30 June, 2009

El Camino Hospital nurse made up the story - who wrote this fake statement?

The serious problem El Camino Hospital and other mental hospital make to keep their treatment is seeing everything from either doctors' or nurses' view. If the patient denies, the nurse can just make up a story as if it was from the patient.

I was wondering why Dr. Peter Newsom and Dr. George S Lau wrote as if I wanted to see Dr. English-Lueck and police came to take me to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. El Camino Hospital psychiatrists and nurses seemed to make up a story that seemed to fit why I was sent to there. You know, it's not scientific nor medical practice. They did not even give me a chance to share my voice recording evidence with Dr. English-Lueck, Sgt. John Laws and another police officer. If El Camino Hospital was engaged in kidnapping patients for human experiments, it makes sense why they need more people in their wards. In another posting, I show how I mysteriously had bloody nose one day and had a suspicious evening conference with a nurse telling me a breathing technique to use one's stomach. The two days before I was released from the hospital, I had bleeding from the bottom when I woke up. The people were talking how I was raped by Dr. Weiss and Dr. Gonzalez. If SJSU faculties were able to decide or make up whatever they want, then I think that was possible. When people are connected, they can help each other for their own benefits forgetting ethics or moral.

Can you guess what serious logical mistake these - SJSU anthropologists, UPD, Dr. Sivertsen, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Acute Psychiatric Services and El Camino Hospital workers with Ph.D did??

According to the documents, Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen supposed to be the one who put 5150 on me while I supposed to visit the dean's office to discuss about the tapes I filmed. My voice recording proves that Dr. English-Lueck suddenly showed up in front of my class and asked to have small talk in the Anthropology department. Police officer were there already in the department. Why psychiatrists at El Camino Hospital made up another story about how I wanted to see Dr. English-Lueck and I was handcuffed by the police? If Dr. Sivertsen claimed me "danger to self" and "danger to others" on that day talking with Dr. English-Lueck and other SJSU anthropology professors' to cover up the Dr. Elizabeth Weiss' scandalous past, then El Camino Hospital psychiatrists did not have to make up another story as if to claim me "danger to others" and "gravely disabled" later. Too much covering up the truth makes the claim really obvious. Telling everything to police can be thought as danger to self and others. That's I have as the fact of how SJSU faculties react. I think that is a corporate culture. If I wanted to talk to dean about my evidence and was caught by the police, then what was the point Dr. Sivertsen claimed me "danger to self" or "danger to others"? I did not say I visited the dean's office to talk about my evidence at all. Now, what these people in El Camino Hospital writing? Are they paranoia believing things they imagined? What I want is a logical explanation of what they have done. If they have Ph.D, they should be more logical and professional for their jobs unless they work only for bribery or the government intelligence. I believe people should put their professionalism for their jobs.

I hope the people with Ph.D can act much professional. Oops, SJSU anthropologists may be able to make up things as I've done a research in Dr. Darrah's class to make up the result. Dr. Darrah had the conclusion no matter how many students conducted surveys with friends and family members living outside of San Jose. That project was for small areas of San Jose. People able to make up lies can keep their job. The ones care about ethics would easily lose their jobs.

No one blames Americans. They are capable to kidnap people around the world for whatever their selfish reasons. Japanese Americans were not the only one who was sent to American concentration camps during WWII. Americans took Peruvian Japanese also. CIA's Secret concentration camps are everywhere.

So, this nurse would be the one who made up the story of me speaking "People taping me and thinks I'm a German spy" quotation. Dr. Peter Newsom and Dr. George S Lau used the same fake quote. Dr. Newsom I met on Oct 19th and Oct 20th for less than 15 minutes in total. And I only met Dr. Lau in 17th or 18th. I really don't know how they made up a quotation like "police came and took me to EPS." This nurse quoted a professional word, EPS. How could I know about EPS and able to explain? I hope El Camino Hospital hires nurses who knows the difference of quotation and one's own thought. Well, SJSU nursing major students work there as interns, so that should show the level of what they can do. Is this nurse can I sue for "malpractice" and lack of knowledge of the difference between quotation and one's own thought? At least, this nurse wrote about me denying suicidal or danger to others. The nurse at the admission made up to mark "suicidal" to make the situation looked reasonable. I denied to be suicidal nor danger to others and that what I claimed

MKLUTRA victims had chance to learn the truth, so I'm trying to do what I can do to know the truth.

Here is another part from different nurse. You can see the comment "I don't know why I was brought here." That's a collect quote as I can remember that's what I said on the day I brought to El Camino Hospital. At Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, I was asked to stay over night and I did not know why I was already claimed as suicidal. I thought staying one night is only to make sure I was fine and no intention of suicide that Dr. English-Lueck claimed. In retrospect, what I needed was to call a lawyer - well the timing of after 6PM to send me to mental hospital would prevent this option though.

28 June, 2009

In 3 minutes, he can find out your mental problem...

21 June, 2009

How to start Java Programming for the beginners

Since last week, I had been working on reviewing HTML codes and Java stuffs to improve my network competence. When I first studied programming, the Internet nor the networking was a choice for consideration. I left that part as I never needed to explore.

Now, any IT knowledge is connected to the networking. The Visual Studio has .NET framework for the programmers. I am from the Visual Studio background (starting from VC++ 1.0 comes with over 40 floppy disks). The free Visual Studio 2008 Express edition helped me a lot to learn about C#. If I worked with VC++, it would be way easier to understand .NET, but I picked VC# for its excellent use with .NET. Anyone wants to learn C++, C#, or Visual Basic, VS 2008 Express edtion is the way to go. There are free tutorials in many tech websites. I'll address some useful links at the bottom of this website. I bet they helps other programming learners.

