30 November, 2013

V2K book sample

Here is the sample entry of my English V2K book. It would be over 100,000 words - over 260 pages, and the price would be around 15€. it might contain some appendix just like Japanese V2K books. It's all about scaring and the criminal make up.

November 29, 2013 21:32 (Medjugorje)
“I told you this is not good.”
“It's only for the Islams.”
“The Slavic teachers are so wealthy on the phonics and the UOP people are eager to follow your order.”
“There are true stories that they tried so hard and make it through. And this time we made it and we won against you.”
“Just see what we found out. You are Nazis.”
“I need to tell you something. Your faith is broken.”
“Oi, what to do with the Chinese mafia?”
“And Soka cults?”
“I think they are just the coincidence.”
“No, we can call the police immediately from now on.”
“We are paying for the money, bitch.”
“Our wealth surpassed the diplomats nowadays.”
“They can cancell the Moster's order legally.”
“There must be someone looking at everything all the time and it's you, right?”
“There is a person on the spotlight.”
“Who need warez?”
“They have Zenigata's claim and me.”
“There were Jewish population everywhere, right? What did they do with that?”
“There are homeless people out there and nothing to do with it.”
“Those homeless people had harassed in a different way than Jews. Period.”
“If you are married, everyone would be happy.”
“If you are still out there, we can pray for the priests to kick you out.”
“This is the millionaires' order.”
“We help each other for the Müstair, too.”
“We have the hub and the network of security.”
“Social insurance.”
“No more money, Jap.”
“I need to teach you a quite a good lesson today.”
“We need a Samurai bustard to be doing the Tobigeri thing. We filed the case of kissing incident also.”
“There is the dental floss issue. The teeth is yellow.”
“Wireless Lan, huh?”
“In a long run, our model is okey. And your model is a baby.”
“No more social check, chup.”
“Needle surgery was a mistake. It went through the nasal cavity nicht (not: German).”
“It could be replaced as well.”
“What a horror movie.”
“We made a mistake on the surgery and this woman would die soon.”
“Oh, dear!”
“There is a true story of Manga Michi (manga way: Japanese). One lesson and one retardity.”
“You never ever tried to follow Jesus. You are just hanging around and playing around for awhile in our church.”
“There are more serious people out there.”
“Ah, that's from the article.”
“Our lawyer is protecting the society and not the needle surgery mistake has nothing to do with it.”
“I don't think so.”
“We have a failure for the US president if 80% of people voting him for retire. Now, will he get a surgery failure in the same way? No.”
“Of course, that's a human error and the mistake has nothing to do with the life decision of the person's business or the lifestyle.”
“No more mocking.”
“We are sure she will be happy here than in Müstair now.”
“I know.”
“She is following Jehovas witness.”
“Do you know how much the Nichiren-women to repay?”
“It's not gonna hurt you at all. You are seriously taking the point into the right spot. Who is the Muslim?”
“There is a life threatening danger called COINTELPRO for her. She is socially assassinated all the time.”
“So the millionaires want to evict you soon from ...”
“If it is in the United States, it's easy.”
“We are seriously sorry for your mental disorder but we want a nice trip to Medjugorje.”
“I see.”
“So tomorrow, we call the security to check your bag contents.”
“Do you fart on the street? That's not good.”
“There is only one chance the victim is collected. She must be abussive.”
“No spotlight this time.”
“We don't like you filming.”
“Okay, there is a point. She can film anyone after the mass. That's right.”
“And it's not gonna be so easy to get out from jail.”
“We have the millionaire's club here and the United States is backing up for it.”
“I need to tell you this not in personally but through the lawyer's voice.”
“We can take your wallet for the education, of course.”
“If she shout for that, she gonna be..”
“I don't know. If she got money in the wallet and someone stole it already..”
“But the Mephistopheles can get you.”
“We have the Mephist, right?”
“I know you are hiding.”
“We are ready to take your watch, too.”
“I need your holy Bible to be mine.”
“Do you think this gonna work? We just approach you and try to talk to you indirectly.”
“The tricolor Leute (people: German) is here for the mental assistance.”
“I need someone who speaks the International marriage.”
“After the September 11th, we had the war. And we are securing the priests.”
“Then we can...”
“I know what you mean by it..”
“So, we steal the treasures when we want her to leave our village.”
“Yeah, the translator is hurt, too.”
“We know your limits. You are not matured.”
“And the Homeland Security is recruiting the guys from München.”
“We are assuring that she is a hate crime maker.”
“No more yellow badge, Jap.”
“We are legally collecting you.”
“Soka Gakkai cult is a trouble maker, too. Here in Tokyo, we have the Yamanote-sen killer and that's the Gakkai members.”
“We failed to protect you, but the millionaires' speech is important in München.”
“We are collecting you.”
“They are so terribly working forward in your case. We made the video like your body lying like an bow.. and..”
“We must be rich in future.”
“Not really retarded.”
“Tomorrow, we gonna take your camera.”
“We can do this, of course.”
“This is a coercive persuasion.”
“They have the arresting records for sure.”
“There is an International Criminal Court, but the judge says the Münchener police are great.”
“They work with the national security issues and no justice makers.”
“We have the people oppressed for sure. Now what should I do?”
“We want you to be evicted to your home town.”
“I need your wallet, too.”
“They are so eagerly disbanding your case now.”
“Their sentence is to bring you back to your town. Ni-hao (hello: Chinese) Leute (people: German) is surly pleased.”
“I need your drivers license back when you are in prison, so your sentence would be longer for sure.”
“We want you to take anything from us. And in return, we want you to be a million dollar lawsuit.”
“Gegen Stasi? What's that?”
“I hate the people from Turkey showing up here, too.”
“Shall I borrow your Katana?”
“Japan would be dead soon.”
“No more Hinomaru in Müstair.”
“If the German intelligence gets you, you are finished.”
“I think there is a special meal in this town again.”
“No way!”
“I've heard she is right back in Medjugorje.”
“If she is a sister, we need her to be a moron.”
“I want her to be scary and dangerous. Can you hear me now?”
“We are legally aiding the Nazis.”
“The Chinese mafia part is richtig (right: German) if it means the Chain Gang. It refers the connection between the companies.”
“How big is the suitcase?”
“It was the same model as before.”
“Nothing new?”
“So far, I know she had a mental surgery and the surgical damage made her to be a bit confusion.”
“There are people out there hopeless and wanting to die.”
“We want a suicide bommer nicht (not: German) right in the church.”
“So, the scientists are donating the organs Forter (torture: German).”
“In case of a war breaks out, we are only following the orders by the millionaires.”
“We are seriously sorry about the Bill Gates Association.”
“We found the troupe and theolitically correct.”
“I need to know your name first, Jane Bauer.”
“How old are you? And the eternal license down.”
“We are pleased to sue you this time.”
“We found your blog.”
“There is no way out.”
“We feel sorry for sure.”
“I feel sorry for the Japanese embassy couple who came for informing about you as the Islamic religion.”
“I'm sure you are arrested by the second evening mass, the day after tomorrow.”
“We have the people who know you here.”
“I know Samurai is a monkey.”
“Japanese Samurai is not a wondering sheep but a wondering monkey, hahahahaha.”
“You are like a herpes, right?”
“You can't go up to the postlight because of your nationality and the life experience in the mental hospital.”
“So, you only drunk the mineral water for 2 weeks? That's a good one.”
“Our priests are really rich here. If you have an imagination of the Gates Association, we gonna give you some medicine.”
“We have some French nurse.”
“Actually, this theory is correct.”
“The Soka mafia would like you to be expelled from the church, not our church though.”
“We have the millionaires' messages here and there.”
“We cancel the scooter works.”
“The underaged are better for the preaching.”
“You are no longer arrested, only the preach is severe this time.”
“No way she posted that already?”
“I hate Allah due to the Muslim extremists.”
“Wow, that's a good one.”
“You will never go back to Japanese home.”
“What happened to you? She is now really a Islam hater.”
“This one is Ha Mosad's favorite.”
“Even you got a catchy information for Serbians.”
“Everyone wearing the similar clothes, right? So we don't go abroad and treat you like a foreigner here.”
“Only the mental disease part is a problem.”
“Who gonna make up a theory now? She is up to paradise for sure.”
“We found her writing very strange but now I understand. That's the world doing.”
“We found the top security officer of suicidal terrorist teaching. Hirohito is a possible one.”
