30 March, 2009

Ambulance Sirens (March 29th 2009 5:17PM)

Just like I started to add blog posting about I started to hear ambulance sirens almost everyday, I got another one for today. When I was cooking dinner, I heard ambulance sirens form outside. I probably did not notice them if I did not open the window to get some clean air while cooking.

Too bad for the folks who wants to give sensitization like the residents at Casa Torfeld I in Buchs and Caritas involved people in Aarau. I prefer to keep the record of what is going on with proofs for my statements such as "I hear ambulance sirens everyday."Some people at McDonalds in Aarau also used "siren" noises for sensitization in 2007 or 2008. If you hear same noises from strangers several times even in McDonalds or hear ambulance sirens everyday, you would be sensitized to the particular noise. It is a technique for Neurolinguistics Programming to drive someone crazy.

I know psychiatrsits nowadays do not really have to think scientificialy but rather to stay on an armchair to make a conclusion. They are worse than armchair detectives who try to solve mysteries while they sit on a chair to think about hypothesis. Psychiatirsts without scientific knowledge can bring about a conclusion from their imaginations. I have seen some psychiatrists who claimed their patients have mental problems while they made up claims against them without even reviewing evidences. That is the level of American Psychiatry I experienced several years ago. Psychiatrists are there to provide "professional help" to discredit people's speeches.

Indeed, these psychiatrists who do not have to draw a line between what is scientific and what is their imagination may not able to understand organized crimes like the one discribed in David Lawson's book. I know some people just forget about scientific methods as they prefer bribary than their professionalism.

28 March, 2009

Western Union money transfer requires receipts for the proof of where money came from

Last Saturday, I visited Olten Bahnhof to send money to the lawyer in the US. I thought Western Union would be the easiest choice as their network is known pretty well around the world. You can use Western Union money transfer at the exchange counter in Swiss train stations. Not all train station offer services of Western Union, but bigger stations do it.
When I visited the exchange counter, the clerk started communicating with me in English. He asked me where I was sending money. I told him it was for the lawyer in the United States. He suggested to send money using bank transfer. I told him about the problem I had sending money with SWIFT - my bank needed IBAN number even it accepts SWIFT. He then checked my Swiss ID, and told me that my occupation and the purpose of sending money and such. I explained him I need to send money to my lawyer to get further evidences for my case. He told me that he needs see the receipt of where my money came from. Well, it was from my Japanese bank account. I could just withdraw some from my bank account in Switzerland, but it was Saturday, and I had the withdrawal limitation at ATM.

I visited Sälipark to for shopping. I did not wanted to spend whole time in Olten for just the money transfer. Knowing some new things is good for living in Switzerland. At least, I could now what things are sold in where if I visit new shopping malls. In the shopping mall, I tried to withdraw money and I forgot the account number for a bank. If you have some bank cards, it is quite hard to memorize all if you do not use the card for withdrawal. I have that account only for money saving in an emergency case. I just learned that forgetting the password does not help in the real emergency. What an irony. I tried several possible passwords, but it did not work. There were sudden increase of the people waiting for that particular ATM machine. I guess the organized stalkers should have reported this suspcious use of the ATM. I just wrote down here, so that people can check who would actually report it to police or somewhere for reward or something.

I sent money using my Japanese credit card after I checked the maximum. Things go suspicious but as far as who I am contacting and what went wrong is visible in the form in my blog, I think the organized stalkers have problem making up suspicions.

For the people who might want to send money using Western Union, you might need to keep the receipt for sending moneny. Or you would get trouble showing the proof of the source of where money came from. I am not sure if this Western Union policy is to give a good image on Swiss bank secrecy which FBI tracked down recently.

Ambulance siren twice so far (March 28th, 2009)

During the lunch time, I heard ambulance siren. It was about 12:45PM and I missed to record it. Then, at 1:03PM, I heard another siren from the outside. I filmed this one and that's the video below.

Yesterday, I did not hear any ambulance siren. You can see the last ambulance siren video from 2 days ago, March 26th, 2009. I think these videos prove the frequent ambulance passing by these days. This has been going on since several weeks ago. Unlike organized stalkers who prefer to claim the subject crazy and turn down any claim from the victim, I prefer to share the evidences. The psychiatrists in the US can ignore anything the patient say by stating them as just imaginations. To be scientific, I prefer to share videos. There is a book and website written about the misuse of ambulance and other official cars by the organized stalkers. What I claim is nothing more than exposing the possible organized stalkers' activities.

26 March, 2009

Creating a visual stalker list

I invented this method to create a visual stalker lists. It is hard to explain how who is engaged in stalking by words. If you create a visual database with stalkers picture and some identity connected to others who are also engaged in the harassment on the victim.

Check out the below picture. If you have stalkers in your neighborhood, at work, at local stores, and being stalked by detectives and harassed by same police officers, you know it is easy to show their relationships in a visual way if you know how they are related. In my case, when I visited the post office in Buchs AG, the postal clerk said that I had to contact with Thomas Kunz, the manager of the refugee residence. I visited the post office as I received the notice about package kept there. When I went back and asked Mr. Kunz, he told me to check the residence between Casa Torfeld I and II. He said that the peroson living between the refugee residence might have the package and asked me to talk to the person. I spent the morning waiting outside of the residence. In afternoon, I asked Mr. Kunz again about the package, he told me the post called him that they found the package. I visited the post office again to pick up my package. In this example, you can learn how the postal worker knew Thomas Kunz. Mr. Kunz was often talking with local police officers in his office. From this fact, I can connect Mr. Kunz with the police officer Stefen Frei who were in charge of my room search on October 2007. Max Heimgartener, the volunter at Aarau Caritas, was communicating whith the resident across from my room at Casa Torfeld I. The residents across from my room had strangers temporary lived sometimes. By connecting everyone, it makes easy to figure out something strange has been going on around me. Eritrean, Mongolian, Tibetan perpetrators in Aarau area are another examples. I have been contacted and stalked by strangers from such ethnic background.

As soon as I got my Visual Studio, I might start working on developing a database software for storing perp information. Using .Net and SQL would be powerful enough for such program. My database class will start from next week, but I will try to get some time for creating the diagrams. To avoid confusion, the program will be opensource. This is one of my plan for this year. As I am not equiped with C# knowledge, development would be slow.

Ambulance passing in front of my home about 11:40AM

Yesterday, I heard a short ambulance siren near my home. At that time, it was only 2 or 3 times, so I was unable to film the siren.

Today, when I was cooking my lunch at the kitchen, I heard ambulance siren. I started to film it and the ambulance actually passed the street in front of my home. It was about 11:40AM. If there was a need for ambulance toward the direction to Strengelbach, I think there was a 911 call before that as the proof for the government side. If the ambulance was transfering a patient, the local hosptial should have the record of the use of ambulance. If they don't, then this continuous frequent ambulance siren is used by "anti-government and other extremist group" called gang stalkers. According to David Lawson's Cause Stalking, he states that the extremists use their work vehicles for harassment on their target and for the entertainment purpose withing the group. I post this information on public, so people can see gang stalkers are anywhere not even in the US, UK, Canada, but also in a rural area of Switzerland.

Ambulance siren is for sending a someone in emergency to get medication. How about hearing ambulance passing once a day with siren? It sounds the society has serious health problem among the population. Think about workers using a commercial or government vehicle for the purpose of showing off their power using equipment where they belong (as they are powerless in the society as an individual) and working together with other extremists for harassing a minority person. Gang stalkers try to harass their target to get a mental problem, so their claim of mentally ill against the individual is fullfiled. They just try to push their conclusion to be true.

25 March, 2009

Mind Control using V2K part 2 - Countermeasures

Mind Control Using V2K Part 2 – Countermeasures

The purpose of mind control is to make you to get attention either away from or into a particular matter. Mind control is to command someone to do or to think in a certain way. For example, if you are thinking to check your email, the V2K voice including subliminal ones may make you remind to do something else to postpone checking your email. It could be hard to know the invisible mind control done by remote voice hearing such as the one used during the Gulf War I. Targeted Individuals also experience face to face cult-type mind control. So, I would like to explain the countermeasures helpful for general situation this time. They are also effective for both voice hearing mind control and visible ordinary ones.

  1. Resist persuasion. What mind control aims is to change your perception and understanding of things. If cult members try to make you to join their religion using mind control techniques, they will persuade you to change your view. Mind control is to change your belief system without giving you a good explanation or a choice. Simply, they say you are wrong and they are right. Coercive persuasion is often used to change the target's thinking way. For example, think about a telecommunication advertisement asking you to buy a new product. The speaker will continue to tell the benefit and advantages of the product while you have no chance to stop him speaking. The advertiser won't tell you negative information or listen to you if the subject is nothing to do with selling the product.

