30 August, 2008

New World Order - One World Government owned by who?

After too much spending on terrorist prevention, how come local organized crimes started to increase? Gang stalking was a type of COINTELPRO and other anti-democratic policies such as the Counter-revolutionary strategy in China.

What happened to the Chinese supporters in the past? Hilary Clinton was one of the pro-China politician. What is going on among the people are concerned about the "Free Tibet movement" and environmental issue?

Which country will get the profit most from the War on Iraq? The US got oil but they are huge debit from China and Japan. Just like Bill Clinton did, the next president would take the debit off from Japan. Ex-PM Ryutaro Hashimoto and other Free Democratic party famous figures are dead. Japanese politicians knew the CIA is capable of assassinating anyone around the world. But, how about China? The people accelerating the Chinese economy are Chinese immigrants and MNCs. Chinese communist party members often migrate to another country after they got enough money in their foreign bank account.

What is going on about organized stalking done by the local communities? If they know what Stasi and what fascist movements were like in the past, then how come do they accept working for organized harassment? The United States often has tendency to hide serious emergency from the public. What if the US government hide that they are no longer under control by their own but others, will the government announce it to the public?

The US government does not tell you certain things such as the US dollar is not printed by the government. There would be two secret announcement soon to be announced probably; 1. The US government bankrupt, 2. they must sell their oil profit to another country in order to reduce the national debt.

28 August, 2008

Who are terrorists these days?

I would be on the black list in the FBI, or other intelligence reports. I have no criminal record nor connection with any dangerous assosication. I had no intention to know more about Al Quaeda or where they are nothing more than the curiousity of how the CIA involved with them. TIA (Total Information Awareness) would be used against innocent citizens to be listed on the black lists. I found the below article about how a narcotic officer is listed in the potencial terrorist list and how he was checked at the airports. He figured out that his whistleblowing on the attoney caused him to be on the black list.

Say, if the patliotic "good guys" are on the black list due to the "bad guys working for the US," then who is really a terrorist in such case?
The United States may made pretty good terrorist lists, but the problem is how much information is accurate. If the real terrorist changed witched his or her name with someone else, then how could the US inetelligence to catch the terrorist? They gathered too much information while they have no tool to analyze which information is acculate. I guess they just want to lock people on the list in jail or mental hospital for the safety. This is not a new strategy. They have done to Japanese Americans during WWII. If you lock everyone seemed be stinky, then there would be less risk from the people in the black list.
Meanwhile, the people accused by the whistleblowers are on loose. What if they are the terrorists gathering money from extra works?

26 August, 2008

Moyal Elie - Mexican gang stalking member lived in Paris

When I was in Paris last year, I met Moyal Elie. He seemed to be the seducer of gang stalking member. While I was walking the street and looking for somewhere to get dinner, he walked out from Chez Johnathan (Jewish? not sure) and started to communicate with me. First I was not aware about what he was doing, so I decided to get meal in that restaurant. He told me that it is a Buffet type and he could bring me food if I said what I want. Then he brought some fish dishes and pita breads. After the meal, he asked me to visit his home and started kissing me. At that point, I decided to ask several questions about him. He told me that he is visiting Paris from Mexico for three weeks. He also said that he is helping the restaurant and did not say that he is a formal employee there. He really pushed me to visit his place for drink wine. I refused as I had to check some information on internet for the travel.

Then next day, I tried to walk back using different road to my hotel, Moyal showed up from a coffee shop. My hotel and Chez Johnathan are on the same street and I walked back from the another side. That was pretty strange to see him. Moyal offered me a cup of coffee inside of the cafe. There, he talked with his old age friends wearing black hats and black suits - a typical Jewish clothes. After the conversation, his firends left. Then Moyal sat next to me in the cafe and showed me bunch of letters and name cards with Japanese female names on them. He bragged about how he got to know these women and asked me if I want to visit his place later. It seemed the waitress of the cafe knew what this was up to as she was watching us and communicated for a while with Moyal when he went to the counter to pick up the coffee cup and two chocolates for me. I post the address and the phone number he gave me here. I am sure how Jews are involved in my case. Moyal said that he is converted Jewish from Catholic. When I asked him if he would interested to talk about Talmud instead of seducing me, he looked like he wanted to drop that subject. I have seen some temporal "Christians" among my gang stalkers. Let's see if anyone know what this guy is really about. Mosad? (I'm kidding! He is very similar to this guy - in shape and age.)
What I know is some people are capable of working International level for human tracking. And they are called gang stalkers.

How about Zombie Bomb? That would cut payments for solders.

It was late 70s when the zombie films became very popular among the horror section. While I was searching the web about geometory and somehow I found this funny free software.

I was just impressed how black and white display and the bird eye view give different expression from late GTA games. Resident Evil might have similar setting but they are much closer to the enemies in the view. I watched YouTube videos of how gameplay looks like, and I figured out that the "Ooooo" low voice groaning gives pretty nice sound effect for the game. I think that part is very similar to Elder Scroll series; they have same zombie voice as well as the same voice actors for the races in every game. Zombies are non humans. They fight for the enemies. I think there are zombie film series about how US-Army-made zombie gas can was sent to a wrong place and the people hide them from the fear of damaging their reputation from the discovery.

By the way, I am assuming that the chemical used for the Gay Bomb would be spread in San Jose. I still have no idea what made to like the same gender or what happened to the marriage of the gay professor with a female professor. If the NSA is acting like a match maker behind of what happened during Spring 2005, then I guess I was the lucky one who did not completely followed their plan. Marriage under the influence from chemical and electromagnetic weapons would be a shameful experience in my life. Not only the victim but also gang stalkers are under control from the NSA.
I am not sure why gang stalkers are trying to accuse their target as homosexual while the real gay and lesbians are their members. It is just the same accuse for child molester claim on the target. Gang stalkers have pedophilie members. If the Gay Bomb would receive the Novel Peace Prize, then where the moral of scientists has gone? And what about homosexual accusation of the victim? How about to creat a Child-Molesting-Bomb? That would certainly damage the moral of the enermy.
But I think the Zombie Bomb are more lethal. After the chemical weapon wipe out the enemy population, the zombie bombs create free-pay soldiers to eliminate the survivers in the area. I know this is not the favor of the military industrial complex because they cannot make money from selling few bombs to make the enemy (zombies and survivors) fight each other. The possible use of such Zombie Bomb would be the dead US soldiers still fighting with the enemies in the field. They will not ask for a medal nor money because they are already dead. I wonder how many US soldiers are perished in the radiation experience and secret chemical researches. How many soldiers became gay during the creation of Gay Bomb? That reminded me of Nazis study of homosexuality using Jews and minolities. If Nazis created a Gay Bomb as the result, will they get Novel Peace Prize for reducing the number of people perished in Holocaust?
I wonder if the researchers are up to creating real Frankenstein and Zombie Bomb. If the dead people fight for the enermy, then there shall be no damage on the allies. The microchip injected into the soldiers would be the first step for making them fight after their death, isn't it?
By the way, the game above seems downloadable from here. My class starts from today and I have no time for checking the gameplay. If you are interested, you can play it. I prefer watching Game Videos on YouTube as it is faster to learn about how the game is. That will not give me the understanding of user interface, but still it does not require the time for install, deleting, and my Hard Disk space.

23 August, 2008

音声送信(V2K)を利用したマインドコントロール Part 1


Mind Control using V2K Part 1 - Video

This is a video I created about V2K. I got more information of how it works, but I think this is the besic of what V2K does for manipulation of the target.

22 August, 2008

Information telling that mind-reading, view-monitoring device are made in Japan!

Here are another two postings from the Japanese BBS. I translated the almost entire posting this time. The mind reading and target's view monitoring devices seem to be developed before 911, and that was why these people talking about them relatively freely on the web. According to the comments, they companies sell them to organizations. If cults are interested in it, they seem to be capable of purchasing them as well as terrorists. What if these devices are real and reading the people's minds even before the WTC attack?? That is what the posting suggests..
Name: Yamasachihiko Date of Posting: 2001/4/18 09:11:59:
I made some mistake.
The device from NEC Fuchu factory is just a system read minds. There are other devices like projecting the target person's vision.
(From below is pasted from somewhere else by Yamasachihiko)
67 Name: Designer Date of Posting: 2001/04/07 (Sat) 02:24
I designed it, but it seems some misunderstandings for you.
First, it said that ultrasound is used, but ultrasound has very rough graphic and it cannot track the synapse movements.
When an infrared ray is beamed to the scalp skin, it will reach to the brain, and the reflected wave will became irregular by the synapse activities. The device uses this characteristic.
Second, it seems one misunderstanding here, only monitoring language area cannot reconstruct human thinking.
Humans are build to think first and then put the thought into words.
The device I designed picks up the activity of the entire brain.
The concept is that much, but it was hard to build.
It beams the infrared ray to the entire cranium, but the ray can only beamed from one-side very far away, and taking the reflected wave is as well so. Moreover, the reflected wave starts to decline and interact with nearby reflected wave so fast.
The device picks up the infrared ray in such circumstance.
How it picks up the reflected ray, how to beam the infrared ray, later process, sensors, these are secret.
As far as I know, IBM did not take the patent.
The size is about full tower PC.
Walls are not a problem. The longest distance is around 600m for its use.
Due to the use of infrared ray, the capable distance will be shorter in hot temperature.
This device is sold 2.3 million yen for each.
I am not in sales department, so I do not know how many are sold.
Because of the price, I do not think it is used for commoners.
74 Name: Designer Date of Posting: 2001/04/07 (Sat) 02:47
I cannot have responsibility for the people purchased the device. Please say it to the criminals.
89 Name: Desinger Date of Posting: 2001/04/07 (Sat) 14:48
I talked with the sales today. The price was wrong.
It is not 2.3 million yen but 2.32 million yen.
They sell 50 devices as one unit for the sale.
The customers are mainly the military. Also, they said that they do not sell it to individuals.
“Satorare” exists!
[Name] Makino Shinichi
[ID Number] 59409875
Japan Patent Office (JP)
[Public Report Class] Open patent public report (A)
[Public Report Number] Toku Kai Hei 7-306259
[Name of the Invention] The defense device from the telepathy system using living information communication.
[International Invention Division Volume 6] G01S 7/38
website: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Technopolis-Mars/5214/
And here is another posting of Yamasachihiko from Ashura JP BBS.

