10 July, 2015

How Japanese police conqured Croatia

The V2K people told me some interesting things in Japanese. They sometimes talk about the new technological findings and archaeological findings as well as what the perps experienced locally or as a result of what I said.

For instance, they talk about the points how much they can earn by taking me into jail. It's 30 points. I guess the perps have the game system for making their harassment to be fun without moral problem. Any damage on their enemy could make them feel winning feeling. A point system can make them keep doing - like Tom Powers' old theory.

Well, they talked about how the Soka Gakkai infiltrated in Croatia. They say that they brought some Japanese groups for the matching pair making and the surveillance system. These Soka Gakkai people using the mind monitoring and asking friends advises for the succeeding their plans. For example, they said they made 2 Japanese-Croats pairs during that matching meeting by the perp groups. Two Croat women were raped. They were set up by the military and the Japanese diplomat. First, they provided the happy feeling by getting together for partying and chatting. Croats love sharing their family information and that is the high ratio of getting women to be friends together. Then the young men knew from others by asking other Croats coworkers about how to get married with a Croat woman. The coworkers told them, the Croat women would get married more likely by getting her baby. Also, the man should wearing rich and stylish. Also, no gamble maker. The man must be very young and the woman must be young also. It was like they were in the same house together and the Japanese man contacted on the phone to use the peeing weapon (Shikkin weapon) which is some kind of watery liquid to give the peeing feeling locked from the bathroom bowl. So, next time the person have the bladder full, the urine leaks. It was used on the Croat woman's mother. And she was so upset and others left. The Croat woman and the Japanese guy was together. They talked about no sex experience and trying to touch the body. Then the Japanese man showed her his penis. Then the Croat woman wanted to call her family member, but they were busy about the mother. Then he raped her from the back and at that time, he asked her to look toward him. It was how he took a photo of her. So, that was how they get married after all. The Croat woman had the thought induction of the remote hypnosis telling her "I'm a woman.." and accepted the change of her shape with the baby. It was the deep feeling that the Croats share as the family value in their culture. Also, Chinese-Croat couple's information of using the same tooth brush and tooth paste to feel ok and united to be a couple worked well on these calculated taylor-made Japanese police males.

Japanese police probably try to take out the Japanese and Japanese immigrants who are not their friends. That is same like non-Soka Gakkai should be taken out as all the police and SDF people are Soka Gakkai members.

In Bosnia, they may have many Japanese there and many must be blinds. The V2K perps say. Also, the perps in Bosnia often use "King of ...." for praising their name and money value such as "he is the king of investigation."

Much worse coming if I visit Croatia once again? I don't know. But I think the perps and perp related priests seem to know more about this human automation and the enemy elimination system. Most important thing is that people are automated and their thoughts are manipulated all the time when someone else wants them to think in the certain way.