  2. Criticism is a key of resisting mind control. When you have a doubt, do not lose it. If something is strange, criticize the situation. The mind controlled people do not have ability to think in their own, but rather repeat things they are told. When they got problem, they ask someone else for solving problem rather than themselves. In the previous case, if you are asked to buy a flower vase that the sales person says as blessed by a cult leader. Do you agree to think the vase possesses a magical power after hearing long advertisement by a telecommunication clerk?

  3. Manage the information input. Everyone has a right to control the input of information. People engaged in mind control will keep their target to hear something preferable for their group. It is like someone tries to keep the same channel while the TV is turned on. If you are not interested in sports but if you are forced to watch sports program to make you like sports, it is a form of thought reform. It is like a type of propaganda. The very same method cult religions uses to recruit new members. The cults talk about the same doctrines or religious interests to others to make them know more about the religion. You have a right to change the subject of communication or move away from the communication. Don not forget this: You can chose the newspapers, Internet articles, radio shows, based on what your like. You can manage what you want to know as the source of information.

  4. Be objective and separate facts from the opinions. Facts are the things that are concrete and understandable for general public. When you see a cloud in the sky and you take a picture of it, the picture proves there was a cloud in the sky. It is a fact. People engaged in mind control can tell lies that make you under control. People may say anything they like without evaluating facts. If cults members make you to believe their leader flies in the sky, it is not a fact but a story without any evidence to back it up.

  5. Remind yourself the importance of your daily life. If you cannot get rid of mind control, try to focus on your daily routine. When you wake up, you take shower. You eat a breakfast. You go to school or work. You eat lunch. You go back to study or work. These things are what you have for your regular life no matter if you have voice hearing problem or being surrounded by cult members frequently calling you to join their religion. If there is a roadwork going on in front of your house, your might experience the inconvenience due to the noise but you do not abandon your daily routine. Voice hearing or other form of mind control is as same as the noises from the roadwork. You will try to ignore it by put much concentration on your life.

  6. Evaluate one's interest and motivational change. If someone is under a strong influence from mind control, the one cannot judge one's action nor thought. Think about the cult members who even attempts to kidnap a new member. In a normal situation, people may give leaflets to others but not to kidnap a person for recruiting to a religious group. If you are mind controlled, you might think or do in a certain way. You have no choice but accepting to act or think without having an alternative choice. If you are not mind controlled, you can evaluate your thoughts and actions afterwards or even think about alternatives while engaged in the thoughts or the action. Think about what you can do and why you chose the certain activity or thought. Mind control will not give you the reasoning.

  7. Read about mind control cult victims and mind control countermeasures. There are several books available to help you understand mind control. The books should tell you about the fact of mind control. Also, try to search information about “coercive persuasion” and “gaslighting, ” “interrogation.” These terms are related with mind control.

  8. Try to take rest and keep yourself away from exhausting due to the overloaded one-way communication. Lack of food, water, sleep can make your thought dull. That is why cults use such strategies to keep the target exhausted for mind control. V2K voices may continue to talk to you even you want to sleep. In such case, try to listen to a music such as for relaxation using a headphone.

24 March, 2009

SJSU False Suicidal Claim - Email Analysis

This is about the email and the incident previously happened before Dr. English-Lueck , Dr. Weiss, Sgt. Laws and another UPD officer claimed me as suicidal. I was about to file the information to the Department of Homeland Security and police. Because of their claim of suicidal, I was failed to make it on time. What was the point of claiming me suicidal when I was to submit information to police?
This is about the anthropologists and anthropology students' scandal that ended me giving mental problem in three category "danger to self," "danger to others," "gravely disabled."

Be careful if you want to submit evidences of school's wrongdoing to police.
I never had any feeling to be suicidal, but because of SJSU, I got such stupid record.
If students were not harassing me, I probably did not contact Dr. Weiss at all. I do understand that SJSU and anthropologists needed to do something to discredit me as the whistleblower about students discrimination, non-random participants for ethnographic researches, or even the special relationships of Dr. Weiss.

I am hoping that by analyzing the initial incident of the mental proglem claim would help to clarify some part of misinformation about me in the current situation. I denied to be suicidal but the people around me made up such fact. I do not want anyone in Switzerland do claim such thing as mental hospitals here can kill the patients if they wish to die. I wanna be alive. I gotta stuffs to do more than creating this kind of video.. Ad vitam et ad Deus nostrum.

23 March, 2009

Hearing amburance sirens everyday

Ever since I was communicating with an American lawyer to get my medical records, I started to hear ambulance sirens more than once a day. I guess the local organized stalkers used the hospital property for their skits. David Lawson writes about stalkers using the commercial and special cars for their organized harassment in his book, "Cause Stalking."

I am not sure if the neighbors know what the frequent appearance of ambulance about. If the perps are using the hospital cars for their fun, then I think it should give some weird records for the hospital how the ambulance were used daily in past several weeks. If ambulance needs sirens, then they probably transported a patient to the hospital. I wonder how many emergency patients local hospitals in Zofingen got. It would be nice to report the activity of organized stalkers for the loss for hospitals.

I really do not understand why the organized stalkers use "mental problem" as something incurable and deadly. Such identification of mental problem is a type of Communist propaganda. I have seen some perps including the Tamil woman I met in the Caritas German lesson. In her case, she was mentioning about "Kopf Problem." It is a hint of head problem = mental problem. The pharmacy next to COOP did have the Chinese medicine for headache. These are the sensitizations I noticed from my living in Switzerland.

I am not sure why local perps in Switzerland act as if in a communist country. Mental problem is curable. This is an understanding from Western culture. On the contrary, Asian culture such as China and Japan would have assumption that mental problem is incurable, and once a person become crazy, the person remains to be crazy. In the same way Chinese revolutionary people and others lived in fascist countries are surpressed. I learned about Chinese counterrevolutionary strategies including this "claiming the revolutionary people to be crazy" from Dr. J.A. English-Lueck. Actually, she was using the same method at SJSU. And I was categorized as "suicidal" and "needed help" when I was on my way to a classroom. I studied pretty much of psychology and I know how to take care my mental health. I might be under the influence from psychiatric injury by Abkur Dalow Abshir and others who had been harassing me at Casa Torfeld I in Buchs AG. At that time, I was continously harassed; someone claimed me stealing something, someone claimed me spraying shampoo in the bathroom, a stranger claiming me stealing something, residents and ex-residents showing up where I were in Aarau, banging of my window at night, vandalism of my room, no phone to call police nor no room key for my room, etc. It caused me hypervigilance as the people around me engaged in mobbing. They knew what they were doing would cause mental problem. That is why the Italian speaking woman said me "abnormal" and mentioned about hosptial. Mara Alpha stalking me shouted "you should go to hosptial" while he was the one banging my room window at night with Abkur Dalow Abshir. That was intentional harassments to cause someone crazy. If someone goes crazy, there should be some reason behind of it. In a society where gang stalkers work to control people, it does not need a reason nor prevention of the cause of mental problem.

Let's bring our democracy back. Equal rights and other means to have a healthy life to be human is guarantied by the law. I might know sensitive information about the American anthropologists, but it does not mean I have to be called crazy for protecting their relationship with the CIA. I think what happened in Buchs AG acutally proved the seriousness of the information like who slept with whom. More the organized stalkers act, more my information gets crediblity because of them causing dangers. If someone want to claim me mentally ill, I first ask what was the reason why and what caused it. Abkur Dalow Abshir and Mara Alpha were stalking me and calling me crazy. I think their activities are enough to prove the organized crime backed up by the local police. It was hard to get the ambulance sirens, but here is the example from yesterday morning and some others from these days. More they do, more sounds like our society is away from democracy.. I post this information here, so the stalkers would stop abusing the property where they work for organized entertainment. That's something abshird.

After I sent a mail to my lawyer asking how long will it takes to get my medical records and how the records will be send, I have not receive her reply yet. There was no siren I heard today. I guess this is a strange coincidence. In my case, the original mental health problem claim was done by Dr. J.A. English-Lueck when I was on my way to my classroom. And it was about suicidal while I denied. Dr. English-Lueck mentioned my mail of submitting the evidence to police and claimed me suicidal. The wrongdoing of SJSU anthroopologists were clear enough.

Internet Censorship and the truth from the victim's side

It seems the V2K perps have been talking about they might be able to put censorship on my videos in order to prevent the damage on Dr. Donald Johansen and San Jose State University.

Well, I might wrote down how Dr. Weiss' case of sexual harassment is somewhat similar to what organized stalkers, like Abkur Dalow Abshir, do. But her case was clearly different from others. Let me points out some differences.

