23 July, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 22nd, 2015

Today is my birthday and I visited Kotor like last year. I visited the chapel of Our Lady of Health once again. Well, people might visit to Our Lady of the Rock today. They have the special ceremony on July 22nd, every year. I didn't know about it last year and saw the information at the cafe later. But I visited Perast on another day later. This year, I arrived to Kotor in afternoon and it was a bit late when I came down. So, no time for visiting Perast by the boat trip. It's just like last time. But it was hard for me to go up the hill because of the artificial heavy breathing and sudden gas problem in my stomach as if for the electronic harassment to prevent someone to have easy climbing. Well, the bus to Herceg Novi stops by at Perast though. Here is the information on the menu of a cafe in Kotor.

I saw some Japanese when I was in the chapel on the hill. I don't really see any Asians around at that time. Only few visitors like an Asian and a white couple.

And here is the photographer showed up in the chapel right after the Japanese family.

And tons of Turkish type Muslims at the old town I saw today.

And many suspicious top-to-toe covered Asians speaking Chinese and Vietnamese.
Also, Germans were at the hill and even in the bus to Herceg Novi. Their bus seats got a table for some unknown reason in the bus.

Here is the funny long video.