mother. And she was so upset and others left. The Croat woman and the Japanese guy was together. They talked about no sex experience and trying to touch the body. Then the Japanese man showed her his penis. Then the Croat woman wanted to call her family member, but they were busy about the mother. Then he raped her from the back and at that time, he asked her to look toward him. It was how he took a photo of her. So, that was how they get married after all. The Croat woman had the thought induction of the remote hypnosis telling her "I'm a woman.." and accepted the change of her shape with the baby. It was the deep feeling that the Croats share as the family value in their culture. Also, Chinese-Croat couple's information of using the same tooth brush and tooth paste to feel ok and united to be a couple worked well on these calculated taylor-made Japanese police males.

Japanese police probably try to take out the Japanese and Japanese immigrants who are not their friends. That is same like non-Soka Gakkai should be taken out as all the police and SDF people are Soka Gakkai members.

In Bosnia, they may have many Japanese there and many must be blinds. The V2K perps say. Also, the perps in Bosnia often use "King of ...." for praising their name and money value such as "he is the king of investigation."

Much worse coming if I visit Croatia once again? I don't know. But I think the perps and perp related priests seem to know more about this human automation and the enemy elimination system. Most important thing is that people are automated and their thoughts are manipulated all the time when someone else wants them to think in the certain way.

08 July, 2015

The corruption of Croatia and gang stalking

So far, I have been hearing so many insults from V2K speakers. I always got threats like my stuffs are stolen, my bag was thrown to the ground from the my room window, my clothes damaged, etc.

I have heard what happened in Croatia as the V2K people tell something related with their doing. They said that they brought some Muslims to persuade Catholic priests to believe what they say - they are warned by these Muslims that I would be dangerous and such. Well, Muslims are always liars and potential terrorists. I don't know why they believe in the Muslims.

Soka Gakkai made a huge success on immigrating to Croatia by accusing non-Soka people as criminal or sex gangs. They could just try to say Japanese Christians as "Ku-ki (Christian de Kitigai, Christian and mad)  as the V2K people said. They say that making the crime tips for Muslim making up can make me able to get the citizenship in Croatia. They said that they tried it in past few years and that made the local Catholic to believe me as a Muslim or just the subject of complete body search which include the porno making. Croats understand the situation like the religion factors like in the Balkans. Serbs are in the orthodox churches, Bosnians are Muslims, and Croats as Catholics. Croats help Soka Gakkai as they think most Japanese are Buddhists and that sounds natural to them. It is something different from what happened to Jews who could be Christians or atheists. Jewish means to be the ethnic identity rather than the religion. So, it helps Koreans to be more powerful in Catholic country like Croatia. Chinese could be also powerful in Croatia by bribing people and they could help Chinese who just do something against the Japanese because of the WWII time relationship with Japanese. Croats knew how to survive by taking out their enemies and helping friends. They stole from others like non-Croats and that is still working in the life in Croatia. I used to be safe in Croatia till... probably 2013? when I visited there and stayed in Palmers' Lodge in Zagreb but got strange lung sickness and had to extend my stay for awhile. At least, I was not really stalked by Koreans in Zagreb so much before. More problem happened and got more problem in hostels such as Ravenice - where my underwear got punch holed and shoe sole damaged, Favela Hostel where another Japanese was in the dorm room and my umbrella damaged and even a Korean looking man asked me of missing money in his room next to mine, Noctromo had Japanese girls and more Koreans showed up later and my white T-shirt went missing later. Hostel Sara did not have problem except a Chinese couple stayed in the room next to mine. The one next to it... I forgot the name but to the west side had the private room in renovation and I was relocated to Hostel Four Seasons and saw some people working in the reception room till after midnight and some teens stayed in another room. I could list up the incidents and other information in the location and chronological order.

The perps' plan in Croatia would be stealing my passport and camera. They say that is enough to make me nullified and the cops will act like the queen taken as the hostage of paranoia. Local paranoias are already made like this way in Croatia and the churches are the institution to confirm the prostitution and sexual maniacs to separate the people.

The local gegoros are interested in the sexual contents, so it provides the endless possibility on the prostitution claims to the people because these people doing crime tipping on prostitution are in numbers and won't be accused by tipping. Anyone can be called mad by the locals if they are doing the witch hunting.

