27 July, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 10-14, 2016

OSAM from July 10-14th, 2016.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 18th, 2016

The video blog from July 18th.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 20-21st, 2016

Few days before my birthday. Well, nothing but gang stalking still going on since 2016 or something.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 24-25th, 2016

Here is the latest video.

23 July, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 22nd, 2016

I haven't post anything for awhile. It was because I was busy photocopying my books. I have too many books and made me having a heavy suitcase. Say, it was very few and only the small size suitcase when I left California. I bought a large suitcase when I left Switzerland and since then I have the large one. Why do I need so many stuffs? And even having more perpetrators claiming my Christian book filled suitcase as something suspicious. I don't know the line to draw for what to be suspectable these days. I don't do any criminal activity at all. What is the loss for me committing a crime? I'd rather avoid it wisely to be safe from any trouble. Yet more trouble by the gang stalkers.

Well, I'm trying to reduce my books by making photo copied books to be carried with me while I send them back to my family's home or give away to my Christian friends. Photocopy is just for the personal use and nothing really harmful.

Well, today, I visited Our Lady of Health church on the hill in Kotor. This is the third year visiting there on my birthday. It's a long run tradition for me. Not much things happened. Some Japanese logo people walking around.

Then I took a boat to Perast and Our Lady of Otok. In the boat, I saw two Muslim families. Muslims are rare in Kotor and they seemed to be in the weird location - the tour to visit the churches. Ok, here is the evidence of these potentially dangerous Muslims.

Near Perast, I saw a Japanese flag boat showed up and ported next to the tour boat. How can a Jap boat to be available? Well, there were a man with Japanese writing? T-shirt and a woman with "twin" tattoo in my boat, so they could be all just counted for the gang stalkers.

Well, just check out the video. It's a legendary Muslim landing Our Lady of Otok island.

17 July, 2016

Some Chinese character logos around me these days

I reported the 5000CHF missing case to the Tivat police. Later, 4 Romanian speaking people moved into the same floor rooms. One guy got "hope" tattoo on his back and a Virgin Mary image to his right shoulder and carps to his left. He wears Friends Gym sweaters.

Today, I saw a Romanian car with "hurry, first place" logo. It's rare to find Chinese characters unless they are gang stalkers.

There are so many Germans and Bosnian cars around. Why Turkish and Bosnian cars in Tivat to Kotor area? Are they all the Muslim extremists gang stalkers? Then, I caught some future terrorists in my camera :) take some out for safety from the beach area. There are Russians swimming here and there and they could be targetd by these crazy Turks.

Got my PC slow, so I upload photo here later. I have them on Tumblr.

12 July, 2016

The V2K Various Stories - a book

I finished typing the new book but I had a huge accident at Tivat - my money poach gone missing on July 7th. So I could not get to finish my book. Well, I have few more books to be finished and hopefully 2 poetry books, Beach!, Gang Stalking in Churches, would be published accordingly. I haven't do anything for awhile but writing books should be some work as people called so.

The V2K Various Stories is 500yen or 5 dollars in other sales site. It got 100 pages in total and over 60,000 words. Enough size and rare stories.


09 July, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 7th, 2016

July 7th was the worst day in my life. I lost the St. Stephan Basilica Vienna money poach with all 5000CHF Swiss franc and Mexican Rosary I bought in the California Mission and all the necklace medals gone. Then now I have no worry of losing them. Say, what to do with the victimization from the gang stalking and organized crimes? No help as the people are just the enemies around me for find fault of me and such. This morning, I found the door bar bug killer can left on the bed side table instead of on the door knob. I left the suitcase attached to the door and a plastic bag for noise maker between the door and the suitcase top was intact. Also, the tapes on the both side of the door taped well. There could be the home invasion happened yesterday. The couple next to me - a black guy and a white girl - they often open their room door and sit outside. I don't know why they are just that loose. I saw some insecurity people like that often around me as if for the teasing.

Well, here is the story from July 7th. Some Muslims in Tivat Also Turkish cars and BiH cars around as if Muslims doing the terrorism, hahaha. I filmed them. If something happened, they would be the responsible ones. Muslims are always bad ones and seeing some would give a bad omen.

My Mexican rosary stolen and all religious items gone - July 7th, 2016

Well I had a bad time in Tivat. I was thinking to finish up writing my Beach book which I haven't finished yet. Also, I sell photos and took some photos for the Summer time images. Well, here is what I share on FB. I could add more preceise info on OSAM on July 7th, 2016. Look at me I kicked the cat down to the sea. I was so pissed off and confused. Then I had some free feeling - why always my religious times damaged and mafia in the church doing the harassment on me to break peace and adding mobbing in the church? So, it was like the rebellious feeling.

On July 7th, I lost my St. Stephan Basilica money poach with 5000CHF in t. It got also my Our Lady of Guadalupe rosary and the necklace and other pendants. So, my religious items from previous trips were all gone. It could be related with the mind control to forget something while I put it with my left hand. There could be the pattern of this mind trick. I touch it and move it with my left hand and the V2K speakers continuously talking to me or do some suggesting and forget the staff I put to the left. And I move away from the location without watching it. It happened to me last time at a restaurant in Makarska, Croatia in 2009. It was the day I had Mixed Meat menu. And two days ago, similar thing happened. The V2K speakers told me that I would get something stolen if I swim at the beach. I just entered the water and thought it would be only 1 hour duration at Tivat. My my valuables locked in the bag and the bag strings and shoe strings were all tied to make it a chunck of stuffs together. And the problem was the time I moved stuffs around after I left the beach. I saw the money poach in the bottom of my bag. I put it out and thought of put it in the pocket of my jeans but it was tight and just put it somewhere. I thought of put it in the side poach as it was there all the time. I packed things up and left the beach. There was this not seeing the beach again or eye sight movement control to unnotice stuffs. The V2K perps said that they are using the university master class for the technology and they said that some Japanese came from Dubrovnik in Croatia where more of these small crimes they do. 
Well, I visited the police station yesterday. It was around 4pm in Tivat and later the police brought "Japanese" translators. And I accidentally filmed them for the evidence - I was scared of these Jap speakers, you know. Too many Jap gang stalkers doing bad things on me. A guy to the left in the film is called as "Mr. Kuroda" and another is a Montenegli man who speaks Japanese also. 
These two guys speaking Japanese brought a small notebook for each for writing something in. They asked me some questions for the group talk and the Montenegli guy told me that he saw me at the supermarket at the Tivat bus station yesterday. I don't know how he saw me there - I went there twice - the time the bus arrived to Tivat and another time was I found the missing money poach and was so so pissed off and pored the left over soda into the trash can at the entrance and just throwing in the groceries to the shopping cart thing. It was like that. The receipt got 7.77€ total for a joke. It reminded me of the 777 Jackpot logo T-shirt guy at Sofia, Bulgaria on June 9th, 2013 for the theft of my wallet. That was just pissing me off more. The Montenegli translator asked me several questions like how I got money and how he saw me at the supermarket and why you did something to the clerk or something I don't really know. Well, the guy to the right in the film could be a perp. The perps could bring people for the surveillance and harassment.