16 July, 2015

Eastern Lightning and other Chinese Christian cults and their connection with Chinese Catholics

When I was checking the cult and kidnapping, I found this article.

It says that there is a Chinese Christian cult in New York that started kidnapping people to believe in their religion. Since the gang stalkers are more like cults and stalking for their enemy expelling from the area, the same Chinese may be in few religions if they are working as undercover for their own group. I don't know why Chinese suddenly show up at the churches just like Koreans do. So, I just gather the photos of Chinese gang stalkers who just show up for the harassment in the church. In this way, we can see the origin of these Chinese to know where they belongs and probably the past harassment records from what they did in the group.

Normally, there shouldn't be harassment at the churches if the church accept human rights and religious rights as long as the person is not denying or complains about the church doctrine.

Well, the church can decide who to be worthy to be worshipers such as taking out all the Niggers to be a clean church from the old timer's philosophy. But that must be related with the community and its philosophy. No Jewish Catholic during the Nazi time, you know. The similar thing has been going on and some other cults may be claiming non-believers as Muslims. Think about the mad Arabs adding all the women as Muslims so they can invade their rooms when they have the search assistant blackbag job letter from the FBI or the local police.