08 July, 2015

The corruption of Croatia and gang stalking

So far, I have been hearing so many insults from V2K speakers. I always got threats like my stuffs are stolen, my bag was thrown to the ground from the my room window, my clothes damaged, etc.

I have heard what happened in Croatia as the V2K people tell something related with their doing. They said that they brought some Muslims to persuade Catholic priests to believe what they say - they are warned by these Muslims that I would be dangerous and such. Well, Muslims are always liars and potential terrorists. I don't know why they believe in the Muslims.

Soka Gakkai made a huge success on immigrating to Croatia by accusing non-Soka people as criminal or sex gangs. They could just try to say Japanese Christians as "Ku-ki (Christian de Kitigai, Christian and mad)  as the V2K people said. They say that making the crime tips for Muslim making up can make me able to get the citizenship in Croatia. They said that they tried it in past few years and that made the local Catholic to believe me as a Muslim or just the subject of complete body search which include the porno making. Croats understand the situation like the religion factors like in the Balkans. Serbs are in the orthodox churches, Bosnians are Muslims, and Croats as Catholics. Croats help Soka Gakkai as they think most Japanese are Buddhists and that sounds natural to them. It is something different from what happened to Jews who could be Christians or atheists. Jewish means to be the ethnic identity rather than the religion. So, it helps Koreans to be more powerful in Catholic country like Croatia. Chinese could be also powerful in Croatia by bribing people and they could help Chinese who just do something against the Japanese because of the WWII time relationship with Japanese. Croats knew how to survive by taking out their enemies and helping friends. They stole from others like non-Croats and that is still working in the life in Croatia. I used to be safe in Croatia till... probably 2013? when I visited there and stayed in Palmers' Lodge in Zagreb but got strange lung sickness and had to extend my stay for awhile. At least, I was not really stalked by Koreans in Zagreb so much before. More problem happened and got more problem in hostels such as Ravenice - where my underwear got punch holed and shoe sole damaged, Favela Hostel where another Japanese was in the dorm room and my umbrella damaged and even a Korean looking man asked me of missing money in his room next to mine, Noctromo had Japanese girls and more Koreans showed up later and my white T-shirt went missing later. Hostel Sara did not have problem except a Chinese couple stayed in the room next to mine. The one next to it... I forgot the name but to the west side had the private room in renovation and I was relocated to Hostel Four Seasons and saw some people working in the reception room till after midnight and some teens stayed in another room. I could list up the incidents and other information in the location and chronological order.

The perps' plan in Croatia would be stealing my passport and camera. They say that is enough to make me nullified and the cops will act like the queen taken as the hostage of paranoia. Local paranoias are already made like this way in Croatia and the churches are the institution to confirm the prostitution and sexual maniacs to separate the people.

The local gegoros are interested in the sexual contents, so it provides the endless possibility on the prostitution claims to the people because these people doing crime tipping on prostitution are in numbers and won't be accused by tipping. Anyone can be called mad by the locals if they are doing the witch hunting.