  • In Dr. Weiss' case, she was talking about her close relationship such as how she often gets emails from Dr. Johansen and such. She was talking about them in her classroom. I did not hear details until I met her privately. That's why I know about the AAPA annual meeting and how to figure out which phsycal anthropologists are surrounded by young females. I think I do not have to go details about this one such as the man who found the smallest skull put the reprica on his head and was surronded by.. you know the rest. I only knew much about Dr. Weiss' relathionship.
  • As she was talking about "lover" issue in her class with other students, I have the recording of how she and students were talking about "lover" and talking about another professor. And this is the recording I brought it to the ombudsman.
  • I have been taking some classes from Dr. Weiss pretty much, and she and I had pretty good relationship (nothing sexual.. from my side) till we met in May. She seemed not to know about what students were doing.
  • Students in Dr. Gonzalez's Anth 187 class were the initial stalkers and the ones who started rumors about me. Dr. Weiss seemed to have a connection with Dr. Gonzalez's club, ABSC, as she had a special lecture in April 2006, which Dr. English-Lueck came and sat two sheets to the left from me. She might asked Dr. Weiss to engage in active flirtation for whatever the purpose. As far as I know, there was no problem for having special relationship of faculties and students in anthropology department. Otherwise, Dr. Weiss and other students were not talking about such matter openly.
  • The instructor, Judith Rosenberg, was another instructor who acted awkward in her class in Fall 2006. In her class, the ceiling panels were open and she was wearing something like a pink mini skirt. Dr. Weiss' case did not have such strange circumstance like the open wall panels or ceiling panels. It seemed the classmate in Ms. Rosenberg's class were full of perps. One of them was a Iraqui man who spent sometime as a refugee in the United States.
  • During Fall 2006, Dr. Weiss switched her class which was on the same hallway that I was talking Ms. Rosenberg's LLD99. Dr. Gonzalez's class was held in the room. But Dr. Weiss switched back and started talking about the marriage with me in Canada as she has the residencial status there. It seemed they were talking about how so many people knew about her pasts and they seemed to persuade her. My class was close to hers was a matter of coincidence. If you know how hard to get in LLD99, you know it just happened like that. If they manipurate the schedule to make another conflict in Fall 2006, it might not a coincidence.
  • On October 5th, Dr. Weiss started crying outside in the hallway or somewhere when I was having a conference with Ms. Rosenberg for her class. The organized stalkers including Ms. Rosenberg were talking about how they set up a meeting with me and Dr. Weiss. And it was the day, they tried to do it. And I managed to mess it up by sharing the information about Dr. Weiss in another class where Patii, Sonya and others. If you don't believe her crying, check this one.
If people in power want to shut what minority say, they can use any form of censorship to stop interactive communication, which is protected by the Freedom of Press and the Freedom of Expression. I think if we start censoring everything from the people whose name is on any form of media, then we cannot have a newspaper or anything. What happens if Geroge W. Bush or others engaged in NWO states that they want to take down the blog postings and videos describing the conspiracies contradict to the US constitution or moral? How about the private military Black Water want their existance not known for the public and asked all the media not to publish their names or logos by complaining that is a vioration of copyright? No one can speak up the name, Black Water, in the news. I am trying to post my blog with evidences. It could be up to others to judge the value and the reality of the evidences. If I write the problem in InterDiscount, it is not a slander but a customer's opinion. I am not sending a propaganda to buy things in another store nor voicot them. It is a matter of how to take my feedback. It is same about Abkur Dalow Abshir and others engaged in the Mafia-Polizei connection in Aarau. I share aobut some residents who lived in non-existing rooms and other information. The police officers in Aarau Kantonzpolizei abondoned their job and denied to file of continued stalking of Abkur Dalow Abshir and their friends including Tibetan, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Mongolian groups in Aarau to Buchs AG area. What I share as pictures and videos are the people engaged in organized stalking which is similar to Stasi. Stasi victim network is looking for the information about the Stasi informants who worked or still working in southern Germany and Switzerland area. My information is much like that. We know Stasi was gone and German government recognized it as something bad. Some strangers started communicating with me in English as if they knew me pretty much. If these "temporary organized stalking (Stasi) workers" including detectives want to claim their figure in my film when they were on surveillance on me, then I would like to be contacted by them first. For organized stalking, someone similar to another perp often work together for helping each other to make alibi. For instance, the man Philipien man claimed to be the policital science professor and the man told me "we met in Zürich." The later man was a friend of the Tibetan guy who lived in Casa Torfeld I. I got pretty much information of how these strangers connected with each other. If they do not want to get their figure published, they should not engage in Stasi type harassment on a stranger for some money or rewards. If they commit an organized crime, they should be aware of how their information - like still going on Stasi - published to provoke the public awareness.

Chemtrails in Switzerland (March 18th, 2009)

When I was walking in the town center near Zofingen, I saw so many chemtrails on the sky. Some airplanes were still visible. I filmed the activities. It was about 1PM on March 18th, 2009.

21 March, 2009

In SJSU, sending evidences of harassment is a "suicidal" action to others.

If you listen to the voice recording of how I was transported to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Acute Psychiatric Services by the claim of Dr. English-Lueck, Sgt. John Laws, and one more UPD officer, you know how Dr. English-Lueck said she and Dr. Weiss and some others read my email to Dr. Weiss and thought me as suicidal. She even said I needed some help.

The V2K perps are talking about how my writing to Dr. Weiss on Saturday can be used for claiming me for "danger to others" and saying how it can be used to claim me still dangerous. I checked the copy out and found that was the totally opposite to be dangerous... Well, for the criminals like organized stalkers, my letter is dangerous as I was stating that I would bring their evidences to police!!!

Dr. English-Lueck claimed me "suicidal" on Monday and Sgt. John Laws handcuffed me. Yes, for the criminals engaged in organized stalking, the information of sharing the students information harassing me in my off-campus apartment to the police was scary, of course!! Now I have more things to say how the psychiatrists at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Acute Psychiatric Services is dumb. Now, now. Dr. English-Lueck, Dr. Weiss and others discussed this letter for something "suicidal" evidence of me. Then, speaking of "that" Latino guy Dr.Weiss talked about would be much dangerous for others, hahaha.. Now I got some understanding that V2K perps just try to make up something and are able to screw up by themselves. It's kinda fun to find out their harassment made me to check the stuff they talk about, then they got problem by telling me. Now they got so quiet because the same copy went to my lawyer.. Isn't this a clear evidence of school's wrong doing?

Now, what was the point of me to be mentally ill. Ah.. V2K? That's started when I was followed by the Department of Defense in the US. The ones who developed the covert hearing device. I survived the forced hospital stay and met strange people like a cultural anthropologist expert of Chinese culture in El Camino Hosptial because of this letter. Is there any problem with the CIA agents and the FBI agents at SJSU?? Now, what Dr. Weiss and Dr. English-Lueck are teaching as anthropology while thinking about a letter talking about telling something to police is "suicidal"? SJSU UPD handcuffing someone who was planning to bring the evidence to them. I think I can use this email information to explain about October 16th incident as a joke video.

I posted this letter few years ago, but I post this again here for the good joke. Here is the copy.
----- Message from "Goto Miyoko" on Sat, 14 Oct 2006 04:26:15 -0700 -----
Thank you for the offer of taking me to Canada.

I think the time is up.
To protect myself not a spy, I must submit everything to police.
And I am going to submit the evidences people talking about you and Dr.
Gonzales at my apartment.
I hope you do not mind about it, since you know I sent e-mail to the vice
president of the US.
When some student talked about how you change your feeling about me (I have
evidence), I was doubt ful about the fact.
You did the "paper work" while you have a boy friend. And I knew other
people who you had "rumor" with as you told me.

Do you think I can trust someone like that? I thought it was another trap
"they" had set up.

I did not know you really had some feeling until last Thursday...
To be honest, I am so sorry for your involvement in this case.
About this Wednesday's class, I made a comment that "I made a professor
cry." And probably the students who have been spying me in the class
thoguht it disgusting.
You know what, I am quite sure your involvement in this semester, and at
reast you are the one who thought me as "abnormal" (that's waht someone
said in Anth 187 class last semester).
From that experience, I think i do have right to make such comment with
others, don't you think?

I don't think there is anyway to fix our relationship since you have never
tried to contact me except for using the students. You can run away from
this. (Just like what you did last time!)


20 March, 2009

Amature radio frequency 216-225MHz and 380-470MHz

Does anyone have an amateur radio to check something strange?

Alfred Mann Foundation for Scientific Research ("AMF") submits this amendment to Exhibit 2 of its application (FCC File No. 0255-EX-PL-2004) (the "Application") for experimental authorization to test and develop a unique medial system (the "BION system") operationg on radiofrequencies ("RF") in the 216-225 MHz and 380-470 MHz frequency bands that can restore mobility and other functions to paralyzed limbs and organs.