About Java... I had always had bad impression on Java. I knew it's efficiency and usefulness. However, I got problem with how to start learning the language. Honestly, I tried several times to learn Java codings before. My first experience was with VJ++. It came with the Visual Studio. Since I was serious in VC++ only, I had no textbooks for J++, and I didn't go with the dialect like coding. If I had VC++, why should I play with the dialect J++? So, I didn't touch it so much.

Then, I tried NetBeans and BlueJ. Those are famous and pretty popular. For the beginner of Java programming, I had problem finding the tutorials for them. NetBeans offers sample programs with the source codes, but that's for the people already know Java. It is much like how I learned VC++ "after" I studied Dr. Stroustrup's classical book. BlueJ was another choice. I liked the icon. The problem was the lack of enough tutorial and references. I got manual and some documents. That's all about it. JavaScript would be another choice, but that sounded not good as it limits my knowledge only sticked to web programming.

What was the best choice for starting Java programming?

TextPad. It gave me the easy "run" command to check the basic Java source codes. If it comes with web browser starting function, it would be a perfect tool for Java/HTML programming. There is an option to add other programs run from the TextPad, so the user actually make this dream comes true. I prefer NetBeans and Visual Studio's helping to type functions. However, they use the particular functions of their own.

By the way, these sites are good to learn programming languages including Java. Reading tutorials and tricks helps to understand the computer languages. Spending more time with the language, the one will improve it no matter if the language is human spoken or computer one. After I get confidence in Java language, I would be able to work with NetBeans.

14 June, 2009

El Camino Hospital - how a SJSU student claimed as suicide possibility ends up to be claimed as "danger to others" and "gravely disabled"

This is a video focused on the El Camino Hospital's role of keeping me for 6 days. I don't know why someone claiming me "suicide possibility" can bring Dr. Peter Newsom to conclude me as "danger to others" and "gravely disabled."

I only met him twice. On October 19th, 2006 about 10 minutes at the lobby outside of my room (Rm #102?), and October 20th when he pushed me to sign the voluntarily patient form. Some how Dr. Newsom wrote about contacting with Dr. Sivertsen on the day I was transported to El Camino Hospital. The below is the last part of the writing. You can read the previous part in another posting or in the video below.

I wonder if he contacted Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen later, I am not sure why I was thought as "danger to others" and "gravely disabled." The last time I talked with Dr. Sivertsen was about the lawsuit and contacting with lawyers about students discrimination. I guess psychiatrists job is to do the "victim blaming" to make others happy. I don't know how many SJSU students or even the people in Silicon Valley experienced something similar to what I experienced. If you know another victim, please contact me. I only know Ms. Heather Cooper was another victim of Sgt. John Laws who believes something he imagines rather than fact. You can hear another police officer, Bxxx? the one who practiced Judo in Tokai University and got bronze medal, talking about how "Laws says we believe..." I denied to be suicidal, but the SJSU police took me to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center without listening to me. I wonder what Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen made up and told to Dr. Peter Newsom. I know Dr. Sivertsen is a good friend of Dr. Kent at El Camino Hospital. And SJSU nursing major students work there.

12 June, 2009

The authorities and abuse of power

When I reviewed what went wrong in my case of gang stalking problem, I found out the ignorance of the authorities and the people suppose to help me from their profession. It would be easy for them to claim me crazy or mentally ill while they do nothing about my case. Actually, that's what I can share as my experience and some are recorded.

For instance, Louis Gecenok, the IPS student adviser at SJSU, could contact me after the first meeting. He said he would investigate the discrimination, then never replied me.

Dr. Sivertsen is the worst case to get help. She seemed only helping the anthropology professors. Actually, because of the meeting with her, I got "counseling record" at SJSU. Dr. Sivertsen used coercive persuastion. And if Dr. English-Lueck did not suggested to meet her in Spring 2005 about the problem with Dr. Weiss, I had no record of visiting a psychiatrist in my life. At the first meeting, Dr. Sivertsen kept asking me if I was the one seducing Dr. Weiss. I thought psychiatrist is another choice to talk with someone at school as the IPS advisors were helpless and ignorant. The counseling service is the place to make the students to get "mental health record." That can make anyone to use the record for advantage. Because of Dr. Sivertsen claiming me "suicidal" for my email suggesting to visit police to speak up everything I know about Dr. Weiss, I was transfered to the mental hospital. I wonder who thought me "danger to others" and "gravely disabled." Because of my voice recording, I can prove I had no intention of suicide and the SJSU police kidnapped me as they were doing the duty. Dr. Peter Newsom at El Camino hospital tried to cover up the things by claiming me visited Dr. English-Lueck's office and then was sent to mental hospital by police, and got "danger to self" and "danger to others" diagnosis there. I wonder how much credibility Dr. Newsom and Dr. Sivertsen have about their claims after I published the truth of how they helped each other to make me look like something dangerous from my hospital records. Psychiatrists making up things from their subjections are fatal than advisors making mistakes.

Then, at the Swiss refugee residence, the manager, Thomas Kunz, stopped visiting his office after someone vandalized my room. I had no one to get help about stalking, death threat, theft attempts, vandalism.

Local police officers are also the ones tried to ignore the mobbing. This is same at SJSU UPD, SJPD, and Kantonspolizei in Aarau. About the gang stalking problem, it is true that getting help from the police is very difficult. The police officers at Kantonspolizei in Aarau knew drunks like Abkur Dalow Abshir but they did not do anything. Meanwhile, Abshir and others stalked me and harassed me in group. Their activities were pretty much like what Anthropology and Behavioral Science Club members did to me in San Jose. Sara Linn stalked my car with her red Jeep Wrangler from the 4th st. garage after Dr. Gonzalez's class. Sometimes, others followed my car from or near the garage and they drove to my apartment.