Name: Yamasachihiko Date: 2001/6/07 14:55:33:
*Collection and apologizes related with Satorare*
I'm very sorry! I could not clarify the “Designer” as a NEC employee.
It was my mistake about that!
I still do not get about the technical part, but I picked up something useful.
*The posting from the “Owner”
127 Name: Owner Date of Posting: 2001/04/09 (Mon) 02:09
>Can you display the image?
Of course it can.
The things watched by the eyes, watched in the dream, imagined, everything is clear. I do not fed up even using several years.
129 Name: Designer Date of Posting: 2001/04/09 (Mon) 03:10
Oh, yours is not what I designed.
I knew several companies developed.
It is used in the US, Israel, France.
But, it is much expensive and huge.
Is it true using electromagnetic wave? The see-through device use it.
If this is such popular, I might make and sell it individually.
168 Name: Owner Date of Posting: 2001/04/11 (Wed) 00:43
Why arguing, the people opposing?
What I wrote is not a hoax.
It is not really a secret stuff at all...
171 Name: Owner Date of Posting: 2001/04/11 (Wed) 01:21
If you make friends with employees of N()C, I()M, or To() Communication. (Note: NEC, IBM, Toshiba Communication? - Miyoko)
At least everyone knows the existence of the device.
Functions are just the same as the website.
174 Name: Owner Date of Posting: 2001/04/11 (Wed) 01:34
Excuse me. Everyone does not mean “all people.”
It means there are people knows about it.
179 Name: Owner Date of Posting: 2001/04/11 (Wed) 01:57
That secret monitoring device receive what the target sees through the visual cortex of the brain, so it is different from the monitoring using camera.
180 Name: Owner Date of Posting: 2001/04/11 (Wed) 02:27
Additional explanation.
The secret monitoring is not done anyone at anytime.
It require to approach the target to make “interaction point” at first.
This is like using Ion radiation machine.
220 Name: Owner Date of Posting: 2001/04/12 (Thr) 22:37
Well, for the people with common sense, such they cannot believe such device exists.
The device uses static electricity, plasma, electromagnetic wave, and infrared ray.
It is not my business if you believe it or not.
* User Dictionary
549 Name: Nanashi-san (means anonymous default at 2ch BBS – Miyoko)Date of Posting: 2001/04/20 (Fri) 01:08
>To be precise, the words are also received.
That is because the words are registered into MRM.
It is like IME dictionary. To say, it is just the same.
Words are much easier for analysis.
(*IME is Japanese dictionary comes with Windows)
551 Name: Nanashi-san Date of Posting: 2001/04/20 (Fri) 03:40
It takes pretty much time for registering to the user dictionary.
Explanation for the people who has no clue.
It requires to input both the word the target spoken and the brain wave of that point.
Brain wave is different for each person.
552 Name: Nanashi-san Date of Posting: 2001/04/20 (Fri) 09:11
>> 551
User dictionary...
My place called it Subset wave.
.. Maybe it is not important to discuss.
*Other postings
140 Name: Unkown Date of Posting: 2001/04/09 (Mon) 23:00
The one we sell to the hospitals only comes with “plasma cutter” function.
The mind reading part is taken out from the device.
141 Name: Unknown Date of Posting: 2001/04/09 (Mon) 23:20
The one we sell to Narcotic investigation office is full set.
Any lie will be detected.
142 Name: Unknown Date of Posting: 2001/04/09 (Mon) 23:24
The one police purchase is not ours.
144 Name: To be public soon Date of Posting: 2001/04/10 (Tue) 00:17
The public offices are the basics.
To test it, please think about something dangerous at such place.
You can see some interesting reactions.

21 August, 2008

The information about mind control and mind reading research going on in Japanese universities

I have been working on analyzing how my mind control was done in the US and how my parents became "robots." I got interesting mind control techniques and how they works in post-MKRESEARCH era. But I would like to share them in a type of video for easy understanding about them. The key concept is manipulation and creating an imaginaly conflict.
This time, I would like to share the possible research going on in Japanes university. Just like for the government secret researches, the researchers got gag order for exposing what they do. I think this information is pretty interesting for the TIs as they might want to stay away from their cell phones. I use Wifi Internet modem, but I am not sure how my devices interact with my brain, though. For my case, the perps have implantation or other method reading my thought since I was in Japan or the second trip to the US.

Japan had 731 unit before. I am wondering what the new upgraded Ministry of Defense is up to and what they want from the research of mind reading and mind control. We got pretty much "Chinese international students" from the money came from Japanse govermnet. Some Japanese complained about spending so much money on inviting students from China. Well, the Japanese government would had different intention rather than two things, making freindship and keeping some people to avoid sudden 100+ nukes from the country. I am just talking about neutrizing the students' protesting in Japan, in case of another anti-Japanese protesting broke out.

Here is the posting I translated from Ashura, Japanese BBS. Key concepts to mention are the use of satellites and the electromagnetic effect on the human body, and forced state of mind for mind reading. TIs, did you notice your thought is interrupted for mind reading? For my case, I do.

876 Name: Nanashisan@onakaippai Date of Posting: 2001/05/28 (Mon) 22:32
I was reading them for awhile with curiosity, it seems many people believe that the mind-reading device does not exit.
Until 3 years ago, I was involved in the basic research on such device in a university (I cannot share the name). The research granst came from PSIA, Ministry of Defence (and US Army) using the name of scientific research costs of the Ministry of Education. So, we could do the research very richly.
But, on the other hand, it was forbidden to announce in the academic field nor exposure.
I write this here is that I think it is better that more people know about the fact.

About the mind-reading device, actually the device is not reading mind which is “regular at certain point.” By creating particular state of mind compulsorily, the device describes the person's mind on the display as the result of his reaction to it.
When I was attending the research, we used two satellites.
First, we borrow the frequencies of car navigation satellites, and we send special electromagnetic wave to interact at the postion where the particular individual's brain is.
The test gets illusion and auditory hallucination because of the electric wave (electromagnetic wave, to be precise), the test subject can think with his will.

This method is already in use in some place. Of course, the test subject will know he is used as a guinea pig from having symptoms like hallucinations, in general, the test is done mainly during REM sleep.
That means, the test subject will watch a dream compulsively, and the tester will read the pattern of the test subject's mind from his reaction to the dream.
Also, this method seems to be used for mind control, but I do not involved with such research field and I do not know much.
But there seem groups doing such research.

What I know is this much, but the current research theme is shifted to put emphasis on reading mind using cellar phones.
People use cell phones attach to their heads, so even a weak wave can interact with the brain wave. Also cell phones can send the brainwave with the signal for the phone call.
I heard that this method is very close to the actual use, and it seems the experiments were done secretly to the test subjects.

And here is the original posting I pasted from the BBS. Because the person posted in this BBS took the original from different BBS, I omitted translating the person pasted the posting and other not-related part.
投稿者 山幸彦 日時 2001 年 6 月 16 日 04:21:31:

回答先: Re: 電磁波でいたずら~マインド・コントロール、盗聴 投稿者 山幸彦 日時 2001 年 4 月 15 日 00:35:27:




>876 名前:名無しさん@お腹いっぱい。 投稿日:2001/05/28(月) 22:32


>300 名前:名無しさん@お腹いっぱい。 投稿日:2001/04/14(土) 10:41
>    ⌒⌒ゝ
>  〆ノノル)  / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
>  @(● (●  | 頭の上からピー・ピー・ 2箇所からよ
>  人″ σ″)< 私には太陽が3つあるの
>  (⌒ゝー○  \_______

20 August, 2008









The Pentagon has informed President Bush and his demoniac father that THE U.S. MILITARY WILL NOT ALLOW A WAR OVER THE MONEY THAT HE AND HIS CRIMINALIST ASSOCIATES HAVE STOLEN. Therefore, the US military have signalled to the White House that they will adhere to their oath of office and will disobey any instructions from the Commander in Chief to go to war.http://worldreports.org/news/162_u.s._military_to_bush_we_will_not_allow_a_war_


19 August, 2008

New World Order - New Order from the New World?

New Order (Neuordnung) was the term introduced by Rudolf Hitler duing WWII. The term, New World Order, has been introduced for conspiracy theory. We talk about NWO and how the techno elites and the Multi Nation Companies are forming the World Government under globalization.

Let me guess, who likes the old fashioned New Order and why it was back to nowadays. Probably the pro-Nazis and the agencies hired German scientists through Paper Clip Project are intelested in the term because they gained their reputation through the movement. We blame Nazis for the genocide and ethnocide while we tend to ignore the fact that the survivers in the legion had to be pro for the movement in order to be alive. If agencies want to bring that movement back secretly, what they will do, and how the people followed that movement would react?

Imagine a situation like this: you were born about the time Nazism driving your country and you have seen your parents and everyone around you saw how they support the ideology. Later, the movement was turned down and anyone who supported it became a shameful subject. How can you react if the same movement is back in your area? What will you do? Will you stand up against the movement to say no as it was once became a target for blaming? My guess is that you would just join with others to see how it will go this time. People are often immune for the hurm of others who are not visible to the public.

Another situation. You saw Nazism going when you were young. Your friend who commented a doubt about the movement disappeared from his home. His family then disappeared from your neighborhood. You knew it was wise just considering about the benefit of yourself. Some disappeared, but you were still alive when the movement was ceased. When the second movement break out, what will you do? If you are wise enough, you just stay in the mass for survival. If more people deny, you keep distance from the movement. If more people support it, you would attend some meetings for survival this time again.

