26 May, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 23-26, 2017

German cars have been around just like usueal for the past 4.5 years. I'm contacting embassies for the possibility of buying the bonds by getting the compensation from Germany. Enough stalking around and some killing attempts on me.

There is this unique "BD NINJA" car parked near the famous meat and grill shop not far from Forum shopping center in Podgorica. They had the French and other cars around. Beggar kids around today also.

Well, here is the video. I have enough German car lists around. How many is enough to be given to Israel or Russia??? I sent to Greek embassy already.

18 May, 2017

E.I.K.O. - 63067 Offenbach Berlinerstrasse 238

I found these stickers at the reception window at the hotel in Podgorica. How come some German-Japanese group to be adding something like this? There was an Italian one also below. I'm guessing that these martial arts organizations would be robbing people by the planned injuries such as causing the elbow to be broken to cause the arm no longer usable. Also for the eye injuries for one-eye people making. The bullied people could return the martial arts clothes back to the organization and the team leaders would be selling the used clothes to the new-comers for money making. The ones lost in the training would make a job opening for their own to be keeping the Japanese workers only suited with their friends. 

Can anyone investigate on these organizations for any connection with the gang stalking?


Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 17, 2017

Some Muslims around in the area and even a man with a toy sword walking around.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 12-15, 2017

Here is the recent Swiss and German cars.

12 May, 2017

Sudden slowing down of my typing - a hacking for the typed item check?

I've heard the Koreans are responsible for the mind reading and other issues such as the sudden slowing down of my typing to be show up on the screen. It happened sometimes and the problem solved when I used another writing software - such as the different word processing software.

The stalking could be related with the Fusion Center and the mind controlled Muslim practice making people. They might have enough knowledge in Islamic issues but they would start judging others with their Islamic views. So, they are basically the Islamic threats in the neighborhood and the non-Islamic person would be targeted by them. And they could say, it's a test for just practicing how the victim would be tortured by what they say as the prediction.

So, no Muslim means no more problem to me.

And the worst is the translating people. Someone could be translating and making the decision of what to do with my English posting or something. If I write a novel, these people would take the plot and claim me for anything dangerous from the contents. I'm a writer and enough harassment on me. Also, these Muslim pretending people from Fusion Center learning experience would be just the sex maniac and power maniac to be safe among their own. Just like the Dubrovnik people. They would be mean and start doing the thievery but the guests would enjoy the sightseeing in the area. A bad person with the wealth would share the room for others who could be a threat and they could take advantage to be rich and claim something from the stranger's belongings as the penalty of being their and not paying enough as they want. So, that is the normal way of being a reptilean these day for the mean people.

And another issue is the silly sex offenders who are working for the porno making jobs for their police text making and even to be paid by the Saudi military who love Christians to be raped for fun. So, these people would just accuse the Christians by the male Muslim informants for the police to let them have fun with the weak people from abroad who they have no obligation of protecting as only the citizens pay them the tax type reasoning and the lost items of the foreigners would be given back to the locals. So, why not let them robbed by our man? That is the attitude, these days for the foreigners. The Muslims would be just kicking around the Bibles in the Christian's room and even try to throw some Christian items into the dust bins or hiding something in the hotel rooms to lose some stuff. Then they would laugh at the believers. There is no God and no one help the Bibles to be ruined by these Muslim terrorists. So, what is the point of being religious? I quit sometimes. I would be silly feeling how far I tried to be visiting Vatican and getting harassed in the churches by these pro-Muslim people. Even in Vatican, I saw the umbrella people and the Muslims around. So, I would better start sharing the facial photos of these Asian and other suspicious perpetrators as the dangerous people.

Room invasions? - and the sudden "log out from another location" warning

At Hotel Terminus, I found the hole on the ceiling near the entrance door of Room 106 in morning. I found the zipper part I bought long time ago for fixing the jacket pocket left next to my porter bag on the floor. I never had such a strange experience like this zipper part was just left like that way. I taped the door and window areas for the safety. And they seemed not to have any damages.

