16 August, 2008

Bilateral Immunity Agreements seem to hide US "gang stalkers" criminal activities around the world.

Bilateral Immunity Agreements sounds like another safe guard for the gang stalkers harassing their targets around the world. I am not sure how the US making clear "terrorist" label on people these days. In the past, anyone seemed Mid-Eastern was thought as "terrorist." How about now? Where is that Al Qaeda thing went?

Check out this article.

In my case, I was stalkerd by the FBI covert officers for the benefit of SJSU. If the US company does darty tricks in a foreign coutry, then who will be erigilble for reporting and persecution? What if the workers doing something wrong are agents of the US agencies? They are immune from accusations. The DOD and the CIA increased employees after 911. But what happened since then?

Immunity for the crimes done by the US agents in foreign country sounds so wicked; the United States does not join the ICC at all. I am waiting to see the result of my case at the ICC about the US agents, SJSU, and refugees lived in Casa Torfeld I. I am tired of gang stalkers who are claiming me for anything they can think of. The CIA has been assassinated politicians and foreigners around the world. The CIA is part of international drug ring. The FBI covert officers are often involved in criminal action such as bombing inside of the US. I wonder why we can not bring justice to these who are real fandamentalists and fanatics with less respect on the laws (including the federal and state level ones) and human rights of their own citizens.

If our society accept criminals and innocent citizens becoming the scapegoats for their crimes, what can we do to have a healthy society under democracy? So many are scared to reject to the police state. I am not gonna be like the one who accepted harassing Jews and minorities during WWII. I have seen gang stalkers pretending to be Jews or punks. They are newly convated people or just wear certain clothes on the day of surveillance. I wish these covert officers stop harassing or working on propaganda purpose among our society.