Crude Social Science and Social Scientist Examples

Here are the bad example of people practicing in social science field engaged in organized stalking. Just like other perps with no Ph.D., they do not have mind to understand what is fact and what is their own subjection. I just use the examples from my own experience having problems with the social scientists who do not know how to separate their subjection from the fact. It is kinda funny to see the Ph.D or the school they attended have nothing to do with their understandings of the facts. I learned the fact is something concrete and can be visible and general to everyone while subjection/opinion is some one's own thoughts and can vary from the view of others. Be aware of the experts in social science field who do not know how to examine facts available. I am a "armature" social scientist from the last Century believing social science field should take facts such as videos and other physical materials than just bragging about what the one think.

Dr. English-Lueck, the cultural anthropologist expert in Chinese culture
On October 16th, 2006, she asked me to have a talk for "5 minutes" at her office. When I followed her to the Anthropology Department, 2 police officers claimed me as suicidal. Since I was on my way to a class, I denied their claim. I had no idea why they wanted to claim me as suicidal. Dr. English-Lueck thought I was suicidal and needed help. There was no choice for me to be handcuffed and was to be sent to a mental hospital. She is the dean of anthropology department yet she cannot understand what someone saying. She decided me to be suicidal by discussing an email I sent to another instructor. This is how she is able to define a culture or behavior. Should I talk about the Japan's New-New religions and the relation to the CIA? I guess she claimed me as suicidal to help out the situation of someone who started her job while she was in UCSC? I heard her hanging out with different guy almost every night.

Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen (SJSU Counseling Services), Dr. Peter Newsom & Dr. Robert Burr (El Camino Hospital)
They can make any subjective diagnosis while they ignore any facts. These people never ever examined what I have for evidences such as voice recording of me denying to be suicidal nor any other vital information. What they can do is to put a label on someone for whatever they like. They can do the coercive persuasion. They are dangerous for people as they do not even understand how to be scientific for social science disciplines.

Psychiatrists (Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Acute Psychiatric Services)
While I was denying to be suicidal and I said I was wrongly brought there from my way to a classroom, a female psychiatrist diagnosed me as danger to self and danger to others. I wish they recorded this conversation if they have any evidence of me making suicidal comments in the hospital. I was studying for the linguistics quiz on Wednesday using the Vietnamese and Spanish leaflets.

19 March, 2009

My personal responce to the article, "No sex please: An asexual life"

I happened to read this article, "No sex please: An asexual life." The article is about how a man turned out to become asexual. I decided to wrote about it as I had too much gang stalkers around me trying to claim me as prostitute or something of sex maniac.

I think my life is much like the guy in the article. I simply have no desire to explore sexuality. From the time I learned about Maslow's herarchy of needs. For the people who do not know the hierarchy, check out the picture.

I tried to focus on the very top as wanting something below seemed like becoming primitive. I am not saying that searching for food, shelter, clothes are not important as other desires. I think people should spend less time for lower needs. And do not think anyone spending too much time on the self-actualization always doing good. Think about Nero, he could have achieved to the self-actualization state quite easily because he had no problem for lower needs. He tried to exercise his will to destroy his own property. I think the moral judgment gives the one to be a good emperor or a bad one.

From what I see in organized stalkers, they are all stuck in the state up to love/belonging and having problem to go up to self-esteem. It is like how the stalkers were kept as the cult members within their social ties and have problem with their self-esteem. That seems to be the reason why they try to accuse the target for any misfortune happened on them. They cannot handle their own responsibility which takes an important role on developing the self-esteem. Telling too many lies can reduce the one's self-esteem. To avoid this, the stalkers often try to transparent their own desire or problem on to the target, so they can feel the self-esteem from the one seeing someone with problems. Well, I think I can write more about organized stalkers' psychological problem, but let me get back to the asexual matter.

I think asexuality would suite the propaganda of depopulation of the planet population. For a nation, asexuality could deadly as it means less "manpower available for military service." If they do not have enough people to defend a country, it will became vulnerable. On the other hand, asexuality is good for avoiding violent crimes results of sex drive. In my personal opinion, I think sexuality is just as a primitive desire human kind keep to motivate oneself for survival. Some people like good meals or good clothes, I think sexuality became a matter of choice.

After I became a Targeted Individual, I have seen some people around me telling they have sexual problems and hinting for having sex. I could include Abkur Dalow Abshir, under age male at that time, shouting "One Bottle, do you want to have sex with me?" In the original case, it was Dr. Elizabeth Weiss engaged in flirtation in her classroom in Spring 2006. And Ms. Judith Rosenberg wearing pink mini skirts in the class room with some ceiling panels off in Fall 2006. I guess the SJSU stalkers tried to use female instructors as I seemed to have no interest in men. I saw these gang stalkers have problems that they want to claim about the target. I do not know if sex drive is actually aroused by hormonal changes. But it would be interesting to know if the award-winning "gay bomb" can make asexual people to become hyper sexual. The US Army might figure this out if they shot a bomb into a Mosque or a Monastery.

I was alway having problem explain why I do not want to go out with men or even women for something special than friendship with certain distance. Say, it is nice to know more people being asexual. I know some people might have question why I do not have sex drive, so I just explain my version of why being an asexual. I am not a people person and I prefer to keep certain distance with people. I am a philosopher and I prefer to have more time with myself reading books or doing some researches to improve myself rather than spending time with someone else. I do like spending some time with friends but I just cannot offer more time for others when I have something to do - like studying German, Italian, or just doing researches on something. When someone needs my help, I do spend my time. It is not because of sex drive, but the reciprocity. Some claim that asexual would relate with the fear for sex. In my case, I do not have interest in sex. I might be fussy about cleaniness and do not want to think about body fluid exchange... That is something like a person to jump into a mud pond for some fun like a childish curiousty. From Wiliam Blake's poetry, "I am in you and you in me, mutual in Divine love." Humans are created like what God looks like. We see the Creater's image in each other, why do you bother in a part of one's body? I prefer to see as the whole and love as the whole and respect as the whole. It is not about sex but matter of how to see the entire universe in another person. Sorry, I am really a poet and worse romantist than Goethe.. I think I could go as the way of Byron if I wanted to study sexuality, but it never happened to me. Animals mate for reproduction, but I think humans would do better than animals using their creativity for more than mating without reproduction purpose. Actually, I think it feels way better to be the one with the entire universe than just a single another person. This is something you can feel when you are at the top of the heararchy of needs. Maslow sometimes called it as Peak Experience and Colin Wilson X-Function. I feel sorry for the people just sticked to the sensation in animal-like ones. By the way, I think Jesus gave me something much precious than having human mate, so I am not looking anyone.

From the article:

Not in the mood: The facts

* According to Kinsey’s ‘Sexual Behavior in the Human Male’, 1.5 per cent of the adult male population exhibits “no socio-sexual contacts or reactions”.

* In ‘Sexual Behavior in the Human Female’, Kinsey argued that up to 19 per cent of the unmarried female population exhibited asexual behaviour or reactions.

* A study in the US found that 33.57 per cent of asexuals have problems with self-esteem.

* In 1994, a British study found that 1 per cent of people had never felt any sexual attraction to another person. The same study found that a larger proportion of women than men are asexual.

* In 1982, a survey of ‘Playboy’ magazine readers found that 2 per cent of respondents were asexual.

* Possible causes of asexuality include genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalance or childhood experiences.

* The largest asexuality group on Facebook has 585 members.


It sounds normal to be asexual. It is nice the organized stalkers have no way to make up a claim against asexual targets. Oh, yeah, I might not be a help for increasing population. But I guess this is just an option as I might went through the Eugenics surgery in El Camino Hospital while I was kept as a voluntary patient. I have been hearing embrance sirens almost every day, so I guess checking my body in nearby hospitals are not a good idea as they seem to have gang stalkers working.

14 March, 2009

No freedom for political science studies.

I read this article "Download A Book Get Arrsted, Call For Terror Attacks - No Problem!" today. I think this is the madness of how Bush Administration went to hunt down anyone even try to touch a material about terrorism.

University employee jailed for researching Al-Qaeda, while Gingrich and others left alone for encouraging dead Americans

A University employee downloads a document from the Internet about Al-Qaeda for a colleague in the politics department as part of the University's required reading list, meanwhile, a former Speaker of the House publicly laments the fact that more Americans have not been killed in terrorist attacks. Who gets arrested under terrorism legislation? The University employee of course!
From my experience studying at SJSU, I learned that there are two types of professors able to work on conspiracy theory; 1. government-backed up ones doing not-sensitive-rather-helpful-for-the-government research, 2. ones with no government employee connection. The ones who are supported by the government can publish information that are not so sensitive. They make themselves to be the limitation of what the researchers can do. It is like the position of France against the US to set the OK line while Russia was to be too far during the Cold War.

If I do some research on the Internet and read the stupid English Al-Quaida related material that Manchester police released, will I be arrested for reading (or even the temporarry possetion of) the PDF file? I am a member of the APS, and still studying about the social science field.