I wonder how the "terrorists" and other people behind of the scenes like anagrams. 911 attack ended up killing people who supposed to come on emrgency call to 911. Too many fire fighters were dead.

How about New World Order? It sounds like the New Order from the New World. This time, the English speaking countries are taking advantage of the situation. Do you know that the UK had Nazis-favored puppet for their king to be neutuaraized during the war? King Edward VIII. And what situation do we have to put puppet kings and politicians for our countries?

CIA has been assassinating the politicians around the world. Their Family Jewel Project was one of them showing how they tries to dominate other countries. The politicians fear their health and life (including the polical life) would negotiate with the US. There is a good term to call such situation, puppet state. During the WWII, some countries became puppet states of Nazis Germany. We have NATO and the formal US allies. These days, we see many foreign poilticians has been murdered, died from an accident, commited suicide, or being caught for bribaries.

Geopolitics is always the same as we lives in 3 dimention world. Control of space, resources, and power are the keys to the future. New World Order seems another ideology to set Lebensraumpropaganda to decide who is allowed to live and who is to be the end of one's family tree. Eugenics and other scientific excuse were already introduced and exercised in democratic countries. Mental institutions are locking up "unwelcome citizens" for their mental problem not following the propaganda of the government.

How to bring this issue to the public? I think the US congressmen and congresswomen should reconsider the exercise of the Monroe Doctrine under globalism. From thinking about what happened in the Guantanamo Bay and the evidences from Abu Graib, I think US Army already have potential to be better sadists than Nazis. For the public education, I think we should teach the mass how their thoughts and emotions are manipulated from the mind control. If we know what to look at such as Chemtrail and other visible factors, then the mass might understand how they are manipulated and fablicated from the Big Brothers.

Summer session is over.

My first class was pretty fine except some notable facts.
1. One of the classmate had anthropology degree from a community college and married with Zapotec immigrant. I felt this incident directly a type of anchoring with Dr. Roberto Gonzalez. There are so many anthropologists working for the CIA, and I was amazed to see someone who got interesting background. When I took German lesson, all classmates in the Caritas building were gang stalkers. However, I seemed to have normal conversation with the classmates during the session.
2. One classmate works as a wedding coordinator. Wedding has been used as anchoring by the perps. One example is Nolie (spelling not sure but she is Turkish) was my classmate at Caritas German lesson. Another one is the neighbor talking about the wedding rehasal in the nearby church, and that did not happened on that day she said they would.
3. One classmate mentioned her engagement with her boyfriend during the session. I felt this one was a type of anchoring with wedding.
4. I found out how the NSA's "memory blocking" works. It is like the target is convinced about the idea as one certain way. When you check out the information, you know what it is. However, when they use this e-harassment, your mind is locked while you read the information. I need to figure out how this happens and what cercumstance it is like. For example, you check the information and try to apply it to your work, you have different information stored in your memory and you remember something defferent. Because your brain is blocked and will receive same false data while you check the information, you feel certain that what you know must be collect. I know this sounds funny but for the victims who have been watching forced-dreams and having physical health problems, you might know what I am talking about. It is like chekcing the price on the machine display at the casher and you figure out the ammount has changed when you pay. For example, you might see the price like "15.60" on the monitor and it changes to "15.80" after the clerk asks you to pay extra 20 rappen. For the small detail to the larger ones, this "memory locking and manipulation" seems to work. I got pretty much observation on how the hypnosesis works, and I am thinking to explain that part later.

For the preparation class, I think I am passing. No problem for Internet connection, and that was good. I missed the first assignment costing 5pts because I wasn't sure where to submit it. But that one was cleared as I should have checked the syllabus. Then I missed 10pts because my APA formatting was too detailed. It sounds like I would end up like B- range. But this one sounds better than the time I was getting A and ended up B- in Dr. Gonzalez's class or Dr. Weiss' class while I was studying at SJSU because of the students actuall harassment in the classrooms. I have one week summer break, so it is time to work on the research for mind control. Best way to memorize a writing format is use it. I might use that format for my website writings. It would give more credibility for what I share with others.

16 August, 2008

Bilateral Immunity Agreements seem to hide US "gang stalkers" criminal activities around the world.

Bilateral Immunity Agreements sounds like another safe guard for the gang stalkers harassing their targets around the world. I am not sure how the US making clear "terrorist" label on people these days. In the past, anyone seemed Mid-Eastern was thought as "terrorist." How about now? Where is that Al Qaeda thing went?

Check out this article.

In my case, I was stalkerd by the FBI covert officers for the benefit of SJSU. If the US company does darty tricks in a foreign coutry, then who will be erigilble for reporting and persecution? What if the workers doing something wrong are agents of the US agencies? They are immune from accusations. The DOD and the CIA increased employees after 911. But what happened since then?

Immunity for the crimes done by the US agents in foreign country sounds so wicked; the United States does not join the ICC at all. I am waiting to see the result of my case at the ICC about the US agents, SJSU, and refugees lived in Casa Torfeld I. I am tired of gang stalkers who are claiming me for anything they can think of. The CIA has been assassinated politicians and foreigners around the world. The CIA is part of international drug ring. The FBI covert officers are often involved in criminal action such as bombing inside of the US. I wonder why we can not bring justice to these who are real fandamentalists and fanatics with less respect on the laws (including the federal and state level ones) and human rights of their own citizens.

If our society accept criminals and innocent citizens becoming the scapegoats for their crimes, what can we do to have a healthy society under democracy? So many are scared to reject to the police state. I am not gonna be like the one who accepted harassing Jews and minorities during WWII. I have seen gang stalkers pretending to be Jews or punks. They are newly convated people or just wear certain clothes on the day of surveillance. I wish these covert officers stop harassing or working on propaganda purpose among our society.

14 August, 2008

Ich fand ein mögliches Mitglied der Gruppe drohende schweizerische Politiker.

Während ich den Gang Stalkers Kommentar zu meinen YouTube Videos sortierte, fand ich, dass jemand scheint sich zur Gruppe zu verbinden, die Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf drohte und "187" auf ihrem Haus zog, als Christoph Blocher Wahl in diesem Jahr verlor. Dieser Kerl, evilfalseprophet, schrieb "848". Gemäß der Polizeicodeerklärung auf Wikipedia, "848" Mittel "Diebstahl". Seine Anmerkungen sind inversed ein, geändert 4 und 8. Ich bin nicht sicher, was er meinen will. Die Flüchtlinge um mich an Casa Torfeld habe ich unberechtigte Forderungen des Trinkens, Diebstahls usw gemacht.

Irgendwie denke ich, dass ich teile, was "evilfalseprophet" auf meinen Videos anschlagen. Seine Anmerkungen klingen genug, um als Drohung zu rufen, mich bittend, mein Gesicht zu zeigen und drohend, mit seinem Gewehr zu töten.

Ich bin stolz, von Verrätern innerhalb der Schweiz bedroht zu werden, wer schweizerische Politiker schikanieren. Ist das genug, um zu beweisen, dass ich in Gefahr bin? Ich hoffe, dass jemand "evilfalseprophet" ausfindig macht, um seine Verbindung mit der organisierten kriminellen Gruppe in der Schweiz zu finden. Es würde Leben von schweizerischen Politikern sparen sowie sie Safe öffentlich zu behalten. Annahme wer ist hier wirklich patriotisch?

evilfalseprophet (7 months ago) Show Hide -1 Marked as spam Reply Spam
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in switzerland its not allowed to film people without permission god damn it... BURN in HELL!!!!
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Remove Block User yeah but you dont work for a newspaper, and this crap is non-sense journalism.. so stfu.
its a wonder that you can even read.. ahh
pls just show me once your face... just once and tell me where you life!
lol seems like you a bit paranoid? well i help you..if i find you i will kick you're ass!

"484" and "187" - I found a member of the criminal organization harassing Swiss politician in YouTube.

While I was sorting the gang stalkers' comment on my YouTube videos, I found someone seems to link to the group who threatened Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf and drew “187” on her house when Christoph Blocher lost election this year. This guy, evilfalseprophet, wrote “848” as a part of his comment for my OSAM15. According to the police code explanation on Wikipedia, 484 means “Theft.” His comments is inversed one, changed 4 and 8. I am not sure what he wants to mean. The refugees around me at Casa Torfeld I have been making false claims of drinking, stealing, etc.

Anyway, I think I share what “evilfalseprophet” post on my videos. His comments sounds enough to call as threat, asking me to show my face and threatening to kill with his rifle.
I am proud to be threatened from traitors inside of Switzerland who are harassing Swiss politicians. Is this enough to prove I am in danger? I hope someone track down “evilfalseprophet” to find his connection with the organized criminal group in Switzerland. It would save lives of Swiss politicians as well as to keep them safe in public. Guess who is really patriotic here?

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in switzerland its not allowed to film people without permission god damn it... BURN in HELL!!!!

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Remove Block User were in switzerland is your heim? i think i can help with my SIG 550 rifle ;)

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Remove Block User yeah but you dont work for a newspaper, and this crap is non-sense journalism.. so stfu.
its a wonder that you can even read.. ahh
pls just show me once your face... just once and tell me where you life!
lol seems like you a bit paranoid? well i help you..if i find you i will kick you're ass!

Come uno studente giapponese internazionali di studio negli Stati Uniti è diventato un rifugiato.