I think I can go on to describe everyone who misused their profession and power. But my point is, we could make a better evaluation system for the people in authority. For example, their actions are monitored and is able to review by others with request. When school police were asked to take a student to a hospital, they should be required to film the situation for the evidence. If they do it, the person who was falsely claimed as mentally ill would defend oneself. In my case, police claimed the possibility of suicide while I denied, then they brought to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center where I was automatically received "danger to self" and "danger to others" while I had no idea what happened and used multi language leaflets to prepare for the comming LING101 class test. I am curious how I was evaluated as "danger to self" and "danger to others" in Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Because of my voice recording, psychiatrists got problem to fit their claim into my evidences. If we can get rid of professionals and authorities who try to play behind the scenes, our society would become much safer to enjoy our freedoms protected by the constitutions.

Next time, I would write in a bullet styles to describe the characteristics of the authorities and professionals' reaction to the gang stalking victims. If the victims know the pattern, they can prepare themselves better with logic. In retrospect, I have done pretty much for the gang stalker analysis. I don't know how much of my efforts and works are useful for other victims. But I try to do what I can do when I have time for that. Helping the ones oppressed and weak is what Jesus did. To follow him, I try what I can do to who need help.

09 June, 2009

SJSU and El Camino Hospital - Medical Malpractice? A Video

Here is the video I created from the new information about my case. I added the evidences about how I was diagnosed in the all three categories for the involuntary patient - danger to self, danger to others, and gravely disabled.

I was just on my way to my class at SJSU. Because of the communication with Dr. English-Lueck and 2 police officers, I was claimed as suicidal possibility. Less than half a hour later, I was claimed as "danger to self" and "danger to others." No body believed me I had no intention to harm myself.

And somehow the psychiatrists at El Camino Hospital did not even believe my story and made up the documents. In the previous postings and the picture in the video, you can see how half of Dr. Peter Newsom and Dr. George S Lau wrote down was false. If the doctors did not know what the actual condition or the circumstance the patient was, how could they do any diagnosis or treatment properly? Psychiatrists are nothing more than witch doctors. They believe something that does not come with facts and drug the patients. If it was only about "suicidal potential," I would be out from the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center easily after the SJSU police brought me there. The psychiatrist there also did not believe me. I had no intention of suicide but was thought so. Tell me who is having delusion and claimed me as suicidal? - Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen, Dr. Peter Newsom, Dr. George S Lau, Dr. Carorine Cribari, Dr. Robert Burr, Dr. Kent, Dr. Greenfield, Dr. English-Lueck, and who else?

And why I had a group couseling (relaxation technique) at 8PM on October 22nd, 2006? It was Sunday but the nurse held the session. There are so many other issues to explain about how much things went wrong. like the SJSU student nurse interns talking about I was raped by anthropologists. More of my memory have been proven by the documents from the hospital. Now, I wanna know if that Mary something lived in the room 108? was a CIA/cultural anthropologist expert in Chinese culture. She is a tall Hispanic-looking woman with short hair and talkes English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

08 June, 2009

音声送信(V2K)を使用したマインドコントロール Part 2 ー対処策ー








7.マインドコントロールによるカルト被害者や対処策の本を読む。マインドコントロールについて、あなたの知識を深めるのに役立つ本は何冊か出版されています。本はマインドコントロールについての事実を教えてくれるでしょう。また、「強制説得(coercive persuasion)」、「ガスライティング」、「尋問」についての情報を調べてみてください。これらの単語はマインドコントロールに関連しています。


For the non Japanese readers, this posting is about the Japanese version of "Mind control using V2K Part 2." I think the English version is on this blog. Or you can find it on YouTube and other placees.







10月16日ーDHSで証拠提出用の書類入手→クラスに向かう途中で学部長と接触→学部長に執拗に迫られて一緒に彼女のオフィスに向かう→学部で警官が待機→ 手錠を掛けられる→学部長によるとEMAILを見て自殺の可能性を考えたらしい(警察に証拠を持っていくとEMAILには書いてたんですが・・)→強制的に精神病院に連行される→なぜか「自殺」「他人に危害を加える恐れがある」との診断が下される→病院に隔離



とりあえず、6時16分の5150の書類が、SJSUカウンセリング・サービスの責任者シバーテセン教授によるものだとすると、警官が私を精神病院に連れて行った後での鑑定になりますね。実際に学部長と話をしたのは授業の始まる6時前です。それから20分以内にシバーテセン教授が5150を書いたのだとすると、話が矛盾します。イングリッシュ・ルイック教授に会わなかったら、精神病院なんか行く理由も無かったんですけどね。5分だけ話があるからって付いていったのが間違いでした。学校ぐるみでの嫌がらせの場合は、やっぱりどの教授も信用するべきではないですね。彼らのせいで、学生のハラスメントのEqual Opportunity Servicesによる監査も台無しにされました。