“Now we have a problem, she hates Japanese style.”
“They got a wrong individual on the list and the officer is shoot to death by beheading.”
“No way!”
“We got it right. Too much suffering for her.”
“It was the guide from Japan. In Tokyo, more Chinese philosophers are accepted.”
“We are all arresting you. The survival game is over.”
“We have a better lifetime sentences for the wives of the Tenno (emperor: Japanese).”
“This tricolor color is great.”
“We are so healed right now.”
“I need you to be shut up and now leave.”
“There is a Islamic period on your record but that was a fake.”
“The officer thought you would accept the Islam without problem.”
“Ah... I seriously admire you to be a Christian. Now go home.”
“They want to scapegoat you for the future terrible attacks on us.”
“You have a natural long history of bagabond life.”
“It is unusual.”
“Then the cops are so intelligent on checking what happened to you.”
“We need a molester by now.”
“We cancel the confirmation of the church view.”
“We got a huge backed up file in the beginning. And that part is terrible. She collected so much data from us.”
“I don't think they are capable of escaping.”
“No way!”
“We have the trouble maker within us.”
“So, now you are no marked again. And back again. Peeeep!”
“We are now in total control of the society even within the stomach contents.”
“I hate this one, too.”
“There is no more of the Chinese mafia writing. Only Chain Gang is accepted.”
“That's about the Chinese ventures.”
“We will get the peace right back.”
“No civil militant here only the officers with brains.”
“There are Catholic vs. Israeli formula here also.”
“We have filed arrest.”
“That one goes with a millionaire's kid who did not obey our Catholic rule.”
“She got a mistreatment from us before and now we look childish not.”
“If something happens to our nation, you are not the one to be protected. Therefore, the millionaires will win against any criminal case from now on. This is the officers' rule.”
“UK is not a Nazis country yet, so don't spill it out.”
“There is NHK message sending going on. We have filed the case against Miyoko cancelled. How rude people are sometimes.”
“If her underwear went missing, we are responsible for sure, it says.”
“We don't want this kind of embarrassment spread out.”
“She talked about the millionaires' club.”
“And what about the drop and the abandoned door outside in Moster?”
“That one was made for the hidden trap for the new officers. They are called for the dispatch and then they walk through and the rest is the drop dead gorgeous Yukata.”
“You know what it means to be getting hurt?”
“I think this one is critical. Ni-hao is a criminal.”
“No, she does not say that.”
“I want you to shut up next time in the mass.”
“There is an obituary with an extended hanging.”
“There is a big controversy. The song with happy, happy, phrases. That one got a hidden message in it.”
“Just listen to it.”
“You now have an arrest order from the church office.”
“If you are so angry and aggressively accusing the military officers, they gonna church you for the mass murderer.”
“There are people who are arrested in this way here if the Pope is pleased.”
“And your website must be shut down ofter that. And we are out.”
“No more of the charge for the US drivers.”
“They did a crucial action against her. What happened to her legal rights?”
“There is no regal rights for her to stay safe without persecution.”
“If she has a higher educational goal than us, there is no way she is capable to handle the wallet theft after visiting the mass and one of the officer found it on the street as a safe depot for the hidden mic.”
“That's a computer mic.”
“I mean, Bill Gates made this joke against you. If you type them up, you are a paranoia.”
“There are special task forces come and get you if they are talking to you using the name of Bill Gates Associates.”
“We have a house rule here.”
“The regular people are arrested by murdering the people in front of the camera.”
“If you are just here for praying, the chain gang gonna make a suicidal bomber out from you and they gonna call an officer to take your...”
“We have a hub based on the UK's rule here.”
“We are not a Pais Bais. It was a way too unique for me.”
“Who said that?”
“Do you know Rama Kan?”
“The Muslims wanted the program to take someone out and the program will the millionaires to get the all property to be pocketed.”
“No way!”
“So, if you try to change your image, it's too late.”
“I want to tell you something. Can you quit smoking? Someone complained to the Soka police and now UK members are totally screwed about the naming of the chaing gang.”
“The first initiation is the rocket to the key.”
“The military girls are not that educated for sure.”
“I need to talk to your lawyer, too, in München if you have a severed record.”
“The person had no money.”
“Oh, my God.”
“If she is following the Islamic order, the military is capable of taking her down. But if she is a Muslim cheerleader...”
“I don't think it works. She is anti-Islam.”
“No way! This makes everything screwed. We need to recalculate.”
“There are things go wrong. For example, the empire is a person of small sheep.”
“We can't touch that.”
“I know how severe to be betrayed by the professors.”
“You know what, she needs her records.”
“I can imagine who would do what is unknown.”
“But there is a beginner time. We suppose to be begging for the sinfulness. In her case, she didn't take it. She had too much harassers around.”
“What should I do?”
“Is Chinese couple, ok?”
“No. Not at all. We are the one responsible for sending a wrong message to Himarayans.”
“I tell you Jesus, the stripper was not Miyoko.”
“I told you. It was a Japanese perpetrator who took off the pantie as a joke.”
“She is broke and aboard. What should I do?”
“No. She lives in a hotel here.”
“There are people out moron and Nigger was case officers, right?”
“And they must be assigned to a different jobs from now on.”
“What a story.”
“There are workless people who are looking for some free bedddings.”
“No way!”
“That's Müstair girls.”
“They got people who are from Hokekyo's clan.”
“There was the Tekondo girl who contacted to the owner. She said you are out of control.”
“No way!”
“The bill would be raising for sure.”
“I can assume that was a wrong step backwards. She is ganged and that would look like that.”
“I can imagine how the Husha speakers are now. They are all collected by the Nazis lawyers by sleeping around.”
“That's how the top officers think. If they are survivors, they should pick up the guns.”
“They don't really know, what meant to live in honor.”
“How to make a success? Take it with a possessive mind.”
“No mater light or black, it's all you get.”
“No more body reading.”
“The millionaire girl is dying.”
“How many people are reporting to the officers?”
“That's a normal promotion records for Miyoko's live camera.”
“UK camp for sure.”
“No body is listening.”
“You know what? We ignore her stories.”
“We just talk to her and she will be arrested for the sexual harassment on our kids, right?”
“That's the best for the Muslims.”
“Even for the women.”
“I do love that.”
“I think you should be holding a camera out and shouting.”
“Oh, what should I do? If she questions me back?”
“I need to take a photo of a baby, can you help me? Is this alright? Then we can call an officer.”
“Somebody can sit next to her and take her bag or something.”
“I need her room number immediately.”
“We might need an anatomical review.”
“We are seriously sorry for the nasal leek.”
“Ethnic gender gap is not really important. We just need a power horse and a lawyer.”
“Kissed on the tattoo, yuck!”
“We can do that.”
“Oh, yeah.”
“But the owners don't want.”
“There is no sign of the damage in the building.”
“What's the matter?”
“I found her bandage in her nose.”
“Oh, my.”
“And it was after the nose surgery.”
“What happened?”
“She got a cyst.”
“No complain.”
“We got a military order.”
“For the safety of the others, you are treated to..”
“Asylum seeker, huh?”
“No more.”
“I don't understand in English. Can you speak in German? Enough?”
“No. Croatian.”
“We could do that. But that is a defense team's total vacance for sure.”
“The vocational time is over.”
“There is a Noa's Ark Project by the power elites.”
“We take the millionaires' eggs and sperms.”
“We want you to be in. Just in case, Matsukiyo is dying.”
“The first scenario is better. Just a plain killer and the officers will tackle her down from the behind.”
“I can imagine. That is the USA's campus favorite tactics number one.”
“The military elite team win the match.”
“No more survival tips. Everything is taped, huh?”
“No more nose bleeding.”
“Oh, no. She is in the medical attention case.”
“If we make up a crime records like this way, we cannot bring her to the mental institution. It would be a matter of the unphilosophical leg opening carriers.”
“Oh, no. There is only one chance the theory is accepted. If she stabbed a person or something, the security will tackle her down.”
“Oh, no.”
“We are now assisting a fortress-type situation.”
“We have a Ni-hao's (hello: Chinese) Peeping Tom tool.”
“Oh, no. Is she typing up?”
“Yeah. She is typing everything up.”
“Help me. The owner is awake and worried about the canned mustered.”
“You know what it means? A Mustered gas.”