Mio caso iniziato negli Stati Uniti quando ero frequentano San Jose State University. La CIA e altre agenzie di intelligence sono stati locazione studenti. Non sono sicuro quando banda appostamenti iniziato, ma sembra che il punto di svolta è primavera del 2005 quando ho avuto problemi con cinese anziani volontari presso il sito. Inoltre, il mio caso è legato a Dr Elizabeth Weiss, un assistente professore che ha più rapporti sessuali tra i suoi colleghi tra cui Donald Johansen Dr. Sono stato un fischietto soffiatore a SJSU. Nella primavera del 2006, ho contattato il difensore civico, Mr Salvador Parker, per discutere il problema con il dottor Weiss. A quel punto, ho parlato con il Dr Jann English-Lueck, si scusa e lei mi dottor Weiss.E 'stato lo stesso periodo Dr English-Lueck mi chiede di parlare con il Dr Wiggsy Sivertsen, il direttore del Servizio di consulenza SJSU. Quando ho incontrata in esame finale settimana, Dr Sivertsen tenuti a chiedere se mi è stato quello che molestato dottor Weiss. E 'stato l'opposto di ciò che è accaduto e devo mantenere negando la sua domanda nel corso della riunione.

Più tardi, SJSU studenti spostato nel mio off-campus appartamento a 760 N. 7th St San Jose, California, USA. Il mio inglese istruttore, Ms Judith Rosenburg, stava lavorando sulla harassments con gli studenti. Dr Marco Meniketti della classe è stato un altro che aveva portata in fibra fotocamera sticked fuori dal soffitto. Dr Ohala è stato l'insegnamento Glober Dr Kelly's LING101 classe, e più tardi in quel semestre, è stata scelta come il nuovo decano del Dipartimento di Linguistica. Dr in Ohala della classe, gli studenti fatto voci di me come una spia tedesca. Il 16 ottobre, 2006, il giorno ho contattato la Homeland Security Office a San Jose, Dr English-Lueck sta al di fuori del Dr Meniketti della classe. Lei mi ha chiesto di avere una piccola chat nel suo ufficio. Antropologia in servizio, l'università agenti di polizia mi ha chiesto come suicida e pericolosi per gli altri. Mi è stato inviato a Santa Clara Valley Medical Center di emergenza servizi psichiatrici, e più tardi a El Camino Hospital. El Camino in ospedale, ho incontrato Dott.ssa Maria Rodoriguez, che è un antropologo culturale esperto di cultura cinese (come Dr Lueck-EEE). Ho visto i suoi film sulla etnografico Cinese vita nelle zone rurali Dr English-Lueck della classe. Questo trasporto è parte di me essere credibile per querela contro SJSU, e un'altra parte è per il tedesco spia cospirazione per indagare me.

Ho fatto un piano di visitare la Germania nel corso Weltmeinstershaft in estate del 2006, e che questi piano investigatori mi chiedono come una spia tedesca. Quando ho visitare il Consolato Generale del Giappone a San Francisco, il Consolato Generale e il suo assistente Sig Sasaki mi ha detto che l'FBI sia coinvolto in questa inchiesta.

A El Camino Hospital, Dr Peter Newsom mi ha diagnosticato come 'gravemente disabili e pericolosi per gli altri' e ho cercato di mettermi in 14 giorni attesa. Egli mi ha dato un'offerta di scarico accanto a me se ho Lunedi segno paziente sotto forma di volontariato, e ho firmato. Tuttavia, egli è stato spento per il Bambino Psicologia conferenza a San Diego la settimana prossima. E il sostituto, il dottor Robert Burr cercato di tenermi in ospedale. A proposito, SJSU infermieristica grandi studenti lavorano a El Camino Ospedale. E sono state parlando di come dottor Robert Gonzalez mi violentata di notte mentre ero sotto la sonno dal sonniferi. Mi sono svegliato nel mattino e scoperto sanguinamento dal basso ha avuto frequenti e sanguinosi naso durante il giorno. Quando ho avuto un'audizione con Dr Burr e le infermiere, che mi ha chiesto io soggiorno in ospedale sapevo se i miei genitori sono prossimi a Mercoledì. Per essere scaricata da El Camino Hospital, ho dovuto accettare di cancellare l'inchiesta di SJSU Pari Opportunità Servizi studenti contro 'la discriminazione e appostamenti. Mercoledì, ho chiamato Dr Wiggsy Sivertsen, il direttore del Servizio di consulenza SJSU, per conoscere il motivo per cui è stata presa a ospedale psichiatrico. Essa ha sostenuto che gli studenti 'harassments sono illusione. Quando ho chiesto perché mi voleva per fermare l'inchiesta di SJSU le Pari Opportunità Servizi di sapere se era tutto illusione o no, non poteva rispondere. Per quanto si può imparare da mia esperienza, San Jose State University è parte della criminalità organizzata gruppo. E 'molto simile a ciò che è accaduto dopo che Enron noleggiati tanti FBI e CIA dipendenti. I miei genitori sono stati rapiti per tre giorni e di queste gang stalkers fatto un piano per uccidere nel mio appartamento a fare di me come l'indagato con problema mentale. Per rendere un alibi, mi ha spinto a Sacramento durante la notte e ha presentato le testimonianze di discriminazione sul SJSU a governatore della California's casella di posta elettronica.

Io omettere così tanto della mia storia in questo film. Più tardi, mi è stato seguito dal Dipartimento della Difesa persone intorno in California. Quando scappò via in Germania, ho visto Bundes-Wehr auto circa l'ostello sono rimasto a Monaco di Baviera. In quel momento, ho incontrato Fernande dal Brasile, un altro membro banda appostamenti, mi suggerisce di visitare la Francia o Paesi Bassi. Mi ha suggerito di mangiare pizza o qualcosa a buon mercato. Non sono sicuro, ma il motivo per cui il vicino ristorante italiano all 'angolo aveva la limitazione di prendere-out pasti e venduto alcune fette di pizze al suo interno. Io non so cosa Stalker's Gang attività in Germania, ma il controllo dei ristoranti sono molto spesso negli Stati Uniti. Bundes-Wehr verde vignetta apparsa auto a Monaco di Baviera e di Weimar. Poi ho viaggiato in Inghilterra e diversi paesi europei. Durante il soggiorno in Germania, ho avuto problema di perdere il senso della direzione. Mi è stato udito voci dal momento che è stato in California, ancora la voce e il controllo mentale è diventata debole effetto quando ho viaggiò in Inghilterra.

Gang Stalkers affermando come il target di penale, molester bambino, il sesso reato, shoplifter, malati mentali, fanatico, fondamentalista, ecc Ho visto all'interno di chiese cattoliche. Mi è stato molestato da parte di bambini per la loro pretesa di pedofilia. Mi chiedo come questi bambini addestrati come Hitler Jugend sono ora al lavoro per espellere persone religiose da chiese. Sono stato orgoglioso di essere salvato dalla Vergine Maria in America e adesso è protetto Europa, che dovrebbe essere la sua terra.

كيف اليابانيه الدولى للطلاب الذين يدرسون في الولايات المتحدة اصبح لاجئا.

حالتي بدأت في الولايات المتحدة عندما كنت تحضر من جامعة سان خوسيه. وكالة المخابرات المركزية ووكالات الاستخبارات الأخرى وقد تم التعاقد مع الطلبة هناك. انني لست واثقا من عصابة عندما بدأت المطارده ، ولكن على ما يبدو هو نقطة تحول في ربيع عام 2005 عندما كان لي مشكلة مع كبار السن الصينية للمتطوعين في الموقع. كما ان بلدي هو الحال مع الدكتورة اليزابيث ذات الصلة وايس ، استاذ مساعد متعددة من العلاقات الجنسيه بين زملائها ومنهم الدكتور دونالد يوهانسن. كنت في SJSU عن المخالفه. في ربيع عام 2006 ، اتصلت امين المظالم ، السيد سلفادور باركر ، لمناقشة هذه المشكلة مع الدكتور فايس. وعند هذه النقطه ، لقد تحدثت مع الدكتور Jann English-Lueck ، وقالت انها تعتذر عن الدكتور لي فايس. حالتي بدأت في الولايات المتحدة عندما كنت تحضر من جامعة سان خوسيه. وكالة المخابرات المركزية ووكالات الاستخبارات الأخرى وقد تم التعاقد مع الطلبة هناك. انني لست واثقا من عصابة عندما بدأت المطارده ، ولكن على ما يبدو هو نقطة تحول في ربيع عام 2005 عندما كان لي مشكلة مع كبار السن الصينية للمتطوعين في الموقع. كما ان بلدي هو الحال مع الدكتورة اليزابيث ذات الصلة وايس ، استاذ مساعد متعددة من العلاقات الجنسيه بين زملائها ومنهم الدكتور دونالد يوهانسن. كنت في SJSU عن المخالفه. في ربيع عام 2006 ، اتصلت امين المظالم ، السيد سلفادور باركر ، لمناقشة هذه المشكلة مع الدكتور فايس. وعند هذه النقطه ، لقد تحدثت مع الدكتور Jann English-Lueck ، وقالت انها تعتذر عن الدكتور لي فايس. وكان نفس الفترة من الدكتور English-Lueck تسالني لاجراء محادثات مع الدكتور Wiggsy Sivertsen ، مدير داءره الارشاد SJSU. عندما قاءها الاول في الامتحانات النهائية في الاسبوع ، وابقاء الدكتور Sivertsen يسألني اذا كنت واحدة من مضايقات الدكتور فايس. وكان هذا عكس ما حصل وأجد لزاما علي ان تبقى مسألة إنكار لها اثناء الاجتماع.

