15 July, 2015

I'm in Denovici now.

So far, nothing really happend like the V2K perps said. No Muslims - just a German car parked around the corner.

Mostly Serbian and Montenegli speakers at the beaches and stores. Few Austrian cars. I saw one Russian but that was how they are.

When I was reading with Kobo, I saw a man and a boy put a spider man bath towel next to me. Why spider man? People at Hemingway cafe in Budva were talking about Spider Man so often. I witnessed few tables talking about it and now a bath towel next to me. A good example of sensitization.

I'm safe. Just staying in the residential area. The V2K perps told me that they would bring censroship on me by Japanese people. The V2K perps said that they gonna bring some Japanese from Croatia for the harassment. These Japanese would say they can do the praying at the church or mosque better and trying to take out who they don't like. They just have the proud on how to compete against others. Well, I don't care what they bring but it's rare to see Japanese in Herceg Novi area. The flat owner is nice and they helped me quite good. Nothing really fishy happened. Just the owener's wife asked me which airport I would take like Narita and such. They took my passport for the registration purpose but will be returned by tomorrow.

Also, the V2K perps told me that the warrantless search in my room was done by the Japanese teacher in Split school. I don't know what happened but my shoe sole I bought at Medugorje was damaged. It was in March few years back then. Also, a Japanese exchange student at DID in Munich caused the confirmation of me to be a Muslim - because I spoke in Arabic with others there. Say, was it a problem speaking Arabic from 1 year stay in Egypt and knew some Egyptian diplomats in Sarajevo while I was with some others from different embassies such as Swiss?? Everything corrupted because of stupid Muslim claim. Let Copts take the charge of Egypt and keep a better border toward Israel.