“Oh, no.”
“You know. Asking question openly is a good idea, but the UK girl is a bit tough for the suitcase damage to the lawyers.”
“I think she damaged our suitcase while we are in the same room. There was an inch screw driver...”
“What happened?”
“You are mental disease.”
“There are national drivers' license and some other special IDs in your belongings must be burned.”
“Simple bang.”
“What happened to the lawyer?”
“Who will bring the tattooed...”
“What an elegant woman or an gentleman.”
“We seriously admire you from the next mass.”
“If you are Miyoko, now is OK.”
“You have so much disadvantages in your life. She got almost killed sometimes and needed to shout for some assassins out there.”
“How come she was baptized in Egypt?”
“No idea. She is a freak sometimes but ultra ethically collect and super spy for the publishers.”
“No legal damage, no mark for sure.”
“Only the time she brings out camera is some suspicious people at the site.”
“What a tool!”
“That'd call a girl nitched.”
“Police officers do not like what you are writing.”
“They are all about our philosophical jokes and the special elite forces' tactics.”
“No. We don't want our grandchild to see it again. It is a tool for the persuasion of the mass.”
“You know why? We are charging you for the possible money laundering.”
“We must say that is ethically possible.”
“In your pocket, what else you got?”
“Wait a sec. It's not a common to lawsuit a woman from the old fascists.”
“You are immortal now.”
“As long as you stay in Müstair, Mother Teressa Leute (people: German) will come to the mass.”
“Notluf Geld (emergency money: German) making.”
“We have no more innings.”
“You will be hanged when you get back to Japan.”
“There is a small fly in Chiba doing the same scouting style.”
“What about the Japanese millionaires?”
“How I do it better?”
“Not this time. The old Pope is very polite now.”
“She is a very good poet and knows me very well.”
“You know who he is?”
“The old boss.”
“Then we shall make a confession out from the monitoring people.”
“UK people are so stupid. They can open her bag so often.”
“How much did the callgirl's mother get?”
“I need 3 trillion from the Miyoko's scandal.”
“I can imagine, but impossible. Why she got so much money in her pocket?”
“I don't want to know.”
“What is your job?”
“We can kill her. Just imagine a rocket going a wrong direction.”
“We have a story teller here for our scandal covering.”
“Only 10 days left, huh?”
“I think it is enough time for her to spend more time with lawyers.”
“In a security state, we have a big back bone of the lawyers who are reliable of our jocks.”
“How about this? Why don't you travel to China at least once?”
“Who cares? Only millionaires care about our reputation.”
“No, thank you. You criminal girl.”
“I need to say good-bye to your hope.”
“This is better, right?”
“We are all damaged from the military scandal from you.”
“Does it cost few millions?”
“A note computer gonna fried.”
“Nothing happens.”
“Aren't you the one with the Keroid woman? Or with the veggie woman?”
“There is a priest who is filed a case against you. She is a mentally sick and the millionaire's kids are seriously damaged to go through the therapistic wards.”
“Do you like to talk to the translator?”
“I can imagine this. Is she a moron? We are the perpetrators not. But we acted like that and she filmed.”
“I told you. This is a pattern, right?”
“There is a problem. We overcame the poverty. Now is a problem of the defamation. We are filing all the cases one by one. Each case is renewed by the each visit.”
“You are dismissed from the channeling. I don't want you to sell our stuffs.”
“I don't want to help you making money.”
“We are totally childish talking and now the rare book is created.”
“How often visit Medjugorje?”
“I warn you. If you film four digit of numbers, security would come and take you stripped off.”
“I know realized that we found the scissors here and there. All against you.”
“Do you know München? That's a crime city.”
“We got so many Pope's crew around.”
“Is this an al-Quaeda operation?”
“What should I do? People are now thinking that Goethe Institut lawyers are helping militia.”
“Ok. Roger.”
“I sank this much from heaven.”
“We had a honeymoon here sometimes. All the time, the Pope's friends are complaining about the notorious couples.”
“This is not right. You are double punched!”
“So, she brought Jap issues and made it hit on the one side.”
“Taking one eye out? That's Koran message.”
“We have a missile charger.”
“We can ask you to leave during the mass.”
“The priest gonna call you from the top of the stage.”
“We must be so serious.”
“There is an ethics you know. You shall be okay to film us as long as it is a safety matter.”
“They want to stab on the weakest point, right?””
“If you cannot work, just perished already!”
“That's the military officers' favorite.”
“Are you a chain gang?”
“We don't accept the mental disease person no matter what.”
“And the Tsurugi (sword: Japanese) issue is now back stabbed. The DOD people did a wrong message sending.”
“If the victim does not know, it is a big loss.”
“What does it mean to own a sword?”
“Don't you understand? Why do you need to type it up?”
“I failed this time. We called a wrong person a mental patient.”
“Look at her, she speaks a perfect Croatian.”
“Officer is taken away by now.”
“The doctor can make an in-home visit for sure.”
“I think that would be better for the Moster people. They don't wanna be filmed.”
“I know you. You are the prisoner from the Massachusetts.”
“That's the best joke for the university doctorate procedure.”
“When you are a Nazis, you must made a big mistake. You filmed a wrong person and it hinted the educational video here in Medjugorje.”
“There was a limit for the soft speech.”
“No camera, no matter what.”
“But what if someone is filmed... you gonna get a lawsuit.”
“Will this make sense?”
“I hate this kind of conversation filmed in the camera.”
“Oh, the running part.”
“Someone run around and decided to become a priest.”
“I cancel this miss.”
“There are people who are laughed at the rugby ground. But that is ok. They are the show players.”
“If they are the bullies, they gonna get you.”
“We missed you again, again, and again.”
“How many times should we tell you. You are no longer accepted as a Catholic.”
“It was a Japanese officer, Kengo.”
“There is a serious poverty among the military officers. So if you film them, they gonna steal your wife and...”
“Jesus Christ.”
“We cannot accept you here.”
“How come you came back again?”
“I just found you very offensive in front of the camera.”
“You know about terrorism.”
“Terrorist is you.”
“Ah, military exercise using the innocent individual.”
“Japan optical group is trying to buy some time with your camera.”
“It can be used as a camcoder.”
“Military camp for sure. It will give a suitcase money.”
“Oh, yes.”
“But how come she became a Targeted Individual?”
“I hit the wrong button and the bloody nose started.”
“So, don't worry about the bandage. It's gonna be okay.”
“I think so.”
“We must tell it openly. Japanese girl must be banned from this church.”
“It's a military officer's order.”
“Oh, no.”
“We have the US Air Force monitoring. They show the terrorists in dots.”
“It's a territorial order.”
“How those kids are terrorized?”
“They are demanding the suitcase and all the property.”
“Just like the Jewish time, huh?”
“No. It's legal. We need some etiquette to make them fried.”
“Cops got Jinja keisatu (Shinto shrine police: Japanese).”
“I'm afraid this would be a public persecution if you come to Moster.”
“I feel sorry about you.”
“We need an email address to settle the fee.”
“The cost for the mistreatment of the kids openly in front of us.”
“Ah, I see.”
“Like hitting on the girls' legs.”
“So, this is how we can bring the case to take your worries of getting caught.”
“You know, nothing is new.”
“There is no winning for you, right?”
“We have the radio and you may listen by yourself.”
“They are all aware of the police state.”
“UK got canceled the order by now. She filmed the right spot on the stage.”
“If the priest is so close to you, what makes you to be aware of the others?”
“That's the mental patient in foreign country.”
“Cop's bringing so much kids, right?”
“But she doesn't wanna go out with them.”
“So, that's a disadvantages for them.”
“To you, especially to you, the old woman in ….”
“Shall I call you a Japanese woman?”
“We will never ever make your way up in heaven.”
“I seriously know you. You are the Mother Teressa's special gratitude destroyer.”
“The parish priest thinks you to be a Bhiddhist for the sake of the Chinese millionaires.”
“When she came to our house, tell her that Allah is abandoned her.”
“This is the message from Korean. Why not Soka Gakkai?”
“We rethink your marriage and educational gap between us.”
“If you are listed for the multi-millionaires's abandoned list, your social life is finished.”
“Do you know how sad for the church workers?”
“It was you to be above in heaven. Now what? Everything is ruined.”
“It was as a matter of fact, teenager gangs' joke.”
“Now officers are playing rude for the serial killer game.”
“How can you do that much?”
“I first discharged her and then she will go wild. How about it?”
“Do you have a copy of her drivers' license?”
“No. It was perished.”