The United States lost its confidence in the philosophy and the concept of freedom for the citizens. What left is just bunch of people doing the favor of the researches for the big companies, trust, the government, the intelligence.

Will the situation described in the article show any trait of Freedom of Press nor Freedom of Expression? Now who is doing the researches on the terrorists and the 911 conspiracies? If the reseachers cannot touch files, how they know if the real terrorists are from Cheney's SS-style assassination units? (I'm just being hypothetical here)

I support Zeitgeist Movement as it protects individual's right to study whatever the one want. Now that is what we call freedom.

My motivation to read the al-Quaida related material found by Manchester police was to understand the organized stalkers. The organized stalkers around me use rosary for sensitization on me. I thought I might find some similarity to the stalkers' beliefs and the teaching of al-Quaida. What I was doing was analysis of the terrorism, just like the university researchers do.

From the same above article:
Yet they don't even need to go near advocating violence in order to draw the attention of the authorities - the dastardly crime of downloading a book off the Internet is enough to be labeled a terrorist and have your life ransacked these days, unless you're a frothing-at-the-mouth Neo-Con of course, in that case you can openly call for terror no questions asked.
I hope this tells who works for the government and helping the CIA at SJSU, I mean the propagandanist and conservative journalist. The professor who was not in the company was missing in 2006 and found in the East Coast.

Can I tell you a good way to skip writing the team paper for your class? Get this advise from the article. Tell your instructor you do not want to become a subject of terrorism conspiracy. You do not want to be targeted by the DOD or the FBI for borrowing a book that someone of the government interest did before.
But you want to download a book that's part of the University reading list to help you put together a research paper? Forget about it - you're a terrorist!

Paul, J. W. (May 30, 2008). Download A Book Get Arrested, Call For Terror Attacks - No Problem! Prison Planet. com. Retrieved March 14, 2009, from

12 March, 2009

Dick Cheney's "SS-Style Political Assassination Unit"

I found this article very interesting when I remembered what I wrote in the last blog posting. Dick Cheney created the political assassins they work to protect his status. My last post was about the Department of Defense in the South America.

Here is the quote from the article:

Award-winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh dropped another bombshell this week when he revealed that former Vice-President Dick Cheney had his own SS-style political assassination unit that reported directly to him.

Hersh told a University of Minnesota audience on Tuesday, “After 9/11, I haven’t written about this yet, but the Central Intelligence Agency was very deeply involved in domestic activities against people they thought to be enemies of the state. Without any legal authority for it. They haven’t been called on it yet.”

The SJSU students (basically ABSC members) said they sent email to Dick Cheney to complain about me as a foreign student who only take knowlege and gone. Later, they were able to move in to any bacant room of my apartment on 760 N. 7th St. San Jose, CA, with the help of the janitor Antonio(?), the Latino man wearing white shirts. So, did these students join the political assassination unit? I think the possibiltiy is there as I was supposed to be trained by Dr. Elizabeth Weiss in Arkansas. After learning about how much the CIA officers travel in one day or make up some short trips to foreign nations in a black helcopters, I assume they wanted to make me work for the Japanese Self Defense Force after the training seems real. By the way, Dr. Weiss was also in the room synmetrical to my room, Rm#4219, during late October or November 2006. I can back up my side of story as I did not change anything from the beginning. And more proofs are coming out - including my cheaper 4WD renting at SFO Herz with the label shows the price is for sedan class cars. I guess this is what the CIA or other government officials can get in car rentals as they are picky to get better grade cars for their business. I guess if I can bring my case to the lawsuit in future, my bid could going up while I waite for more information exposed.

My understanding of the NWO based on the total control of structural human hierarchies. Cults and other form of social institutions including NGO are used to connect people. People are connected to each other and the top people such as the learder of a club or the president of an organization is recruited to monitor everyone. No one can go out to for whistleblowing as everyone is connected. If someone in the organization became a pain or a potential threat, the organization (such as SJSU) can target the one with the power of mass. This system will keep everyone on the top of the social institution to keep their position secured unless other tops formed a group to face against him or her to take the advantage. This is an ideal situation for the mind control of the mass. People are connected to serve in the slavitude to keep the social structure. In such a society, no one can be allowed to become a hermit. I do not know if this is good or not to think about human kind. The mass media and the intelligence tries to claim people who isolate themselves wicked or criminals. From my experience as a targeted individual, I know such statement is false - becaues local police officers and their informants are trying to drive the target to commit crime or violating the law. You know why? Because everyone is connected, the police officers cannot take a friend of someone they know as the target.

Let's go back to the story of political assassination. Claiming someone as criminal or mentally ill is a form of political assassination since the claim can discredit what the target say. In this sense, I think SJSU has pretty good political assassination squad to infilterate the students. I do not know if they are responsible for the mysterious "suicidal jumpings" from garages or John West Hall. I heard pretty much students jumped from John West Hall during 60s or 70s. Nowadays, mind control can be done through implants what DARPA developed (check out the article on Larson Media).

11 March, 2009

The Department of Defense and organized stalking around the world

I think the Department of Defense is part of the organized stalking. They have been trained so many "death squads" to control the foreign countries to protect the US national interest including exploitation of resources in another country. Think about how the organized stalkers are acting together and capable to move around the world without problem, and the way how they try to manipulate the information and accuse the victim till the they destroy him or her. I think their training must be engaged in how to abuse human rights. Since 911, the Department of Defense has been recruiting people to increase the security. However, consider the fact how their training included to harass people having different idea from the favor of the US government.

The counter-insurgency methods used in South America and Vietnam became the basis for US Department of Defence training manuals and courses teaching torture, blackmail and murder to South American soldiers. The courses were taught at the US-run School of the Americas (SOA), ironically known by Panamanians as the "School of Assassins." Founded in Panama in 1946, and relocated to Fort Benning, Georgia in 1984, the institution graduated untold numbers of human rights abusers who would terrorize, mass-murder and dehumanize South Americans from just after WWII until today.

Each year the SOA graduates 2,000 South American soldiers from its programs which, according to US Congress House Representative Joseph Kennedy, costs US taxpayers $2.9 million yearly.

SOA officials originally claimed that the school trained soldiers for the purpose of opposing communists and other leftist groups in South America. Since what has been hailed as the end of the cold war, however, the excuse has changed. Carol Richardson is part of a group called School of the Americas Watch, and has been thrown in jail for organizing and attending anti-SOA rallies. She explains her insights into the true motives behind SOA training.

"Supporters of the school say the SOA now has a new mission, and that it is counter-narcotics," Richardson asserts. "We've heard this before. It's another excuse to arm and train the military for civilian-targeted conflict. The [SOA] students that came up here from Mexico ? only 10% took anti-narcotics. The rest took military intelligence, psych ops, commando tactics, sniper fire ? the traditional hard-core military training courses that students of the SOA have always taken, with disastrous results."2

I was followed by the Department of Defense people when I was in the United States. I think the organized stalkers are trained by the Department of Defense or other intelligence agency which can link them together to harass the individuals around the world.

Think about how neighborhood watch or police informants are trained. They may take more training than what they need to know. To provoke a fear in a community, the DOD can send someone to set up a bombing or mass killing, then the agency showed up as "good guys" to settle down more officers in the area. I think this sounds much like how the community where organized stalking victim lives often increase the crime rate.

10 March, 2009

Residence paper anchoring - socialboy008 at YouTube

I think voice hearing (V2K) is developed to give continuous accusation or criticism to the subject. In my experience, I never had such problem until I visited the United States second time in February 2007. At that time, I was stalked by the Department of Defense people - they used cars with the DOD parking stickers. You can see one of the photo of a red jeep from Washington state with the sticker on it in my blog posting probably in 2007.

Probably around last week, the V2K speaking Japanese were talking about how they could make me send back to Japan in the state of "forced detention." As I posted the attempt of InterDiscount in Zofingen having the product I was planned to buy had damaged package in previous blog posting, I thought this setting up of "forced detention" can be done if the organized stalkers can get an evidence of me as a criminal or something. This V2K would be another issue... talking about this may be viewed as having mental problem. Actually, I learned the intagoration techniques from what they say and because of my photos and the involvement of the DOD, I decided to share about V2K.

Anyway, the V2K Japanese speakers were talking about how they could make it. And then, I heard them talking about "3 more months." My Swiss resident permit expire in the first week of May. When I need to update my residencial permit, I have to submit the current one and I receive a temporary paper permit from the Stadt Zofingen housing control office. When the office receive my new permit from the imigration office in Aarau, the office send me the letter to make me pick it up. There, I will exchange the temporary paper permit and the renewed parmit.

