29 July, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 28th, 2015

I haven't write blog entries these days. I was busy on my mp3 audio books about V2K in Japanese and English. I finished typing my 10th volume of Japanese V2K book tonight. I will add the extra part and publish it by tomorrow. Also, I must add the books on this pages for ads. I have been making a website for book sell on WIX. I might introduce the site if I finish working with it.

Yesterday, I went to RODA supermarket near my apartment. I saw two clerks eating the snacks from shelves and drinking juices and working in the aisles. I thought it was gang stalking skits. I saw very few selections of vegetables available. No garlic on the shelf and I couldn't make the pasta right - no bacon but salami, no garlic, and no tomatoes. I made some pasta at night with vegeta, salami, frozen chopped vegetables. It tastes better with garlic and bacon. I'm carrying around the left over chili and olive oil bins. So, no one can touch them.

Well, today, I saw many German, Swiss and other cars on the street while I was waiting the bus. Nothing happened at Igalo. On my way home, I saw a strange family waving hands and taking photo from the top of the apartment across the bus stop. There was a small boy sat to my left with a drink. He left later.

In the bus, two boys sat in front of me from Zelenica area took a photo and sent it to people. I filmed them as it seemed they took the photo behind of them.

Here is the video.