وفي وقت لاحق ، SJSU انتقلت الى بلدي الطلاب خارج الحرم الجامعي على 760 شقة نون السابع سانت سان خوسيه ، كاليفورنيا. مدرب لغتي الانكليزيه ، والسيدة جوديث Rosenburg ، تعمل على مضايقات مع الطلاب. الدكتور ماركو Meniketti الذي كان اخر من الدرجة التي الألياف خارج نطاق كاميرا غرس من السقف. وكان الدكتور Ohala التدريس الدكتور كيلي Glober 's Ling101 الدرجة ، وذلك في وقت لاحق من الفصل الدراسي ، وقالت انها اختارت رئيسا جديدا للعميد لسانيات الادارة. الدكتور Ohala 'sالدرجة ، قدم الطلاب من الشائعات لي باعتباري احد الجاسوس الألماني. في 16 تشرين الاول 2006 ، وهو اليوم الذي اتصلت الوطن مكتب الامن فى سان خوسيه ، الدكتور English-Lueck تقف خارج الدكتور Meniketti للفصل. طلبت مني أن يكون له دردشه صغيرة في مكتبها. في قسم الانثروبولوجيا ، الجامعة ضباط الشرطة وادعي لي الانتحاريه وتشكل خطرا على الآخرين. انا ارسلت الى وادي سانتا كلارا المركز الطبي في حالات الطوارئ والخدمات النفسية ، وel كامينو في لاحق الى المستشفى. مستشفى فى مدينة كامينو ، التقيت الدكتورة ماري Rodoriguez ، من هو خبير في علم الانسان الثقافي الثقافة الصينية (مثل الدكتور English-Lueck). لقد شاهدت فيلم عن بلدها الاثنيه الحياة في المناطق الريفيه الصينية الدكتور English-Lueck'sالدرجة. وهذا النقل هو جزء من جعل لي ان تكون ذات مصداقيه لدعوى قضائية ضد SJSU ، وجزء آخر هو الجاسوس الألماني للتحقيق في مءامره للي.

انا قدمت خطة للزيارة World Cup في المانيا خلال صيف عام 2006 ، واعتماد هذه الخطة ان المحققين ادعي لي باعتباري احد الجاسوس الألماني. عندما ازور القنصلية العامة للاليابان فى سان فرانسيسكو ، والقنصلية العامة ومساعده السيد ساساكي قال لي ان مكتب التحقيقات الاتحادي يشارك في هذا التحقيق.

El Camino Hospitalكامينو في المستشفى ، Newsom تشخيص لي بانه 'بالغ الخطوره والمعوقين وغيرهم' وحاولت ان وضعني في 14 يوما من عقد. وقال انه قدم لي عرضا لاداء لى فى يوم الاثنين المقبل واذا كنت التوقيع على شكل متطوعين للمريض ، وأنا وقعت. ومع ذلك ، كان من الطفل لعلم النفس في مؤتمر سان دييغو في الاسبوع المقبل. والبديل ، والدكتور روبرت الازيز حاول ان تبقى لي في المستشفى. من جانب الطريق ، SJSU طلاب التمريض الرئيسية في عمل el كامينو المستشفى. وكانوا يتحدثون عن كيفية اغتصاب غونزاليس الدكتور روبرت لي في الليل بينما كنت في أطار النوم من حبوب النوم. استيقظت في الصباح واكتشفت تنزف من اسفل الدمويه والانف ومتكررة خلال النهار. عندما كان لي جلسة استماع مع الدكتور الازيز وممرضة ، انا طلبوا مني البقاء في المستشفى لو كنت اعرف والدي يوم الاربعاء القادمين. ينبغي الوفاء بها من مستشفى el كامينو ، واضطررت الى الموافقة على الغاء التحقيق الذي يجريه SJSu تكافؤ الفرص والخدمات ضد الطلاب والتمييز والملاحقه. يوم الاربعاء ، الاول دعا الدكتور Wiggsy Sivertsen ، مدير داءره الارشاد sjsu ، لاعرف لماذا انا المتخذة لمستشفى للامراض العقليه. وادعت ان الطلاب مضايقات هي وهم. وحين سألت لماذا قالت انها تريد لي لوقف التحقيق الذي يجريه SJSU تكافؤ الفرص خدمات لمعرفة ما اذا كان جميع الوهم أم لا ، وقالت انها لا تستطيع الاجابه. بقدر ما يمكنك ان تتعلم من تجربتي ، من جامعة سان خوسيه هي جزء من جماعات الجريمة المنظمه. وهو يشبه الى حد كبير ما حدث لأنها استأجرت شركة انرون بعد ذلك العديد من موظفي وكالة الاستخبارات المركزية ومكتب التحقيقات الاتحادي. والدي وخطف لمدة ثلاثة أيام وهذه العصابه الملاحقون قدمت خطة لقتلهم في بلدي لجعل شقة المشتبه فيه لي مشكلة مع العقليه. الى تقديم ذريعة ، لأنني حدت سكرامنتو بين عشية وضحاها ، وقدم الادله على التمييز في SJSU الى حاكم كاليفورنيا بريد مربع.

وفي وقت لاحق ، وأنا التي تتبعها وزارة الدفاع في الناس فى جميع انحاء ولاية كاليفورنيا. وعندما ولى هاربا الى المانيا ، ولقد رأيت - Bundes وير السيارات في جميع انحاء نزل بقيت في München. في ذلك الوقت ، اجتمعت Fernande من البرازيل ، واخر عضو في عصابة المطارده ، مما يوحي لي لزيارة فرنسا او هولندا. واشارت لي أن آكل بيتزا او شيء رخيص. ولست متأكدا ولكن لماذا القريبه مطعم ايطالي على الحد من الزاويه قد يأخذ بها - وجبات الطعام وتباع بعض الشرائح من داخل Pizza. انا لا اعرف عن نشاط العصابات ستوكر في المانيا ، ولكن مراقبة المطاعم هي في كثير من الاحيان في الولايات المتحدة. - Bundes وير الاخضر ملصقا السيارات في München ويبدو في فايمار. ثم سافرت الى انكلترا وعدة بلدان اوروبيه. وخلال الاقامة في المانيا ، كان لي مشكلة فقدان الاحساس بالاتجاه. لقد تم سماع اصوات منذ ان كنت في كاليفورنيا ، بعد وصوت مراقبة الاعتبار اثر اصبحت ضعيفة وعندما سافرت الى انكلترا.

Comment un étudiant étranger japonais faisant les études aux Etats-Unis est devenu un réfugié.

C'est la partie de que j'écris pour mes “Fileurs de Gang venant dans der Schweiz” la série vidéo. Je ne suis pas sûr combien partager de la population locale travaillant pour l'harcèlement. Mais s'ils sont payés par les agents Américains qui veulent que je se taise, ensuite je dois partager mon histoire pour ma propre sécurité.

Mon cas commençait dans les États-Unis quand j'assistais à l'Université d'État de San Jose. La CIA et d'autres agences de renseignements ont engagé des étudiants là. Je ne suis pas sûr quand le gang chassant commençait, mais il semble que le tournant est le Printemps 2005 où j'avais le problème avec les personnes âgées chinoises au site de volontaire. Aussi, mon cas est rattaché avec Dr Elizabeth Weiss, un professeur d'assistant qui a des rapports sexuels multiples parmi ses collègues en incluant Dr Donald Johansen. J'étais un téléphone de sifflet à SJSU. Au Printemps 2006, j'ai contacté le médiateur, M. Salvador Parker, discuter le problème avec Dr Weiss. À ce point, j'ai parlé avec Dr. English-Lueck et elle se m'excuse de Dr Weiss. À ce point, j'ai parlé avec l'anglais-Lueck et elle se m'excuse de Dr Weiss. C'était même de période que Dr. English-Lueck me demande de parler avec Dr Wiggsy Sivertsen, le directeur de SJSU l'Assistance du Service. Quand je la rencontre dans la semaine d'examen finale, Dr Sivertsen a continué à me demander si j'étais celui qui a contrarié Dr Weiss. C'était l'opposé de ce qui est arrivé et je dois continuer à nier sa question pendant la réunion. Plus tard, les étudiants de SJSU ont bougé dans mon appartement hors de campus sur 760 N. 7ème rue San Jose, Californie. Mon professeur anglais, Mme Judith Rosenburg, travaillait les harcèlements avec les étudiants. La classe de Dr Marco Meniketti était un autre qui avait la caméra de possibilité de fibre sticked du plafond. Dr Ohala enseignait la classe LING101 de Dr Kelly Glober et plus tard à ce semestre, elle a été choisie comme le nouveau doyen du Département de Linguistique. Dans la classe de Dr Ohala, les étudiants ont fait des rumeurs de moi comme un espion allemand. Le 16 octobre 2006, le jour j'ai contacté le Bureau de Sécurité de Patrie à San Jose, les éventaires d'anglais-Lueck de Dr à l'extérieur de la classe de Dr Meniketti. Elle m'a demandé d'avoir une petite conversation dans son bureau. Dans le département d'Anthropologie, les agents de police universitaires m'ont réclamé comme suicidaire et dangereux à d'autres. On m'a envoyé à la Vallée de Santa Clara le Cas d'urgence de Centre Médical les Services Psychiatriques et plus tard à El Camino Hospoital.

Dans El Camino Hospoital, j'ai rencontré Dr Mary Rodoriguez, qui est un expert d'anthropologue culturel en culture chinoise (comme l'anglais-Lueck de Dr). J'ai vu son film ethnographic de la vie rurale chinoise dans la classe d'anglais-Lueck's de Dr. Ce transport fait partie de la réalisation de moi pour être crédible pour le procès contre SJSU et une autre partie est pour la conspiration d'espion allemande pour enquêter sur moi.

I made a plan of visiting Germany during World Cup in summer of 2006, and that plan made these investigators claiming me as a German spy. When I visit the consulate general of Japan in San Francisco, the consulate general and his assistant Mr. Sasaki told me that the FBI is involved in this investigation.