According to the Swiss constitution, forced detention is illegal (Article 25, section 2). My guess is that I could contact a lawyer for the problem before the police, probably Kanton police as they have been engaged in the organized stalking, do something illegal. The worst scenario is police officers kidnap me from my home or on the street without telling me a reason. Say, this is possible as it happened in SJSU, several days after I tried to contact the police officer I filed the students discrimination case.

Yesterday, I found the comment from Socialboy008 on one of my video at YouTube.
He wrote:
"Who was stalking you? was Abukar Dalow stalking you? in your description, you also called him a somali born refugee, then is he not like you? i mean an other refugee? well, i hope things have cooled down by now and you are safe and calm cause living in a (refugee) centre can be very stressful and daunting let alone waiting for a residence paper."

When I saw it, I did not mention anything wrong. But I felt something strange about his comment and checked it again. Then I found him mentioning "a residence paper." When I realized what the V2K perps saying, his comment sounded much like a hinting. Actually, Abukar Dalow Abshir is not a Somali born refugee, but born in Switzerland. His comment may be just a coincidence just noticing about the residence paper. But I could not get where he got the idea to notice about the residence paper from viewing a video about how the Swiss-born Somali guy stalking and harassing me. The organized stalking victims get sensitized to be causious for any stimuli they get. On the other hand, the same stimuli worked me to get extra information to analyze with my ability of the participant observation, which is mandate for a good ethnographer.

For the ordinal targeted individuals, I think they may get upset and start claiming about how other people were making hinting or using NLP technique on them. But when I thought some people engaged in the hinting or anchoring without intention as they completely changed their behavior back, including my parents and friends, I think the some hinting maybe just caused by the remote technique on innocent people communicating with the target.

To check which NLP-used stimuli is intentional or non-intentional, I think reasoning can give the solution. When I checked Socialboy008's page, I noticed his interest in Somalia. Then I guessed he might find my video while he was searching about Somalia. I am not saying he is a perp from the beginning unlike the others who just pushing their own thoughts and denying my video wrong. My concern is where he got the idea of the residence paper. Larson Media exposed some disturbing implants which cannot detectable by medical people. My guess is that such implants can cause people to act strange or get hypnosis for the benefit of the national security..(and for COINTELPRO).

I just post this residencial paper information as a safeguard of my living. If someone else knows what the possiblities are in my life, then I can feel safer. It is an irony that police officers in Switzerland harassed a refugee. I wonder if the police officers searched my room in November 2007 was illegal activity as they did not have the search warrant. This part is also the V2K Japanese speakers were talking about.

About the Sgt. John Laws and another police officers caliming me of suicidal on October 16th, 2006, I think I remembered an interesting information. I visited SJSU UPD on Friday and Saturday of the week before to meet the police officer van der Hoek, who I filed the student discriminaton case. The officer was absent for both days. And on the second time I visited the UPD, the clerk told me he was on vacation till next Wednesday. I also visited SJPD on the first visiting to the UPD as I could not contact the police officer to get help. In SJPD, the police officer at the counter told me I had to contact the police officer I filed the case and they could not do anything. Well, few days I asked to get help from the local and the university police, I was claimed by the university police officers to be suicidal. What was going on? I would make a short video about this later with some details. The day I visited the SJPD was friday and after that I met my friend Hilda to visit an annual christian festival held in HP Pavilion. The festival was 3 day long and had a famous speaker and some mucial bands. How could I be suicidal if I was dong like this??? Dr. English-Lueck just showed up and claimed me to be suicidal and then Sgt. John Laws and another one took care of her claim to be true. Now, can I claim them "dangerous to others" for anyone on SJSU campus and make them to be sent to mental institutions? "suicidal," "dangerous to others," and "gravely disabled" are the conditions that people are forced to be sent to mental institution. Enoguh abuse of power in Silicon Valley.

09 March, 2009

Dr. J.A. English-Lueck and Sgt. John Laws making false suicidal claim at San Jose State University.

Dr. J. A. English-Lueck and Sgt. John Laws about mental illness.

This video is about the analysis of my voice recording from the incident happened on October 16th, 2006, at the Clark Hall in San Jose State University. The entire conversation of the recording is downloadable from my blog and my website. Also, I made a previous video to share the entire incident. To summarize the incident, Dr. English-Lueck asked me to have a small talk in her office and in the Anthropology Department, I was claimed as suicidal by the university police officers. The police officers did not listen to my denying of what they said and I was handcuffed and transported to the hospital. I would like to mention several questions about the incident. I would like tell how I received mental health record first time in my life. If someone wants to claim me for mental problem, I would like to share what happened to me as the initial claim. I believe my case is much like how MKULTRA victims were locked up in mental institutions. Indeed, the CIA relates with SJSU and some professors and students work for the agency.

Question 1: Dr. English-Lueck was waiting me in front of Dr. Marco Meniketti's classroom on the second floor of the Clark Building about 6 pm. Dr. English-Lueck brought me to a place where there was no witness around while she and SJSU police officers could make up a claim while I denied what they say.

Dr. English-Lueck wore a purple sweater and had a plain trouser. As a dean of Anthropology Department, she usually dresses up nicely. On that day, she had plain clothes and looked somewhat upset. I turned on my voice recorder as the situation seemed strange. At that point, 2 police officers were waiting at the anthropology department office on the 4th floor. From this fact, you can learn the forced transportation to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Psychiatric Acute Services was planed. While Dr. English-Lueck and the SJSU police officers were acting strange, I was just heading to my classroom.

Question 2: Dr. English-Lueck did not tell me what the meeting was about. When I met her, she only asked me to have a small talk in her office. I asked her why as my class was about to start. You can hear who was upset and who was calm from the voices in the conversation.

By the way, I received phone call from the SJSU Judicial Affairs Office in November 2006. It was the time I was trying to contact ACLU in San Francisco and other human right organizations. The Judicial Affairs Office only asked me to make an appointment without telling me why. It was probably the another attempt for a false accusation to lock a student up in either jail or mental institution. I think SJSU students should be aware of such dirty tricks.

Question 3: The police officers seemed to act as if they were doing a routine work.
When I met them in the Anthropology Department, the police officers said “hi” and asked me to turn around to be handcuffed. They did not even try to check my mental state at all. Then they explained their concern of my safety and how they were told I might be “making comments about hurting myself.” They believed someone else's statement before they check how I was feeling or see any sign of suicidal thought.

Question 4: Dr. English-Lueck explained the situation a bit. This part is quite hard to listen, but you can hear she says how she and Dr. Elizabeth Weiss and others received e-mail.

Those days, I was contacting the SJSU Equal Opportunity Services for the investigation of SJSU students stalking and harassment. When I contacted Dr. Wiggsy Sivertesn about 2 week before of this incident, Dr. Sivertsen warned me not to bring the discrimination case to lawsuit. Since I felt bad about Dr. Weiss, I sent an email about apologizing how the situation would turned out to be a lawsuit or something because I was tired of how she and students continued organized stalking and harassment on me. Basically what happened is Dr. English-Lueck and the police officers believed emails shared with each other about the concern of me to be suicidal (a propaganda).

Question 5: Police officers handcuffed me even after I denied to be suicidal. If I looked cooperative, there was no need of a handcuff. Also, I had no idea why they hadcuffed me as I was listening to what Dr. English-Lueck was talking. This is something much like a power-abuse, isn't it?

Question 6: Dr. English-Lueck mentioned how she wishes me to get some help for my situation.
In fact, I had no intention of suicidal thought and I had no idea of what was going on. I think this type of false claim of mental illness is quite often to the Targeted Individuals (TIs) of organized stalking. In their cases, the Targeted Individuals are often thought as mentally ill while the people around them try to make up something to claim about them. Basically, what Dr. English-Lueck did was ignore me and tried to get the conclusion from the opinions of others. If professors do not like a student, they can claim the one to be mentally ill and send the one to mental institution easily.

Question 7: Police officers knew I would be sent to El Camino Hospital from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. From the beginning, I denied to be suicidal when the police officer told me about their concern. It seems there was no choice for me to prove not to be suicidal.

Question 8: I mentioned about my homework and tried to explain I had no intention of suicide. Police officers ignored me. I think this part is enough to prove how their accusation was false.

Question 9: I was sent to the mental hospital because Sgt. John Laws believed me to be suicidal. Police officers were under the command to send me to a mental hospital no matter what the situation looked strange. Be aware. If police officers think a student suicidal, they can forced the student to be sent to a mental hospital.

Question 10: Like the police officers said that I would be sent to El Camino Hosptial from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. I was transported to El Camino Hospital by an ambulance in the next morning. The psychiatrist in Santa Clara Valley Medical Center did not listen to me how I was wrongly sent to there. The paramedics involved in the transportation filled the administration form writing this “you're making self destruction and suicidal comments, & was danger to self and others.” Somehow, I received the another claim “dangerous to others” in less than one day.