2006年10月16日 午後6時頃

00:43 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「あなたのクラスが始まりそうなのは知っています。」
00:45 私「えぇ。」
00:47 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「ちょっと、ただ5分だけでいいので。」
00:48 私「えー、あぁ、はい。」
00:49 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「ちょっとだけ、私のオフィスで。」
00:51 私「なぜですか?」
00:54 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「えっと・・、(騒音で聞き取り不能)。」
01:02 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「知っているでしょうけど・・(聞き取り不能) あなたがワイス教授と連絡と取っていて、それで彼女が私にEMAILの幾つかを見せてくれました。」
01:09 私「はい。」
01:10 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「それで、私は話がしたくて、サンノゼ州立大学の通路は話に最適な場所ではないので。」
01:14 私「はぁ。」
01:15 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「ただの5分でいいので。」
01:16 私「OK.」
01:25 私「メニケッティ教授は知っているのでしょうか?」
01:27 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「ええ、彼は知っています。だからOKです。」
01:29 私「なぜなら、私は知らないからです。」
01:31 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「ええ。ちょっとだけ・・。」
01:35 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「彼は指令を取るように入ってきました。最良なことの一つです。」
01:40 私「わたしはただ・・、知っているように、試みただけで。」
01:46 私「それが深刻になったもので・・他に方法があるか私には考えが及びませんでした。」
01:49 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「はぁ。」
01:52 私「ホームランドセキュリティーに持っていったことについて、あなたが気にしないことを望みます。」
01:54 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「(笑い)ええ。OKです。」
01:58 私「気になったもので。」
02:00 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「はい。」
02:58 私「(聞き取り不能)」
03:05 私「彼は知らないと思って・・その」
03:12 私「何が起きてるのですか?」
03:13 警官A「機嫌はどう?」
03:14 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「こちらはキャンバスの警察官です。」
03:15 私「OK」
03:17 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「それは・・それは・・」
03:20 警官A「頼みがあるんだけど。後ろを向いてくれない?」
03:22 警官B「私たちはあなたを病院に連れて行く必要があります。」
03:24 私「な、なぜですか?」
03:25 警官B「OK?私たちはあなたの安全を考慮します。」
03:26 私「なぜ?」
03:30 警官「私たちはあなたが自身を傷つけるような発言をしていると聞きました。」
03:31 私「NO!」
03:33 警官「No?」
03:34 私「No!」
03:35 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「えっと、それは私たちがそのように解釈したからです。エリザベスと私と他の数人があなたのEmailを読みました。私たちはあなたが・・・するんじゃないかと考慮して・・」
03:44 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「それは・・それは私たちにとってとても考慮するもので、それで私たちはあなたの安全をただ気に掛けているだけです。(警官が私のボディチェックをしているために聞き取り不能)」
03:49 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「私たちはあなたの安全をただ気にしていて、あなたの状態が良くなる様にしたいのです。」
03:53 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「・・それに彼らにとってこれはとても不快だと私は知っています。」
03:54 私「OK」
03:59 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「すみません、でもこのようになってしまいました。しかし私たちはあなたに援助を受けて欲しいです。」
04:00 私「何が・・」
04:02 イングリッシュ・ルイック学部長「なぜなら私たちはあなたが自分を傷つけることを恐れているからです」
04:04 警官B「何が起きるかと言うと、私たちがあなたを病院に連れて行きます。」
04:05 私「どの病院ですか?」
04:06 警官B「私たちはあなたをバレー・メディカルセンター緊急心理医療サービスに連れて行きます。」
04:10 私「はぁ。」
04:11 警官B「Ok?それから私たちはあなたの保険証のコピーを彼らに渡します。」
04:15 私「Ok」
04:20 警官B「それから、もし彼らがあなたが滞在して援助が必要だと考えたら、医者はたぶんあなたをエル・カミノ病院へ輸送するでしょう。」
04:23 私「Ok。で、それから何が起きるのですか?」
04:24 警官B「えっと、それから医者があなたを再審査します。それでもし彼らがあなたが自称の恐れがあると判断したら・・」
04:28 私「いいえ、わたしはしません。」
04:29 警官B「Ok。それなら・・」
04:30 私「もし私が危険なら・・ならなぜ私は宿題をして、なぜ私が(大学に)来たのでしょうか?」
04:38 警官B「えー、私は、私は謝ります。えっと・・」
04:39 警官B「しかし私たちは医者にあなたを審査してもらいます、なぜならそれが私たちがしなければいけないことだからです。なぜならあなたの安全を考慮すると誰かが私たちに言ったからです。私たちは絶対にあなたを連れて行かなければなりません。Ok?」
04:47 私「誰が・・しかし・・何故?何の理由があって私がしなければならないのでしょうか?」
04:50 警官B「なぜなら・・・、なぜならLaws(警官A)が、あなたが自身にとって危険だと私たちは信じていると言ったからです。」
04:53 私「No」
04:54 警官B「それなら、えっと・・、私たちは連れて行かなければならないし・・。あなたが信じていないのを私は理解します。」
04:58 私「はい。」
04:58 警官B「しかし、私たちは可能性を考えています。私たちはあなたが自身を傷つけて欲しくはありません。」
05:01 警官B「それなら、わたしは・・・のように感じます。」