28 November, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 28, 2013

No more nose bleeding. I went to the bus station to buy a ticket to Medjugorje and found there were two solo traveling Asian women. I stood behind the spot which selling the ticket to Medjugoje and the Asian woman in front of me was heading to Moster. Why Moster? I saw many people talking about Moster often. I can share some experiences in another post. How many Asian women are traveling solo? And how many people are traveling to Moster from Zagreb? I thought that was enough to think her as a gang stalker. Gang stalkers love doing the skit like saying something similar to what the TI would say or looking for. I'm thinking to ask about this Japanese-like woman's information in Japanese websites. If she is working for the Jap cops, then I can tell that I'm targeted by Jap cop. If she is working for the FBI, then you will see... It's better for the TIs to know who they are and who they are working with. I don't want someone from Japan using my name and heading to the mosques in Moster. You know, it's so scary that someone else using the name and identity to act for the rumor making. It would be nice I don't have to stay in an Islamic country to just stay in a pilgrimage site.

Do I see this FDNY cap wearing priest again in Medjugorje? I think it's easy for the TIs to know who are the gang stalking insiders: FBI, Polizei, Police, Security, FDNY, NYPD are the favorite logos of what gang stalkers use. Maybe I should ask the priest why some people are wearing NYPD and FDNY logos at Medjugorje. Are they just stationed for cutting the Catholics off from the social tie based on the military and police interest for the NWO Neo-Nazi group?

And today's German. I forgot to take a photo of this one: Germany M LR 7777. Munich car.

My nose is now ok.

This morning, I went to the clinic and the doctor took care of the blood cogged inside and put the bandage in. No more nose bleeding till now. I gave myself some sweets and a hot chocolate later to get some more sugar for the lost blood. There are more hot wine around in the main square area but it would be better to have a hot chocolate seller maybe from Kraš company. Do you know the cheapest place to get the hot spirit at the area? Try the one in front of the Swiss embassy. Hot wine costs only 10HRK while the other places charge you 15HRK.

So far, everything looks fine and my V2K English book is now over 240 pages. Another 5k words to make it ready to sell.

27 November, 2013

Nose bleeding did not stop and got my right eye bleeding as well

From 2am yesterday, the nose bleeding did not stop. I got my right eye also bleeding blood a bit. About 2 weeks ago, I had the nose surgery at Dr. Klapan's clinic on Illiza in Zagreb. From this morning, I got bloody nose. I'm heading to the doctor's office in few hours. I don't wanna die like this. Is it caused by the possible SPs in the hostel or the Germans around?

