07 August, 2008

Sanitas sent me the bill for June.

I again received a mail from Sanitas and went to the post office to pay the fee this afternoon. At that time, I payed 2 months bill instead of 3 months as listed on the document. When I contacted with Sanitas in Aarau, the woman gave me the account number to pay the fee, so I just payed for two months this time. I can explain that to the same person later calling them to make a transfer from different account I sent the money last month. I am not sure why Sanitas asked me to pay for June when I was off insurance. However, they asked me to pay for that month when Department of Gesundheit and Soziele gave them to cut my insurance. If this is to cover up the problem of having a continuous record of insurance for foreigners living over 3 months, then I could agree to pay. However, this sounds really ridiculous as how many people can quit insurance and claim to be covered for the past month. I do not know if this is because of gang stalking members trying to cover up their mistake or not. This is an awkward experience, so I am sharing this here.

At the counter in the post office, the female clerk told me that I needed to put another number for the payment. She also suggested me to use the official paper rather than copying the information at the payment form. I went back and I added the number that seems something to do with the account transaction. When I left the post office, I saw a man selling CDs on the street. The place is in front of Kanton Polizei office in Zofingen. If what I hear from other victims like gang stalkers prepare their stuffs inside of police station, then this situation seemed to make sense. However, I have not been contacted or talked with anyone in local police. The exception is when a traffic police officer is in charge of road control and giving an order to the cars and pedestrians to stop or move at the intersection near the train station. Well, if you watch my films about Casa Torfeld I, you can see how the refugees put the CD ruck as gaslighting. I might had pretty big collection of CDs I got from the Internet. Say, how many people care about the use of someone's film or songs for creating a flash movie or videos? I am not sure how many really care this thing on either YouTube or other places letting people view original movies while the movie creator may not get the permission from the singer or others. There are some softwares available to record from the Internet radios. If you do not know what I am talking about, please check some video clips about game play in the webs. There are softwares available to record the outputs for monitor and speaker. I am not sure what the stalkers are up to for claiming me by selling a box of CDs. I have not seen street benders in Zofingen. I have seen temporary beggars asking money in Aarau as a part of gang stalking members. Some of them asked money inside of McDonald's in Aarau, and I have a picture of the beggar showing me his paper in the second floor of the fastfood restaurant. I filmed that CD selling guy for later investigation of local gangs here in Zofingen.

Then I went to Volg, a convenience-type store in Switzerland. At the entrance, I saw “shoplifting warning” sign on the wall. I do not know that is just there or the gang stalkers set it there after I moved to the town. If they have been targeted me for their false claim, then I think sharing this information will save me from the character assassination. After I finished picking up what to buy, I walked toward the casher and realized that it was of another store. It might be hard to explain in words, so I drew a map and attached to this post. I hope this would be helpful for the description of the store.

I might solved the problem of shoplifting for that store. The customers may paying at the casher at the pharmacy!!! I was almost do so when I was walking toward the casher directly on the main aisle. The casher for Volg is off from the main aisle and the casher at the pharmacy is under the blight light. The pharmacy/cosmetic store has very blight lighting. You can imagine it like the cosmetics section in a shopping mall like Macy's. On the other hand, Volg has a lighting like seven eleven. Moreover, the casher is not on the main aisle but the back of it. Probably, the first casher the one can from the main is the one in the pharmacy/cosmetics store. I guess if Volg move their casher near the entrance can solve the “shoplifting” problem, and it can make sure customers to pay at their casher. Fortunately, I did not bring my merchandises to the casher in the pharmacy, so I could not check if the clerk can type up the groceries like pasta and foods there. When I was at the casher, a young couple came and bought some drinks. The guy wore the orange and white stripe jacket for high visibility. I am not sure if they were stalking members or not. But if they want to claim me walking out from the store for heading to the different casher, I have this explanation here. Let's see how stalkers in Zofingen would react about this fact. I have enough evidences of stalking and mobbing at Buchs, AG and Aarau. I hope they are not up for my orgarnized criminals' list. I am still waiting to get a letter from the court about Abkur Dalow Absir, Mara Alpha, and other residents at Casa Torfeld I. It is too ridiculous that if someone is claimed to have too many infamous labels.