07 June, 2009

What went so strange about my case at SJSU

  • The student adviser, Louis Gecenok did not contact me after the first counseling about students harassment. In a normal situation, he would reply or gave me some explanation. He did not contact me at all. He did not reply to my mail asking further information. That was the time I thought IPS was useless for the international students. When I visited the office, I saw Luis telling his coworker “she is crazy.”
  • Dr. English-Lueck suggested to me to have a counseling session with Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen after I contacted the ombudsman. Why Dr. Sivertsen? Not the ordinary counselors? My guess is that she could be able to cover anything I tell about Dr. Elizabeth Weiss. That way, the anthropology department scandal will not be exposed to strangers. Another reason is to make me a counseling service record, so people can claim me mentally ill more easily. I never had a counseling session rather than a coercive persuasion from Dr. Sivertsen. First time I met in May 2006, she kept asking me if I was the one who was seducing Dr. Weiss.
  • SJSU UPD officers did not help me when I tried to contact Fritz Van der Hoek, the officer I filed the student discrimination, was on vacation. It was few days before other police officers claimed me suicidal. In a common sense, someone visit the police might get help from other police officers.
  • Sgt. John Laws and another UPD officer who claimed me suicidal on October 16th, 2006, seemed not know my visiting of the UPD department on the week before. It was October 13th and 14th.
  • The SJSU Equal Opportunity Service did not start the investigation even after I contacted the director in the beginning of October. They did not do anything at all. I was falsely claimed as “suicidal” and was transported to a mental hospital, but they did not do anything to investigate the situation how I was transported to the mental hospital while I was asking to make an appointment to ask about starting the investigation. Dr. English-Lueck was waiting outside of my class at 6PM. She asked me to have the conversation in her office. If I did not follow her, I was able to avoid the kidnapping by the SJSU police officers.
  • Dr. Peter Newsom wrote that Dr. Sivertsen called 5150 for claiming me making the statements about harming self and others. According to him, it was after 6PM. According to his note, I filmed students and visited the dean's office, then the police took me to the mental hospital. This is different from the fact. The truth was; Dr. English-Lueck asked me to have a conversation in her office and police was in the Anthropology Department. The police said they were told that I was making comments to hart myself. I had no idea what they were talking about and denied it, but they took me to the mental hospital.
  • Dr. George S Lau at El Camino Hospital wrote the similar note about the process how I was sent to the mental hospital from SJSU. Dr. Newsom and Dr. Lau did not really know I was falsely claimed to be suicidal.
  • The ones I directly met – Sgt. John Laws, Sgt. Bxxxx, Dr. Newsom, Dr. Lau, and many others at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Acute Psychiatric Services and El Camino Hospital did not check the email what Dr. English-Lueck talked about. It was about my intention to share the information to police.
  • Dr. Caroline Cribari put me on medication right after I was admitted at El Camino Hosptial in the morning of October 17th, 2006. She did not have to check the facts and my statement about how I was kidnapped from on my way to my classroom the day before. I never met her, but I found her responsible for the bill paid by the Blue Cross of California.
  • El Camino Hospital had many SJSU nursing major students. Dr. Kent is an old friend of Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen. Why was I transported to where more SJSU related people work?
  • At El Camino Hospital, Dr. Robert Burr forced me to agree to cancel the investigation by the Equal Opportunity Services. It was nothing but the coercive psychiatry. If psychiatrists did not intervene my life, I was able to make an appointment with the director of the Equal Opportunity Services and had better help than the psychiatrists claiming me everything is my imagination. Because of them, I lost my credibility to bring it to the law suit.
  • Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen threatened me telling I was making accusation on students. I complained about the students harassing me, but what she said was all my imagination. Is this how a victim of school bullying treated? I assume that would happen to other students at SJSU where bullies, often working for the government, can enjoy their immunity on accusations.
  • None of the people I contacted tried to review my evidences. What they have done is push their views rather than to have a normal conversation. For example, Dr. English-Lueck would check my condition when we met in front of Dr. Meniketti's class rather than just asking me to visit her office to be handcuffed by the police officers. Seriously, I was handcuffed before I got the explanation about what they were doing.
  • When I visited SJPD 3 days after my parents were kidnapped, the police officer at the counter said I should check hospitals. Someone missing and is that what police officer reacts? The SJPD lobby was full of young people (gang stalkers/police informants).
  • I'm trying to understand what was all that false "suicidal" claim was about to cover up the students harassment & Dr. Weiss' flirtation. If we know the pattern of organized covering up of scandals, the people becoming their victim would not fallen to the same trap by knowing others' experience.

05 June, 2009

Gravely Disabled but able to surf the Internet

Here is the good example of how Dr. Peter Newsom at El Camino Hospital did something awkward. He allowed me to use the Internet to check my school schedules and diagnosed me as "gravely disabled" about 3 hours later. I guess he needed to arrow me to use the Internet to reply the email from the director of the Equal Opportunity Services. She wrote to me to make an appointment.

From the beginning Dr. Peter Newsom observed me to conclude no intention of harm to self or others. But he did not let me leave the hosptial. I supposed to be mentally ill. I think Dr. Peter Newsom is actually paranoia as he does not know the definition of "gravely disabled" status. Can a person gravely disabled (unable to find food, clothes, shelter, by oneself) know how to use the Interent?? I really do not understand why the psychiatrist like Dr. Newsom does not know the definition from DSM-IV or even the common sense. This is same for Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen of SJSU, who claimed me of suicidal and put 5150 on me. Telling everything to police is considered as suicidal at SJSU. Maybe such delusions and misinterpretations of psychiatry, the SJSU nursing major students can work without problem at El Camino Hospital. If you mention the corruption in the organization, you can be claimed as paranoia. If you accept the corruption or already gone insane to know what is moral or humanity, you would have no problem staying together with other corrupted people.

Thanks for the Blue Cross of California, the psychiatrists and the hospital were paid for what they have done to me. Everything was paid by the large group SJSU insrance.

There is a blank part on the document when Dr. Newsom changed my status to "gravely disabled." But you can find what happened at that time in another document. I do have common sense, and I know the "gravely disabled" definition.

Evidence of Third Party Assistance Must Be Considered

It is well-established that a person is not gravely disabled within the meaning of the LPS Act if he or she is capable of safely surviving in freedom with the help of willing and responsible family members, friends or third parties. See Conservatorship of Early (1983) 35 Cal.3d 244; Conservatorship of Neal (1987) 190 Cal.App.3d 685; Conservatorship of Wilson (1982) 137 Cal.App.3d 132; Conservatorship of Davis (1981) 124 Cal.App.3d 313. In Early, the California Supreme Court made clear that the trier of fact on the issue of grave disability must consider the availability of third party assistance in making its determination, but only if credible evidence of such assistance is adduced from any source at the trial of the issue.