À El Camino Hospoital, Dr Peter Newsom m'a diagnostiqué comme “gravement rendu infirme et dangereux à d'autres” et a essayé de me mettre dans 14 jours tiennent. Il m'a donné une offre du fait de me renvoyer lundi prochain si je signe la forme de patient de volontaire et j'ai signé. Pourtant, il était débranché pour la conférence de Psychologie D'enfant à San Diego la semaine prochaine. Et le produit de substitution, Dr Robert Burr a essayé de me garder dans Hospoital. À propos, SJSU la profession d'infirmier des étudiants importants travaillent sur El Camino Hospoital. Et ils parlaient de comment Dr Robert Gonzalez m'a violé la nuit pendant que j'étais sous le sommeil des somnifères. Je me suis réveillé dans le matin et ai découvert le saignement du fond et avais le nez saignant fréquent pendant la journée. Quand j'avais une audition avec le Ronronnement de Dr et l'infirmier, ils m'ont demandé je resterais dans le Hospoital si je savais que mes parents viennent mercredi. Pour être renvoyé d'El Camino Hospoital, j'ai dû approuver annulent l'enquête par les Services de Condition d'égalité SJSU contre la discrimination d'étudiants et le fait de chasser. Mercredi, j'ai appelé Dr Wiggsy Sivertsen, le directeur de SJSU l'Assistance du Service, savoir pourquoi j'ai été pris à l'hôpital psychiatrique. Elle a réclamé que les harcèlements des étudiants sont l'illusion. Quand j'ai demandé pourquoi elle a voulu que j'aie arrêté l'enquête par les Services de Condition d'égalité SJSU pour savoir si c'était toute l'illusion ou pas, elle ne pouvait pas répondre. Autant que vous pouvez apprendre de mon expérience, l'Université d'État de San Jose fait partie du groupe de crime organisé. Il ressemble beaucoup ce qui est arrivé à Enron après qu'il a engagé tant de Police judiciaire fédérale et employés de CIA.

Mes parents ont été enlevés depuis trois jours et ces fileurs de gang ont fait un plan de les tuer dans mon appartement pour me faire comme le suspect avec le problème mental. Pour faire un alibi, j'ai conduit à Sacramento dans la nuit et ai soumis les évidences de discrimination à SJSU à la boîte de courrier du gouverneur de Californie.

Plus tard, j'ai été suivi par les gens de Ministère de la défense autour d'à Californie. Quand je me suis enfui en Allemagne, j'ai vu des voitures de Bundeswehr autour du foyer je suis resté à Munich. En ce temps-là, j'ai rencontré Fernande du Brésil, un autre gang chassant le membre, en me suggérant de visiter la France ou les Pays-Bas. Elle m'a suggéré de manger la pizza ou quelque chose de bon marché. Je ne suis pas sûr pourquoi mais le Restaurant italien proche sur le coin avait la restriction de repas à emporter et a vendu quelques tranches de pizzas à l'intérieur. Je ne suis pas au courant de l'activité de Fileur de Gang en Allemagne, mais le contrôle de restaurants sont tout à fait souvent dans les États-Unis. Le bundeswehr les voitures d'autocollant vertes a apparu à Munich et à Weimar. Alors j'ai voyagé en Angleterre et plusieurs pays européens. Pendant le séjour en Allemagne, j'avais le problème de perdre le sens de direction. J'ai entendu des voix depuis que j'étais à Californie, encore la voix et l'effet de contrôle d'esprit sont devenus faibles quand j'ai voyagé en Angleterre.

P.S. En France, je suis resté à Paris, Loudes, Nevers pour recevoir la protection de la Vierge Mary.


我的情況開始在美國,當我出席聖荷西州立大學。美國中央情報局和其他情報機構已聘用的學生有。我不知道纏擾行為時,剛開始,但似乎轉折點是2005年春季時,我曾與中國的問題,老人在義工的網站。此外,我的情況是與博士,黃錢其濂魏斯,助理教授,誰具有多重性之間的關係她的同事包括博士唐納德約翰森。我是一個哨子鼓風機在SJSU 。 在2006年春季,我所接觸的申訴專員先生,薩爾瓦多帕克,討論這個問題與博士魏斯。在這一點上,我跟博士Jann English-Lueck ,和她道歉,我的博士魏斯。這是同一時期博士 English-Lueck問我,跟博士Wiggsy Sivertsen ,主任sjsu諮詢服務。當我滿足,她在最後的考試週,博士Sivertsen不斷問我如果我是一個誰騷擾博士魏斯。這是相反,到底發生了什麼,我要繼續否認她的問題時在座。

後來, SJSU學生搬進我的校外公寓的760 12月31日第七聖加州聖荷西。我的英語講師, Judith Rosenburg女士,是工作在騷擾與學生。博士馬Meniketti的階級是另一位曾纖維的範圍,相機粘貼出來的上限。博士Ohala是教學博士Kelly Glober的LING101一流的,後來在這學期,她被選定為新院長,語言學部。在博士 Ohala的階級,學生作出的傳聞我作為一個德國間諜。關於2006年10月16日,這一天我所接觸的美國國土安全辦公室在加州的聖何塞,博士的英語Lueck站以外的博士Meniketti的階級。她問我有一個小聊天,在她的辦公室。在人類學署,大學的警務人員稱我為自殺和危險給他人。我被下放到聖塔克拉拉谷醫學中心緊急精神科服務,以及稍後前往EL Camino Hospoital 。在El Camino Hospoital ,我會見了博士Mary Rodoriguez ,誰是文化人類學家的專家在中國文化中(就像博士英語- lueck ) 。我看到她的人種電影關於中國農村生活在博士的English-Lueck的階級。這是交通的一部分,使我必須是可信的,為起訴SJSU ,另一部分是為德國間諜的陰謀,調查了我。

我曾計劃訪問德國期間, World Cup在2006年夏天,該計劃提出的這些調查,聲稱我作為一個德國間諜。當我訪問總領事館,日本在舊金山,總領事館和他的助手,佐佐木先生告訴我,聯邦調查局是在參與這項調查。在El Camino Hospoital ,博士彼得紐森我被診斷為“嚴重殘疾人士及對他人的危險” ,並試圖把我在14天內舉行。他給我提供的履行我對下週一,如果我註冊志願者門診的形式,和我簽署。不過,他是小康,為兒童心理學大會在圣迭戈下週。和替代,博士羅伯特毛刺試圖保住我在Hospoital 。由的方式, SJSU護理專業的學生工作在El Camino Hospoital 。和他們談論如何博士羅伯特岡薩雷斯強姦我在夜間,而我是根據睡眠從安眠藥。 i醒來,在今天上午發現出血的底部及頻繁的流血的鼻子在白天。當我有一個聽證會,與博士的毛刺和護士,他們問我,我會繼續留在Hospoital如果我知道我的父母是來對週三。要出院,由El camino Hospoital ,我不得不同意取消調查SJSU平等機會服務對學生的歧視和纏擾。對週三,我所謂的博士Wiggsy Sivertsen ,主任SJSU輔導服務,知道為什麼我被帶到精神病院內。她聲稱學生的騷擾是幻想。當我問她為什麼要我停止調查,由sjsu平等機會服務知道如果這是所有的幻想,或不,她不能回答。據了解,您可以從我的經驗,聖荷西州立大學的一部分,有組織犯罪集團。這是很像所發生的安然公司後,聘請這麼多的美國聯邦調查局和中央情報局僱員。我的父母被綁架3天,這些剛纏擾作出了計劃要殺死他們,在我的公寓,使我作為嫌疑人的心理問題。作出不在場,我驅車前往薩克拉門托一夜之間,並提交證據的歧視 SJSU向加州州長的信箱。

後來,我其次是由國防部周圍的人在加州。當我逃離德國,我所看到的Bundes - Wehr車周圍的旅館我住在慕尼黑。在那個時候,我會見了Fernande來自巴西,另一團伙成員纏擾,暗示我訪問法國或荷蘭。她建議我吃披薩或一些便宜。我不知道為什麼,但附近的意大利餐廳就指日可待了限制,採取淘汰膳食和出售一些片比薩餅內。我不知道剛纏擾者的活動在德國,但控制飲食是相當經常在美國。Bundes – Wehr綠色貼紙,車出現在慕尼黑和在魏瑪。那麼,我前往英格蘭和幾個歐洲國家。逗留期間,在德國,我曾的問題,失去了方向感。我一直在聽聲音,因為我是在加利福尼亞州,但聲音和精神控制的效果,成為薄弱,當我前往英格蘭。


Как японский иностранный студент в США стал беженцем.

Это - часть того, что я пишу для моих приезжающих “Сталкеров Бригады в der Schweiz” видео ряд. Я не уверен, сколько разделить о местных жителях, работающих для преследования. Но если им платят агенты Соединенных Штатов, которые хотят, чтобы я сохранил спокойствие, затем я должен разделить мою историю для моей собственной безопасности.

Мой случай начался в Соединенных Штатах, когда я посещал государственный университет Сан-Хосе. ЦРУ и другие спецслужбы наняли студентов там. Я не уверен, когда преследование бригады началось, но кажется, что поворотный момент - Весна 2005, когда я имел проблему с китайскими пожилыми на участке добровольца. Кроме того, мой случай связан с доктором Элизабет Веиссом, доцент, который имеет многократные сексуальные отношения среди ее коллег, включая доктора Дональда Джохансена. Я был трубачом свиста в SJSU. Весной 2006, я связывался с омбудсменом, г. Сальвадором Паркером, обсуждать проблему с доктором Веиссом. В том пункте, я говорил с доктором Джанном Энглиш-Луеком, и она приносит извинения меня о докторе Веиссе. Это был тот же самый период, доктор Энглиш-Луек просит, чтобы я говорил с доктором Виггсай Сивертсеном, директор SJSU Советующееся Обслуживание. Когда я встречаю ее на заключительной неделе экзамена, доктор Сивертсен продолжал спрашивать меня, если я был тем, кто беспокоил доктора Веисса. Это была случившаяся противоположность чего, и я должен продолжать отрицать ее вопрос в течение встречи.

