08 July, 2015

Got some warning of my FC2 site down

I was busy reading and working on HP-Life program. Well, my V2K vol.10 is now around 10K words. So, I maybe slow on other books but still going on working on my writing also.

Oh, here is today's perps. I saw an US boat near the limit of the swimming area. It was just facing toward me. The crews inside had the facial tattoo on their chests. Why do they have such a strange thing?

I saw more Hungarian cars just like in Skopje. I found some photos disappeared from my photo collection, so I share it here. I missed the one parked outside of the gym in Skopje. These cars might be crucial for the gang stalking.

A Swiss car near my pansion had a new local license number.

There was a man in Judo? image with Chinese character T-shirt showed up at Express Restaurant. Is he a Judo member on surveillance?

The V2K perps telling me more of the corruption of Croatia. I probably write about it in another post.