Grave Disability Defined Narrowly

In Conservatorship of Smith (1986) 187 Cal.App.3d 903, the California Court of Appeals, First Appellate District, stressed that a finding of grave disability must be supported by an "objective finding that the person, due to mental disorder, is incapacitated or rendered unable to carry out the transactions necessary for survival or otherwise provide for her basic needs of food, clothing, or shelter." Id., at 909. The Smith court went on to state that "bizarre or eccentric behavior, even if it interferes with a person's normal intercourse with society, does not rise to a level warranting a conservatorship except where such behavior renders the individual helpless to fend for herself or destroys her ability to meet those basic needs for survival. Only then does the interest of the state override her individual liberty interests." Id.

In sum, in order to support a finding of "grave disability," the person must (1) presently (2) be unable to provide for food, clothing and shelter (3) due to a mental disorder (4) to the extent that the failure to do so results in physical danger or harm to the person. In making this determination, the trier of fact must consider the availability of third party assistance to the person if credible evidence of such assistance is produced at the hearing.


It is so funny that psychiatrists at El Camino Hospital do not know the common sense. They don't believe facts like audio tapings nor know common sense, but they(witch doctors) have MD and Ph.D titles.

04 June, 2009

Dr. George Lau and Dr. Peter Newsom of El Camino Hospital – How much is true in these doctors' notes!!!

Here are the two documents from the Dr. George Lau and Dr. Peter Newsom who kept me in El Camino Hospital. What made me disturbing was their comment about Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen claimed me as “danger to self” and “danger to others.” Also, their description of how I was transported to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Acute Psychiatric Services. Let me show who are the really delusional people.

Dr. Peter Newsom wrote:

The patient was made 5150 by the counseling staff at San Jose State, namely Wiggsy Sivertsen, phone number 924-5941, as danger to self and danger to others dated 10/16/06 at 6:16 p.m. The 5150 states that she made statements of a self destructive and suicidal nature and was a danger to self and others. The patient described as being under the care of Wiggsy Sivertsen in the counseling service, currently a senior at San Jose State majoring in anthropology, feeling that she has been ridiculed and harassed by colleagues and teachers..


The patient feels her current stresses are about “people taping me and thinking about I am a German spy.” The patient feels that other students are spies and she is taking their conversations and taping them talking these tapes to the dean. She then wanted to talk to the dean about the “conspiracy” but the police came into her to EPS. The patient believes that she is trying to get this tape recording and video evidences in order to prove that there is a harassment conspiracy at school.

Dr. George S Law wrote (this one is much simple):

This 29-year-old Japanese student was admitted to the hospital with symptoms of acute psychosis. The patient is a graduate student in anthropology at _____ State University. She has been under the care of the school counselor for the past few years. Apparently, the patient had delusions that there is a “conspiracy ring” in the school, and teacher's, student's, and consolers are all part of that. She became paranoid and started taking videotapes of conversations with students and counselor as “evidence.” She then submitted the videotapes to Homeland Security on 10/15/06. She feels that her current stress is about “people taping me and thinking I am a German spy.” She was going to talk to the dean about the conspiracy, but the police came, got her into EPS instead. She states that she had poor sleep, and normally takes over-the-counter remedies for sleep. She denied any suicidal or homicidal ideation at this time.

You can see the rest at the bottom of this posting. First, I would address, few problems. Both psychiatrists has mistakes.

Dr. Peter Newsom's mistakes on his note:

  1. The “danger to self” and “danger to others” was claimed by someone at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Acute Psychiatric Services. I did not see Dr. Sivertsen at SJSU, as I visited DHS around 3pm to get the form to submit the information.

  2. “her current stresses are about 'people taping me and thinking I am a German spy.' - nice quotation used both by Dr. Newsom and Dr. Lau. To be precise, the German spy claim was done by Alex and others in Dr. Kelly Glober's LING101 class. And the filming is about the ones lives above my room in Pavona Apartment, San Jose. I found some students occupied in the room since July 2006.

  3. “her professor and counselor may be part of the same ring” - this false suicidal claim can prove their false accusation or not?

  4. “Denies any current attempt or intent to harm herself. Feels she can control herself...” - Hallo? I was just on my way to my class, and this psychiatrist did not believe my story of I was wrongly sent to the mental hospital while I denied to be suicidal nor dangerous.

Dr. George S. Lau's mistakes on his note (much worse than Newsom):

  1. “symptom of acute psychosis” - I denied to be suicidal and I was on my way to my class...

  2. “a graduate student” - no, I was an undergraduate student.

  3. “..under the care of the school counselor for the past few years.” NO: I met Dr. Sivertsen only 3 times, and the first meeting was in May 2006 and she kept asked me if I was the one who was seducing Dr. Elizabeth Weiss. I denied it as it was the opposite of the fact. Adding such false psychiatric record to the file looks like a psychotic person, Dr. Lau. Have you ever thought about professionalism to keep what is fact and what is your delusion in your notes?

  4. “teacher's, student's, and counselors are all part of that” - look at what happened. I was wrongly claimed as suicidal by them. If they (and you guys) are not working together, how could I kept in mental hospital while I denied to be harmful to myself or others from the beginning of the claim started?

  5. “She was going to talk to the dean about the conspiracy, but the police came, got her into EPS instead.” - Dr. English-Lueck asked me to have the conversation, and police WAS in Anthropology Department already. See? Psychiatrists can behave like paranoia if they deny to think voice recording as a scientific evidence.

