12 May, 2017

ATM robber Chinese or Korean at Podogrica bus station

The V2K speakers told me that the Asian stalker from Skopje by the same bus was the Muslim terrorist and she would be using my name for renting the room and not paying or something of the small crimes in the city for the defamation on me. Well, here is the photo of the woman who traveled with the same bus from Skopje and passed Kosovo and Albania on the way on May 10th to 11th in morning for the arrival in Podgorica. She had a dark green passport. So, she must be either Chinese or Korean or even Pakistani or Taiwanese.

And here is the evidence of her wearing the white mask and hid on the corner from the ATM machine in Podgorica bus station for the robbing attempt. The bus arrived around 1am and she did not go out at all. She did not buy anything during the breaks, so she must have no money and she could be just hanging around for her mafia job with the Muslim organizations for stalking the Christians and Jews. Some perpetrators show up often for the stalking in nearby countries, so she would be noted for such gang stalking activities helping Muslim mafia by acting like their target to nullify the victimization an the police reports by the victims.