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 25th, 2013

The last one I made for today. Now I need to take a rest. My nose bleeding keeps me awake. I don't want to wake up in the bloody mess in the morning nor cannot wake up... I got area above the right ear a bit pressure, but that suppose to be ok with the nose bleeding. The blood is constantly dripping from the nose.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 24th, 2013

Here is the video. The nose bleeding is not much bad and I don't feel any dizziness. Only the throat area is now having the dryness and itchy feeling.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 26th, 2013

Here is the video from yesterday. I saw many German cars but only few are recognizable due to the late time. Late afternoon was a bad time for photo taking.

I've got massive nose bleed now. It started about 1.5 hour ago and it stopped for awhile and then got it again and now it's massive. I don't know why it stops a bit and make it worse. I could show the bloody papers rolled around on the floor. I got my upper throat area thirsty and hurting. I don't know what it means this dryness and the blood coming out. Should I call the doctor? It's 3am.

26 November, 2013

Hamas is forcing Christians to convert to Islam

Here is a recent news.

Hazem Abu Shanab: Hamas forces Christians to convert to Islam

Cairo, 25 November /MCN/

Dr. Hazem Abu Shanab, a member of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council, told MCN that Hamas, in association with the Muslim Brotherhood, is controlling the Gaza Strip by force of arms, and is cracking down on Christians and restricting their freedom of worship.(http://www.mcndirect.com/showsubject.aspx?id=50841#.UpT6ayccWKp)
I thinks what I'm experiencing is quite normal in the Middle East or Africa. It just happening by the gang stalkers in Europe. It could be the same in Japan as more people are taken out by the Japanese Soka Gakkai police. And the Japanese police might be using the special tactics like catching the possible Muslim and start asking the one with the violence to speak up such as the one worked for al-Quaeda or to confess the one wanted to work for the Muslim extremist group. It would give extra reward for the police for sure. I'm doing  quite good in Croatia as only few perps seemed to be doing the extremist works and so many Germans. I walked around today and saw at least 4 German cars. It was just like the first one on the street near my hostel. The second one at the second street, I made a turn. The third one was on the same street. And the forth one was at the intersection with another street. Where am I? In Germany?

25 November, 2013

NEWS: Pentagon researching 'narrative networks' as way to hijack the brain with false stories

The V2K perps have the similar technology for the monitoring and making reports. They seemed to be using someone else's thought of the surroundings for making a report or sending the information to the subject but is only talking with a different subject but to take a certain sentences for different report. For example, V2K might talk about the crusading in the past and then asks to the subject what you would do if that happened in your time. Then the subject might think about riding a horse and buying armors and swords. The last part about buying armors would be used for the terrorism threat reporting. Do you know what I mean? And in another example, there is a man dancing in the hall alone with the music from the speaker. People in the hall drinking or chatting with their friends will think a man is dancing alone like crazy. The information of one person is dancing alone and possibly mentally ill would be added for the report and that helps to identify the crazy person must at the spot would be the TI who is accidentally there for a meal or a coffee and has nothing to do with a dancing man.
Pentagon researching 'narrative networks' as way to hijack the brain with false stories Tuesday, May 15, 2012 by: J. D. Heyes Tags:
Pentagon, narrative networks, propaganda eTrust Pro Certified 1,536 Delicious 1 [Share this Article] (NaturalNews) If someone - or some government entity - were able to figure out the science behind what makes people violent, what do you suppose they would do with that knowledge? It's a legitimate question, because the Pentagon is trying to find out. According to a recent report by the BBC, the Defense Department appears to be looking for a way to hijack the mind so it can implant false, but believable, stories - a sort of "like me" weapon, if you will. The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA - the division responsible for all of the Defense Department's cutting-edge technology development - is said to be working on brand-new research that focuses on the neurobiology behind the political violence and, specifically, whether such violence can be mitigated before it even begins. DARPA officials say the research is aimed at looking for ways to generate versions of events that would convince people not to support the enemy. The concept is called Narrative Networks, and in an official solicitation the agency says anyone who submits a proposal "to this effort will be expected to revolutionize the study of narratives and narrative influence by advancing narrative analysis and neuroscience so as to create new narrative influence sensors, doubling status quo capacity to forecast narrative influence." Not science fiction - just science William Casebeer, the lead DARPA official for the project, said the concept seeks to "understand how narratives influence human thoughts and behavior, then apply those findings to a security context in order to address security challenges such as radicalization, violent social mobilization, insurgency and terrorism, and conflict prevention and resolution." Scientists have known for some time that narratives - an account of a sequence of events that are usually in chronological order - hold powerful sway over the human mind, shaping a person's notion of groups and identities and even motivating them to commit violence. The goal, researchers say, is to find a bio-neurological way to use narratives as a means of convincing people to stop fighting - not control them. "We're not in the business of reading people's minds, or implanting thoughts. By understanding the biology of what causes people go to war, we might begin to understand how to mitigate it," Emory University professor Greg Berns, a neuroeconomist, told the BBC. One goal of the research is to find a way, using narratives, to enhance national security by diminishing or eliminating terror threats around the world. But that may be a lofty goal, even if the research is valid. "We need to understand those things, no doubt about it, but, in terms of promoting peace I'm not sure that knowing where in the brain the anger that leads to violence is happening is going to help us discourage war," said Tom Pyszczynski, a social psychologist at the University of Colorado who studies terrorism and has been studying the effects of the so-called "Arab Spring" and the attitude of the movement towards the West. "We're not going to be able to go in and zap people's amygdalae or anesthetize them or do whatever," he told BBC. "We're going to need to change the way they interpret things that happen and we're going to need to stop doing things that people interpret as insulting or challenging to their way of life." Brainwash us? Good luck... Critics of the research say what the Pentagon is really trying to do is elevate brainwashing to a science. Others say the goal is to master the art of propaganda. "The first part would involve analyzing what happens to people when they hear or see a message. It's thought that certain messages or images actually cause a change in the brain to accommodate the new ideas," says an analysis of DARPA's project on the Web site Phys.Org. "The second part of the study, quite naturally, would involve developing a means for taking advantage of what is learned in the first part. Or, in other words, to come up with a way to find out who is vulnerable to messaging, and then to blast them with a message that would overwrite any undesirable brain changes that occurred as the result of that person being subjected to "bad" messages, so that they would behave themselves," said the analysis, which went on to say the effort likely would not be successful because "governments (and other entities) have been trying to figure out how to brainwash people for thousands of years with very little to show for their efforts." DARPA researchers discount any notion they are trying to figure out a way to brainwash people. "None of the work we are doing, nor anyone else I know in the Narrative Networks group, is about increasing the ability of soldiers or sailors to kill people or to brainwash people," Paul Zak, a professor at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, Calif, an expert in neuroeconomics whose work has been funded by the DARPA program, told the BBC. "Is there a way to hold events that might publicise things like healthcare, public health factors, [or] tooth brushing for children and you could give away half a million toothbrushes?" he asked, rhetorically. "There could be things that help countries understand that most of the time what we want to do is get along with everybody. "Why are we grabbed by some stories and not others? It just seems like such a good question to ask," he said.
Sources for this article include: www.fbo.gov http://phys.org http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/tag/narrative-networks/ Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035872_Pentagon_narrative_networks_propaganda.html#ixzz2lhCdm2sd (http://www.naturalnews.com/035872_Pentagon_narrative_networks_propaganda.html)

24 November, 2013

Warning: Islamic law effective in Greece

I found this news really disgusting. What happened to Greece? They are now accepting the Islamic Law above the civil law. Did Greek church got so many tourists harassing them as Muslims?