  6. “she states that she had poor sleep, and normally takes over-the-counter remedies for sleep” - Is it from Jeniffer, the occupational therapist's notes? She asked me what medicines I would take and I told her I sometimes take multivitamins, and kava kava, etc.. and I included melatonin in the answer. It seems, this poor psychiatrist had confusion of understanding the situation again. I did not need any sleeping aid, but the nurse pushed me to take the sleeping pill at night. Was that for raping and other reason, they wanted me to take it?

  7. “she denied any suicidal or homicidal ideation at this time.” - I had no idea why people claim me like that for 2 days. The psychiatrists have delusions not to believe the patient denying to be suicidal. All this false suicidal claim goes back to Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen or Dr. English-Lueck who tried to discredit my statement for the law suit.

So, can you guess how poorly Dr. George Lau and Dr. Peter Newsom understand their patients? They did not even now how I was asked to have a talk by Dr. English-Lueck. I first tried to avoid it as I thought it was “one of the false accusation the school making.” Guess what? I am able to prove my side of story how I was falsely accused to be “suicidal” and how Dr. English-Lueck and Sgt. John Laws made up the claim at the anthropology office.

The claim of Dr. Newsom and Dr. Law are like:

  1. I visited the DHS on 10/15/06 – day before the forced transportation.

  2. I was paranoia and wanted to talk to the dean.

  3. I had suicidal or harmful comment – assuming from what they wrote – so Dr. Sivertsen made the 5150.

  4. Police came and took me to EPS.

And the reality is:

  1. I visited the DHS and got the form to submit the evidences.

  2. I headed to Dr. Meniketti's class, and Dr. English-Lueck stood in front of the class asked me to have a small conversation in her office. She said “just 5 minutes.”

  3. When Dr. English-Lueck and me got to the Anthropology Department, 2 SJSU police officers were standing there.

  4. Sgt. John Laws asked me to turn around to be handcuffed. The police said they were asked to send me to hospital. They said I was making suicidal comments.

  5. I denied to be suicidal and asked further question as I was just heading to my class.

  6. One of the police officer took me to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Acute Psychiatric Services.

Who is corrupted professionals anyway? Someone telling lie to visit her office, so she could safely claim me as “suicidal”? Or the El Camino Hospital psychiatrists who did not know the definition of “gravely disabled” nor able to read nursing progress notes indicating there was no sign of danger to others or self during 72 hour holds? Or, Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen who became insane and thought me committing suicide while viewing the email about bringing the information to police???

Check out my evidences. I can prove I had no intention to talk with Dr. English-Lueck, who seemed to be supporting students' harassments. What I was doing to contact police or someone to be neutral in the situation like the Equal Opportunity Services. Because of my voice recording of Dr. English-Lueck and 2 police officers, I can prove there was a conspiracy to make accusation on me; here I prove they made up a story of me as suicidal and the psychiatrists seemed to work together as well no matter how my claim shows I had no intention of suicide. Tell me who is real paranoia, not believing what I say and deny? Treat me as a human being not as a test subject.

The below is the actual voice recording of the conversation with Dr. English-Lueck, Sgt. John Laws, and another police officer. The transcript shows Dr. English-Lueck told me a lie to visit her officer. It should be in 5 minutes or so. I was claimed to be “suicidal” and was sent to mental hospital. The sickest part is the above 2 psychiatrists knew I did not make any comments “harmful to self” or “harmful to others” from the first day in the hospital. They did not allow me to leave the hospital and I was put on 14 days hold with “danger to others” and “gravely disabled” diagnosis. As an exchange for the discharge, I was asked by Dr. Robert Burr and the nurse to cancel the investigation by the SJSU Equal Opportunity Services. If you know my story well, you know what Dr. Sivertsen did. 3 weeks before the forced hospital stay, I talked about bringing the issue to the law suit. 2 days after the discharge, she claimed me I was making accusation on students. Dr. Sivertsen could not tell me a exact reason why I should stop the investigation by the Equal Opportunity Services. In a normal situation, a dean of the department nor a school psychiatrist makes up something like student suicidal. This is the good proof of how SJSU made up something to cover their sccandal. Anyway, you can learn who can tell lies in the university. If I did not recorded the conversation below, I am sure everyone will believe what Dr. Peter Newsom and Dr. George S. Lau wrote.

October 16th 2006 About 6PM.

00:43 Dr. English-Lueck “I know your class is about to start.”

00:45 Me “Yeah.”

00:47 Dr. English-Lueck “Just, just five minutes.”

00:48 Me “Ah.ah.. yeah.”

00:49 Dr. English-Lueck “Just.. In my office.”

00:51 Me “Why?”

00:54 Dr. English-Lueck “Ah.. (too much noise to hear)”

01:02 Dr. English-Lueck “You know that... (cannot hear) You communicated with Dr. Weiss, and she does show me some of the emails with me.”

01:09 Me “Yes.”

01:10 Dr. English-Lueck “So, I wanna talk about and San Jose States in the hallway is not the best place to talk about.”

01:14 Me “Ah..”

01:15 Dr. English-Lueck “Just five minutes.”

01:16 Me “OK.”

(We walked to the elevator)

01:25 Me “Is.. Dr. Meniketti knows..?”

01:27 Dr. English-Lueck “Yeah, he knows. So, OK.”

01:29 Me “Because I don't know.”

01:31 Dr. English-Lueck “Yeah. Just..”

01:35 Dr. English-Lueck “He comes in to take an order. One of the best things.”

01:40 Me “I just tried to.. you know.. “

01:46 Me “It gets serious so.. I had no idea I had no choice.”

01:49 Dr. English-Lueck “Uh-huh.”