In El Camino Hospital, Dr. Peter Newsom added “gravely disabled” to my diagnosis. “suicidal,” “danger to others,” “gravely disabled” are the three conditions that psychiatrists can hold patients for such as 3-days, and 14-days. Be aware of the corruption of psychiatric discipline. Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen is an old friend of Dr. Kent in El Camino Hosptial. Everyone connected to each other, so they can involve in abuse of power easier. SJSU nursing major students work at El Camino Hospital.

Special thanks for Blue Cross of California for paying the cost of hospitalization and probably the unnecessary human experiment and examination costs. At least, I saved over $500 for the medication I was asked to buy in Walgreens on San Carlos St. in San Jose, CA. If your company consider downsizing some budget, please check the medical claims from the students and faculties in SJSU who were sent to mental hospital from the campus.

Chronological Mental Problem Claim Change:
1.Dr. English-Luick and Sgt. Laws at SJSU – suicidal. (10/16/06)
2.The psychiatrist in Santa Clara Valley Medical Center – suicidal, danger to others. (10/17/06)
3.Dr. Peter Newsom in El Camino Hospital – danger to others, gravely disabled. (10/20?/06)
4. Dr. Robert Burr in El Camino Hospital - paranoia? discharged from the hospital (10/23/06)
5.Organized Stalkers – paranoia, scizophrenia? (???)

The first mental problem claim is about this video, and proves how I denied what Dr. English-Lueck and Sgt. John Laws said as suicidal. How about the other claims? I think this is another case of new MKULTRA version. According to the chart, I got worse after being sent to mental hospital and magically cured in one week, after I agreed to cancel the investigation of SJSU Equal Opportunity Services.

This is the level of the psychiatry these days. No one seems to respect the professionalism. I denied to be suicidal and Dr. J.A. English-Lueck and Sgt. John Laws did not believe it. I guess they expected me to commit suicide after I was raped by Dr. Roberto Gonzalez and Dr. Elizabeth Weiss in El Camino Hospital. This is the level of the anthropologists these days. No one seems to respect the professionalism... (like the ones working for the CIA at SJSU)

This is the analysis of what happened on October 16th, 2006. Dr. English-Lueck asked me for "5 mintues" talk in her office. In Anthropology department, Sgt. John Laws and another police officer claimed me suicidal and they handcuffed me and sent me to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. I denied to be suicidal but they did not believed me.
I was tricked to move to a place where no one could witness what they did.

This video is the questions of what they did on that incident. Because I was careful, I turned on my voice recorder and had the entire conversation of false suicidal claim by them.

Question1: They moved me to a place with no witness.
Question2: Dr. English-Lueck said it was only "5 minutes" conversation and did not tell me what was about.
Question3: Police officers asked me to be handcuffed as the first communication attempt after "hi."
Question4: Dr. English-Lueck explained how she and Dr. Elizabeth Weiss concerned about me suicidal. I brought Dr. Weiss' "sexual harassment" case to the ombudsman in previous semester. And I was communicating with the Equal Opportunity Services for further harassment from anthropology department students and faculties.
Question5: Police officers handcuffed me even after I denied to be suicidal. They did not checked my mental condition but believed someone else's claim.
Question6: Dr. English-Lueck wished me to have some help. I denied to be suicidal but she thought there was something I needed to be "fixed." (or being raped by Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Weiss in El Camino Hospital to make me to really feel to be suicidal?)
Question7: Police officers knew I would be sent to El Camino Hospital later. I denied to be suicidal, but they knew what would happen and I had no way to clear this "suicidal claim."
Question8: I mentioned about homework and explained how I had no intention of suicide. Police officers did not believed me.
Question 9: I was sent to the mental hospital because Sgt. John Laws believed me suicidal. Check out what happened to him and Heather Cooper case to learn what Sgt. Laws claimed about her.
Question 10: Next morning, I was sent to El Camino Hospital from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. At that point, I received another claim "danger to others." What happened to this in less than one day? The psychiatrist at SCVMC did not believe me how I was wrongly brought to there while I was on my way.

And this is the link to the actual voice recording file:

04 March, 2009

World Psychiatric Association and the mind control around the world.

I understand how organized stalkers prefer to claim the victims mental problem. I was thinking about how they are able to claim so while they actually cause psychiatric injuries to their victims. And why psychiatrists do not help victims to give judgment without bias.

If you look back the history, you can learn why. "Psychiatrists" are encouraged to torture patients or lock them up in hospitals for human experiment.

Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron is one of the key psychiatrist in MKULTRA program. He was the president of World Psychiatric Association. Imagine what the organization is able to do and influence other members. The victim of MKULTRA were able to get compensation from the tortures, but not all victims were recognized. You never know what the doctors do in mental hospitals. Unlike other area in the hospital, the psychiatrists can discredit any claim by the patients.

How about to call for the international investigation on psychiatrists wrongdoings? Nazi scientists were able to tracked down, and why MKULTRA and other government experiment victims in the psychiatric field do the same? Collect the information of the hospitals, universities, psychiatrists to warn the public not to become another victim. Since MKULTRA is recognized as inhuman, it sounds better to know who and which organization are involved in it. I believe this is much beneficial for public than investigating the nuke issue in Iran or other countries. Think about one day you are kidnapped to mental hospital with no idea what was going on. It is much serious threat for anyone on the Earth than a creation of a nuke bomb in somewhere in the world. At least, that happened to me at SJSU. That is what my videos can prove.

In my opinion, schizophrenia is a man-made disease just like HIV has the conspiracy. It can be caused by electronic harassment devices (i.e. LIDA machine, EMF, Ultrasound) so the victim may not know what caused them problem. There are chemical weapons developed by the CIA and other intelligence agencies after the study of LSD. If you are drugged, you never know how you mood or thought swing in short period of time. Psychophysics can calculate the level of sensitization by the given stimuli on the victim. Who are chosen to receive schizophrenia and what others claim so? Organized stalking victims are often thought as schizophrenia, but what if "organized stalking" part is ignored for diagnosis? If the psychiatrists ignore certain facts and try to bring conclusion from what they expect and prefer, it is not proper science. I think the people engage in WPA and ignore the past debit of psychiatry are not "social" scientists at all. If they cannot view everything without bias, there is no way to bring the right diagnosis. Labeling who cannot think scientifically should be shared so that public can get benefit from avoiding them. I am talking about the psychiatrist like Dr. Peter Newsom who can diagnose "gravely disabled" to the patient by spending 5 minutes in the hallway to listen about how students stalked her.

Oh, I forgot about Chinese psychiatry that can diagnose people with too revolutionary mental problem. That is not a science but a belief system as the definition of "revolutionary" is depends on the culture. I wonder what Dr. J.A. English-Lueck learned in her study of psychology. If she cannot think scientifically, there is no way to teach medical anthropology... except the concept is based on Chinese culture or so called communist-acceptable-philosophy. But you know the corruption of psychiatry, you can imagine how other social science discipline like under the influence from the CIA.

Communication with Blue Cross of California

I called the Blue Cross of California few minutes ago. I bought €10.00 for the communicating to retrieve my medical records from California. By checking what I can do and what I need to ask a lawyer to handle what I cannot do, I can get better sense of handling the situation.

My Blue Cross of California insurance receipt shows the cost they paid from October 17th to 23rd, 2006, but it lacks to describe October 16th, 2006, the day I was transported to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Emergency Psychiatric Acute Services. If the hospital workers and SJSU organized stalking group planed to hide how I was transported to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center from SJSU - false claims of police officers stating me suicidal, then they would make up as I was sent to El Camino Hospital by the paramedics from somewhere. I am just curious what was the cost at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Emergency Psychiatric Acute Services. If you listened the conversation of Dr. J.A. English-Lueck, Sgt. John Laws and another police officer about the day, you can hear how the police officer said they would give my insurance to the hospital. I am just curious how the hospital charged for that day as well as how much my medication at the El Camino Hospital costed. According to HIPAA, I have a right to know what medication I went through for being "suicidal or harmful to others." There is nothing much they can do as I have the voice recording of Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen warning me not to bring it to lawsuit 2 weeks before the the forced transportation and blaming me of accusing students on the phone which happened 2 days after the discharge from El Camino Hospital. Is this a normal conversation for a student and the school psychiatrist??? I still have no idea why I was thought as suicidal. If the organized stalkers were doing the opposite and they had intention of killing me, I think the situation seemed reasonable. In El Camino Hospital, the hospital workers tried to poison me to become vegetable state and they failed as I was communicating with the Equal Opportunity Services.

An autopsy report states that San Jose State University student Gregory Johnson Jr. committed suicide, but his parents allege that the Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner and the University Police Department are covering up a homicide.

Johnson, who was a junior kinesiology major and a member of Sigma Chi fraternity, died on Nov. 22, the report states. He was 20.