Позже, учащиеся SJSU переехали в мою квартиру вне университетского городка в 760 N. 7-ой С-Сан Джоз, Калифорния. Мой Английский преподаватель, госпожа Джудит Розенберг, воздействовал на преследования с учащимися. Класс доктора Марко Меникетти был другим, который имел камеру возможностей волокна, придержанную из потолка. Доктор Охала преподавал классу доктора Келлай Глобера LING101, и позже в тот семестр, она была выбрана как новый декан Отдела Лингвистики. В классе доктора Охалы, учащиеся сделали слухи из меня как немецкий шпион. 16 октября 2006, день я связался с Ценной бумагой Родины Office в Сан-Хосе, стенды доктора Энглиш-Луека вне класса доктора Меникетти. Она попросила, чтобы я имел маленький чат в ее офисе. В отделе Антропологии, университетские полицейские требовали меня как убийственного и опасного для других. Я был послан Долине Санта-Клары Медицинское Критическое положение Центра Психиатрические Услуги, и позже к эль Camino Hospoital. В эль Camino Hospoital, я встречал доктора Мэри Родоригуеза, который является культурным экспертом антрополога в китайской культуре (точно так же, как доктор Энглиш-Луек). Я видел ее этнографический фильм о китайской сельской жизни в классе доктора Энглиш-Луека. Эти средства передвижения - часть создания меня, чтобы быть вероятным для судебного процесса против SJSU, и другая часть - для немецкого заговора шпиона, чтобы исследовать меня.

Я сделал план из посещения Германии в течение Weltmeinstershaft летом 2006, и тот план сделал этих исследователей, требующих меня как немецкий шпион. Когда я посещаю генеральное консульство Японии в Сан-Франциско, генеральное консульство и его помощник г. Сазаки сказали мне, что ФБР вовлечено в это исследование.

В El Camino Hospoital, доктор Питер Нюсом диагностировал меня как “серьезно инвалиды и опасный для других” и пробовал поместить меня через 14 дней, держатся. Он дал мне предложение освобождения меня в следующий понедельник, если я подписываю форму пациента добровольца, и я подписался. Однако, он выключен для Детской конференции Психологии в Сан-Диего на следующей неделе. И замена, доктор Роберт Берр пробовал держать меня в Hospoital. Между прочим, SJSU уход за главными студентами работают над эль Camino Hospoital. И они говорили о том, как доктор Роберт Гонзейлз изнасиловал меня ночью, в то время как я был подо сном от сонных порошков. Я пробуждался утром и узнал кровотечение из основания и имел частое кровотечение из носа в течение дневного времени. Когда я имел слушание с доктором Берром и медсестрой, они спросили меня, я остался бы в Hospoital, если бы я знал, что мои родители приезжают в среду. Чтобы быть освобожден от обязательств от эль Camino Hospoital, я должен был согласиться отменить исследование Услугами Равных возможностей при приеме на работу SJSU против дискриминации студентов и преследования. В среду, я назвал доктора Виггсай Сивертсена, директор SJSU Советующееся Обслуживание, знать, почему я был взят к психиатрической больнице. Она утверждала, что преследования учащихся - иллюзия. Когда я спросил, почему она хотела меня, чтобы остановить расследование Услугами Равных возможностей при приеме на работу SJSU, чтобы знать, была ли это вся иллюзия или не, она не могла бы ответить. Насколько Вы можете учиться из моего опыта, государственный университет Сан-Хосе - часть группы организованной преступности. Это очень походит на то, что случилось с Enron после того, как это нанимало очень много ФБР и служащих ЦРУ. Мои родители были похищены в течение трех дней, и эти сталкеры бригады сделали план убить их в моей квартире, чтобы сделать меня как подозреваемый с умственной проблемой. Чтобы сделать алиби, я двигался в Сакраменто накануне вечером и представил свидетельства дискриминации в SJSU к почтовой коробке Калифорнийского губернатора.
Позже, я сопровождался людьми Министерства обороны вокруг в Калифорнии. Когда я убежал к Германии, я видел автомобили Бундесвера вокруг общежития, я остался в Мюнхене. Тогда, я встретил Фернанд из Бразилии, другая бригада, преследующая члена, предлагая меня посетить Францию или Нидерланды. Она предложила, чтобы я съел пиццу или кое-что дешевое. Я не уверен, почему, но соседний итальянский Ресторан на углу имел ограничение отпускаемой на дом пищи и продал некоторые пластины пицц внутри. Я не знаю о деятельности Сталкера Бригады в Германии, но контроль ресторанов - весьма часто в Соединенных Штатах. Бундесвер зеленые автомобили этикетки появился в Мюнхене и в Веймаре. Тогда я отправился в Англию и несколько европейских стран. В течение пребывания в Германии, я имел проблему потери смысла направления. Я услышал голоса, с тех пор как я был в Калифорнии, все же голос и эффект контроля мнения стали слабыми, когда я отправился в Англию.

Wie ein japanischer Auslandsstudent ein Flüchtling wurde

Das ist ein Teil dessen, was ich für meine kommenden "Gang Stalkers in der Schweiz" Videoreihe schreibe. Ich bin nicht sicher, mich über Einheimische wie viel zu teilen, die für die Belästigung arbeiten. Aber wenn sie von den USA-Agenten bezahlt werden, die wollen, dass ich mich ruhig verhalte, dann muss ich meine Geschichte für meine eigene Sicherheit teilen.

Mein Fall fing in den Vereinigten Staaten an, als ich San Jose State University aufwartete. Der CIA und andere Geheimdienste haben Studenten dort angestellt. Ich bin nicht sicher, als das Bande-Anpirschen anfing, aber es scheint, dass der Wendepunkt Frühling 2005 ist, als ich Problem mit dem chinesischen Ältlichen an der freiwilligen Seite hatte. Außerdem ist mein Fall mit Dr. Elizabeth Weiss, ein Helfer-Professor verbunden, der vielfache sexuelle Beziehungen unter ihren Kollegen einschließlich Dr Donalds Johansen hat. Ich war ein Pfeife-Bläser an SJSU. Im Frühling 2006 setzte ich mich mit dem Ombudsmann, Herrn Salvador Parker in Verbindung, das Problem mit Dr. Weiss zu besprechen. An diesem Punkt sprach ich mit dem Dr. Jann English-Lueck und sie entschuldigt sich ich über Dr Weiss. Es war dieselbe Periode, die Dr. English-Lueck mich bittet, mit Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen, der Direktor von SJSU das Raten Dienst zu reden. Wenn ich sie in der Endprüfungswoche treffe, setzte Dr. Sivertsen fort, mich zu fragen, wenn ich derjenige war, der Dr. Weiss schikanierte. Es war das Gegenteil dessen, was geschah und ich fortsetzen muss, ihre Frage während der Sitzung zu bestreiten.

Später zogen SJSU Studenten in meine Wohnung außer Campus auf 760 N. 7. St. San Jose, Kalifornien. Mein Englisher Lehrerin, Frau Judith Rosenburg, arbeitete an den Belästigungen mit Studenten. Die Klasse von Dr. Marco Meniketti war ein anderer, der Faser-Spielraum-Kamera sticked aus der Decke hatte. Dr. Ohala unterrichtete die LING101 Klasse von Dr. Kelly Glober, und später in diesem Halbjahr, sie wurde als der neue Dekan der Linguistik-Abteilung gewählt. In der Klasse von Dr Ohala machten Studenten Gerüchte von mir als ein deutscher Spion. Am 16. Oktober 2006 der Tag setzte ich mich mit dem Heimatssicherheitsbüro in San Jose, Dr. Englisch-Lueck stand außerhalb der Klasse von Dr Meniketti. Sie bat mich, einen kleinen Chat in ihrem Büro zu haben. In der Anthropologie-Abteilung forderten die Universitätspolizisten mich als selbstmörderisch und gefährlich anderen. Ich wurde zum Tal von Santa Clara Medical Center Emergency Psychiatric Services, und später zu El Camino Hospital gesandt. In El Camino Hospital traf ich Dr Mary Rodoriguez, der ein kultureller Anthropologe-Experte in der chinesischen Kultur (gerade wie das Dr-English-Lueck) ist. Ich habe ihren ethnographic Film über das chinesische ländliche Leben in der Klasse von Dr. English-Lueck gesehen. Dieser Transport ist ein Teil des Bildens von mir, um für die Rechtssache gegen SJSU glaubwürdig zu sein, und ein anderer Teil ist für das deutsche Spion-Komplott, um mich zu untersuchen.