01:52 Me “I hope you don't mind if I brought it to the Homeland Security.”

01:54 Dr. English-Lueck “(laugh) Yeah. It's OK.”

01:58 Me “I cared.”

02:00 Dr. English-Lueck “Yes.”

(We headed to the Anthropology office)

02:58 Me “(cannot hear)”

(We reached the Anthropology office)

03:05 Me “He didn't know like.. ah..”
03:12 Me “What is going on?”

03:13 Police Officer A “How are you?”
03:14 Dr. English-Lueck “These are the police officers from the campus..”
Me “Ok..”

03:17 Dr. English-Lueck “It's.. it's for..”
03:20 Police Officer A “Give me a favor.. turn around for me?”
Police Officer B “We need to take you to a hospital”
03:24 Me “Wh..why?”
03:25 Police Officer B “Ok? We concerned about your safety.”
03:26 Me “Why?”
03:30 Police Officer B “We were told that you might been making comments about hurting
03:31 Me “No!”
03:33 Police Officer B: “No?”
Me: “No!”
03:35 Dr. English-Lueck: “Well, that's how we interpreted. Elizabeth and I and some others read your emails. We are concerned that you might ....”
(Police officer handcuffing me.)
03:44 Dr. English-Lueck “ That's a.. that's something that we are very much concerned us, and we are only caring about your safety. (hared to hear as the police officer was searching my body.)
03:49 Dr. English-Lueck “We care only about your safety, and we wanna make sure your
condition will be well.”
03:53 Dr. English-Lueck “...and I know this is very much like disturbing by them.”

03:54 Me “Ok.”
03:59 Dr. English-Lueck “I'm sorry but it points out in this way. But we want you to get some help.”

04:00 Me “What's the..”

04:02 Dr. English-Lueck “Because we are afraid that you might hart yourself.”
04:04 Police Officer B “What going to happen is we gonna take you to a hospital.”
Me: “Which hospital?”
04:06 Police Officer B “We gonna take you to the Valley Medical Center Emergency Psychiatric Services.”
04:10 Me: “Uh-huh..”

04:11 Police Officer B “Ok? And we gonna give them the copy of your insurance.”
Me: “Ok.”
4:20 Police Officer B “And then if they think you need to stay and you need help..then the doctor will probably transport you to El Camino Hospital.”
Me: “Ok..then what's gonna happen next?”
4:24 Police Officer B “..ah.. then the doctor will re-evaluate you. Then determine if they think you might be a danger to yourself..”
04:28 Me “No, I'm not.”
04:29 Police Officer B “Ok..then..”
04:30 Me “If I'm danger to.. then why should I did my homework, and why should I come to..?”
04:38 Police Officer B “ah..I... I prologize. ah..”

04:39 Police Officer B “But we'll go ahead to doctors evaluate you because that's what we have to do. Because someone told us that they concerned about your safety. We do have to take you, OK?”
04:47 Me “Who is... but .. why? What's the reason I have to do..?”
04:50 Police Officer B “Because.. because Laws says that we believe you are danger to yourself.”
04:53 Me “No.”
Police Officer B “Then.. ah.. we have to take.. I understand that you don't believe that.”
04:58 Me: “Yes”
04:58 Police Officer B “But we think that there is a possibility. We don't want you hurting yourself..”
05:01 Police Officer B “Then.. I would feel..”
(The voice recorder was turned off by the another police officer.)

03 June, 2009


ちなみに、アメリカの弁護士からエル・カミノ病院の医療記録が届きました。読んでみたら、ナースの記録ではまったく自殺も他人に危害を加えることも「本人が否定」ってなってるんですが、なぜか拘束できる72時間を過ぎたら、勝手に医者が「他人に危害を加える恐れがある」「重度の精神障害」って名目で14日間の拘束に切り替えてました。その翌日には、「自主入院」に記録上はなってます。これは、Peter Newsom医師に脅されて、自主入院にしないと14日に切り替えると言われて、私が署名した記録ですね。






私の場合は、Meniketti教授のクラスに向かっていたら、自殺の「可能性があるかもしれない」ってだけで手錠を掛けられた状態でSanta Clara Valley Medical Centerに連れて行かれました。本人が自殺の気配がまったく無く、被害を警察に持っていっても大学の担当の警官が休暇中で、やむなくホームランドセキュリティーに証拠を提出しようとした日でした。とりあえず、アメリカの精神医療が、定義とは異なった解釈も、でっち上げも可能だと言う記録です。退院の条件として、大学のEqual Opportunity Servicesによる学生による嫌がらせの調査を止めるように説得されました。サンノゼ州立大学って、そんな感じです。

01 June, 2009

30 Millions would be dead in this year, Air Force 2025 says

I just found a website explaining about how the US Air Force predicted the influenza epidemic in this year. It seems the original document was written in 1996. The following address has a good picture to explain what other things will happen in future till 2025.


It is not from reading stars or gazing at a crystal ball, so the prediction should be somewhat realistic. Some people, including fanatics, try to make things happen when it seemed not to happen, you know.

From the above site:

2009 - Influenza kills 30 millions.
2010 - Increase of the regional conflict and dissolving of the UN.
2012 - The Wall Street gets Super-HERF attack.
2015 - Some use of WMD and its expansion.
2020 - Exploitation of the space and underwater living.
2025 - 8 Billion world population and WMD everywhere.

The good news is that population is not decreased in the prediction. That means there is no serious threat to wipe out the human kind. I am not sure what causes the UN perished in their prediction, but that might be due to the lack of funding to support the organization. The attack on the Wall Street should save the Unite States to have no ever-increasing debt, if that happens.

We have half a year left to see if the prediction goes well or not.