"It's an unfortunate situation," said UPD Chief Andre Barnes. "We're doing an investigation, and we have not found anything to suggest it was anything but suicide."

Pat Lopes Harris, director of media relations at SJSU, said Wednesday that UPD intended to finish the investigation and release a report in about three weeks.

According to the autopsy report, UPD officers told Patra Albrecht, an investigator for the coroner's office, that a fraternity brother found Johnson hanging in the basement of the Sigma Chi fraternity house, 284 S. 10th St., about 2:45 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 22.

The university suspended police Chief Barnes last week after he reportedly stopped his officers from arresting a former Spartan football player who turned in a stolen gun.

San Jose State is investigating to see if Barnes acted improperly. Twenty-four-year-old Katrell Collier later fell to his death from a parking garage near campus. Investigators believe it was a suicide.

Now, these sounds much like the preferred-suicide for the school people don't they? If they are murder, people get shocked. But if they are suicide, people can just blame the victims - or so called "victim blaming" or "dead won't speak." Oh, Medical examiners at the coroner's are friend of SJSU and SJPD faculties. The forensic anthropologist works there teaches forensic anthropology at SJSU. Everyone connected and able to do anything to help each other.

I personally think people skill is not worth than philosophical knowledge. A bunch of "good honorable people" would engage in witch hunting in the past. Imagine a bunch of philosopher to face similar situation. They would rather discuss the issue than hand someone for a solution.

I am not sure what "3 months" means, but that the V2K perps talking these days. I just post this information here in case something would happen 3 month later. I hope it won't be something like war.. All I know is that I have to renew my Swiss visa in 2 months.

01 March, 2009

Stimuli control on the TI - what if perps unable to give stimulis continously?

During this week, I was too busy translating the FAQ of the Zeitgeist website. And I had enough stocks of food for whole week. Organized stalkers seemed to have problem doing any skits or hinting. It seems they really need to give stimuli for sensitization on the target.

I think V2K voice hearing is also the part of this stimuli-sending strategy for sensitization. I noticed few things: 1. the speakers changed their way of talking and it became much more like trying to give negative feeling, 2. continuous accusation for the same purpose and to bring out frustration. It sounds like there are 3-4 people, both male and female Japanese speakers, involved in the V2K. This V2K started when I was followed by the DOD employees' vehicles, so I was quite sure it is easy to figure out how the covert operation using V2K is related with the US agency by checking the record from the car license plates and their travel records in the motels. My case has much clear explanation of how it started and the ones related with ultrasound/EMF voice hearing are involved.

Since I just stayed home and did my assignments for my class, translation, some researches, for this week, the organized stalkers could not do anything to me. Probably they figured out the V2K would be the only chance to give stimuli, they seemed to switch their strategy using it. The belows are the characteristics. If you have knowledge in psychology or interrogation, check out how they are effective or not. If no body claimed such techniques, I will claim the copyright of these methods by writing them here. Why only people involved in "Channeling" or "communicating with spits" are able to get reputation in their ability while the Targeted Individuals claiming to be the victims of V2K are thought as crazy? I think they are from the same source. Surely, the spirits or outer entity cannot claim for the intellectual property. I would rather get something enough to publish like Seth Material. Only my case is about interrogation, though. If I publish what are the interrogation using V2K like, it should get some attention from politicians and the people wrongly accused by the government. Since TIs are increasing, the book should get some attention. The speakers get nothing for their work, but I will get something out from others' "negative" efforts. That is how people should be to think positive in any situation. Originally, I was thinking to add about stimuli things, but I found something extra to share about V2K from my participant observation.

1. The female speaker says "your weak point is.." and try to make me to reply it. If this question strategy is used with hypnosis "answer your weak point" question, the subject may reply it. The speakers may use the weak points for further intimidation in their speech. My weak point? A philosopher does not have a weak point as anything can become a subject of learning about one's life.

2. The same female speaker keep talking something. I am not talkative but I learned how someone is able to become a filibuster. She actually tried to speak up something about me like saying "you are selfish because...." or mentioning about my past to make up some accusations. Countermeasure for this? Try to analyze the person speaking about others for a whole time. You know such person often complain everything in one's actual life on others and does not improve anything for one's sake.

3. The V2K speakers may have advanced level speakers who are much skilled in interrogation. I noticed the switching of the speaker as I have been hearing their voices quite long and learned their speech patterns (thanks for my phonics and linguistics study). The skilled speakers seemed to be able to continue their talk with interrogation techniques. The regular speakers are usually just talking about something less effective interrogation techniques - like adding certain phrases for sensitization.

4. Less skilled speakers mention certain phrases such as someone the target knows in one's life and talk about them to give stimuli. It is like the Eritrean organized stalkers in Aarau Caritas often asked me about "school" thing. They just do the same in the V2K. I think something to make the target to experience negative feeling can bring the one to depression if they continue long period. And I think this is the truth of gaslighting effect which has been used by the organized stalkers to replace innocent people from their jobs to take over their spots.

5. Accusation on the subject whatever they can think of. Think about the situation someone else continues to accuse something. This could be like in the investigation office in a police department. In such strategy used by the V2K speakers, I assume the V2K might be used by the law enforcement / intelligence for training purpose. Who else need such accusation skills in one's life? A TI can be a cost effective easy target.

6. The V2K speakers may use microphone for communication. Have you ever heard how hitting a source pan with a spoon sounds like through a speaker? I am not sure if such sound is recorded by I recognized the crude frequency from its natural sound. I think there are two types of voice/sound hearing. One is using ultrasound to make the noise come from an open space and that is what I experienced in München after I returned from Weimar and in the street of London with splash sound from stepping my left foot. In retrospect, the location had either open space to send spotted sound or the room where the motel is under the renovation. Spotted sounds are different from voices because it had much better sound quality. I think such information can tell the difference of technologies used to send voice/sound directory to the target. However, I noticed that V2K can make the target to listen the voice exactly similar to someone near the one, or someone he or she knows. They may be able to use the recorded voice/sound sampling connected with their device. In other way, V2K speaker seem to use crude microphone – it could be to reduce the frequency to make the voice unidentifiable.

7. The V2K speakers using hypnosis and body function manipulation to cause further effect from their speech. I think this basic form of mind control is used on the common citizens who are addressed by the TIs of engaged in certain gestures while they do not know about the organized stalking. Hypnosis can cause certain image or desire to act in particular situation, then the body function increase the effect of hypnosis. It does not need V2K to make someone do something. Hypnosis could be given to anyone while V2K may require certain preparation. Then, how about thought reading? I think the answer could be given from the psychics with extremely good prediction statistics.

8. Recognition of V2K speaker is possible. Their voice could be muffled with the microwave/ultrasonic sound effect to make them unidentifiable. However, their voices have same effect all the time, so by trying to figure out the speaking style and the speech characteristics, it is possible to recognize which is which. There are usually about 4 people communicating.

9. The V2K speakers seem to have position above the local law enforcement. From their communication, I found out they are in charge of the skits by the local Swiss perps. The V2K perps seemed not knowing what was going on when I was Switzerland up to I moved ot Chiasso, but when I moved to Buchs AG, they were able to synchronize with the local perps including the mafia ones lived in Casa Torfeld I. The mafia refugees were communicating with Stefan Frei and other police officers, so I guess V2K speakers would be working internationally.

10. The speaker may be working on thought reading and copying the thought as evidences. On the other hand, they are able to work on sending subliminal message to think or image something in order to make up someting against the target. By collecting such information which they forced to think, the local law enforcement or organized stalkers are able to claim something up. My guess is that such device is already invented and capable to be revealed by FOIA. Thought reading is often complained by the TIs around the world. The false accusation is same for what local law enforcement do. They do not charge or file the organized stalkers who are engage in stalking, slander, sexual harassment, assault, theft, etc. Because of the misuse of the device, the airport securities would be unable to predict the hijack or something. Think about making someone else to be the suspect while the real criminal has it and work in the security. You get the idea. And I think that is why SJSU Sgt. John Laws mentioned about the Homeland Security as "they are well fed..." Who is feeding the Department of Homeland Security, then? China? Israel? Canada? Russia? Bush Clan? NWO Nazis? or Al-Queida? The perps John Edwards and his wife living in Mountain View, CA were talking about China. And there were professional perps in El Camino Hospitals; Dr. Rau, the doctor prepared sleeping pills to me, and Jeniffer the occupational therapist is Hongkong-born American. Who knows.

By the way, I saw a neighbor taking picture of one's house with camera using flash today. I guess the perps in the neighborhood may trying their best to give stimuli. That one was nothing much clear NLP sensitization than what Abkur Dalow Abshir was doing with his camera in the kitchen in Casa Torfeld I in November 2007. If they are asked what the point of using flash to take picture and what is the purpose of doing so, they probably has no answer as they act out of logic.