I moved to another hotel yesterday. When I woke up, the ring tone for the wake up alarm was different. I didn't change it and that was the "standard" tone. I don't know how it was changed. At least, the tone was the same the day before at Terminus Hotel. I don't change tone at all and such a strange thing happened.The tone had the door banging type part in. I use the normal Windows 10 phone and it could be easily found by other uses which ring tone was used.
The clerk told me to be in the double bed room yesterday and such thing happened. And today, I was asked to stay in the queen size bed room next to it. Someone stayed in this room last night and today I'm using it. 

So far, nothing was stolen.

And I found the sudden "log out" warning while I was writing postings here.  Someone logged off from another location and I had to log in again. But the log in was just clicking the button only to open up the rows of the posting screen. Just kinky things are happening.

Also, when I was in Skopje twice, I found someone made the FaceBook banning from the old postings. So, first time I was banned for 24 hours and the second time was 3 days banning.

I don't know why such things are going on - but Germans are stalking me and one Bosnian car is around the corner. I was stalked by Bosnian cars in Lyon and even in Wien. Now what?

ATM robber Chinese or Korean at Podogrica bus station

The V2K speakers told me that the Asian stalker from Skopje by the same bus was the Muslim terrorist and she would be using my name for renting the room and not paying or something of the small crimes in the city for the defamation on me. Well, here is the photo of the woman who traveled with the same bus from Skopje and passed Kosovo and Albania on the way on May 10th to 11th in morning for the arrival in Podgorica. She had a dark green passport. So, she must be either Chinese or Korean or even Pakistani or Taiwanese.

And here is the evidence of her wearing the white mask and hid on the corner from the ATM machine in Podgorica bus station for the robbing attempt. The bus arrived around 1am and she did not go out at all. She did not buy anything during the breaks, so she must have no money and she could be just hanging around for her mafia job with the Muslim organizations for stalking the Christians and Jews. Some perpetrators show up often for the stalking in nearby countries, so she would be noted for such gang stalking activities helping Muslim mafia by acting like their target to nullify the victimization an the police reports by the victims.

11 May, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 10th, 2017

I took a bus from Skopje to Podgorica passing Kosovo and Albania. The clerk at the information counter in Skopje bus station told me that the bus would arrive in Podgorica around 5am. So, I did not make the reservation for last night. The bus arrived around 1am. There was an Asian woman with a dark green passport in the same bus. She was wearing a white mask and hid near the ATM machine as if for the robbing. So, I thought she was there for robbing someone. Usually, people move to the accommodation when the bus arrive to a city. In my case, I had to look for the hotel room and I was at the bus station longer.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 11th, 2017

Here is today's video. I found some German cars around in the area.

Terminus Hotel room 106 might be invaded last night. I don't know why but found the extra zipper for fixing the zipper on my jacket pocket was left on the floor next to my black porter bag. Nothing seemed to be stolen but such a thing happened from 3am to 9am in morning. 

08 May, 2017

What's wrong with French viewers?

I have over 500 views for few postings. I don't know why that is happening to my blog. But most seemed to be from France. Any ideas?

Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
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Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 8th, 2017

Here is the video of Hochi, the Japanese logo man and some more.

07 May, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 6th, 2017

Here is the video of another incident about - my German car list on sale poster plus a German car and a Munich car later. Funny, huh? Always I've bee n surrounded by Germans.

The 5 year German stalking evidence? Here it is. Now, give me compensation money, German Embassy!!!

I have been stalked by German cars since I left Munich in December 2012. Everywhere I went, Germans stalked me. I could write the book about München 2012 and German cars after 2012 as the example of their famous "rat lines" around in Europe since the World War II.

I can prove the existence of the "rat line" by this video! See how silly a Munich car showed up when I was explaining on the video footage with my poster of the German car list for sale from 2013 to 2015 in front of a German car parked for a week or more across my hotel, Hotel Ani (I thought it was in Hebrew as meaning I but it was not) in Skopje.

German madness going on. No one helps me. How such funny thing going on by these Germans? I wanted to ask about it to the German Embassies around in Europe for the better explanation. I proved the "rat line" and now what?