06 July, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 2nd, 2015

I visited Podgorica and got new cable for my camera. It was the funniest thing happened to me in this year. I thought it was HDMI cable as the socket was next to the battery cover. I totally forgot about the socket on the grip side. I haven't charge the battery for awhile like a week and totally forgot about the location. It was as if I lost the memory of the way how I charged before. I bought the camera in this March in Romania and I have been using it everyday for OSAM video making. I don't know how this forced thought of HDMI cable gone missing happened. Well it could be some thought induction with stressed consequence like the Japanese thief/carpenter shoes at Altira gym I saw and worried about the theft like at Sarajevo. I guess it came with the technique that anything covered would be missing from the memory technique. For example, a drawer is closed and the target forgets to check the contents before leaving the hotel and forget the contents there. I prevent this kind of mind trap by just leaving the drawer open so that I could motivate myself to check the contents. This could be something related to the priority of the thinking. Someone with priority of something will repeat the actions or attitude toward it. V2K perps say that is Adam's Law.

Well, here is the video. I saw a man with Japanese logo clothes near the bus station at Podgorica. A Muslim worker at the shopping mall. The passengers paying coins to the driver after arriving to Budva. I don't know why they gave tips to him. It did not happen when I took the same bus last time to Budva from Podgorica.