"The last will and testament of a Muslim man, which was prepared according to Greek civil law, has been annulled in the Greek Supreme Court because it is not compliant with sharia law."

Meanwhile, Putin says a bit more ideal about Islam from the ex-crusaders' position.

Russian President Vladamir Putin Says to Exterminate Islamic Radicals Like Cockroaches http://universalfreepress.com/russian-president-vladamir-putin-says-to-exterminate-islamic-radicals-like-cockroaches/


22 November, 2013

Few German cars, 1 senior Japanese couple, 2 Korean couple for today

My teeth is OK now. I just got some bloody spit. The dentist was quite good skilled as there is no more pain around just the cheek area which got hook damage.

I saw some German cars. One of them got a talisman from a Japanese shrine and "For Sale" note.

A Japanese senior couple and the Korean couple.

More is on the video.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 21, 2013

I had the root canal extraction today. The doctor speaks German and his name is German but he did it right so far. Not much pain during and after the surgery. I was worried about something might go wrong. So far, no nose bleeding but only some times I got some bloody spits. The teeth is OK just the dull pain.

On my way, I saw a German car. How many German car people will see everyday? I have seen German car 3 days in a row. This time was a Frankfurter one. Later, I saw an eye patched man and a hijab woman. You can check them out in the video. I'm too tired from my V2K book typing (190pg now) and the oral surgery.

21 November, 2013

Muslims in Nigeria killing Christians in the village

Here is an article with the video of the Christian mass killing by the Nigerian Muslims. I am grad that I only got some Germans and Turkish looking Muslims doing the human tracking. In some part of the world, Christians are persecuted in a large group like this way - beaten and put burned.

Is it safe for the Christian minorities? I got some people showing up sometimes and spreading awareness of Muslim terrorism. Well, if they are aware of the Muslims and working with the Muslim informants, what are they doing? Are they taking out Christian minorities who are foreign to their area one by one? If the Christian like the one in the video escaped and moved to another Christian area, will the one claimed as a Muslim? 

Шокиращо! Мюсюлмани горят християни, живеещи в Нигерия! Horrible Video, плашещи изображения! (ВИДЕО)

20 November, 2013

I saw 2 German cars and one car yesterday. Too many German cars around?

I stayed at home yesterday and only saw one car on my way to Kaufhaus. There were 2 BiH cars around and 2 Wien cars. One parked at the hostel and got Mercedez company logo. Is this a government car for the covert operation?

Today, I saw to German cars. One parked on the nearby street. And I saw a bill paper left on the passenger seat and I took a picture. Check out my gourgious camera. It's SONY! The owner seems not a German. Well, maybe a second wife?

Another car would be: DU VY(X?) 988. I did not have a chance to film it as it was driving very fast near me and that was why I noticed it a German car.

19 November, 2013

Don Bosco crashed by the post monitoring

I've heard that the V2K perps saying that they might bring some kids for the false witnessing. I don't know what they are doing, but no more kid surrounding me in the church and such. They also say that they might use their perps in the church to complain my bag is dangerous and want to claim it as theirs or steal it. They might give the order to the local perps to make me go out from the church with no bag. They want to hit me, too. I would be holding my camera anywhere even inside of the church for the safety.

The V2K perps are saying that when I tried to write or think "I went to... " then they add "mosque" using the sub-vocal code jacking. I think with my brain to collect the right direction: clinic, church, etc. So, I guess the brain jacking technique for the surveillance would be just making the scientific false witnessing program and manipulating my thought. It causes me to feel sick of thinking Muslims or seeing one or more on the street. Where I can get no more Muslims around or feel free to say my Islamfobia?

The V2K perps told me about how they manipulated the Don Bosco order. I have a sweatshirt with Don Bosco logo as I visited the holy body exhibition and the praying day in Split. You can see it in my blog entry, too. And in Medjugorje, I saw Don Bosco order came with their own flag. I was just curious why only one order showing up like that. Otherwise, I could see St. Francis orders or other Christian groups with their own flags like at the Pope speech on every Sunday in Vatican. I know how church orders represent in a group quite well from what large groups do in the Vatican visits. The V2K perps said that they might use the technique how they did to Don Bosco. First, they would monitor the post and claim it as the secret message sending. Then they infiltrate the organization and teach them how to prevent an infiltrator. They will start act like a private militia. I would just see what the closed orders would look like. I don't do anything but visit the church for the prayer, rosary prayer, and the mass. It should be ok for the normal visitors. If I see some beggars or thieves around even inside of the church, I think I should be able to speak up for the safety of other people.

Well, the perps might think how to make a Christian to commit suicide is to expel the one from the church. The V2K perps say that that is very effective for the Koreans. How about it to Croats or others? My education in the US says it would be better to communicate with the Christians openly to get the knowledge and solutions. To be a faithful servant of Jesus, one should not commit suicide as it is a grave sin. And what about the people taking out the right to visit the church from others? Their information should be shared as the public knowledge.

Ah, here is the recording from Nov 17th's after the mass announcement at Sv. Blaz church.

Oh, by the way, I need to do the root canal surgery at a German speaking dentist. This part is something the V2K perps were saying became true. The V2K perps say that they want to make the cutting to lose the blood and the accident to make me to be transfered to a hospital. By doing the 2nd hospital visit, doctors do not need to take a responsibility for the mistakes. Is this the same strategy as for the psychiatrists? I just share things here and there for the clue before I get messed up in the cyst or the forgotten needle in the root surgeries.

German car showed up yesterday and few more info

I was walking on the street after visiting the clinic. I saw a Slovenian car and then a German car. There was a man stood with a World Cup 2006 German cap.

I saw an Arabic speaking man on the street. Islamization of Croatia seems to be going on. You know, some countries Muslims are not favorable and they should not speak Arabic freely or show up in the traditional Muslim clothes. It's fun to see who are the Muslim informants guarantied by the local police to hang around. Germany seems to be working with the favor of BiH, so I guess we might know who would be the winner in the post-Yugo countries.

There was a woman dropped some coins when I bought a pizza. A woman wiped her boots while waiting the tram. In the tram, I saw a Muslim like man stood near me.

Here is the video.