Ich machte einen Plan, Deutschland während Weltmeisterschaft im Sommer 2006 zu besuchen, und dieser Plan machte diese Ermittlungsbeamten, die mich als ein deutscher Spion fordern. Wenn ich das Generalkonsulat Japans in San Francisco besuche, sagten das Generalkonsulat und sein Helfer Herr Sasaki mir, dass das FBI an dieser Untersuchung eingeschlossen wird.
An El Camino Hospital diagnostizierte Dr. Peter Newsom mich, wie "ernst unbrauchbar gemacht, und gefährlich anderen" und versuchte, mich in 14 Tagen zu bringen, halten. Er gab mir ein Angebot des Entlassens von mir am nächsten Montag, wenn ich freiwillige Patient-Form unterzeichne, und ich unterzeichnete. Jedoch war er für die Kinderpsychologie-Konferenz in San Diego nächste Woche aus. Und der Ersatz, Dr. Robert Burr versuchte, mich im Hospital zu behalten. Übrigens, SJSU die Krankenpflege Hauptstudenten arbeiten an El Camino Hospital. Und sie sprachen darüber, wie Dr. Robert Gonzalez mich nachts vergewaltigte, während ich unter dem Schlaf von den Schlaftabletten war. Ich wachte am Morgen auf und fand die Blutung vom Boden heraus und hatte häufiges Nasenbluten während der Tageszeit. Als ich ein Hören mit Dr Burr und der Krankenschwester hatte, fragten sie mich ich würde im Hospital bleiben, wenn ich wissen würde, dass meine Eltern am Mittwoch kommen. Um von El Camino Hospital entladen zu werden, musste ich bereit sein, die Untersuchung durch SJSU Chancengleichheitsdienstleistungen gegen das Urteilsvermögen von Studenten und das Anpirschen zu annullieren. Am Mittwoch nannte ich Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen, der Direktor von SJSU Counceling Services, zu wissen, warum ich in die Nervenklinik gebracht wurde. Sie behauptete, dass die Belästigungen der Studenten Trugbild sind. Als ich fragte, warum sie wollte, dass ich die Untersuchung durch die SJSU Chancengleichheitsdienstleistungen aufhörte, um zu wissen, ob es das ganze Trugbild oder nicht war, konnte sie nicht antworten. Soweit Sie von meiner Erfahrung lernen können, ist San Jose Staatsuniversität ein Teil der Gruppe des organisierten Verbrechens. Das ist viel wie, was mit Enron geschah, nachdem es so vieles FBI und CIA Angestellte anstellte. Meine Eltern wurden seit drei Tagen gekidnappt, und diese Gang Stalker machten einen Plan, sie in meiner Wohnung zu töten, um mich als der Verdächtige mit dem geistigen Problem zu machen. Um ein Alibi zu machen, fuhr ich nach Sacramento über Nacht und legte die Beweise des Urteilsvermögens an SJSU dem Gouverneur von Kalifornien Briefkasten vor.

Später wurde mir von den Verteidigungsministerium-Leuten ringsherum in Kalifornien gefolgt. Als ich nach Deutschland davonlief, habe ich Bundeswehr-Autos um das Heim gesehen ich blieb in München. In dieser Zeit traf ich Fernande von Brasilien, eine andere Bande, die sich an Mitglied heranpirscht, mich vorschlagend, Frankreich oder die Niederlande zu besuchen. Sie schlug mich vor, Pizza oder etwas Preiswertes zu essen. Ich bin nicht sicher, warum aber das nahe gelegene italienische Restaurant auf der Ecke Beschränkung von nehmest Mahlzeiten hatte und einige Scheiben von Pizzas innen verkaufte. Ich weiß über die Gang Stalkers-Tätigkeit in Deutschland nicht, aber die Kontrolle von Restaurants sind ganz häufig in den Vereinigten Staaten. Bundeswehr grüne Aufkleber-Autos erschien in München und in Weimar. Dann reiste ich nach England und mehreren europäischen Ländern. Während des Aufenthalts in Deutschland hatte ich Problem, den Sinn der Richtung zu verlieren. Ich habe Stimmen gehört, seitdem ich in Kalifornien war, noch wurden die Stimme und die Meinungskontrollwirkung schwach, als ich nach England reiste.

10 August, 2008

Let's move the Weapons of Mass Destruction around the world!

The Bush administration has problem finding what they sold to Iraq before. Saddam Hussein could be a smart guy covering up the claim. There have been prently of articles about the location of WMD since 2006. When I was in Japan around January of that year, I found several BBS postings hinting WMD in Syria. Say, no body found the WMD or how the claim was done. Here is the example of an article telling that how this story is backed up by the people believing the transportation of WMD was done by the relatives of Saddam Hussein. Syrian government denied.


And here is another person who is protected by Belgian government and believes WMD was sent to Syria from Iraq. If she is having problem with foreign intelligence, I wonder what is the difference with her and me; I got problem with the CIA and other US agencies. I guess I better should have career like her to be professional accepted for easy citizenship.. By the way, when I was traveling to Netherlands, I saw two Japanese couple got on board to the bus at the bus stop in Belgium. They seemed to be working together with two Chinese speaking mid-age men on the bus. I wonder how safe that small country is. It is kind of weird that police first protecting her. In my case, it was the opposite because the refugees around me were contacting with the local police officers.

How about make a claim moving WMD around the middle east countries neighboring Israel? That would cause pretty much concern of the public.

For the people who want to have safety in their lives, it is better to go with the rumor that the Weapons of Mass Destruction was transported to another middle eastern country except Israel. Some people would hope that it was transported to Iran instead of Syria. Say, Iraq-Iran war was for what? Now both countries are targeted for much conspiracies from the US.

Well, Syria sounds much closer to the land of Armageddon. And those nukes Israel has.. Oh, boy.. which is mightier? Nukes or WMD?

07 August, 2008

Sanitas sent me the bill for June.

I again received a mail from Sanitas and went to the post office to pay the fee this afternoon. At that time, I payed 2 months bill instead of 3 months as listed on the document. When I contacted with Sanitas in Aarau, the woman gave me the account number to pay the fee, so I just payed for two months this time. I can explain that to the same person later calling them to make a transfer from different account I sent the money last month. I am not sure why Sanitas asked me to pay for June when I was off insurance. However, they asked me to pay for that month when Department of Gesundheit and Soziele gave them to cut my insurance. If this is to cover up the problem of having a continuous record of insurance for foreigners living over 3 months, then I could agree to pay. However, this sounds really ridiculous as how many people can quit insurance and claim to be covered for the past month. I do not know if this is because of gang stalking members trying to cover up their mistake or not. This is an awkward experience, so I am sharing this here.

At the counter in the post office, the female clerk told me that I needed to put another number for the payment. She also suggested me to use the official paper rather than copying the information at the payment form. I went back and I added the number that seems something to do with the account transaction. When I left the post office, I saw a man selling CDs on the street. The place is in front of Kanton Polizei office in Zofingen. If what I hear from other victims like gang stalkers prepare their stuffs inside of police station, then this situation seemed to make sense. However, I have not been contacted or talked with anyone in local police. The exception is when a traffic police officer is in charge of road control and giving an order to the cars and pedestrians to stop or move at the intersection near the train station. Well, if you watch my films about Casa Torfeld I, you can see how the refugees put the CD ruck as gaslighting. I might had pretty big collection of CDs I got from the Internet. Say, how many people care about the use of someone's film or songs for creating a flash movie or videos? I am not sure how many really care this thing on either YouTube or other places letting people view original movies while the movie creator may not get the permission from the singer or others. There are some softwares available to record from the Internet radios. If you do not know what I am talking about, please check some video clips about game play in the webs. There are softwares available to record the outputs for monitor and speaker. I am not sure what the stalkers are up to for claiming me by selling a box of CDs. I have not seen street benders in Zofingen. I have seen temporary beggars asking money in Aarau as a part of gang stalking members. Some of them asked money inside of McDonald's in Aarau, and I have a picture of the beggar showing me his paper in the second floor of the fastfood restaurant. I filmed that CD selling guy for later investigation of local gangs here in Zofingen.

Then I went to Volg, a convenience-type store in Switzerland. At the entrance, I saw “shoplifting warning” sign on the wall. I do not know that is just there or the gang stalkers set it there after I moved to the town. If they have been targeted me for their false claim, then I think sharing this information will save me from the character assassination. After I finished picking up what to buy, I walked toward the casher and realized that it was of another store. It might be hard to explain in words, so I drew a map and attached to this post. I hope this would be helpful for the description of the store.

I might solved the problem of shoplifting for that store. The customers may paying at the casher at the pharmacy!!! I was almost do so when I was walking toward the casher directly on the main aisle. The casher for Volg is off from the main aisle and the casher at the pharmacy is under the blight light. The pharmacy/cosmetic store has very blight lighting. You can imagine it like the cosmetics section in a shopping mall like Macy's. On the other hand, Volg has a lighting like seven eleven. Moreover, the casher is not on the main aisle but the back of it. Probably, the first casher the one can from the main is the one in the pharmacy/cosmetics store. I guess if Volg move their casher near the entrance can solve the “shoplifting” problem, and it can make sure customers to pay at their casher. Fortunately, I did not bring my merchandises to the casher in the pharmacy, so I could not check if the clerk can type up the groceries like pasta and foods there. When I was at the casher, a young couple came and bought some drinks. The guy wore the orange and white stripe jacket for high visibility. I am not sure if they were stalking members or not. But if they want to claim me walking out from the store for heading to the different casher, I have this explanation here. Let's see how stalkers in Zofingen would react about this fact. I have enough evidences of stalking and mobbing at Buchs, AG and Aarau. I hope they are not up for my orgarnized criminals' list. I am still waiting to get a letter from the court about Abkur Dalow Absir, Mara Alpha, and other residents at Casa Torfeld I. It is too ridiculous that if someone is claimed to have too many infamous labels.

04 August, 2008

EURO CUP is over, but now is the time for the Olympic matches!

Well, I submitted my rough draft paper today. Besides group project and the reading assignments, I have pretty much time. I am trying to push my schedule a bit so that I can prepare for the Olympic matches. I cannot believe it would be in 2 days to see Germany facing Brazil - the one that happened in the final of the World Cup. Let's hope that this is the beginning for the German team to show their strong defence and their techniques.
For the schedule, you can have this PDF free from the official site.

Seriously, I feel my life is just a miracle. I prayed for the Virgin Mary to have a peaceful resolution for that SJSU harassment case. I got place to stay and was able to watch the German and Croatian mathes on the Internet. I got back to school and now finishing to get a degree in BS.
Too bad for her, I am too weak in the will to resist checking football schedules and how to watch the match on line..

I think having football matches with North Korea sounds a good attempt to keep the world peace. I am just curious how the USA play against Japan. If Japan, USA, Nord Korea, China is in one group, they just need to invite Sud Korea and Russia for the "six-party" meeting. The one who wins the match make the decision. It is simple and much fun for the people observing the pushes. If this is done by the man' teams, I am sure Russia would get to the spot. The game will get too serious for South Korean to have garlic ingection, you know. How about woman's teams? That is what we can assume and enjoy to imagine from the result of this Olympic game!