Got some warning of my FC2 site down

I was busy reading and working on HP-Life program. Well, my V2K vol.10 is now around 10K words. So, I maybe slow on other books but still going on working on my writing also.

Oh, here is today's perps. I saw an US boat near the limit of the swimming area. It was just facing toward me. The crews inside had the facial tattoo on their chests. Why do they have such a strange thing?

I saw more Hungarian cars just like in Skopje. I found some photos disappeared from my photo collection, so I share it here. I missed the one parked outside of the gym in Skopje. These cars might be crucial for the gang stalking.

A Swiss car near my pansion had a new local license number.

There was a man in Judo? image with Chinese character T-shirt showed up at Express Restaurant. Is he a Judo member on surveillance?

The V2K perps telling me more of the corruption of Croatia. I probably write about it in another post.

06 July, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 5th, 2015

Here is the video from Sunday. I saw many Asians after the mass. I had problem waking up in the morning as I was in the deep sleep without sleeping pills but could not hear the alarm beeping. But when I hear the V2K voices, I usually get alerted and awake. It is like the bone conduction hearing and keep me awake like the small vibration for hearing voices. I think this is people should try to compare if the bone conduction microphones can make people awake suddenly or not.

I saw these Asians around. Now, how many are the perpetrators? I'm assuming some are Chinese and Japanese.

And the couple with Red Sea Egypt bag next to me. It's Budva and are they Muslims pretending to be there with me? Then we found some funny people on stalking.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 4th, 2015

The day I visited Sveti Stefan. It was 1.50€ fare for the bus. I saw Aman Hotel employee in the bus. Then I saw the Aman employees and Securitas people blocking the passage to the island. They only let the hotel guests and 2 restaurants customers in the island to pass the road. The V2K perps told me that they brought Muslims and Japanese and the meal would be cooked with old man's denture. So I did not visit the island for photo taking. But I don't really see why Aman owns all the island from the passage entrance. The V2K perps told me that Aman is mafia and control the weapon trades. They also told me that Sveti Stefan used to be the navy fortress and was used to hid the secret children of the bishops. They had these child just in case if the elites needed another son during the war and marriage conflicts. The bishops are from the noble born at that time.

Later, when I went back to Budva, I saw Buddhist writing T-shirt man walking.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 2nd, 2015

I visited Podgorica and got new cable for my camera. It was the funniest thing happened to me in this year. I thought it was HDMI cable as the socket was next to the battery cover. I totally forgot about the socket on the grip side. I haven't charge the battery for awhile like a week and totally forgot about the location. It was as if I lost the memory of the way how I charged before. I bought the camera in this March in Romania and I have been using it everyday for OSAM video making. I don't know how this forced thought of HDMI cable gone missing happened. Well it could be some thought induction with stressed consequence like the Japanese thief/carpenter shoes at Altira gym I saw and worried about the theft like at Sarajevo. I guess it came with the technique that anything covered would be missing from the memory technique. For example, a drawer is closed and the target forgets to check the contents before leaving the hotel and forget the contents there. I prevent this kind of mind trap by just leaving the drawer open so that I could motivate myself to check the contents. This could be something related to the priority of the thinking. Someone with priority of something will repeat the actions or attitude toward it. V2K perps say that is Adam's Law.

Well, here is the video. I saw a man with Japanese logo clothes near the bus station at Podgorica. A Muslim worker at the shopping mall. The passengers paying coins to the driver after arriving to Budva. I don't know why they gave tips to him. It did not happen when I took the same bus last time to Budva from Podgorica.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 3rd, 2015

OSAM from July 3rd, 2015.

01 July, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 30th, 2015

I went to the electronic shop near the main street yesterday. They had HDMI cable but that one is for the TV connection not for the charging. It was amazing to find a cable like that in Budva. There was a boy with Sony camera like me came and he was wearing mustache T-shirt like the gang stalkers' sensitization.

I saw a German car with yellow label near my guest house and when I came home, I saw a German bike. But I didn't encounter a German speaker.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 29th, 2015

Here is the video from the day before yesterday.