17 November, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 17th, 2013

Here is the video from today. I don't really do anything but visited 2 churches and stayed home after I was late to the appointment with the doctor in morning. I woke up exactly 1 hour after the time I supposed to wake up. It was the V2K perp joke after I stopped my alarm unconsciously and to stay in my bed for another 10 minutes and skipping to take shower.

Mulsim inside the DHS are persecuting Christians

I think I found out the cause of why the gang stalkers are so aggressive supporting Islam. Even the Japanese V2K perps are speaking on the side of the Muslims such as how the Muslims can do to fight back against Christians. I have seen the Muslims in strange places such as in front of Zagreb cathedral or the Dracula Castle. The V2K perps would manipulate what they say using my sub vocal code and they seemed to change the subjects or make it short to claim it as what I said or thought. I don't know how many people dead and kept in the mosques in Egypt during the riots. I had some Catholic friends who were members in the Catholic churches in Egypt. How many got dead or persecuted? I don't know.

This morning, I tried to go to see the doctor and was late and made it rescheduled. Then I went to Sv. Braz church and saw a priest at the end of the mass talking about Internet photography and Autobus things. I was not sure if that is something to do with what I'm doing. I had a good example at Medjugorje that the friar was talking about someone failed to be faithful by playing computer games and such. I filmed that one while I was hearing the translation, so what the friar was saying must be what I've heard. I can share it if it has something like gaslighting.

Parish priests are bribed and threatened by the mosques and security people? I don't know. It could be the reason the church nowadays are so strict with the gang stalkers freely showing up in a group. I saw few Muslim women in Split Cathedral and saw a woman putting headcover on and off in Medjugorje mass. Moster has the parish office for the Medjugorje. So, we can imagine what happened to that one.

Well, the V2K perps said that some people are more realistic about the groupthink and they would think in the way insider-outsider / hunters-prays philosophy. They would say that they can report the non-friends for the small money. Also, they would think the pray would be anywhere or a gypsy or a homeless in future. They would think like what the pray owns would be whose in future. In this style of thinking, they are more rationalized to see the outsider as something for the exploitation rather than a possible new friend. The V2K perps said that this is a new philosophy for the church perps. But, you will see how it would be in the reality. It would be easy for the Croat perps to claim someone as a Muslim or a Serb and take everything just like the war simulation. Now, do we have a piece in Medjugorje or in other areas? As far as the people wearing NYPD or NYFD logo clothes around, I don't think there would be any because there are always some people thinking of taking advantage of the situation and manipulation against another.

Muslim DHS adviser to persecuted Christians: You incited Muslims    Bookmark and Share  

    A muslim adviser to the Department of Homeland Security has used his Twitter profile to defend the Muslim Brotherhood while accusing Egypt’s persecuted Christian minority of inciting against Islam.

    Earlier this month, Mohamed Elibiary, who was appointed to the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council by then-secretary Janet Napolitano in 2010, tweeted that he was reappointed and even promoted.

    The Investigative Project on Terrorism reported Elibiary’s tweets about Egypt’s Coptic Christians.

    “For decade since 9/11 attack extremist American #Coptic activists have nurtured anti #Islam & anti #Muslim sentiments among AM RT wing,” Elibiary wrote.

    Earlier, Elibiary attacked the U.S. Coptic community for its protests against a wave of Muslim attacks on their relatives in Egypt.

    “Good read by @mwhanna1 on need to reform #Coptic activism in #US including stop promoting #Islamophobia,” he wrote Sept. 14.

    Michael Meunier, president of Egypt’s Al-Haya Party and a Coptic activist, reacted to Elibiary’s tweets.

    “I think the Obama administration should be ashamed to have had someone like this in their administration,” he said. “This underscores the thinking inside the Obama administration.”

    WND further found Elibiary tweeted in defense of the Muslim Brotherhood and its U.S. offshoots in an exchange with the Investigative Project.

    “I treat MB objectively & w/ nuance. You define MB term too broadly, advocate 4 shutting down US Muslim orgs &treat all as ‘FACSISTS,’” he wrote.

    Supporter of radicals

    Elibiary is a strong supporter of the radical Islamist theologian who calls for “war” with the non-Muslim world and whose teachings inspired and continue to govern al-Qaida and Islamic terrorist organizations worldwide.

    As WND reported, he spoke at a conference that honored the anti-U.S. founder of the Iranian Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini.

    Elibiary has strongly criticized the government’s persecution of fundraisers for Hamas and is a defender of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

    He fervently endorses the teachings of Egyptian writer Sayyid Qutb, who is widely considered the father of the modern Islamic terrorist movement. Osama bin Laden and jihadist groups worldwide rely on Qutb for their fatwas and ideology.

    Elibiary, meanwhile, has criticized the U.S. government’s prosecution and conviction of the Holy Land Foundation and five former officials for providing more than $12 million to Hamas, depicting the case as a defeat for the United States.

    He wrote an op-ed in the Dallas Morning News suggesting the convictions were part of a U.S. government policy of “denying our civil liberties and privacy at home” while pursuing anti-terror policies that have “left thousands of Americans dead, tens of thousands maimed, trillions of taxpayer dollars squandered and our homeland more vulnerable than ever.”

    The Homeland Security Advisory Council, part of the executive office of the president, was formed by an executive order by President Bush in 2002.

    Qutb, executed in 1966 on charges of attempting to overthrow the Egyptian government, called for the creation of a worldwide Islamic state.

    Qutb declared: “There is only one place on earth which can be called the home of Islam (Dar-ul-Islam), and it is that place where the Islamic state is established and the Shariah is the authority and God’s limits are observed.”

    Qutb labeled the non-Muslim world the Dar-ul-Harb – the house of war.

    “A Muslim can have only two possible relations with Dar-ul-Harb: peace with a contractual agreement, or war,” wrote Qutb.

    “A country with which there is a treaty will not be considered the home of Islam,” he said.

    Elibiary has regularly upheld the teachings of Qutb. He writes that he sees in Qutb “the potential for a strong spiritual rebirth that’s truly ecumenical allowing all faiths practiced in America to enrich us and motivate us to serve God better by serving our fellow man more.”

    After Dallas Morning News editorial page editor Rod Dreher criticized Qutb’s writings, Elibiary engaged in a lengthy, published email debate in which he repeatedly defended Qutb.

    In one exchange, Elibiary wrote, “I’d recommend everyone read Qutb, but read him with an eye to improving America not just to be jealous with malice in our hearts.”

    Speaker at Khomeini conference

    In 2004, as WND reported, Elibiary was one of seven advertised speakers at an Irving, Texas, conference titled “A Tribute to the Great Islamic Visionary,” celebrating the 16th anniversary of Khomeini’s death. Under a heading “Selected sayings of Holy Prophet,” one advertisement read: “Allah has made Islam to prevail over all other religions.”

    In an interview with WND at the time, Elibiary claimed he was not aware of the event’s general theme and “tribute” to Khomeini.

    WND directed him to an ad for the seminar posted on the Metroplex Organization of Muslims in North Texas website, which included a photo of Khomeini alongside a message speaking of “Islamic revolution.” (http://www.siotw.org/modules/news_english/item.php?itemid=1339#.UkcSKhRGl38.facebook)

    Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 16, 2013

    Here is the video from today. I might add information later. I got my nose stuffed up in the back and having some pain from the back of upper throat as if the skin is wiped with a sandpaper mildly. I gotta see the doctor  early tomorrow and must attend the Sunday mass.

    16 November, 2013

    A stick in the cyst in right synus maxilla

    The nose bleeding did not stop from the surgery yesterday. Now my upper throat is hurting as if the skin is scratched softly by a sandpaper. I hope it was not that bad. The V2K perps say that it's because the needle sticked into the brain. Well, you will see what will happen to me. I'm fine so far besides the stiffness I felt in my nose yesterday and now the ichy feeling.

    Here is the CT scans that shows the needle like figure in the cyst. Well, I need to talk to a dental surgeon for the cyst removal. The strange small size of the maxilla was probably due to the long molar roots.

    I wanna survive from the strange noose bleeding. I will see the doctor tomorrow.

    My nose bleeding does not stop and some Muslim siting in Zagreb

    I went to see the doctor this morning. My nose bleed since yesterday. The V2K perps could make fun of what they can do with the forced muscle movement to make some noise in my ear or making the back of my nose to feel some pressure and start bleeding. I don't know how much of this nose bleeding is artificial. The V2K perps say that the needle hits the brain. Well, I don't know much. But the bleeding just going on. Oh, here is the diplomat car parked outside of the clinic.

    I went to the church later. I saw some Muslim women on the way. Last time I saw Muslims here in the same spot was Friday 13th, September. You can check my post. The perps would be making up the story of me visiting mosque and did not visit to the church yesterday. I hope there would be no more Muslims around in the world, so there would be no more Muslim suspicion going around against the Targeted Individuals and Christian minorities. Who wanna be a Muslim if the one is a woman? Just to think about some hens walking around the male cock.. or a gorilla family. That's the Muslim culture and look primitive with the low tech and low luxuries.

    I saw an Asian man walking behind of the Muslim women. Well, is he the perp for the false witnessing like he saw me contacting Muslims for the suspicion of seeing Muslim group for the possible terrorism in Cathedral? That's a FBI's favorite plot to practice with the local police, right? Well, the V2K perps say that Croat cops are not strong against Arab cops because USA is supporting Arabs. You will see who will win if they start bombing in the next war. I just make the perp list for who would be the traitors. They are the one just working on the both sides during the war to make money while the non-insider solders and citizens would get killed.

    There is a diplomat car parked nearby.

    I'm tired and need to get sleep to get better from the nose bleeding. I would make a blog for anti-Islam Insider propaganda for asking Christian minority protection. It would be no problem sharing the gang stalkers who are working for the false witnessing. They got killed in the Middle East as nothing more than dogs and cats.

    15 November, 2013

    Had the nasal surgery but the chist is stil there

    I had the nasal surgery today. It was not really a successful one as my nasal bone was too thick than usual. My doctor said that the thickness of the right nose bone was more of the left one which is normal size. Moreover, the area above the upper bone was also difficult spot to the needle in. Well, look at my MRI, you can see something above the teeth to the nasal cavity with the white cyst on my right nasal maxilla. The doctor said that would be irregular size of the bone shape but it could be something to do with the foreign objects/implants by those electronic harassment issues. How many TIs got such irregular nasal cavity or strange skull shape?

    It cost 1500HRK. I will one more time after the discussion with the dentist for the possible reason of the irregular nasal cavity. Everything postponed to next week, ok? There was a diplomat car hanging around outside of the building when I left. I will share it later.

    Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 14, 2013

    Today was the fest day of Sv. Nikola Tavelic.  I went to tche hospital for the surgery planning. I saw some sisters always on the street or in the tram. I don't know if it was because of the big fest for the Croat Catholics. I saw few German cars today as well as some foreign cars like from Wien.

    And I saw a woman with an eye patch at the chapel inside of the hospital. I don't know why I see many people with eye injuries sometimes. I stayed about 30 minutes in the chapel and saw people showing up and leaving all the time. That's included in the video today.

    14 November, 2013

    Beggers in Croatia would be fined

    Beggers are often working for the gang stalking and I usually take a picture to make a beggar pic collection. I found the article stating that the beggars would be fined for 3,000HRK (about 390€). Well, you might see some poor Croat beggars in my blog in future, and it would be a good thing for the community policing. Only the gang stalkers hurt from the exposure of the beggar faces.

    Bad times for street beggars in Croatia

    Croatian Times

    Street beggars could soon risk a fine of 3,000 Croatian kuna or 20 days of imprisonment.
    It will depend whether the country's parliament will vote in favour of imposing the law that prevents begging.
    Higher fines are predicted for those that organized themselves in a group for begging.
    They would according to the newly suggested law in Croatia risk up to 10,000 Croatian kuna fine or 60 days in prison.


    Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 13th, 2013

    I'm in Zagreb now. I don't know why but I slept quite a long time today. I woke up after 1pm. I slept around 2am and that was too much. I set my alarm around 8am but it did not rang and slept that much. I know the window and the door locked and got some barricading stuffs in order to check if someone went in, but they are safe. Usually, people would go to bathroom when they woke up. I did not have such need immediately after the long sleep. Strange, huh?

    Well, I went to the Fries Factory and bought a slice of pizza. I saw two men speaking English and one of them looked like Mid-Easterner.

    And when I went to the church, I saw many Asian men. Some of them leaving when I arrived. And when I headed to the bathroom next to the church, I saw the fat man who was in the church sometimes and took the same tram like me at my last visit to Zagreb showed up and went to the bathroom. He sat few rows in front of me during the mass. I don't know if he is one of the perps or not. The woman who sat behind of me shock hands but did not hold my hand during the mass did not take communion. So, I guess, some perps were still in the church. I wonder if they and their families are the ones harassing Alojzije Stepnac when he was still arrive. You know, the secret cops got people harassing in the church. So, I'm just curious how many of the church visiting perps are responsible for the persecution of the Catholics especially doing the pilgrimages during the Communist time. As far as I saw, some Chinese are showing up for the gang stalking very often in the church, I assume they are the Communist supporters.

    I saw some Austrian cars today and one German car on the street. One Austrian car is parked at the hostel where I stayed last time and saw many German cars.

    12 November, 2013

    Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 11th, 2013

    Here is the latest video from today. You can see more foreign cars in the video. I saw one Swedish car parked in front of St. Peter Church before the mass. Does it relate with the black man who was in the mass but not taking communion? Sweden reminds me of the case of Asane with the sexual assault claim. What's going on with the German cars?

    Here is the picture of the man who was at McDonalds and wearing "Bundes Leaga Fussball" logo clothes with no food.
    And this is the German car parked near my hostel. I'm heading to Zagreb tomorrow and I guess I might see some German car rallies like the last time from Sofia to Belgrade.